A Miura The World Loves To Hate
Redefining The Element Of Surprise

I have to give it to Kato-san of Liberty Walk – he’s a master of surprise, something that is no small feat in the aftermarket tuning world.

I wouldn’t want to be him that’s for sure. I mean, every time the Tokyo Auto Salon or SEMA Show rolls around he’s expected to shock and wow people the world over, just so those same people can then complain about it online. It’s a bit of a vicious circle, but one that the man himself loves to be a part of. He’s turned automotive controversy into an art form and doesn’t care about the noise, the negativity, or the butt-hurt purists. He just wants to have fun with cars and continue building his overfendered empire.

But no one could have possibly foreseen what he had in store for us at TAS this year.


When I visited Liberty Walk HQ in Nagoya a month or so before SEMA last year to shoot Kato’s first new-gen Honda NSX creation, I was shown a low-slung GTD (GT Developments) Ford GT40 replica. ‘That’s going to be re-skinned with custom-made Miura cowls, cut up, fitted with overfenders and debuted at TAS,’ I was told.


I politely nodded with an understanding look on my face, but inside I couldn’t even picture what something like that would even look like. Well, Kato pulled it off and the result is something that has generated a lot of controversy. But before I go any further, again, this is a replica – it’s not a real Lamborghini Miura.


Not that it would stop Kato mind you, it’s just that a real deal Miura costs a pretty penny these days and there is a limit to everything. But the next best thing still turns heads, and so much so that Liberty Walk has already been approached by a few interested parties who want to make this wild one-off creation their own.


A couple of days after the Tokyo Auto Salon, I met up with Kawamura-san of LBW at a little fishing port in Chiba that I like to use for shoots when time isn’t a constraint. The car was mine for a whole day.


Seeing it in the open, the first thing that blew me away was just how damn low it is. I’m not talking about the ride height here, which of course has been dropped courtesy of air bags, but its physical height. The GT40 got its name from being 40.5-inches tall at its roofline, but the LB Miura manages to slash that with a 32.2-inch height. It almost looks like it’s been squashed.


To make the whole car work, the base GTD chassis was modified so it could accept the Miura re-skin, which was applied in three main sections: the roof and center cockpit along with the doors, with the front and rear cowls following.


It was a feat and a half to make it work, but the end result certainly is something else. You know it’s a replica of one of the greatest designs ever penned, but that it’s a bit of fun also.


You either love it and get the point of it, or you feel offended and look away. Whichever camp you side with is your choice, but you can’t help but grin at the craziness of it all. A shakotan Miura for God’s sake; how cool is that?!


For how beautiful the Miura was, it came out of an era where wheel fitment was weak to say the least. Having wheels tucked deep within the guards was just how things were done in the ’60s, but if you ever wondered how the Miura’s stunning profile would look like if Marcello Gandini was called upon to convert his design into a race car, well, maybe this is one route he could have gone down.

Dissecting The Details

Essentially, this is what Kato-san has done, attacking the fenders of the FRP replica cowls with an air saw and then grafting on flares to increase the overall width.

Up front, a lip spoiler has been added, its design inspired from what the Miura Jota SVR used. Thankfully, there is no wing on the roof, but rather a ducktail extending the rear end upwards into a bit of a spoiler.

The overfenders aren’t too exaggerated; they’re almost conservative, if that’s even a word I can get away with using here. The rolling stock is pure JDM with the 15×10-inch SSR MKIII front wheels having been tightly wrapped in 205-section Yokohama Advan A050 semi-slicks. To get the fitment just right, 60mm spacers were added to add to the wheels’ -20 offset.


For a vintage feel, vents were cut into the fenders after the front wheels and then lined with rivets.


The 15×12-inch -60 rear wheels exhibit a bit more dish, but to get them to line up with the flares 90mm spacers were added on each side. Even though the rubber is a tad wider at 225, there’s still quite a lot of stretch going on.


Looks are very important, but I wanted to get a feel for what this replica looked like underneath. To swing open the rear cowl it’s a simple process of pulling out the two pins on the roof…


… And the not-so-simple task of sliding the tail pipes off the custom Wolf exhaust system. These tips protrude through the rear grille opening, so will catch on the cowl as it swings back outward if not removed.

Peeling Off The Cowls

With the cowl out the way, the ’60s-era Ford Motorsport 302ci V8 this GTD replica came with is revealed. It sits beautifully center stage, hand-curved and welded Wolf headers meeting in the middle and arching outwards through the rear. This is, of course, a Kato-car, so silencers were not required in the exhaust system. Yes, it’s loud.


Sitting atop the V8 are a quartet of down-draft Weber carburetors, all plumbed in a period correct way without a single modern fitting or braided line in sight.


The throttle linkage that operates the eight butterfly valves is beautifully mechanical, and the sort of thing you really want to see in the engine bay of a car like this.

I really couldn’t get enough of these headers. Absolute exhaust porn.


Sitting perched up on top of the transaxle is possibly the last thing you’d expect to find in a Miura – replica or otherwise. But the Ideal air ride system is what allows the car to be slammed on its belly at the flick of a switch.

Some slight modifications were needed to both the front and rear lower arms to ensure the correct amount of camber would be reached when the system is fully aired out.


I can quite confidently say that the goal has been achieved, beautifully.


If there’s one thing that handicaps this build its the fuel tank, which holds just 25 liters (6.6 US gallons). With a range of around 60 miles or so, it’s kind of like an electric car, but with far more style and a lot more noise.


And then of course there’s the getting into it part, or not if you happen to be a slightly above average sized human. I failed miserably, barely managing to get a leg inside before aborting the rather awkward attempt.


The GTD chassis introduces a rather massive sill you need to first get over before contorting your body into the small cabin.

Rather than going through the massive job of replicating the Miura’s leather-clad cockpit, the recreation GT40 dashboard and dial layout remains, all topped off with a modern suede-wrapped Momo race steering wheel.


If it’s a ‘works’ build from Liberty Walk, you can always expect to see a trademark bright yellow roll cage, a detail Kato borrows from authentic bosozoku cars.

The two narrow leather seats rest right up against the aluminum firewall that separates the cabin from the fury of the carbed V8. The smells and textures just fit so well.


Sitting under the bridge section of the Aqua Line, the Miura looked like nothing else I’ve ever seen. A car like this is the equivalent of shouting into a megaphone at the top of your lungs; it’s built to make a statement, get reactions from people, and generate a nod of respect or a growl of anger. It tests us as car people – what you make of it is totally up to you.


One thing is for certain: it follows the Liberty Walk way – doing the unthinkable to cars, since forever.

The next car you can expect to see on Speedhunters from the Nagoya-based shop is the white LC 500h above, so stay tuned for another episode from the overfender files!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Wow! Can't believe how low this thing is!! Must be a thrill to drive something wide and low.
Kewl indeed.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Ridiculously so!


Dino, why do you seem to revel in the buzz that is associated with cars many people "hate?" It seems to be a frequent theme that you key on; focusing on builds and trends that you know carry a lot of controversy with it. Hate and it's related synonyms, routinely find a way into your narratives. It's tired and worn out. And it's beneath you.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I don't Don, there is much sarcasm in what I say because simply it makes me laugh that people get so offended by cars like these. As for the title, it comes from the fact that every time I've posted a pic of the Miura online there was much hate directed towards it, despite it being a replica.


Mr Martini,

You lack the vision, unable to gauge the use of sarcasm as the medium to express neutrality, one word has got you twisted. LOL


I think what Mr. Martini was trying to accomplish was an alley oop.


Probably because everyone who gets offended and "hate" a car because it's not up to their liking need to be exposed for it and made fun of, publicly. Every work of art should be appreciated, you don't have to like it, but you definitely do not have to hate it.


Indeed art takes many forms, such as this one, very similar in concept: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artist's_Shit . Unlike the Lambo here, the linked piece of art was at least original the day it came out.


Indeed art takes many forms, such as this one, very similar in concept: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artist's_Shit. Unlike the Lambo here, the linked piece of art was at least original the day it came out.


It seems awfully fake to revel in the "hate" a car generates before hardly anyone knows it exists. Most people don't care. A few people enjoy a trollish debate online, without genuine hate. Currently in the US we are debating what real hate is, and everywhere else in the world there are real debates going on about such things. Anyone who responds with "HATE" about a car should just be ignored, they don't deserve validation and a platform.


Oh those headers....... Strange shifter location, but love that it's gated!


The right side shifter was how Ford did it in the 60's. Since it was built in England by Lola, it was right hand drive, but with American drivers, it would be smart for them to have a layout they were used to.


Actually, most endurance race cars from that period were RHD. Since Le Mans is a clockwise circuit, having the driver's weight on the inside helps. Plus the pits used to be exposed, on the side of the track, right along a straight. The drivers could enter and exit the car more safely from the right side.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Gear pattern is upside down not sure how it was on the real car


I'm not sure the pattern, but a real RHD Miura would have a centrally located shifter.

But since most people are right handed, older RHD endurance cars from the era had the shifters on the right probably so fatigued drivers didn't miss-shift. Look at a Porsche 917, 962, a Jag XJR-9. Those are 3 race cars off the top of my head that I know are RHD and have the shifter on the right side.


Simply stunning!!


Those exhaust headers.... <3

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Work of art...


Finally a feature! I'm waiting for this ever since the car was unveiled!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I got you man :) I always make sure we are first with this kind of stuff from Japan. Other tabloid-ish sites will show you quickly takes shots of the car being driven out of TAS. For SH quality and a well put together story is always our aim :)


This ride height is really SILLY LOW. (LOL)
I like the ducktail spoiler because it suits the lines very well.
(I'm sure it will be very sinister-looking if all the stickers were removed)
Crazy, but also Amazing.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Air sus will do that :)


Honestly if you plan on using a replica, might as well kinda restomod it. I would have liked to see a more modern fuel injected motor out back tbh but still a beautiful car nonetheless.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I personally wanted to see a transverse-mounted V12 haha


I agree. I do think that the body panels were probably the hardest part to piece together, so modern mods probably took a backseat.


Now that is art. I would have loved to see this next to a real MIura and a GT40, mostly to see how the lines had to be morphed to fit the chassis. I dont see how anyone could "hate" this, he took a replica from a different manufacturer and made it into this. I wish more people would use kit cars and replicas to create some of the more extreme visions they have.


I guess nobody higher than 1.75m can get inside, it's insanely low


I always wished I were taller ! but in this case I'm so happy I'm exactly 1.75m !!!
:D :D :D

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Pretty much

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

I'd dare say this is probably the best TAS car ever! Pisses off so many purists in so many different ways!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's certainly in the top 5-10 cars of all times


RE-Amemiya's 3-rotor Lotus Europa is also very much up there ;)

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Oh yes, the Europa. But it doesn't really divide opinion as bad as the Miura. LOL!


Fair point. Both are awesome in they're own right!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

How could we forget the Europa!


I would love to see more closeup shots of the rear window louvers. I have been following all your posts of it on IG. I am so impressed by how slim line the ones on this car are and must have something like that made for my Z31 build! The stock ones are far too tall. Silly detail to focus on I know but it's actually one of my favorite things about this car.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I noticed that too, especially when I was trying to grab a shot of the velocity stacks through them. Custom made in metal BTW


Nice feature Dino. I like how Kato-san is ruffeling a few feathers - it may not be to everyone's liking, but I dig that he's pushing things and that Speedhunters is showing us what's out there. The man is doing what he wants, and that is inspiration to me.
Also, those headers are awesome!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That's just it. He will never ever make something that 100% of the people will like. And we cover it because it always becomes a great conversation starter not to mention that it's all part of the awesome car culture of Japan, even if it's now performance oriented


Personally, I love it. It's a kit on a kit. Where does it stop? (haha)

The great lines of the original design are nicely accentuated with Kato-san's mods. The front and rear aerodynamics and overfenders really compliment it. I would be curious to see photos of it rolling at a drive-able ride height.

Also really glad to see that old-school 302 and Webers in the back, with the "bundle of snakes" exhaust. And at 32.2 inches, it clears my inseam, hahaha! Which also means I probably can't fit in the cockpit.

Great series of photos, Dino! And thanks for the backstory. You think Kato-san will do a small run of these for customers?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'm sure he would if there was demand. Not sure how easy it is to find GTD kit cars these days?


That's a good point, actually.


Probably my favorite creation of his so far. It's so weird lol. The exhaust headers look great against all the vintage parts too.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Should have just run straight pipes from the headers on hehe


How loud did you say it was?? lol


hopefully the people that swore up and down this was a real miura see this article lol.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I hope!


thats such a cool bit of kit hats off for having the balls to do something totally off the wall different like this , id have mine just like it but with jps livery.


Liberty Walk definitely hit it out of the park with this creation. It's just so crazy and mindblowing, also really love the lines on this from the side view! Also dem headers!


What a terrible title for such a cool car...so sick of the negative vibes SH articles perpetuate.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

The title comes from what I got on social media every time I posted a pic of it.


If you built a car for the haters to hate, but nobody hated, did you even build a car?

Lb obviously avoided any real hate by doing this to a kit car. Had it been the real deal, things might've been different.

Imo, it's a kit car. Honestly looks good until you realize it's practically undrivable

Daniel P Huneault

I for one never really got excited about the miura, but this..this excites the 12 year old boy in me!


It's a cool idea, and looks well built, BUT for me it's ruined by the proportions being wrong. There's a stretch in the wheelbase behind the cabin - the gap from door to rear wheelarch is far too long.

To me, the proportions of a car form its visual signature - this is what makes a Muira a Muira, rather than something else. The proportions also betray the mechanical essence under the skin - the transverse, Mini-style V12 that couples the rear wheels quite so tightly to the driver's seat, as opposed to the longwise engine that gives GT40s their own unique forwards-leaning stance.

This is amusing, but I'd honestly rather they cut up a real Muira to make something that would be a true development of the Lamborghini original. Or just do a wild GT40 - but be true to the car's layout rather than dressing it up as something it can't ever truly resemble.


This thing is awesome.

I'm relieved that it's a replica, though.

David Hasan-lichtenstein

This is 200% pure pornography


This aint "art". It's not "craft" or any "movement". It's mere folly and mistake. It's one man's interpretation of the absurd.

This is the product of fad and hype. It's a sugar rush on wheels who's finish will surely be a headache and the age old question: "Why did I do this?" Please - your blog seems to cater to great photography and a love for the automobile; don't litter it with "tabloid-like" cars and stories penned to do nothing more than elicit some easy applause from the 18-year old hip-hop-flat-billers with more ink one their arm than sense in their brain.


LW, RW, "Your Name Here", are akin to painting the same painting, the same way, using different colors. Innovation and imagination have taken a back seat to fad.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Indeed it is one man's interpretation, not sure it's absurd when there's people out there that pay big money for it. We are just reporting what's happing in car culture, whether you like it or not, this is happening,


Well, maybe that's not perfectly fair, but to say that being from Japan has made it more popular than it otherwise would be can't be too far from the truth (which is exactly the thing I've been ranting about for a while now).


Besides, I'm pretty sure you all know that if this look came from Germany, or the UK, or even worse, America, none of you would even care about it.


And the sooner it stops happening, the better. I've seen overfender cars that I actually liked, but it's easy to tell the difference between a fad car and a car built to go fast, and this is a fad car through and through. Overfenders on a car made for speed will be simple and not overstyled (not that these are overstyled, but that's a deviation from Liberty Walk's SOP), and when you look at the wheel fitment you'll see enough room for the suspension to actually do its job.


Only a couple corrections there. One, people who like cars like this are probably into the current generation of electronic "music" as much as or more than they're into hip-hop. Hip-hop was the ricer fad, and honestly I'd rather have a genuine ricer than one of these. Two, you forgot to mention anything about sucking on vape bricks.


Dude you and OP sound so old lmao. Hip hop isn't a fad it's literally the most popular genre in the world, and whether or not this car was built on a trend, it's cool and you know it. Gotta run its time to suck on my vape brick, just remember to not take life to seriously, and just because young people like something you don't understand doesn't mean they're wrong.


I didn't mean that hip-hop itself was a fad, just that, in terms of music going with automotive fads, hip-hop went with the ricer fad, not stance which tends to go with crummy EDM instead. In any case I do hope the masses eventually wake up from both stance and the "trend" of sucking flavored formaldehyde out of a hard drive (I call them "adult pacifiers") and wonder what possessed them to start doing either one.

As for sounding old, that's just the sound on a young person maturing early enough to not blindly follow along with every stupid thing that becomes a trend.


Love this car and I love your pics. I like this more as a replica than the real thing. It’s like Lamborghini building a race car. You’d build a tube frame race car and skin it to look how you want. Love the yellow cage and race car interior. The only things I’d change is the suspension. Proper coilovers with an HLS would be nicer. And it’s too bad they used spacers instead of wider wheels to fill the fenders. To me the point of overfenders in the first place is to fit wider rubber. Just sayin’. Gorgeous car though.
Oh, also I’d black out the headlights ...I’ll call you for a shoot soon, once they deliver it and I make it my own. lol

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thanks Dave!


I like it. I'm an old white dude who drives a Volvo everyday and my vice is my Harley's so i'm not the target group here but it's bagged so you can lift and drive, and it's a kitcar-they should be fun. I do wonder why with the small fuel load it needs multiple gas gauges......

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah that confused me too. I'm sure they could design a bigger tank

Brennan McKissick

I would hardly say that a "stock" Miura has a "weak" stance. More meaty than anything but not weak. I think the Miura is one of the most beautiful cars ever created. This car is awesome though. I'm glad they didn't cut up a real one to make this though. That being said, it would be cool to see them go even further and put an actual Lamborghini V12 or V10 in there and a larger fuel system. That's just being nitpicky though. This car is still awesome.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well what I meant to say was the way the wheels sat in the old cars. That's how they did fitment. I too would have loved to see a transverse Lambo V10-V12 :)




Best thing ever. I don't think I'm going to see a better car this year. It's just dreamy.

I think I wore the right click button out on my mouse saving all those images.

One of my favourite cars with my favourite style attached. Just fantastic. Thanks for the feature Dino.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Glad you liked it!


Dino, did you happen to get a photo of yourself standing next to this car? I'd really like to see the comparison.


It looks like a toy car! Would have been cool if you used a tilt shift lens in this shoot

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I did, just kept the t&s to a min


I love this build! Absolutely gorgeous. I'd rather see narrower wheel spacers and wider rubber with less stretch to solidify that mean, purposeful look it has, but it's a pretty minor gripe.


I'm all for replicas of old school high dollar cars tbh, because we can do this to them and no one is going to say how we ruined an original or whatever. Leave the expensive stuff to the collectors and let us play with our toys, making them the way we want them. Just imagine one day seeing a "classic" car show, filled with modified Miuras, Countaches, 2000GTs and such, or passing one on the road. And it doesn't have to be just vintage cars. It can be any rare, sought after care. Group B monsters, old DTM cars, various race cars etc.

As for the featured car, absolutely love it, but I'd rather put wider wheels instead of those huge spacers, but I assume that it would maybe be an issue with the bags then. I still can't wrap my head around it's ridiculous height though.

Either way, yes please, more stuff like this.


Leave the expensive stuff to the collectors and let us play with our toys

it's cheaper than original car but it's not a cheap car ! tbh. LBW over-fender kit for Aventador is 34K ! can you guess Miura Kit Price (if they do run) ?!!


Expensive stuff, as in expensive cars, like the x million dollar original Miura for eg. Also, still cheaper than taking a car that's, let's say, now worth 100-200k(E30 M3, E type Jag, Evo II Delta etc, 911's etc) and it's climbing. You wouldn't want to chop that, would you? And who said that it has to be a LBW kit? There's plenty of people out there that could make you a wide body kit if you can't make your own.

34k is crazy for a couple of pieces of FRP tbh. If it were carbon fiber, it would still be too much in my opinion. But, as with any goods, there's always those who would and wouldn't buy something.


agree with you , 34k is crazy for a couple of pieces of FRP. with 34K you can build a Cobra replica. I'm just saying budget is important for most of replica car builders. and we need more affordable replica kits to see a "classic" car show, filled with modified Miuras, Countaches, 2000GTs !


Agreed. A kit car like the Lister Bell STR Stratos replica or the Caterhams would be perfect.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well said!


The engine on this is the most surprising and best bit! Ford V8 which is the best sounding of all old style American V8s, plus a quartet of webers and that exhaust! I bet this is a blast to drive.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'll never know haha


Mind blowing.


I'm no Liberty Walk fan, but this is great. Well done Kato-san.


First big honor to shoot the headliner car of the show. Not that I feel that way personally but It has gotten all the press. I went to the booth to buy a jacket but didn’t have much interest in looking at the Nsx,gtr,lc500 so I just kept walking thru the booth area. I should have looked for the Muira. After reading your article, yes the car is low and cool. And if they are selling a kit I’d would sign up for one. Also what I think everyone is missing. Is that kit cars used to be cool. They even had kit car shows and magazines. I hope this car will show people kit cars are car builds just like any other. Except with much more freedom. Also in California kitcars are easier to driver legally compared to my ls 240sx. Low and cool that’s the ticket. Good one Dino tell Kato-san we need XL model please

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Haha will do!


It's a replica of a car with panels that are replica of yet another car. So I don't know how people can hate it, because there's no sacred provenance to be violated. It's just a cool car, and nothing of value or rarity was damaged in the process, so what's not to love?
I'd drive the crap out of it, especially because I wouldn't worry about stuffing a real GT40 or real Muira.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Exactly what I hope this feature makes people understand!


Next time on STANCEHUNTERS...


I love this car.


Webers are cool but there's dcoe styled throttle bodies made by jenvey


After seeing this article and the angles of this shoot I have to say I actually like the look of this car now. I still hate the alignment and fitment of the wheels / ride height being complete trash, BUT if those were corrected I think I would actually like this a lot now that I've seen other angles.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's the shakotan way :)


What the heck is Shakotan? If it was a properly setup car suspension wise with 500whp I would take it in a heart beat. Only because it's a replica though.


The only thing I "hate" about this car is people calling it a Muira, the same as people calling replica Speedsters a Porsche.

I think the car is awesome but calling it something it isn't is just ridiculous.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That's a very good point, they should really name it something!


so what should they call ? or what would you call ?


The GT that isn't, The Ford in a frock?


Ford Frock !!!
sounds good for a sexy car.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Wormiura? Works + Miura lol


what about this ? el Katoro


But did you manage to drive it? Its hella cool though!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Nope. I can't fit inside, or let rephrase that...I can't get a leg in!

Federico Barutto

I have to say that: I LOVE it! Especially the proportions and the exhaust system. And luckily the camber isn’t that exaggerated, it could nearly pass for a racing alignment. I’m curious if a normal non-Japanese could fit inside it.
I usually don’t like LB/RWB cars (too much camber), but that GT4...ehm...Miura...
*slow clap*

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's mighty tight in there!


I must be the odd one out, I don't hate it but I also don't love it. It's different and I can totally appreciate the work and craftsmanship behind it but it just doesn't seem a cohesive build to me, ridiculous for the sake of being ridiculous.
If people love it though, I'm not going to try and tell them otherwise. I think it's okay to dislike a build ('hate' is a strong word) as long as you can have a discussion about it, respect others points of view and respect the work that went into the car in the first place.


I just hope to see more vintage replica kits with more affordable price, so people can order them and build their own cars from scratch.


Totally agree, I've seen the odd GT40 replica here and there in Australia and I'd love to see more of that sort of stuff on the road but the cost to build one is astronomical.


I love it, utter beauty, but, what will the ride be like; 60mm spacers, negative offset, wheels balanced on the inside. It's a bit of a recipe for disaster if I'm honest.


Using a replica to make a replica of another car, well that's confusing. The car is awesome to a way that I'm ready to sell a kidney in the black market for it (maybe need to sell another organ too or is it enough?)
I only have 2 points: the angle in pic 8 gives the car a "sad eyes look" in the head lamps section, and I'm very interested in the running ride height did i miss any photo or is it not featured?


The engine and interior bothers me. I can chalk up the exterior to being typical japanese tuning, but this would've been the perfect oppourtunity for a 1GZ-FE V12. And the interior looks like no effort was put in. A custom 'race' dash and relocating the shifter would make the execution so much better.
Just my 2 cents.


How to ruin a great car title should be. Another car got wasted sad it's Miura :x


Problems with reading comprehension or you didn't read the text?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's a replica


Well, it fooled a lot of people on it's debut. The mega hate pissedoffness was intense! I'd never seen a replica muira before, but the original i have seen was riveted on the body. Think it's got a lot of potential, and would be cool to see them racing.
Originals are too valuable to have proper fun with now, so it's just nice to see the silhouette of a beautifully shaped car blatting round a circuit. even if the chassis isn't identical.
There was a guy called Peter Jakan doing a replica BMW m1 procar build.
Would make for a nice feature if he gets to complete it.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

yep it was, hence the title hahaha

Александр Трофименков

Are body panels made out of fiberglass or what?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes rather thick FRP


When the roof is not even high enough to touch the Lc500 side windows.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's pretty wild haha!


I'm glad that it wasn't a real Miura. This whole stance and stretched tires fad just needs to die. Instead of driving their cars and extracting joy from driving them, people are lowering their cars to the point where they scrape at the presence of a tiny bump. Call me a hate, but this bs should die a quick death.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Sorry to say, this ins't a fad. People have been doing this in Japan since the late seventies. It's a proper style, it's just being appleid to a different array of cars by guys like Kato-san.


It wasn't a fad back then, but it is now, as it's attracted a massive herd of vapeheads from all over the world. I also have to wonder if a lot of those older shakotan cars weren't a lot more functional than the current crop of scrapemobiles; at least the one from the New Year's Daikoku meet coverage looked like it had a little bit of room for the suspension to work...


This is amazing! That's what kit cars are for, to perfectly execute someone's car dreams and ideas, and add a personal touch with details. This is really great!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well said!


Dino, dig this piece bro, much respect fromSouth Africa. This car is amazing-the liberty crew continuously surprise the car world by their creations... They are getting a lot of love here in south africa... many LB GTR's, 458's and a Lambos... check out RACE! they are the official LB guys here in SA.

Maranello Santiago

When you said "hate", I was like, is it an LS swap? Lol.


A bit to low and omg this camber is ruining it, it look like Bambi walking on ice.

German Collector

Obviously a GT40 replica made by GT Development.... as a proud owner of one of these cars, they are rather rare today and the price for a nice model is around 120 000 $

Love it or hate it, who cares what this guy is building for himself ? But at least some people should think about the logic of this project

225/50R15 Tires on 15×12-inch Wheels and 60mm spacers.... you don't have to be an engineer to see the problem ? Form over function ?

It's just a Show-car and you like it ? Great, i can't wait to see a slammed Ferrari 250 GTO or a Donk Delahaye 165 with 30' wheels ( replicas obviously )

Replica or not; it's not because the young generation is crazy about overfenders that we should modify our priceless 50 years old cars....
with the same idea we should add a mustache to Mona Lisa because 0,5% of the population think " it looks cool "

Fortunately, the real collectors who can afford these cars; the real one or the 100 000 $ replica, have a better idea of what is an automotive work of art.


But did you die?


are there any pictures of the car in ride height and not sitting on the ground?


OEM should sue this guy and shut down his company for making abomination our of cars. What a tasteless class of a company Liberty is.


Each to their own. Personally, I don't get it! And I feel at no loss either. But what's all this 'hate' thing? It sounds like somebody is looking for attention and I'm not talking about LW....


Looks incredibly good, part of me prefers the look to a stock miura. Good thing they used a replica though as the stock one is still too rare and beautiful to widebody.


I love it. I'd probably love it more if it was a GT40 given this treatment, but it looks amazing so whatever. I'm glad it exists.


I absaloutly live this build. Being a huge fan of the original Miura, I always visioned what it would look like as a race car! And it looks like a f***ing torpedo! Just stunning lines all round!


“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”


I kinda like. But with cars that low, I always miss a photo with a person standing next to it. It adds a lot of perspective.


Gods, I actually love this car. There's a deep, dark part of me that really wishes it was an actual Miura just to upset purists. However this is an incredible feat in itself, so happy with the final result.


From my point of view, it looks like ikan gabus (indonesian fish) . . . But every single detail which has been crafted by everyone hand's on this car, make it a perfect only one car ever build in this time, even tough it just a replica...

dhea wulandari

Wow! Can't believe how low this thing is!! Must be a thrill to drive something wide and low.
Kewl indeed
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