Video>>slowmo Moment #7 Wall Riding @ Irwindale

For some reason Chris Forsberg seems to show up a lot in these Slomo Moment videos. Not sure why that is. Perhaps I like the colour orange?

At any rate he is not the main star of this video. That honour goes to
the privateer drifter John Russakoff and his battered AE86. John caused
a bit of a stir at Irwindale last year when he qualified for the Top
16. Haven't heard much from his since though.

The key moment in this video for me is when he glances back (fearfully?)
at the hard charging Forberg, who is about to take the victory. Its a nice detail.

Props to Wing Ko for his great camera work.

:Rod Chong



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I love these shorts! They are so awesome.

How do you find the music? Are they full songs or just made for the clips? The tunes set the atmosphere very well!


haha, finish slow, thats a good one


This is by far the best slow mo video! I love how you can't see Chris until the end when he comes into the picture.


yo these vids are seriously killing it. i've lost count on how many times i've watched these over and over again


i cant find that music :O

full music is not same with thisoNe.. (ekstrak-hard drivers) ??

awesome cLip that ever watched ! greaT WorK ;)