Talking Function With A Liberty Walk McLaren
Defining Function

The automotive culture is an interesting one. There are so many ideas on what makes a vehicle perfect and they are usually as unique as the person who’s talking about or building it. It’s also one that so many people are very, very passionate about.

Everyone has an idea of how they would build a vehicle and can walk into a build with blinders on, only seeing their idea set out ahead of them. They dismiss without even looking at the subject because it doesn’t fit their beliefs.

Take this 650S-facelifted McLaren MP4-12C built for SEMA by Diety Motorsports and iDL Design for example. Many people would blow it off because it ‘isn’t functional anymore’ thanks to its wide-body kit and air suspension system.

However, I pose a question to you. How is it not functional?


Now, I know what you guys who are more engineering inclined will try to say, ‘That wing isn’t doing anything, the wide body is just for show, and those wheels are probably adding so much unsprung weight; that’s how it’s not functional.’


You could probably also give me a full list of numbers the MP4-12C can do out of the box and anything else done to it will only slow it down. With all those numbers, all those facts, and everything else you could present to say this car isn’t what McLaren intended it to be would be great evidence.

But you would be wrong, too.


Yes, the MP4-12C was intended to dominate the track by McLaren. It’s a street-legal, nearly-race-ready car out of the box. It’s a thing that’s hard to improve on considering the guys who built it have championships to their name all over the world. I’ll even go this far: if I owned a McLaren MP4-12C, I wouldn’t do this to it.


Here’s the thing, though. I can look at this car and know that while it’s not functional to me, it is functional to the person who owns it. It’s not built to the thinking McLaren originally came up with when its engineers prototyped this car and even produced it. It wasn’t built to the ideas you had. It’s not built to my philosophies. It is built to the owner of the car’s. It works for the notions they have.


It’s so easy to be jaded about a car that many of us will never own with the engineering we wish we could have in our own cars that we forget what makes the automotive culture unique. And you’d have to agree that an overfender-equipped McLaren on Fortune Auto’s Air Piston Lift System and forged 19-inch and 20-inch Rotiform QLB wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes T1R tires is pretty unique. This is a car that had people thronging to it all week long at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Hot Rod Connection

This car is built to the same vein as the roof chopping, lead-slinging hot rodders of the ’30s and ’40s. This is their art, their interpretation of what an automobile should be. It’s not yours, not mine, not McLaren’s; it’s this owner’s impression.

And that’s okay. In fact it’s better than okay. It’s amazing.


Think about that for just a second. Yes, I just compared this to a ’32 Ford with a flathead V8 and pinstripes, or the Mercury coupe slammed down and roof chopped to an inch of being usable. Those guys built those cars in an era when everyone was building cars to race stop light to stop light. They built their cars to be seen rather than be fast. The same idea has been applied to this McLaren. In an era of Nürburgring lap time comparisons, its owner built a car that just looks good.


When it comes to car building that doesn’t involve a sanctioning body, there are no rules. There shouldn’t be either, because written rules are boring. They force us into a box and soon we’re all in Camrys; appliances that have wheels. I’m pretty sure none of us want that.


Function is an idea that is molded and formed to the project presented. Function, as described by Webster’s, is “the special purpose or activity for which a thing exists or is used.” Notice that it doesn’t say that it has to work on the track, pull huge g-forces, or anything of the sort that many people might criticize this or any other show car for.


Function is defined by the user and owner but not the observer or even the manufacturer. Yes, a certain supercar builder does try and prevent its cars from being modified in this fashion, going as far as to try and stop a sale of another one of their cars to that person.


But most of the people who buy cars like these have the disposable income that something like that won’t matter to them. They will find a way to own the car they want and build it the way they want, bystander or manufacturer be damned. You have to have a certain respect for that.


All builds should be shown respect, but you’re not forced to be in love with them. If you don’t like something, don’t like it. We’re not looking to give everyone a participation trophy.


We all build cars for what we want them to be and to fit the situation we put them into; it doesn’t matter if it’s a dirt-pounding trick truck, a g-force-defying supercar, or a pavement-grinding show car.

As long as you build the car for what you intended it to be, your car will always be functional.

Justin Banner
Facebook: racerbanner

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto



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Beautiful, It is a well know fact that you wouldn't be able to achieve the 650's (or most cars) factory lap time at the Nürburgring on a tourist day due to traffic and yellow's. There is obviously an option privately rent the track but considering the cost of doing so, the Liberty Walk kit seems much better value for money. Just My Opinion.


Is destruction art?


"When it comes to car building that doesn’t involve a sanctioning body, there are no rules. There shouldn’t be either, because written rules are boring. They force us into a box and soon we’re all in Camrys; appliances that have wheels. I’m pretty sure none of us want that."
Thank you!  definitely how I feel. for me cars are a piece of art, expression for their owners and designers. every car should be different no matter what anyone says.
I hate the people cars of today.  every car looks the same,  from the Chevy Malibu to the Toyota Camry. nothing is different or unique.  the cars are all round and boring.   I miss the cars from the 90s and older.  back when designers expressed their own ideas. From the GTR to the Supra, the E30 to the Mustang.  all of those cars were made for enjoyment, not efficiency or utility.
Even if some-one's views of automotive art are different than yours, you should appreciate their interpretation of what they love.
I myself am not much into exotics or muscle but I still respect and appreciate those that are because they are an important part of car culture.  If it keeps up  car culture and expression are going to be thrown out the window like a year old cellphone.  A lot of kids nowadays don't even care about driving.  When I got my licence I was so excited I loved driving right away and I haven't stopped yet.  I hope future generations look back on us and begin to appreciate cars the way we do.
On the topic of body kits.   I love wide body kits.  they make the car more fun and everyone notices it.  so what it doesn't do 300 miles an hour any more.  its not like your going to get anywhere near that on public roads anyway.  the only time you will be able to do that is on a track once a year.  so what if its performance isn't as good as it was.  it still gets from 0 to 60  ten times faster then your everyday car.


I love the P1 GTR style wing, but the actual widebody kit in my opinion is very lacking and just doesn't suit the shape and aerodynamics of the car. Sure a kit can look cool on these just look at motorsport but sadly for me this one just doesn't fit.


I cant help but pick up on some serious passive aggressive irritation in the first few segments of this right up...towards people who "have their own opinions"


N Wyatt Yeah, you ever seen building demolition through implosion?


I mean for real though... Were you Really pissed off when you wrote this?? You kind of make it seem as though you never said a word to the owner of this car but kind of followed him around and took photos of it... And then you just went back to the house and use it as an excuse to write a hate note to all of your fans on here bashing builds that have no functionality in the real world.... Crap I just TROLLED... haha
reading this article was actually a waste of my time... I should have just flipped through the photos and went to the next post.


Another thing to remember is that, these cars, even with their spring rates, suspension geometry, etc, altered, are still fast. 
So while it might not be able to keep up with a stock MP4-12C, It's still probably way faster than a stock Sti or Evo, and way too fast to drive on the street anywhere near it's potential. The down grade in performance is kinda irrelevant when bar is so high to begin with.


It's not ugly but it looks, cheaper, I'm sure it's not. The only real sin is it being on bags, wtf, everything is taste but I give funny looks to people who finger paint on Picassos.


Great article and I will co-sign to it.  Amen and amen


Yeah, we all have the right to do what we want with what we have and have our own opinion about it. The automotive tuning culture is a large and broad spectrum which makes it impossible to please everyone. I guess we all really stirred the pot with our comments the other day voicing our own personal opinions as well. Nothing wrong with either situation, that's whats so great about freedom of expression. In the end, even though SH has changed it's direction recently, I'm still here reading this article today and I must say, it's a beautiful car. Oh yeah, Rotiform and Airlift, got it.


Yeah, it sucks though cause I wasn't trying to make enemies of anyone here...


It's function is to draw attention and it succeeds in doing so, unfortunately for the neveau ricers it's still a POS regardless of how many 0's it cost.


*Its, not "it's."

It may not be a POS to the owner who commissioned the mods, but it's the owner's sole pleasure to have experienced any changes in feeling toward that car. There's not a damn thing you can do or say to change that.


I like looking and dreaming about high end builds as much as the next guy. Still, I miss these days also:

Under Suzuki's car has changed dramatically since then and its awesome! I guess my problem is that SH has crossed over to the mainstream lately, but hey there's payroll and overhead to cover so i get it and I applaud your success. Like i said, you can't please everyone. SH has just lost the original allure it had for me 5 years ago. But hey, I'm just a single reader out of thousands, plus I'm still here.


No matter how defensive you Speedhunters are getting over these cookie cutter widebody-airlift-heavy wheel builds.... this is still LESS functional than the factory intended. 

I'm all for personalising a car, don't get me wrong, but this isn't personalised - this is a 'follow the crowd, current trend' build - just the owner has a thicker wallet.


The car is actually utilizing a cup kit, same spring rate as factory when 50% lifted as well as 0% air in the cup.


Every stance car article on here basically boils down to "It's what the owner intended and you should respect that" or "this is gonna get so many haters but you know what the owner gives no shits" like jesus how many times must SH rehash that?
Would rather appreciate if the writers get another angle on cars like this and maybe focus on the owner/builder and why they picked the parts the picked. Great car though, imo this is one of the few cars that is actually improved upon with the LB kit, other cars, even the lambos tend to look a bit half-assed and juvenile.


Cookie cutter Liberty Walk build? Check.
Overly defensive article that tells anyone who doesn't like the car they're wrong, while simultaneously saying we should respect everyone's opinions? Check.
Ah, just another day on Speedhunters.


Cookie-cutter-hater vents to no obvious effect on seller or buyer. Check.


I've seen this exact car and article about thirteen thousand times.
Literally, every single Liberty Walk/Rocket Bunny article on here follows the EXACT same formula.


Words from the editor in chief himself:

"Forget all your high-budget, tuner-built, time attack machines that we have been seeing at events like the Lap Battle for years, as those cars don’t even come close to this very special S15... The only thing Suzuki-san, the owner, is after is personal satisfaction as every bolt, part and body panel has been tightened, fitted and painted by himself."

Things change, especially drive and passion.


Rotormotor Looks like we really managed to piss some people off...

Been a reader for 5+ years and never felt the need to comment. The direction they have been heading just doesn't cater to old fans. They still deliver great writeups with amazing photos. I always just hoped they would be the beacon of light that shines through the trends.


Props. Do whatever you want. MP4's are depreciated to the point where cutting one up isn't a big deal. The LT's are the future collectables anyways. 

And as for "function" I live in an area with a ton of supercars, almost none of which are driven as intended. Most just cruise the boulevard and get valet parked at expensive restaurants anyways, never-mind a track day. So slammed and wide body would serve most owners idea of primary function, that being "look at me". You could handicap this car with giant chrome rims and still not touch the limits on the street. 

So much internet hate these days. They have to preface "with you may not like it" only because of your lame comments. And for perspective it's not my jam either, but it's not my car. If you don't have anything nice to say... and all.


It's only a 12c. I don't see what the problem is. Its not like a 675LT or other limited run car.


"And you’d have to agree that an overfender-equipped McLaren on suspension and forged 19-inch and 20-inch QLB wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes T1R tires is pretty unique."

that seems super relevant to the rant about making the word "functional" relative. Though you are right that Speed Hunters is functional when it comes to shilling for their advertisers (-8

Liberty Walk is awesome though (-8


Hotcakes some people call that formula a "brand" )-8


Seen this car this past weekend, loved it. love the site and especially love Larry Chen's photography work as always. I wish Speedhunters moderated the comments section though, way too much hate from people in here in general. Keep up the good work Speedhunters


There will always be people who aren't in complete support of someone else's build, especially in an internet comments section. I'm not a huge fan of these types of builds, but I wanted to hear more about the car! Instead, it's the same defensive tirade because someone dared to share their displeasure in the comments. Get over it, or get rid of the comments section, because this is just going to happen over and over. Please keep your focus on the cars!
I also feel that you missed an opportunity with this one in particular, would have been nice to see it with the top down.


Liberty Walk+Rotiform+airride.

What a unique build.



Abezzegh87 posts photos of similarly impressive own build.



ryanckstewart Nice! From what read in this article, guys like this are the new target audience for SH now huh?


Rotormotor ryanckstewart I hope so... because I appreciate a little of everything. The variety on SH is great. If you don't like the content of an article don't click on it...


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ARCRP I think the car looks great. I was also wanting to see pics with the top down. I was wondering if maybe the position of the rear wing was impeding the transformation from happening??


d_rav If this video is accurate, it doesn't seem like it reaches back far enough to make contact.


A lot of hate for this machine, and thats ok. I like it. the build quality is excellent. The over fenders in the front blend really will with the nose. I really like the LED tail lights, they remind me of a Khyzyl Saleem picture.


I'd have much preferred an article about the car, rather than this defence of it's existence. People who don't like it will change their mind no more or less if you spend 1 line or the full article justifying the build. I've learned nothing about this build!
In my view supercars on the road are pretty pointless, since to use the full potential you're being very obnoxious, so why not go a bit mad on the style? That it's really the reason people own these cars anyway.


Deity_Cnowlin Justifying the lack race functionality by pointing out that it uses parts specifically designed for racing is like buying a dog because you really want to go horseback riding.


I really like the 'look' of the car, but it's just so difficult to relate to, I'm constantly wondering whether these builders have chosen the parts that they envisioned on the car, or whether sponsorships have dicatated the use of parts that weren't necessarily first choice.

So, in summary - if you want to get a car featured on speedhunters, make sure to get a sponsorship from one of speedhunters partners.... 

The circle jerk continues.


just click and start earning upto $90/hr.


My answer to your question: It's less functional. The only reason bloggers keep making this same article over and over is because you know this. Yes, the car still drives. Yes, it performs the function the owner wants. No, it's not able to perform the way it's supposed to, and that's exactly what makes stuff like this silly to a lot of people. But you got your clicks so you're happy.


Hotcakes Love this site. I don't love the fact that they keep making articles like this.


You can blame the comments section for the hatred. Or you can spend like 5 minutes and realize that you guys have to continuously point out "haters gonna hate" and "the owner doesn't give a f***", or my recent favorite "Guys, I would not do this to my own car, but....". 

You guys know what's up, so don't blame us. You just gave us an outlet to comment.


abezzegh87 Don't forget the Toyo (insert specific hyperlinked model name here)!!!


You just gave this dude a participation trophy....


By doing this, you make the word "function" lose all meaning, at least in the context of cars. It will never be as good on track as it was before these modifications were made. It looks damn cool, don't get me wrong. I love Rotiform BLQ's and tuck as much as the next guy, but if you start calling everything "functional" just because the owner likes it, there'll be no way to tell the difference between a trailer queen LB R8 and a kickass GT car. Come on SH, stop trying to police language. First "stance" now "function" . Speedhunters? More like Webster's Dictionary, amiright?


Wow, it has tires!!!


Sorry for that bad "quip" at the end, but SH is turning into a self-righteous organization that acts like they have the right to say what's ok and what's not.


I've been trying to figure this out in my own head over the last while and it's something I've only recently started to understand, I think. There's so much of a divide when it comes to pretty much all of these sort of builds and to be honest, as beautiful as they are to look at, they often leave me feeling a little bit cold. 

I don't think anyone is going to argue that the car is badly built. From what we can see, it looks very well put together. Having met the people involved briefly last month, I'd be quite sure that it is a well built car which has had a lot of love and care put into it. People might complain about the Rotiform + Air Lift Performance combination but it's a combination that is proven and a go to choice for so many companies. The ability to have wheels custom specced to the degree that Rotiform offer is a huge benefit when building a car and something which some might not fully appreciate. Air Lift Performance's range is a proven and no risk option. Despite being 2016, I'm surprised people still aren't fully aware of the potential of a properly engineered and installed air setup. I was a doubter too, but I've been on air for nearly a year and I'd struggle to go back to a static setup. When versatility is required, there is no viable alternative to air. The world needs to see more Cody Miles', too, IMO.  

I digress. 

Coming back to my original point, I believe what's frustrating a lot of people is that so many of these cars being built are very shallow. They're just about style, which is fine, but for me I'd much rather a kit like this was the icing on the proverbial cake, rather than being the sole talking point. Imagine this car but with the Hypercar Development triple-turbo setup, as an example? It doesn't matter if it's a McLaren or a GT86, when the relative performance doesn't back up the looks, it's always going to feel like a 'what-could-have-been' situation. In this particular instance, it's fine - again, IMO - because it's one of the first, so a demo car is always required to show that it works from an aesthetics stand point.

I do have to laugh though at the same names popping up time and again in every comments section to complain about these cars. We get it, you don't like them. Guess what though, some people do. Please stop trying to force your opinions down other peoples throats with childish comments and like whoring non-contributions. Let others make their own mind up. Let people have intelligent conversations and an interesting discourse. It's absolutely fine not to like these things, but don't come in here complaining about it when you made the decision to click through into the post in the first place.


What camera do you use?


It is a matter of semantics of definition.

Say I have a knife, it is usually used for cutting, chopping etc. I stab it into a wall and use it as a clothes hanger. Is it functional as a hanger? Yes. Is it being used for the intended purpose? No. 
Trying to convince you otherwise would be odd. Semantically you could argue that given that a knife is an edged piece of metal and a nail also is an edged piece of metal they might share similarities, but that would be an argument in insanity.

Point is it doesn't matter. If the owner/company wants to spend money making it look a certain way, great, more power to them. The only problem I think is when they try to say how much more functional it is. If style is the objective, great, but stating that it is more functional without empirical proof is an exercise in showmanism.

Personally I think it is great, I always felt bad for the people that bought the Mp4-12c when the much prettier P1 and 650s came out not much later. Given that most people who buy these types of things don't drive them only on a track, making cosmetic modifications is fine. If you walk out to your car and it doesn't make you pause and appreciate it, and making a few small changes helps you personally to do so, more power to you. Trying to convince others to share your opinion, less power to you.


I feel bad for the owner. This is a beautiful car with photography to match. IMHO, it deserves a true, "SH car feature". I wanted to know basics like build specs, paint, the builder's comments and inspiration etc. Instead, well, the comments below describe what was published. I dig the car, even if I didn't maybe there needs to be a separate OP-ed section here :)

ps this car looked fantastic at SEMA. I really like the fenders and paint!


Fu@king love this car! I have lived in Woking my whole life and hence have shared this town with McLaren my whole life too! I have been seeing many 12c's, 650s, LT s P1's, blah blah blah, you get the point, round this town and can honestly say the way this car has turned out reflects the original lines the car left the factory with perfectly. I love this style of arch from LB and muira and the fact the spoiler is relatively subtle makes it work well too. Wheels look awesome, great choice and I think they compliment the car well. Just looks so good, great stance and enhancing the original lines of the car, it, just, works.
I do agree with SeanW1 in that I think those of us that love it would like to know a bit more about it but I understand where Justin is coming from. It certainly is a car that raises a few questions and eyebrows alike. So glad u guys finally got round to showing us this, your SEMA coverage overall has been exemplary. Keep up the good work, peace out!
Haters... Just go look at something else


I'm surprisingly in agreement with the trend "haters". Mostly on that RB kit. I normally don't bash the trend because this is just another slice of the culture for better or worse. If you miss certain types of builds on SH well, shoot...BUILD IT! They will come!
My question is WHY? 'Its a McLaren- why is this kit not better'? Unfortunately, the article doesn't answer that :/

The owner has $$, right? And they want to be unique, right?

#1) Why are the flares bolted and not molded? Or hide them like Keith Charvonia did on the Scion tuner FRS. 
#2) I know tke RB kit needs to flow but the lonely flare on the door looks silly (pic 4 from bottom).
#3) WTF is with the rear flare (pic 2 from bottom). It's infuriating the way it awkwardly covers the shut line from the side scoop to the rear bumper. Its like covering a 12" crack in your wall with an 8" portrait. 
The owner has $$, right?
#4) Why not buy a 12c gt3 kit from McLaren for that street racecar vibe or put a local shop on the map by having them develop a replica kit if Mclarens is not for sale or too expensive. 

IMO good looking car that just needed Rotiform wheels and  AccuAir drop ;). The kit could be executed better and should be executed better if the canvas is a 12C.


"All builds should be shown respect, but you’re not forced to be in love with them." Some people can't accept this very simple concept.



Yep, I've been reading SH since...2009? The first article I read was THAT 240Z. I feel like it's gone downhill since then.
There's still gems on here (mostly Dino's articles IMO) but there is waaaaay too much of these *insert Liberty Walk/Rocket Bunny/RWB car* "haters gonna hate, the owner doesnt care what you think, if you dont like literally every car ever made then you're not a real car enthusiast" articles.


I like it, I'd stick the kit on it in a game so why not real life, most of these cars are bought and driven in thick traffic cities anyway so what does it matter if it's lost some functionality. Showy car is showy, who'd have thunk it.


imagine you'd owned it from new, loved it to pieces and didn't want to get rid, just change it up a bit.


I think what needs to be done here is an owner of a kitted car needs to have it driven by a race driver on timed laps to see if it actually does make a negative difference. There's loads of people saying it, but no proof.


vroomtothetomb I think people like the riveted look with fender flares because its more rugged, like those old warplanes  wheras molded is more sleek.  different perspectives.  different likes.  deal with it


While i do think the airride and the wheels are not suited for track, that wing and bodykit may not disrupt that function at all, but untill anything is proven by testing that is just speculation.


vroomtothetomb It's riveted because many people like the works inspired look of it (think 993 GT2, 72 skyline racecars etc) so all your why's can be summed up in personal taste.
If you are fortunate enough to be able to buy and modify a 12c of your own you can do it your way.


I'm a huge SH fan and I'd jump at the chance to shoot and write along side the SH staff, and I'm totally on board with the basic point behind this post. I like a little bit of everything from simple slammed, to excessive over the top horsepower and everything in between.

However I think a lot of the text in this post could have been better used in an editorial. As people have said SH has done a lot of justification recently (it might not be quite as recent as it seems but you know what I mean) and really at this point it no longer feels necessary. 

Those that understand the true mantra behind 'car culture at large' already get it and are reading consistently, and those that are new will soon be hooked within five posts. The people ready to complain are also already reading consistently and going to keep doing it regardless --an odd concept to log on to a site darn near daily just to complain but whatever-- spilling more ink addressing the detractors is in my opinion a waste in a post that could have been about the car, the owner, the build process, or quite honestly anything else. Sure it might be hard to write a significant post if it is really just the kit, wheels. and air, but for people wanting to read about the car this dodged the mark. 
Now I totally get that the audience here is massive, and volatile, and I don't think I've thought more about anything I've ever written than the few guest posts I had here, but at this point the reputation of SH is large enough, solid enough, and genuine enough that none of the content needs to really be justified beyond the staff at SH think it is awesome and worth sharing and thus it's posted, and if you don't like it chances are in 24H something will show up that you do like.


JakWhite I see what you're saying, but I would just politely remind people that not everything in car culture is about performance. Some people just prefer the low and slow life.


That last shot though Larry, holy shit.


Paddy McGrath I totally share your opinion on these kinds of builds - they too leave me cold, and for whatever reason I am slightly frustrated by the bags/Rotiform/overfenders combination with nothing else included, the failure to exploit any potential. Style over substance, a vodkaless bloody mary. Though quite why I should give a shit, I have no idea. It's nice to hear it coming from an important contributor, though. 

Thing is, regarding the complaints - I wouldn't say complaints were out of the question. Without complaints fostering debate, sites become an echo chamber; though you're right, if people could debate intelligently rather than resorting to a somewhat Slipknot-esque "bags/wheels/plastic kit = shit" things would be a whole lot better. Anyway how else are we supposed to express dislike of content? There's no Sandbox anywhere, is there an email address? With, say, Evo magazine (who I love) I can tweet the journalists or email/write to an official letter address (It's bloody tempting; I'm sure other people can predict this year's Car Of The Year result in the current issue -  quelle surprise. It's like MBR picking a Specialized to win a Bike Test...) 

In any case, this article is remarkably defensive. I clicked the article to see what had been done besides the obvious and was a little disappointed to find the answer to be nothing. 
That's why I clicked, out of curiosity. As much as I dislike the basic template, I still kinda got my hopes up a little to be honest, as sad as that sounds. 
However, I don't think the car itself requires defending - the defence should really be as to why it's on Speedhunters in the first place and I think that's a big chunk of what winds people up; the editorial direction and obligations vis. (totally necessary) commercial partners. I'd be disappointed if Evo started reviewing base model econoboxes, after all. Infact, I was when there was an issue a decade or so ago in which every advert was for a certain seaside-themed petrol company and included an advertorial all about fuel economy...


Paddy McGrath you guys digress a lot lately.... I think you're just as salty as the commenters.


I quite like this over fender car, i generally dont like these sorts of kits that have been everywhere recently, but as my good old mum used to say "if you aint got nothing good to say then say nothing at all"


Paddy McGrath JakWhite  "Some people just prefer the low and slow life." Ramone from Pixar's Cars movie is a good example of that.


mrwicksy Paddy McGrath I don't think I disagree with a word you wrote. If people took the time to elaborate their thoughts rather than quips that are only designed to offend or seek attention, they might be taken more seriously. I actually agree with the majority of the sentiment within this particular comments section.




johnbezt Paddy McGrath What are you trying to achieve, John? I can see you've posted multiple times here when you could have just posted it as one comment. Do you want attention? Do you want a reaction?


Paddy McGrath johnbezt Not really. I'm just puzzled as to how you can clearly see what's going on with the viewers, agree with the sentiment, and then go on to acknowledge the editorial direction the site is taking... Less editorializing, more speedhunting.


Strangely my biggest gripe is the tires. They couldn't run anything better?


If the over fenders were broken into multiple pieces to match the body panel breaks and the rivets just covered up (not even fully molded), I would have zero issues with this car. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I'm guessing the modifications to this vehicle alone probably cost more than a lot of readers' cars, so it's hard not to think that some of the huff and puff could be due to being a little tiny bit jelly.


Unquestionably looks cool, but that front bumper sure doesn't seem to fit. If you're gonna fiddle with a McLaren, get your body gaps tight.


It's one thing to modify a car to improve it, it's another thing entirely to modify it to make it worse in every measurable way.


Prefers low and slow life, buys one of the fastest cars on the planet......


Great photos.
However once again you (SH) fail to say what the owner's function for the vehicle actually is! And then you act all surprised when people disagree.
Websters defines "functional" as, "designed to have a *practical* use". Which kinda negates your argument.


Why should all builds be shown respect?
Even the ones with dangerously fitted harnesses? Even the ones with massive engine and tiny brakes? Even the ones created as clickbait?


I agreed until your last paragraph.
"Please stop trying to force your opinions down other peoples throats". I feel thatthat is exactly what SH is doing with editorials like these.
That said, I appreciate that SH allows dissent in its comments.


rook56 As in, respect for the builder to build something to their taste. I personally strongly dislike donked cars and I think they look stupid on all accounts. However, I respect the builder for not caring what others may think and build the car that they enjoy.


STI_Clint Seriously, those have to be a substantial downgrade compared to the factory Corsas. If you can afford a quarter million dollar car, at least throw some up to par tires on it.


I actually quite like this. I'd give it a bit more sidewall, but other than that I think it's great.


ARCRP d_rav damn thats cool!


hypodermic I know how it sounds, but some just prefer the style and the emotion of having something like this in their garage. Not everyone wants to break lap records.


rook56 I don't think that was the intention at all, but I'm sure Justin can speak for himself. It's worth pointing out, for emphasis, that he's just as much entitled to his thoughts and opinions as anyone else is to disagree.


rook56 Hit the nail on the head for me with, "big engine and tiny brake"


toyo t1rs, lmao... This car is the epitome of non-function. Why are you imposing a redefining of terms? The car looks good, obviously that's all that matters to the owner. Who cares about the body kit, I actually like it, but how can you take a car like this seriously when it has tires fit for a scion tc.


@370 Hemi
I understand what you're saying but I respectfully disagree. I can appreciate shakotan but not like it.
However I won't respect the builder that uses, let's say retreads, because they clearly wouldn't know what they're doing. I hope that this sounds reasonable.


earmenau johnbezt Paddy McGrath Respectfully, I disagree. If someone has taken the time to produce a considered comment, the very least they deserve is a reply and an acknowledgement. Nobody here is complaining about healthy debate or argument. 

The idea of deleting comments that we don't agree with is, IMO, disgusting. You can't really want that? The only comments I remove around here are those irritating spam ones where you won't believe how much Kimmy's uncle paid for a new Falcon only working two hours a month or anything that is outright racist / abusive.


"Yes, a certain supercar builder does try and prevent its cars from being modified in this fashion, going as far as to try and stop a sale of another one of their cars to that person." - I respect this stance

.... and I like the car above!

oh this cruel cruel world - where might I fit?


so...did the LB 458 or lambo fall under this much scrutiny...oh were too busy drooling over them...


"Please stop trying to force your opinions down other peoples throats"...... Forces opinion down peoples throats


Down here in our Asian country, main purpose of buying supercars is to impress. Or if you're a true gearhead, it's simply to have one sitting in the garage ready for casual Sunday meets. With terrible streets and not a good racetrack in sight.
I'd say such McLaren perfectly, functionally, serves this purpose.


Paddy McGrath WRONG!


Larry Chen Really keen on your decision to publish this as a "car feature" as opposed to a Paddy McGrath style opinion piece. Lovely photography and a sexy modified car, imho deserves better than this. You, are better than this!


That last shot doesn't even look like real life. Nutty, nutty car and images!


This new spam is amazing. It almost makes sense!


rook56  Supercars aren't made to have a practical use anyway, which kinda negates yours


OysteinTeigland  The wheels, definitely, however as air suspension is becoming more and more advanced I'd be surprised if it wouldn't be able to cope if not do well around a track


Ben Chandler You're right, that shot kinda looks like it's taken from the Vegas Stage in "NFS The Run"


Paddy McGrath JakWhite I agree, hence my comment right below this one, I just think that everytime someone brings up the "ruined it" argument, we could just link them to a video or something, you know, like air suspension and track days so there's no reason to argue.


It seems to me that the latest "car fashion" was what everyone seems to be complaining about in the comments section, namely air-ride + wheels + overfenders. In the last 4 years it seems to have become the dominant "show car" look.

Trends come and go, and bandwagons get jumped on, this is inevitable. Why is everyone complaining about it though?

I'm not a big fan of it, but some of the cars look cool, others just look like they have been brutalised. It doesnt really bother me that they get coverage though. If everyone is doing them and they are popular, then they will be covered. Sooner or later the trend will be seen as old hat, and the "next big thing" will enter the scene.... then it too will take over, until everyone is bored of that too....

Somehow blaming Speedhunters for it seems a bit harsh. They seem like a good bunch of enthusiasts all over the world, bringing us the good stuff (and yes sometimes the played out air+wheels+fenders stuff too) but I have seen some great cars on SH over the years and like to dip in every so often. And saying that SH works with it's sponsors also seems a bit harsh. Of course they do! Thats what enables them to exist and expand.


Paddy McGrath hypodermic I don't suppose it would solve our little "problem" here … but running a series of time trial and other tests between stock, modified (for style), and modified (for performance) versions of various models would be pretty interesting to me … to me anyway.


so is the hydraulic wing still functional?


I like it. looks great :)


This is a strong article. I hope every so-called "enthusiast" read this and stop judging builds they don't like based on their own preferences.


So the function for a very expensive supercar is grocery getting, raising up and down for speed bumps and parking in lots. Ya i guess that is functional to a sense.


There is an incredible amount of Shite being talked on here.


rally2727 hello fellow CTzen :)


it may not be for function but it sure is one of the most beautiful cars i have ever seen