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When one my blogging buddies at OG Made posted a small picture of an S15 with some Work Wheels I was immediately impressed by its stance and overall awesomeness. I had to know more about this car, after some emails I got the email address of the owner Terry. Luckily for me he was pleased to hear I was looking for him and was in desperate need for some more pictures and info on the car.

I really like what Terry has done to his car, he didn’t go all out on the exterior department but instead he enhanced the look with minimal efforts but with maximal results.

The exterior enhancement consist of Spec-R side skirts and rear spats, that’s basically it. Of course the other most noticeable change on the outside are the massive Work Meister 3 piece wheels in 18×9 in front and 18×10 in the rear, et is +4 all around.

Most noticeable at the front is the Greddy front mount intercooler.

The famous SR20 engine is treated with some Tomei parts, like cam gears, oil cap and plug cover. Terry decided to paint the valve cover with a custom Candy Blue color and rainbow flake. A HKS intake and Greddy hot pipe also found its way into the engine bay to help keep the engine cool and to help it breath better.

Terry also adopted his minimal theme from the outside to the inside of the car. The thing that I can’t get my eye of is the Nardi deep corn steering wheel, like it was made for this interior. To help keep the vitals of the engine in check, Terry opted for a HKS EVC, Apexi Boost Gauge and Blitz Multi Gauge.

When the car is being pushed to its limit the driver is secured by a Recaro SPG seat that sits on Bride rails, luckily for the person who’s along for the ride, the passenger seat was also replaced.

How’s that for a wheel fitment Antonio?

The suspension setup has been set to 5 degrees of negative camber all around. To do this Terry used Cusco and Tein Control Arms, Fortune Camber Plates and Fortune 40 way adjustable coilovers with 50mm pistons. The standard brakes have been upgraded with Project Mu brake pads and stainless lines.

To finish this car feature of, I have this final picture. What more do you need? A set of aggressive wheels, a killer suspension setup and you have one of the coolest looking S15’s there is.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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anyways, with wheels that big, I think a kit would make the whole car look "Correct"

right now it looks somewhat off. Big wheels don't really work with OEM bodies for the most part (in my opinion)

however, the car is pretty dang nice.

I'd love a 15


Terry's car is nice (as is every other car Terry has had). Daily driver, no less.

It's even nicer if you saw how the car looked like prior to him and his wife taking ownership of it. It was nigh near being considered a damn shame of a car.

Anyways, congrats to Terry and Jen for the Speedhunter feature... it's good people see this car in the beautiful condition that it's in now, because knowing Terry and Jen, this car will be sold and a hotter one will take it's place soon enough.


NO WAY!!! Brian, I lovvvve this S15! I absolutely LOVE big wheels with stock bodied cars. This is the same look I have going on with my AE86s, although big wheels to my AE86s means 14x8.5 or 15x8.5 haha... but I LOVE this S15 because it has the same concept going on. I think the stock looking steel fenders make it look 1000% cleaner than FRP aero because you wont get wavy FRP, and it fits perfect. Dude here's your chance, go get an S15! Or another S14 would be dope too... of course it makes more sense to get another 14 and transfer ur stuff over! But I'd love to see more stock steel bodied cars run big wheels. That's totally my style! yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


btw, i LOVE the stance on this car!


i love silvia more then my self,beautiful car and beautiful job by you guyz.keep it up.


Double O-G (Bobby Johnson) Made! I definitely think this car is on its way, I think a lot of people who commented to me after I blogged about it didn't realize that the car is still a work in progress, I don't think he's going to stop here.


Too low and has too much camber. It looks like it's mimicking a VIP car... but it's not a VIP car and it's not on VIP wheels.

I think the car would look much better with some higher offset wheels (or wide fenders with the current wheels - but wide fenders means full aero) and a proper alignment.


Benson: Hilarious. There's no such thing as being too low, or having too much camber.

I dont understand anyone who says phrases like "I think the car would look much better with some higher offset wheels" It's perfect as it is! And what makes it PERFECT is that the owner fit aggressive wheels under the stock fender arches, and didn't feel compelled to use cheesy fiberglass wide fenders.

If the owner put a full aero kit/widebody as you suggested, then these wheels would no longer fit the car well - it would need wider wheels with more aggressive (negative) offset.


talking about ''hellaflush''

This car is simply stunning. I would only change the Recaro's for a pair of Bride's....that's it. Super fucking clean ! Major prop's to Terry.


Clean car. To the above comments... As they say "to each his own."


hey Antonio - just for the record. I would NEVER want to see FRP fenders on there.

I love oem emtal fenders too much


"cheesy fiberglass wide fenders" ouch.. I mean, I miss my car with the stock fenders for sure. But ouch.

Anyway, I'm on Team Benson. 110%.

One could say, "Oh, if you're not talking about the function then it LOOKS good," but what use is a car if it doesn't function? It might as well be a huge paperweight, or worse: a show car.

The notions of "too low" and "too much camber" TOTALLY exist.. There comes a point at which a car is so low yet doesn't compensate for suspension geometry that it makes the car handle like, well - makes it not handle. The rear wheels on this S15 remind me of Back to the Future (even though the wheels on the Delorean rotated the other direction).

And if we're really gonna be that far out about looks, then the rear is super high compared to the front. The lip of the wheel sits just underneath the fenders on both the front and the rear, but the rear fender arch is a lot lower than the front. Makes it look like a drag car.

I dunno Antonio, you've chilled with Kumakubo and Tanaka and the likes of them. What do they think about stretched tires and insane camber? Cuz I'm a part of the camp that believes stretched tires = no power.

Obviously I'm more about function than form, but I don't completely disregard form. And of course, "to each their own." But I'm totally with Benson on this.


one of my fav cars....definitely need some in canada once it passes the import laws


Braddahs, obviously he isn't going to be racing this (at least not in this setup). So essentially it is a STREET/SHOW car. I think he's (the owner Terry) is quite aware of this. So if he's low and cambered and its not "suspension geometry correct," who cares? It's not meant for racing purposes, so I don't think functionality is going to be his first concern. My car has negative camber, stock fenders, and wheels that technically don't fit, AND its raked, but I like it how it yes, to each his own. I'm going to HAWAIIAN PUNCH Team Benson. I'm on Team OEM Metal Fenders with Brian.


What the hell is this? The wheels don't fit the car. The only reason it fits is due to the excessive camber on the set up. And offset is obviously not proper either. Nor are the tires aren't appropriate for the car. F1 cars don't run that much camber, but they sure as hell corner a lot faster than an S15. Eh, high speed stability? Not going to have that with so much camber. Traction? Compliance is required in the sidewall for bite but you're not gonna get that here. Ride quality? Again, tires play an important role... not gonna have that with this set up either. And of course, all that camber is going to compromise tire wear. In summary, 1) the shit doesn't fit, 2) the shit doesn't ride well, 3) the shit doesn't provide performance and 4) the shit doesn't wear well. Sounds like a car show whore to me. Keep the stance bullshit to tryin to floss on a street corner to hopefully pull in some hoes. Or wear some "street wear." Or ride some single speed track bike. Who the hell gives a shit about "stance" when your car rides like shit and drives like shit? And can't parallel park cuz you're too scared about scrapin that baller rim with the "aggressive offset."


...Oh, and also, I'd take RECAROS over Bride anyday


Here we go again!


thanks for all the comments on the car

Lots of controversy!

All lot of comments were made in regards to the whole lack of suspesnion travel, crazy camber and streched tires. I can agree to an extent with many of the comments. This is definetly not the ideal setup for a track car or straight line racer. But the car was not built for that. The car was built to look radical but subtle at the same time. Its a daily driv er and is just use to drive on the streets and have fun with it.

Both my wife and I own a dedicated track car that is 100% function over form. It is optimized for maximum performance. We just wanted to have a little fun with this car and do something diffirent.

I love the comment about how it has vip fitment and stance and ist not a vip car nor has vip wheels. Thats the exact look I was going for!!! :)


The car looks great the way it is. The camber is extreme but it's setup for style not track duty. If anything a very subtle kit would be fitting. Something VIP-esque like 326/Supermade would look quite nice.


Since when S15 races against F1 cars? Who cares about high speed cornering stablility? Like Antonio said, there's no such a thing as having too low or having too much camber.


BAD FREAKIN' ASS!! I like your style Terry ;)


Dom: hey brotha, didn't mean to diss you LOL. but yeah, I'm all about the steel fenders homie. You're my boy!!! but yo... I'm on Logan's side for this one. No doubt!

In regards to Kumakubo and Tanaka, yeah their D1 cars are set up for max performance. But dude you gotta see their old school personal cars. Especially Tanaka's His crew was the one who made demon camber and stretched tires cool. They revolutionized and popularized it in the drifting scene! Most people didn't know...

Also: Recaro FOR SURE!!!

Haterade drinkin Hater: Dude I love your comment about the single gear track bikes. LOL you crack me up. but honestly, F1 car vs S15? Come on dude. ALOT more going on there than just wheel fitment. Think about it.

terry: I LOVE YOUR CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i was the one who shot it! but it's on Speedhunters already, and I gotta give props to Jeroen and my boys at OG MADE of course for bringing your car into the light.

Everyone who is hating on aggressive offset, stretched tires, etc. Don't worry, in about 5 years, you'll get it. =)


BTW, instead of "minimal" s15, i wish this post was named "perfect stance s15" cause it is perfect in my opinion! =)


Stunningly clean car. Awesome work Terry, I really like what you have done with everything =) BTW what are you using for your 100% track car?


super clean. and OG made is dope.


I should add. Terry (I'm sure) is well aware of the lack of proper-suspension setup and its performance from the geometry of the suspension and the agressive camber. AND SO WHAT ? After replacing the tires which will wear only on the inside, even a dummy would understand that something's up. A person that does this type of mods is very well aware of the, let's give a break to Terry and just appreciate this very clean S15, which I am sure, it handles more than adequate for the street use.


I see another feature coming up LOL! thanks for sharing Terry ;)




he needs the specr front lip or something

thats it


Terry! How can I reach you! I think I need to drive down and do a photo shoot with your cars man!!


more pics please, if you can in high res....preety please please....


Thanks Terry, your Evo looks very clean and super fast. Lovely stuff! =)



Jeroen has my email.

And thanks again everyone


I'm just not a fan of having wheels so large you have to use 5 degrees of negative camber to fit them on. Still love the S15 though.


Terry or anyone else for that matter.

Could you tell me what colour this car is?

Is it standard nissan pewter or a different gun metal grey?


real super car


Love that stance.

wheel fitment is perfect, and being stock bodied without that FPR junk, just makes it that much sweeeeeter!


Not feeling the ridiculous camber. But yeah to each his own...


RVA represent!


What is the Tyre Specs Terry?




good luck


Haters can hate on anything. Just give them the time, and they'll come up with something. You guys have to realize Terry wasn't building this car for YOU, or for RACE, he was building something for HIMSELF for his own USE, whatever that may be. About it being low, the only thing I want to know is if the tires rub, cause I know mine do on my Camaro, just hit a dip in the road at 95+ MPH, and I can hear and smell the rub :). Also, on my IS300, i have slight negative camber, and even at that degree, I get inner wear on the tire, and to me, its just annoying to flip the tires every couple months to try and get some use out of them. Overexessive negative camber means irregular wear on tires. If youre willing to pay the price, its fine with me, I give you thumbs up!

Oh, and plus, with that negative camber, I've had girls ask me things like:

"Is your axle or whatever its called.... broken?"

"Do you have something heavy in the trunk?"

"Your shocks probably need to be replaced!"

And my favorite... "Look! your car is broken!"

But hey I always was a sucker for dumb blondes.


representin Richmond, VA in a major way. that thing is tooo clean and the evo is nice aswell. 804!!!!!


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