The Mind Behind LTO’s BMW E30

‘Imagination means nothing, without doing.’

I’ve always thought it curious that the art of designing, styling and creating bodywork is so often overlooked when it comes to creating an automobile. It’s quite the paradox, as the looks of a vehicle are typically the first thing that attract us to said vehicle, and will often be the primary focus of discussion when, for example, a new car is unveiled to us.

At least until the specifications of the vehicle are released and discussion of the styling is reduced to an oversimplified argument of whether it looks nice or not…

2018 Khyzyl Saleem Speedhunters LTO BMW E30 Rotiform-15

We just don’t seem to properly appreciate the craftsmanship or thought process involved in designing something from an aesthetic point of view nearly as much as we should. Perhaps it’s because we either don’t fully understand the process behind it all, or because it’s something which is entirely intangible and subjective.

An efficient and powerful engine can be proven as ‘good’ by several forms of scientific measurement, but for any design is to be scientifically defined as beautiful? It cannot be done (obvious aerodynamic performance appraisal aside).

To really understand a vehicle’s design, from overall appearance to the minute details, you need to hear from the people responsible. This insight is invaluable in forming an educated opinion about what is in front of you.

2018 Khyzyl Saleem Speedhunters LTO BMW E30 Rotiform-29

No doubt, Khyzyl Saleem doesn’t need much in the way of introduction around these parts, but his new venture with business partner Eric Penelow, Live To Offend, probably does. The BMW E30 which they unveiled at SEMA was the first taste of what Live To Offend will bring to market from next year; the realisation of Khyzyl’s designs in physical form.

2018 Khyzyl Saleem Speedhunters LTO BMW E30 Rotiform-14

Anyone whom has ever met Khyzyl in person will know of his genuine passion and enthusiasm for creating almost anything to do with cars and motorsport. It’s this sincerity which makes LTO’s first offering feel somewhat different to being ‘just another’ wide-body kit. The laid back spoiler with adjustable Gurney flaps is an obvious homage to BMW’s Group 5 racers of the time, the Rotiform BM1 wheels inspired by the original BMW M1 or the use of lightweight carbon fibre are all details which should resonate with enthusiasts.

While there will be always detractors, I think it might be worth having Khyzyl along to further elaborate on these details, and perhaps to give us an idea of what we can expect to see in future from Live To Offend.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos

Photography by Khyzyl Saleem
Instagram: the_kyza
Facebook: TheKyza

Video by Rotiform



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I've always loved people capable of doing crazy virtual tuning project like this (Yasid design for example)


I love this and its crazy design, but, I am unsure who will specifically get "offended" by this.
Would it just be Purists? Or will it be those who prefer if you stayed on one side of the spectrum of Form Versus Function?


I think the tongue in cheek humor maybe lost on some!


I wouldn't take the name quite so literally, it's just a fun name at the end of the day, I used it quite a bit on my previous works so it's more a hommage to that if anything. :)

And for the crazier projects later down the line. Thanks for the comment Fred!


Aaaaaaa, hahaha, my mistake, love your work by the way!


Where does one purchase this body kit? I'll like to "ruin" my e30 too. ;)


purists... cause "OMG,HE RUINED AN E30!!!1!11!"


I think reversing the colors would have had more impact. For a car that "lives to offend" black doesn't make a very big statement and hides some of the body lines.


Thanks for the comment but we love the livery and paint combo! The idea behind the name is to create designs without care of outside opinion. What’s important in any build is that it makes “you” happy regardless of judgement and if you “offended” somone. Hence we live to offend knowing someone will leave a negative comment.


Its a great first foray in bring the digital to the real. I applaud his drive and determination to bring this to life but (and there is always a but) i hope this isn't where he stops, we don't need another rocketbunny, RWB or liberty walk. Given how radical some of his renders have been i sincerely hope that he turns the knob to 11 and breaks it off, i want to see kits based off of his drone series, things that make the three mentioned before look like the baby steps in body kits.


As much as we’d like to bring the drone series to fruition, LTO is a buisness and how many people would ultimately turn their car into a “drone”. Possibly one day but stay tuned as this is just the first design of many.


Oh i will stay tuned! There arent many people who would want to turn their cars into the "drone" version, but you might find a few who would, especially in a world where people will do the next crazy thing just to stand out. After all we live in a world where the tide pod challenge was a thing and bosozoku is a style of car modification. All i am saying is that it may be a good idea for the next sema car to hype a production kit that is a bit more reserved yet shares the same styling cues.

Also, from a business perspective the more exclusive a product, the more you can charge for it. Limited editions can make you money and bring in more interest in a lower market offering so a drone version might not be such a bad idea. Im not telling you how to run your party, just keep it in mind because someone might just want to and have a big bag of cash for you to do it :)


Thank you for the kind words Mike! Worry not, this is merely just the beginning of my own venture at bringing my designs to life. If I could have started with turning a GTR into a Drone that would have been amazing, but we all have to start somewhere I guess! haha


I think everyone just wants to see some of your more extreme designs brought to life, at least maybe as a demo car for the company? Please please haha


Also, just got to watch the video. Damn this car looks sexy driving down the road! Nice Job


Any hints as to what the next car on the design block is going to be?


@FredMiro and i'm talking about both purists in general, and purists of both form AND function (because for the purist of function,that kit is never gonna work... and for the form purists this thing is too wide and ugly looking)


It must be surreal to turn a render into a reality just based off the creativity alone. That's something I'm sure every creator dreams of and Khyzyl Saleem is surely living out his dream right now. I can't even imagine feeling Khyzyl had when he first saw the build in person. This should be an inspiration to every artist out there to believe in their own work, talent and skill.




Kind words buddy, thank you!


Thank you Paddy for this beautiful write-up, and small glimpse into what I've been working on, this is just the beginning for us and I can't wait to show you all what we've been up to! The builds will definitely get crazier, this is all new territory but definitely an exciting venture for sure.

Also, that video, most awkward thing I've ever had to do! xD


For a couple of guys who are so positive, the name of the company is completely wrong. The idea of "building the surreal," straight out of one's imagination, is conceptually well beyond the consideration of others' opinions. Khyzyl and his work are on a level of maturity far above the childish LTO name.


You do realize LTO is practically a series Khyzyl himself created? If anything it's simply a respect being made to the series at this point. Nothing more, nothing less.



And Nick, we all agree his work is on a level of maturity, but we can also agree that the maturity, or lack there of, on comment sections can be quite amusing and down right offensive. The term live to offend simply means to create for your own happiness.


Yes. Every artist progresses, and I think "Live to Offend" is a theme that Khyzyl has moved past. It doesn't fit with the completely-epic work it represents (like this build). If I met Mr. Saleem, I'd say the same. But not before saying this:

@Khyzyl-- Thank you for keeping us dreaming, drawing, building and believing. I can't wait to see what you do next. If I had to guess, I'd say Speedhunters, as a community, is VERY interested in knowing what renderings are your favorites, and what designs you'd most like to see rolling on the SEMA carpet.


We need more builds like this!


Car is amazing. I have full intention to buy this kit when avaliable, but already know it will be too expensive if Carbon fiber is the only avaliable material.

Looking forward to see the next design. Hopefully you do 190e at some point


Like it, but that front end has to add a good amount of drag with the way it has a gap between the lights. At speed thats robbing horsepower, but otherwise nice car. Hope they find a way to differentiate themselves among the hundreds of companies that do this stuff already. It's a flooded market for sure.

Daniel P Huneault

seeing his renderings and now this, i find it hard that he will ever offend anyone, I don't like BMW's generally but I do love this!


making dreams into a reality! well done on everyone's end! love it!!


I'd consider getting this after going turbo on my e28 if he made it. Can't imagine too many body panels would be wayyy off (or might just have to graft it on myself! hmmm...) Thoughts?


If the fenders came straight back and ended in vents rather than dipping back in towards the body it would be sooo soo close to my dream group 5 tribute (yes I know E30s never raced in group 5)


That's exactly why you should make the first tribute to a racecar that never was. It will be all kinds of confusing in the best way.


The thought strikes me that cars like the Button 308, Sheepey Huracan (with exposed turbos), and any genre-bending SEMA build has probably influenced by Khyzyl, maybe without the awareness of its owners or builders. I feel like the popularity of stick-on flares will give way to a new era of unrestrained body styling that is sure to make modding much more visually exciting within the next few years.

Again, thank you, Khyzyl!


Man, I love that car, when I watched the Larry Chen interview with the man behind the cars in NFS is just a dream come true, I NEED MORE PHOTOS OF THAT CAR!!!


I truly think the car looks even better on driving height, way more aggressive I'd say. Awesome work! I've been following khyzyl's work for a while and to see his projects come to life is pretty awesome!