Staying Ahead Of The Trend: Varis’s Solid & Joker Creation

It’s one thing to jump on the bandwagon and simply follow the trend of building ‘what’s hot’.

Of course doing this leaves you susceptible to the unpredictable nature of trends, as they can sometimes quickly disappear without a trace, where others seem to last forever.


For this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, Varis wanted to try and create something that really hasn’t been done yet, insisting on taking on the challenge of creating something fresh rather than creating another variant of their existing kit.


Noticing the popularity of the Mk7 Golf GTI, and the lack of aftermarket support when it came to aerokits, meant that Varis had an opportunity to put their carbon fibre mastery to work in an attempt to get ahead of the curve.


The Solid & Joker Golf VII carbon fibre aero kit – which includes the front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear wing and hood, is the result.


The car now sits lower with the use of a coil-over kit from BC Racing, and rides on 19- inch OZ Racing Ultraleggera HLT wheels – which when combined with the carbon fibre accents of the kit, transform the the exterior of the normally humble GTI into a real eye catcher.


The beautiful use of carbon fibre continues from the exterior to the interior trim, primarily the dash and center console, which have been replaced by carbon versions.


It’s good to see companies like Varis still taking chances to try and beat the curve rather than following behind and struggling to keep up with the changes.

What do you think, did Varis get it right?

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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Aero is nice and all, but the Fragment Design air freshener makes it.


Good design but the weave is not your standard 2x2! Looks different!!


Looks like a 1x1 wide tow


Got it right. The hood looks transparent throughout which is a cool feature to me.
How's project gti doin' lol?


I mean, the temptation to do a full carbon front on the car has been real for a long time, but the thoughts of stone chips etc. are not my jam.


I can't imagine there's a protective coating that'll prevent stone chips, which is upsetting because a CF front end would be dope.


Do clear bras/wraps not provide that very protection?


I suppose I'm questioning whether or not that type of protection is actually effective.
In the case of custom parts, then it's no choice no problem.


There's definitely PPF products that would take care of it, but if the fenders & bonnet etc are custom, the wrap would need to be custom as well as most are cut to fit stock panels.


Man, that's a lovely kit!


Can't say I'm a fan of the carbon weave. What type is it?


The design of the kit itself works well with the original body lines but I’m not sure if I find the chunky weave aethestically pleasing.


For sure this one is done better than the dc2


The kit is great. I'm not too sure about the large carbon weave. Perhaps the traditional weave looks much much better in my opinion...


Not sure how I feel about Varis kit on euros.
But cool weave.


Yes Yes and Yes!!! I really like the see-through mesh on the hood to peek at the motor, it's so close in texture that it blends right in. Well done.


The kit is nice but definitely not as batshit as I would expect from Varis. If I were to go full aero on my mk7 it would be with box flares and some nice diffusers. I wonder how much that Varis rear diffuser would cost on its own? But first its carbon intake, custom wheel and exhaust...


Varis get it right? They did Great.