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We just found these great examples of old school Japanese model
kits built my member Ajay of the Japanese Nostalgic Car Forums. Maybe
it's because I have never been able to build a plastic model without
getting my fingers stuck together with glue, but whenever I see well
built kits like these, I am overcome with feelings of envy. I always
admire the attention to detail that is put into building these kits,
and the finished products have a unique style that cannot be found in
store-bought die cast vehicles.

Here are just a few of his creations-

Lowdown Hakosuka Skyline sedan.

Mazda RX2.

I think my personal favorite has to be this purple GC110 Skyline "yonmeri". Check out the Sakura wheels!

Take a look at the JNC thread below for these and many other old school JDM model kits.

Japanese Nostalgic Car Forums: Model Car Topic

-Mike Garrett



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he's really good!

one thing you've probably noticed about kitbashing is that you can run super-dish wheels that normally wouldn't work on the real cars


That reminds me to finish my Aoshima JZZ31 "drifter" model... wish I knew how to read the Japanese instructions, bah!


correction- mazda rx3 btw awesome stuff


very nice car iwant to buy please thanks


Hi, guys, we are not friends yet, but i am really desperate I am looking for a model since long, long time. It is the Acura/Honda legend coupè (1986-1990). Can you help me please? Thanks in advance. Kind regards! Leonardo
ps. every scale available will be ok!!