ALT Series: A ’64 Fairlane, Remixed
Picking Up Where We Left Off…

Retro styling and restomodding are popular terms used these days when talking about approaches to building and modifying cars, new and old. But what about remixing?

Chatting to Ash Thorp about his latest render for our ALT Series, he used this expression to explain his thinking behind this boxy Ford coupe from the mid-1960s. The way an artist like Ash can interact with a base car in the digital realm truly opens up opportunities for quickly visualizing ideas and solutions, and this in turn helps sculpt a shape that not only looks good, but simultaneously pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.


Ash believes this could well be the best set of renders he’s created thus far, something partly due to the personal interest he has in the Ford Fairlane which took his imagination further.


Unlike his digital Volvo 240 and Karmann Ghia concepts, Ash’s approach with the Fairlane was less about integration and more about aggression, all without much worry for making things look pretty.


In fact, that boxy shape is almost brutally interrupted by the constant radius flares that have been slapped on. Maximum effect is what Ash was going for and it’s obvious he’s achieved it.

In a way it’s a lot like what Ken Block and his crew did in the real world with the Hoonicorn, and being a Ford of the same generation there are some similarities in the Fairlane’s finished form.


I like to hear about what goes through the mind of designers when they are deep in the process, and there are a few cool little details that have come through to the final car that were directly influenced by interesting, random things.


Take the transparent trunk spoiler for example. It’s there because Ash remembered seeing it on other cars of the same period when there was need for greater downforce, but also the obvious need to not impair visibility out of the back. Why the Motörhead logo? Simple – there was some metal being listened to during the creation of this car.


The LXIV on the back is the Roman numeral for ’64’, the year of the car, but my favorite touch is the translucent Speedhunters sticker on the corner of the spoiler.


If you’ve followed the ALT Series of posts thus far, you’ll know that the design and rendering process begins at the chassis, and everything is designed and thought through with almost engineer-like precision. It’s almost like a full build, but in the digital realm.

For this project Ash called in the help of his friends. TurboSquid provided the 3D base rendering of the car and Leo Esteves added some realistic finishes and textures to the surfaces.


And that’s right down to the heat discoloration on the side-exit exhausts. Click to enlarge the image and marvel at the ultra realistic beads across the welds.

White For A Different Feel

The Fairlane’s real ‘remixing’ has comes into its own at the rear of the car with the underbody aero package.

You can see how the raked rear diffuser would help to extract air from underneath the car.


I really like the moody lighting over the body of the satin black version of the car, but for stark contrast Ash created a glossy white alternative to his design.


It’s still imposing but has a very different feel about it, don’t you think?


You can really get a feel for how the body has been broken up, the cut-out section after the front wheel arches from where the side pipes curve out from, as well as the dissected rear end where the entire lower section of the bumper line has been hacked off to allow space for the underbody and extractors to fit.


You also get a better sense for the wheels. To render these perfectly, Ash was given the tech drawings from Brad Beardow at fifteen52, and by using those was able to introduce the right amount of dish needed to fill out the generous fender flares. Look under the chrome front bumper and there’s a little bucktooth spoiler there to help out the front aero. No lift for this powerful brick.

Diving Under The Skin

To break up and illustrate the depth and detail of the design, we’ve got a series of images of the Fairlane from different angles, shown in varying states of transparency so you get a good idea of what’s going on underneath.


Beauty isn’t always on the surface, in fact, the more you dig the more there is to discover.


This top view of the exposed chassis and mechanicals has to be my favorite as you get to see what’s actually powering this car. And here we really get more of the whole remix idea that I opened with.

Ash is not afraid to mix and match powerplants from other manufacturers, and the engine used here is an Audi V8 that’s been twin-turbocharged as the screamer pipes on either side hint at. Power would be very high, into the four-figure zone possibly, and there’s a tubular chassis and custom suspension geometry to support it.

Slap the body on top and the mechanicals are hidden away and left to do their jobs.


This transparent profile image shows just how low the motor and transmission are set, and also how deep into the car the tunnels/extractors extend.


And here’s an elevated view of the frame with some body pieces and perimeters left in place to give a sense of scale and dimension. Zooming into the full-res image will give you a glimpse of the minimalistic approach taken with the interior.


So what could a car like this be used for? Drift? Time attack? Hill climb? It’s safe to say that any chassis built to this level of performance is only a suspension and tire setup away from being used for another motorsport discipline.


Again, it’s all down to the imagination.

I’ll finish up by asking you guys to chime in with some suggestions for the next platform that Ash can reimagine or remix for us. As always, the more unique the better, so let your own imagination and car knowledge flow.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Renders by Ash Thorp
Instagram: ashthorp

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Codrin Stefan

This guy is so so talented! Gosh I envy him!


Don’t envy him...hire him!
Or pass the baton to someone who would.
Envy isn’t useful to anyone.


I envy him becouse I'm only a student that wants to do the same thing but momentarily the lack of a good PC, programs and maybe even skill is all I have haha.


*internal screaming*

Nicholas Dixon

Suggestion: ND Miata RF imagined as a Global Rallycross Championship car

Dino Dalle Carbonare



These are both sick!
The white reminds me somewhat of the one that Aaron Kauffeman (spelling?) from GasMonkey built to race at Pikes.
No if only these were real.


Aaron's Falcon had a baby with Ken Block's Mustang.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Maybe in a few years we can 3D print them haha


Well, they are already printing houses. A car should be at least partly printable.


That attention to details ! O.O
A little hoonicorn feel but more gentle, looks very good.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Details this time are out of control


Lemmy would be very pleased with this

R.I.P. Lemmy


I really like the spirit of it, and the amazing rendering execution. I really don't like the Thunderbolt/Galaxy hood on it though, because it's completely unnecessary for that engine setup (no high mounted air cleaner) and would be removed from a proper race car for aero reasons. It looks really cool, but makes zero sense.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Good point there, I'm sure Ash would be able to replace it with something flatter and with ducts rather quickly #becausecg


Oh man, so sick.

Anthony Chang

I see a Hoonicorn Fairlane here!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'd think Ken Block would stay away from building similar cars to what he's already created. Guy reinvents himself every time


I would really like to see a Kei car. Those tall economy family go getters.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Now there's a cool idea!


I'm assuming the hoonicorn is that white fairlane with the purple (?) wheels that was featured here?
Kinda has the perfect lines for those fenders imho.


Lol no, it's Ken Block's mustang

Shotgun Chuck

Honestly, I would have stuck with Ford power. I just think a big, American engine would be more appropriate for a car like this; an Audi engine is just too sophisticated. If I were building this in real life, too, I'd also go with different (lighter?) wheels and a little more ride height.

I'm going to once again repeat the ultimate challenge: a 1994 Eagle Vision sedan. Trying turning that into a race car, I dare you.


Unless you're using that "cheap" technique to motivate him, don't dare a guy with this amount of talent and style.

Shotgun Chuck

I guess I sort of am. The Chrysler LH cars are pretty much the ultimate in boring blobby FWD landwhales, at least this side of a crossover. To see one become a race car would be epic specifically because it would be so incongruous, for lack of a better term.

That, and I really want to see how he would do it. All the cars he's done so far have been natively RWD, so how would he handle one that was natively FWD? Silhouette body on a custom longitudinal-RWD tube chassis? AWD hacked together with parts from other cars? Original FWD with more power?

(A close second would be my own car, a 1996 Ford Escort LX wagon. I need ideas.)


and the list can go on with "boring" chassis and will be way longer than the good chassis list


Looking at the first images I was thinking of the Hoonicorn and then you mentioned it and i couldn't remove the idea from my head until i reached the white example, i felt some batmobile in there.
The next challenge: a small cool hatch (better if an old school not famous chassis) i can suggest a Fiat 126/127, Smart roadster (not hatch i know but can work), civic MK I.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

X1/9 is one I'd l'd love to see get done. Bertone design, enhanced...


Got to drive a widebody one years ago that weighed 1400lbs with 300whp on slicks and penskes. Very exciting. Powered by a K series no less...manual transmission. Close ratio. It was fun!

Call John B out

Chat shit


^ someone lives at home and rides a bicycle.


It looks gorgeous in white!

The poor french carguy

Awesome work, but it just feel too "Hoonicorn", seems like I already saw the car, just a different base for the body. As I suggested last time, why not take on the Peugeot 406 coupé? This car is a tricky one to modify, as its lines are too damn perfect thanks to Pininfarina, I'd love to see what Ash can come up with ! It's considered to be one of the most beautiful French cars ever made, so this could be very interesting ! (And I own one, so I'm not biased at all...).


Hmmmm, the 406 is lovely, but there’s a better European platform for a rendering like this...
The Alfa Romeo GTX. Its design straddles the line between Italian and German in just the right way.
The trick would be making it more hardcore whilst retaining some elegance.

Even if it were just slammed with the right skirts and’d be perfect.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

LOL there's one car I'd never have considered. Interesting

The poor french carguy

This is really an underrated car, it's mostly considered as an old-man mover, but the V6 version is actually great to drive. It's a bit heavy (almost 1500kgs), and with only 210bhp from a NA V6, it's not "Fast" compared to any of the sportscar of its period, but its a good GT car that is lovely to throw around corners.

I actually shot a friends' coupé recently, swapped with Pug's 90's TCT engine that's been modified to double the power output,... I should take the time to make a "I Am The Speedhunter" article about this car, and hope that it'll make it to the website, but I'm waiting for the final form of this project to make it (finals tweeks are being made, hopefully this weekend I'll be able to have another look at it)...

Anyway, As you said, it's not a car that would usually be considered, but definitely an interesting one !


came for motorhead tbh


This needs crowdfunding....


Toyota Corolla AE92 please and thank you!


I modeled a Mercedes CSL123. A combination of a Mercedes C123 and a BMW CSL Batmobile. I'd love it and be absolutely honored to be a part of this series as a collaboration. This is huge inspiration for me to keep pushing forward.


And I know what it's like to have a favorite project. I built a Ferrari F40 Twin-Turbo and a Countach Twin-Turbo + Supercharger a few years ago. Even today, I look at them proudly.


I'm curious to see this project.


You can check out my work @basildesigns on instagram.

Khyzyl Saleem

My boy, so proud. Killing it!


This car reminds me of RBL'S firebird from the gram. that thing was beautiful and really got my attention. sadly they sold it :( but anyone is free to look them up on the gram.

Augustin Pavăl

I'm 15 years old and i'm romanian so i will propose a romanian car. What do you think about 1984 Dacia 1310. It was a very popular car and it's still on the roads. I wanna see what design can be maked with this kind of car. Thanks in advance.


I want this more than I want a all you can eat taco bar!


hilarious comment. I actually laughed out loud.


FINALLY!!! Ive been waiting for something different...Ive often wondered what my 65 Comet would look like in all out road race mode


Ok this is intentionally strange.

I want to see an 80's Chevy Caprice as a slammed Donk. Yes a SLAMMED DONK


I remember the days when those were cop cars...
Your comment gave me chills.


Woah woah woah...a lexan spoiler on the back of a car does NOT create downforce. That is a very common misconception.

Those rear mounted spoilers are there to reduce lift on the back end there by decreasing drag by creating a pocket of air between the duck tail and the rear window. THEY DO NOT CREATE DOWNFORCE.

Always remember you create downforce by reducing pressure underneath the car. Doesn't matter what wing you throw on or front splitter you are not doing much without tuning the underbody air flow.


Where is Paddy telling me how ridiculous I am? Come on...where is the criticism to this comment.

I love how this forum is awash with idiots who will criticize me when I post something about aerodynamics everyone shuts the fuck up. Really love this forum. It's an exercise in stupidity and patience. lmao.


Most impressive...


Hello, I have been interested in this stuff for years looking at Khyzyl Saleem's creations constantly. I would like to know what software you use to create stuff like this. It's a huge inspiration to see stuff like this and would love to do it myself -Thanks.


This is why you guys kill it in the car culture game. Giving artists AND builders a place to show their work. Killer!!! Also thanks for the reference to TurboSquid. Never realized that full-scale 3d models done by professionals existed within arms reach. I've been trying to find an R53 Mini model for wind tunnel testing! Two birds with one amazing stone!