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This weekend, one of the biggest events on the European car show calendar is happening in Poland. Ultrace needs no introduction; we’ve covered the event in detail over the past few years, and for 2024, we have three Speedhunters on the ground in Wrocław to capture the very best of the spectacle.

While Ultrace’s roots can be traced back to 2010, our initial look came five years ago when it was still known as Raceism. Questionable name aside, Vladimir‘s coverage of the 2019 show was a first taste of what has become one of our favorite events – and yours too given how popular our Ultrace reports always are. With that in mind, for this week’s throwback post we’re revisiting our main show coverage from Raceism 2019…

2019 Feature

Despite what its name may at first glance imply, Raceism is not about hatred. On the contrary, this major stance event in Poland brings together people passionate about car culture, from all different backgrounds.


Every year, car owners from countries as far afield as Great Britain and Central Russia congregate at Raceism to compete for the prizes and introduce new trends to the world of stance.


The goal for many is to take out the coveted ‘Best of Show’ title, but when there are 1,000 cars at the event, just being noticed by the judges and making it to the Top 16 is a big achievement.

The unique character of the event has gained recognition amongst people and companies that determine the speed of development of the European tuning scene. The uncompromising focus on quality has resulted in arguably the most prestigious stance event anywhere in the world.


Adrian Kapica, Raceism’s CEO, ran the first event in 2010 when stance wasn’t popular at all in Poland. Around 15 cars showed up for the gathering, a far cry from what is now a huge event.


If there was one takeaway from the 2019 event for me, it’s that wide-body kits and wide fenders are still the most popular modification for owners to make. It’s been this way for the last few years, too.


Another trend in this scene I spotted was DTM-style, motorsport-inspired upgrades like roll cages and splitters. What’s under the bonnet only matters to a few.


On the contrary, the livery trend seems to have passed, as only a few cars had them at this event. The clean look is back in fashion, or perhaps it never left?

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The Speedhunters
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Vladimir Ljadov
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I remember this coverage. So next week, you'll have pics./story of Ultrace 2024? Can you do a FULL FEATURE on the VW GOLF in pic. 6 with the cage and gold BBS wheels?!!! That thing looks amazing!!


YESS. BAGGED USA CARS!! I love my domestics like any patriotic car enthusiast does, but there's a serious lack for modifying in ways that the rest of the world does it (especially to be done tastefully). So to see the sneaky vette, the OG viper, and a recent gen stang slammed and stanced is very appealing to me.

Side tangent: love the jags too! These cars are common place sh*tbox throw-away lux cars in the more poorer areas of my city. So seeing this things being given a second breath of life is absolutely refreshing!

Truly beautiful coverage!