Project 360: Celebrating 25 Years Of TE37 In Style

‘Your UPS driver Gavin will be with you before 4:00pm on Wednesday’

Gavin has no idea who I am. And Gavin also has no idea how much pressure I’m putting on his shoulders today. To him, I’m delivery number 62 of 74. But to me, Gavin is the bringer of hope, joy, peace and unity. Unless he doesn’t turn up.


Because every hour that passes is another hour closer to receiving those soul-destroying words: Your Parcel Is Delayed. And if that happens, I’ll go straight to Google and research ancient voodoo spells while eyeing up the neighbour’s cat for one of its limbs.


Nobody deserves that. But c’mon, Gavin. Gav. Gazzer. What’s the delay? It’s been 18 minutes since the last tracking update. These numbers aren’t stacking up. You’re going to run out of time. Alexa, order me a cast iron cauldron just in case.


It’s not Gavin’s fault. For all he knows my parcel could be a load of DFS furniture samples. But they’re not, because today is a big day; new wheels day. Actually, it’s more than new wheels day. It’s new TE37s day, the greatest day of all.

DSC09958 2

In case you haven’t guessed, I am – like many of you – a complete fiend for RAYS wheels. My first ever Skyline sat on Volk Racing TE37s. So did my second, and nearly 11 years on so does my current R34. In fact, just last week I swapped them over from white OG TE37s to bronze ones, both in the holy grail GT-R fitment of 18×10.5-inch ET15.


I’ve gone down the Gram Lights 57DR route with an old RX-7 along with TE37s and ZE40s. I’ve tried (and failed) to fit 17×9.5-inch SE37s on an even older EK Civic, and now I spend most days posting Volk wheels in the group chat until someone caves in and buys ‘em.


I can’t decide if it’s worrying or impressive, but I can decipher most TE37 fitments simply by their spoke design and PCD. It’s like the weirdest badge of honour which serves zero purpose outside of the internet. Doesn’t stop me enjoying it, mind.


Let’s push that aside for a moment, because rightfully so the Volk Racing TE37 remains one of the most sought-after and versatile wheel designs ever produced. Even more so than the equally-as-awesome BBS RS and LM designs.


New or old car, luxury sedan or track monster – there’s something about this six-spoke wheel which always works. Maybe it’s how beautifully simplistic it is, yet its purpose has always been with performance in mind. Fast never goes out of fashion after all, even on a not-so-fast vehicle.


It doesn’t help that Speedhunters is an environment which actively encourages this behaviour too. Over the years we’ve seen TEs pop up on almost every make and model imaginable. My favourite? Impossible to pick just one, but a standout has to be this Suzuki Alto Works sitting on 14-inch TE37s finished in Burning Red.


What you might not be so familiar with is just how long the TE37 has been in existence. Launched back in 1996, the TE part stands for ‘Touring Evolution’ (on account of its motorsport link) whereas the 37 refers to the weight achieved by the entry-level 15×6-inch design – just 3.7kg.


That format has carried across into other Volk Racing wheels over the years, not least the CE28N, but what made the TE37 so desirable was its direct involvement within racing. That and fundamentally it’s a properly good-looking design.


It’s the late ’90s and you’re watching the Super Taikyu race series (formerly N1) race on TV. That R34 looks really good, doesn’t it? Well, you’re in luck. Those exact wheels it’s running can be bought and fitted to your own R34 Skyline road car. No street variation or weight change – just a genuine motorsport wheel for the road.


Naturally, during the past 25 years there’s been a huge variation of TE37 models released, including (ironically) motorsport-only applications like the TE37 MAG found in the world of Super GT. But for road cars in 2021, there’s never been so much choice before: TE37V, TE37 SL, TE37XT, Sonic, Ultra, TE037, Saga, Gravel and Black Edition to name a few.

DSC00031 2

Yet I’d argue the majority of us are most familiar with the OG TE37 design from the ’90s and ’00s, usually found tucked under some tuner car desperate to lap Tsukuba in under a minute. As a design, its appearance has always stayed true to form. But it’s the engineering and manufacturing process which has changed massively over that time, something Dino covered brilliantly back in 2018.


With so much variation, it does mean we now get to enjoy the TE37 on cars previously not catered for. And if you thought this design looked good on domestic cars, I reckon they’re even better on non-Japanese cars too. That’s why, unsurprisingly, when it came to finding a suitable upgrade for this Ferrari 360 Challenge race car, there was only ever one solution.


If I’m trying to disguise myself as an anorak, I could say these TE37 Sagas are lighter than the OEM wheels and considerably stronger. Not least because 20-year-old wheels on a race car will have likely experienced some truly terrible things. In reality, they’re an absurdly cool wheel design and nothing says ‘I grew up obsessing over Japanese car culture’ than bolting TE37s on an Italian sports car. Maybe.


The obvious thing to do on new wheel day is to bolt ‘em up as soon as humanly possible. But here’s where it gets even more anorak; the whole unboxing process just adds to the experience, doesn’t it?


Look at those material wheel covers; I’ve seen animals transported around the world with less consideration. Then there’s the little RAYS sticker documenting the size, finish and fitment of what lurks inside, alluding to what kind of wacky car they’re going to be fitted on.


In the case of the 360 Modena Challenge, I’ve kept the rears as close to OE as possible measuring 18×10.5-inch ET30, mainly due to clearance being minimal on the current setup. For the fronts, there’s a bit more space to play with. That means a jump from 18×8-inch ET38 to 18×9-inch ET27 with a little bit of fettling.


I’d love to say there’s a performance benefit in mind here, but the reality is I wanted the more concave ‘Face 3’ design rather than the OE-sized ‘Face 2’. This was fantastic news to Paul at ICS Motorsport, who now has to modify the front brake ducting and geometry to suit… But that’s why he’s good at his job.


TE37s have become a bit of a collectible item now – almost like a pair of Air Jordans but with more purpose – so that does mean tracking down good sets is becoming harder and more expensive. But on the flipside, it’s a testament to just how respected these wheels are 25 years after their launch.


So long as they’re still being used and not squirreled away like a low-mileage classic I see no issues with a TE37 world takeover. But what about you guys; is the TE37 still the king of tuner wheels? And if so, what’s your ultimate spec and finish? Let me know in the comments below (pictures are a must).

Mark Riccioni
Instagram: mark_scenemedia
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Love the TE37s, but personal favourite for lightweight JDM wheel is the CE28N - just 2.9kg for the 14x5.5s on my Alto HA36!


Going to need to see a pic of that! How much lighter than stock do you think they are? Google tells me the HA36 is roughly 670kg, so even 10-15kg saving from wheels is a decent chunk overall!


Love the TE's. The only problem for me is the price. Its a premium wheel for sure and I respect that. That's why i'm thinking about going down the Gram Lights 57DR route since its a lot more affordable and has the same spoke design. Its like the TE's younger brother.

Whats your opinion about the 57DR?


Big big fan of the 57DRs - to be honest, i did the exact same thing on my old RX7 - i could get 57DRs for cheaper than used TE37s and in a much more aggressive fitment. Personally, i love them. I think they're a really good design and fit/finish is as you'd expect. This is how mine looked with 'em fitted, i only changed because a set of ZE40s in bronze came up cheap.


Appreciate the answer! Yeah they definitely fit the RX7 perfectly. Then again, so do most wheels. Cant wait to get a pair for my GT86.


Apart from the TE37, RS Watanabe's R-Type are also a true icon of JDM. If only I can have an AE86 with them...


I've run the same set of TE37 Sagas on the GTI and now on the R. I'm happy to be buried with them. Coincidentally, by fitting them to the R I removed nearly 20kgs of rotating mass from the car (~5kgs a corner). The difference in the drive is huge.

Just need to figure out a plan for the ZE40s; winters or big fat semi-slicks?


I vote semi-slicks on the ZE40s and the TE37s for the rest of the year - excited to see how the ZEs look on it dude!


The TE-37 is one of the most timeless wheel designs ever. It will always look good on almost any vehicle.


id love a set of TE37's but i dont really wanna buy a set of wheels which cost half the price of my car :(


Most over played wheel in the industry. I appreciate the wheel, but i hate that it is the wheel that rays is only known for while rays has an amazing catalog of wheels


That's an interesting point - obviously we see a lot of CE28 & ZE40s being used, but some of the older designs (if you can find 'em) and especially the Gram Light series are easily overlooked.

It's probably a few contributing factors as to why TEs are the go-to design. They are timeless, and i do think rarely do you ever see a car that looks bad on 'em, some better than others for sure. But then with their popularity has come a much wider range of fitments compared to other RAYS wheels available. Gravel, off-road, obviously your Time Attack series but also those for European models too. It makes it a difficult choice to ignore.


TE37s are always my favorite!


I have to say those look amazing, both in themselves and on the car. (Just as much as they did on that Volvo wagon.. I kid I kid- just a little, they did look good. ha)
Also that the machined logo is many steps ahead of the old painted one.

I have one small quibble with the design- the way the spoke joins the rim. It puts the material in sheer, rather than compression. That is to say a "breaking force" of say a pothole (as opposed to braking force, !) means the metal will face an attempt to "break/sheer" it, rather than working in compression (albeit with the other side merely in tension), which would be the case had the spoke directly met the rim. Aside from brake clearance (which TBH is a non issue out at the rim) I don't see the reason for it. The more racing versions have less of this effect, whether because of the concept of how they are loading I cite making that better or because racing offsets are generally minimal, I don't know.
Granted with high offset wheels in wide widths being the norm now street or track, that inherent cantilevered form they have, seems to cause no issue (aside from leaving the "inner ledge" vulnerable to potholes, but that is separate to my point about face design).

I would think a design with thin cross section spokes meeting the rim with as much direct load path as possible would get the most out of every gram of alloy. I've seem some BBS Motorsport designs headed that way, fwiw


The bronze TE37 must be based on some sort of elemental natural geometry, because it works everywhere. I haven't seen the car that looks bad wearing TE37s.


im still a BBS and Enkei and 90s rims manu these days

but im glad you have a ferarri :)


Hard to go past the OG TE37 and Nismo LMGT4's in sizes ranging from 18 x 9.5 (+12 to +22) on an R32 GTR
Insta: R32gtrand___


What's the car with the insane aero, the blue one?? A heavily modified RX7 perhaps?


Yes indeed - I think it is an FD RX7 wearing TCP magic aero (seems like it has extra custom vents too)


yessir, just saw one IRL and it is indeed an RX with a time attack kit


Can't go wrong with TE37 coz they suit all sort of car looks, old skool, new skool and more.
In addition, these wheels perform.

Hell, I'll fit these wheels on my bike, if they manufactured them.


I'm currently 5 months into the wait for TE37 Ultra TRACK EDITION II for my R35... This article isn't helping my patience! Great read and photos. These are still THE aftermarket wheel I think. I don't know that they can ever be beat.


It's agonizing, isn't it? But oh so worth it!


I love your number plate !
(and TE37 obviously)


I would like to mount a Set, but they don't have my fitment.


I'm going through a weird 'I love stock wheels' phase. But here's a photo during a time when I was not unwell.


I have always loved TE37's, and recently got my first set. Here they are on my 1999 Subaru Impreza. I believe they will continue to be the king of tuner wheels. Just cannot go wrong with a good set of TE's. Like you said, they look good on literally every vehicle.


That is absolutely filth in the best possible way. A blue 2-door Impreza, wide-arched on bronze TEs - that is absolute perfection.


After seeing these wheels on the big Audi pictured in the article above, I'd say the TE37s look good on ALMOST any vehicle.
Lovely Impreza, sir!


And the 22B kit as well. Very nice. Does the car have a build thread or an IG with more details?


Yup, I have it all documented on my instagram. @mntlbna


As long as they're bronze.

Can't wait to see yours rubber-wrapped and on the ground!


Cheers David - you and me both! Hopefully we'll have that sorted in the next week or two.


Work Meister S1's for me. Think they look amazing on almost everything and you can do some very unique color/finish combos.


I love em! I’ve got Rota Grids on my mk1 Cortina, is that cheating?!


As long as you dont act like they are real te-37's im okay with replica's. And you dont so a pass from me, looks amazing

Marcus Vinícius Augusto

TE's are as timeless as the BBS RS....
Wish I could them in 15x8 (not the V's, but the regular ones) for my car.
And boy that 360 just looks WAY better with the TE37's!
Congrats Mark!


Cheers Marcus! That 15x8in size with the right offset just looks so good - Ueo's AE86 kinda vibe.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

TE37 is actually ideal for the car, because if you remember, there used to be a Ferrari 360 in Super GT and it uses TE37 as well!


that's a very good point! I think BH Auction were selling that car recently - what a bonkers thing! Ironically, while it raced in Japan the 360 sat on matte black TE37s (albeit different fitments) so like you say it definitely isn't the first.


Will always be the Rays (Nismo) LM-GT2 for me.
Drove halfway across the country, and then through central London on the hottest day of the year in my very used Mazda 323 with broken electric windows and no AC to snag an equally used set of four in 17x9 for my Z32 Fairlady.
Worth it.

Just a shame they're sort of Nissan specific. I'd have em on my Rover 100 if they were available in 13x5...


That's proper dedication - i would not wish London heat + no AC on anyone! But like you say, they are a classic and perfectly suited to that era of vehicle too. I do have a massive soft spot for the old Prodrive GC-060 on that platform though.


Love the TE37SL in black or metallic grey : classic but so powerful! By the way, I LOVE your numberplate! :)


I'm with you on the TE37SL in metallic grey especially - not usually a fan of polished lips on TEs, but they work perfectly with that


I just love those TE37s, but I cannot afford a set. :(


Unpopular opinion - TE37s are the most boring cookie cutter wheel ever.


Big fan of the TE37’s. Considered them for my R33, but to me the CE28’s are just the perfect wheel.