Random Snap>>sharknose Ae86

One for Antonio heh heh heh… Found this on the Auszuko forums



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Uh oh! Cipher Garage is super down with zenki AE86 coupes (My boy Herbrock One from Cipher Garage has a nice red zenki AE86 coupe), but those are some pretty crazy fender extensions and hood! I wonder how long it will take for one of the Southern Cali guys to try this (Hmmm? Celicadrifter? With Richard Rabe body and paint...?)

I dig the SSR Mark 1 wheels, those are probably 15x9 by the looks of the front ones. I like how the body of the car is super clean, and the aero mirrors, but the drop vent hood looks all crazy with that hood extension! LOL

it will be interesting to see once this car is completed or more developed.... It needs a crazier front bumper though. The current zenki front buymper and zenki front lip looks too plain for that insane hood!

rear fender flares... ouch. but if the owner pulls off the entire look correctly, this car may be a stunner! if you like that sort of crazy aero n stuff...!


looks crazy man


it looks like it was photoshopped..


YES! I think I'm the only american who loves this style


lol, nah i dont think so, i've got a 81 Camino for a project car, and im starting to like this bosozuku style stuff. might do some fancy tail-pipin' to it. not sure. lol