Mazda Rotary Royalty At Daikoku PA

I always look forward to the very beginning of January when Daikoku PA welcomes in the New Year with an absurd number of exotics.

The parking lots are packed to the brim and the air filled with the unmistakeable sounds of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and McLarens; it’s truly a remarkable sight to see. I headed over the day after Dino’s visit to the famous Japanese parking area to see what was going on and hunt out some interesting cars to spotlight.

Among the sea of supercars I spotted something rather unique, and something that I’d never had the opportunity to see in person before.

Image 2

This 1968 Mazda Cosmo Sport Series II looked like it had recently driven off the showroom floor, and lucky me the owner was close by and more than happy to tell me everything about his baby.

When he found this Cosmo 30 years ago, it looked nothing like what you see today. Besides the natural wear and tear due to time, body and engine work was necessary.

Image 4

The overhaul goal was to keep everything as original as possible, thus the original 982cc 10A twin-rotor engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission can be found under the hood.

Image 6

Being the first production vehicle from Mazda to use a Wankel engine makes the Cosmo Sport (known as the 110S in export markets) an important car, and the iconic rotary design motif can be found all over its exterior and interior.

Image 7

The car’s small cabin has been restored to original specification and is, quite frankly, a lovely place to be. I loved the assortment of knobs, switches, and the woodgrain steering wheel and shifter.

Image 8

The (purple?) Police-like signal light that the owner uses as hazards is the only thing that’s not original from factory.


With such a limited quantity of Series II Cosmos ever be built, this is a very rare car even in its home country of Japan, making it a perfect accompaniment to all the supercars at the Daikoku PA New Year meet.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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Nice car ! A shame we don t get to hear this motor ^^


those led daylights aren't original from factory!!


Heads up, Dino. Don't know if you follow The Chronicles, but...


The parking lots are packed to the brim and the air filled with the unmistakeable sounds of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and McLarens; it’s truly a remarkable sight to see.go here>>>


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Please tell me there are photos on that Mid Night 911 next to the Cosmo


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@ Ron Celestine: I would also like to know more about that!


Are you sure you've never seen a Cosmo before because I recall an article from Fuji Speedway years back and i actually still have it saved on my desktop because i love these old Cosmos, especially when they're track prepped.


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Gasosphere That article was by Dino, this one is by Ron.


Any information on that 930 parked next to it with the Mid Night sticker??


3nigm4 Gasosphere Yea I saw that on the photos but the article says by Dino


BrendanBerg Nice eye. It looks a lot like the Porsche in this article.


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i only have one word to describe this beauty: WOW.... :O :D


Gasosphere 3nigm4 pay attention to the line before it....

 I headed over the day after to see what was going on and hunt out some interesting cars to spotlight.

Must have reused Dino's photos from the day before.


Check out the Toyota Megaweb. There's one there sat on what look like Gotti wheels. Looks cool!


gcvphoto Gasosphere 3nigm4 Sorry for the confusion.. Both the articles and pictures are from me. Error ><


Datsun350z I didn't get much time with the 911. Bu t that doesnt mean I cant hunt it down ;)


kamranexir hahah ahh you caught me! good eyes ;)


Urraco 25 ohhh  I wouldnt say all that now ^___^. I MIGHT be able to grant that wish


Ron Celestine I think the confusion is coming from Dino's name being in the title as the author.


3nigm4 Yah I spotted that. I'm prettttty sure that is causing the confusion.


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would love to see someone build this although it would probably upset people due to the rarity.


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