Need For Speed: The Official Trailer

Last month saw the release of a brand spanking new Need for Speed teaser, and we revealed how Speedhunters is directly involved in the development of this highly anticipated game.

Now, on the eve of 2015’s Electronic Entertainment Expo – better known as E3, the official trailer has been released and the game’s on-sale date announced: November 3 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

So what’s in store for the new Need for Speed? We can now tell you that it’s built around five real-world icons, and features five overlapping story lines. Press play above to check out real in-game footage and you should get a pretty good idea of who’s involved and what it’s going to look like…

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

The Speedhunters



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I noticed that S15 that the girl was working on in the cutscene had something special under the hood. Something from a certain RWD Skyline. Is that any indication of the performance side of customization that we can expect?


Why did the S15 have a Rauh-Welt banner on it? It's making me sad U0001f61e

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Yup they did make one, Rauh-Welt is not only Porsches.


We need this. Actually, we need a racing game in the form of an RPG. I mean like NFS: Skyrim, if you will. In this day and age racing games should be insanely robust. Physics have come a long way for racing titles, and I think now it's time to start adding lots more in the way of customization (rpg elements). What if Forza Motorsport had the arcade aspect of NFS: Underground 1? I think that's what I, and many others, want to see. 

This looks promising, I haven't been so excited since Most Wanted 1, which I believe is how I started coming to speedhunters in the first place.


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner And an S14, and an R32 GT-R and a few AE86s. Trust me, authenticity is what this game is all about!


if only you guys and Polyphony would get together ONE time......Drool...


A Speedhunters expansion for Gran Turismo? It would be "coming in a future update" for sure, and you could bet it would be coming "soon". ;)


So did anyone recognise the silhouettes at the end??? I spotted figures that looked suspiciously like Ken Block, Akira Nakai, and Magnus Walker.... or maybe thats just my mind playing tricks. Any idea's who the others are???


That's exactly who they are. And the other two are possibly Gitten Jr. and Miura-san.


I saw some gameplay and i'm not a big fan of the camera when it angles when you drift, not feeling that at all, if the camera didn't do that, it would be great game


horizon is already arcade-y if you turn on the assists. which is what need for speed needs, realistic mechanics and the option to turn them down, for an arcade experience. in saying that im for sure getting this because forza 6 looks exactly like 5


It looks amazing! Just give us a diverse car list! I saw an E30 M3 in a screenshot which is dope! The new Mustang and old school Skylines are welcome additions for sure. Hope we can maybe see the new Civic Type R and NSX? An Escort Cossie and S2000 Would make me one happy gentleman. ;)


Budd19 Totally! Spotted Kei Muira, Ken Block, Nakai san, Magnus Walker and I assume Vaughn Gittin Jr since there was a  Mustang with RTR type styling!


Budd19 Ha! I noticed the same thing. Good job everyone. Proud of yall.


AEROHUNTER They've said you can change the camera angles so it's not going to be a problem.


loving the be-dazzled kicks the guy is rocking. hope that's an in-game feature


I hope it plays as good as it looks.  NFS doesn't usually pass that test IMO.


So help me, if they remove the Supra and dont bring back the S2000 - i will set fire to something..


really hope this game will support the Logithech g27




TidalMAz Where did you notice this? I only saw the 1 S15 and that was @ 0:26 - but i didnt see a Rauh Welt logo :


tunerguy21 What? The Blue S15? Cause thats the only 1 i saw.. (@0:26 in the video..)


So Forz6 for the Ford GT and the rest of the realism, and this one for the customization and the chance to drive Magnus' stuff. Of course, this'd come first.


AEROHUNTER It's called an action camera. You can change it :) . I thought the same


Lol I got up early this morning to watch the live release of the trailer this morning. Worth it! Am glad that stupid action camera can be disabled. I cannot wait to see an R34 and hopefully R32 on the game


Please have the R33 GTR in this game!!!


When do they plan on showing actual gameplay footage? "In engine" is not the same thing. That's a cop out, EA has a history of doing this. What will it look like on a PS4, or Xbox One? What will it look like on a PC?
And another thing, always online is bullshit, and everybody knows it. 100% dick move.


Spotted a yellow Lamborghini Huracan at 0:51




Speedhunters NeedforSpeed did u guys add the ae-86 in the game


Thought of the same thing...but it would be "future update status" for sure lol.
It would be crazy though!!! SpeedHunters drivers, in SpeedHunters cars, using GPS visualizer to capture real laps and port them into the game to race against! In another lifetime I guess.


There have been games like the Tokyo Extreme Racer series by Genkie which basically were RPG racing games. Aside from a cult following (mostly Initial D and Wangan Midnight fans), the series didn't do so well.
I think a good racing RPG has too many aspects to balance out. You need a good physics engine (after watching the NFS gameplay, it's nothing but the same old arcade crap), good graphics, a solid car list, extensive customization (this is a key component to any RPG) - customization which leads to balancing problems with the physics engine - plus all the other stuff which goes along with RPGs like huge maps, a good story, and good online support.


It's good for car culture in general I guess. Nice to see guys like Nakai-San getting the kind of recognition they deserve. The "Rocket Bunny is played out" crowd won't like this much though lol.
All in all, I'm not excited. Arcade physics, and it's EA, so it's a no for me.


ssbeane Budd19 It should really be called 'Need For Speed: Speedhunters Edition'


Twitch_6 I loved Tokyo Extreme Racer, but you had to be real into that scene to appreciate it


TidalMAz Pwn3d


Cockpit view please!


Yes good eye! Super pumped about this game.


we want underground3!


Looks good!

Gianluca FairladyZ

Cool remake of the game, now featured with cool cars. Another way to make money with the passionate's creations.... I hope the overall quality of the game can pay hommage to the creations of our heros!

Gianluca FairladyZ

LavarBowers  i absolutley agree in the whole line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kaz Yamauchi????? Do you hear us mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh yeah absolutely, the S15, in America, in the garage where they mention that Nakai-San has never come...


I love that Rocket Bunny BRZ


We also need more potential to make our customized cars more the cars should get more low and super stretched tires on wide wheels, on the other hand should it be possible to design a race car for the performance freaks with fat semi slick tires and so on.


Looks awesome. I've got a PS4 and the racing games suck on this platform at the moment...Project cars looks to be an exception but its limited by having a small set of cars and no customisation/modification. To be honest I'm super jealous of the Xbox guys who've got Horizon 2 to play with but I think this need for speed title should quench my modification thirst! PS if anyone needs a coster for their drink they are welcome to use my copy of drive club!!!


I hope there are still some classic muscle cars




dramen Dude.... The drift cam is a feature, they didn't show anything about performance tweaks, but mamy things were locked in the customization trailer. And they said how there are different builds. You have to remember almost everything was locked in the begin of the game, or you are just a stupid retarded internet troll




Dannyh777D Speedhunters NeedforSpeed can you answer this?


ThijsdeGoede dramen  dunno where that other comment went...was in the process of contructively replying then this stupid comment section wipes me reply out, hmm, gee, thanks.

So instead I'll reply to you.

Yeah, a terrible feature that swings the camera round at such sharp, obtrusive angles that make no sense. They didn't show it because it's not in the game, 100% bet on you that there is no gear ratio tuning, suspension, wheels, brakes, aero tuning like In forza. You have a game focused on customization more than ever...and don't show off each component of it straight away? The Crew did...every Forza game has, why can't NFS? Because it doesn't exist, you are in denial.

Oh right...things are locked. At the biggest gaming event in the world they can't maybe ya know...unlock it to show us what the customization is capable of? Terrible, terrible PR.

Different builds? That's the most vague thing i've ever heard. There is different builds in GTA 5. Your excuse and counter to my points being "it was was locked" is insane...this is E3, they're chance to show the show the world their new game and what it's capable off, and they show this? Aweful

Also...I love how you insult me and call me a troll when you have no counter to what i said anout manual transmission (which was in NFSU2 and is NEEDED), lack of wheel support, lack of vinyl editor like forza games, the poor engine audio design compared to forza where they actually go out and record the REAL LIFE cars, the fact they showed 1 kit, 1 vinyl, and that was it. Good effort though, care to be constructive?


ThijsdeGoede Seems like comments keep on vanishing when I am trying to reply to them. At the other guy, I meant the drifty physics, the hanky floaty feeling they have addedi n every game the past 5 years. I loved NFSU2 and carbon and MW05 physics, they felt great, fun, and really connected.

Since 2010, it's all been rubbish, floaty, loose physics that just does not connect with the cars.

Also, would love to see how my points are invalid unless you have proof that proves otherwise?

Not having wheel support or manual transmission in a game that has customization to this so called degree they claim, is ludicrous. NFSU2 had manual trans and even had wheel support later on and that still remains an incredible game, same with carbon and Most Wanted 2005, those 3 games felt awesome and were fantastic.

I want this game to be amazing but so far it has been the total opposite, and copy and paste from the mobile game, every counter critisism to my arguements have just been insults.

If you want a dialogue, use your works, rather than insults.


RinusKraan Dannyh777D Speedhunters the cars are locked safely in the garage at the mo! We'll let them out a little closer to launch :)


dramen They are gonna have a wheel support cause some of us saw a box with a steering wheel and gas pedals while one of the workers where either working on the game or playing the game.


dramen And plus how did they copy and paste the same thing from NFS No Limits when Need For Speed Reboot had more customization then No Limits did. No Limits didn't even let you have Vinyls, Decals, and no wrap for No Limits cause it was a early launch.


ashtonjb05 dramen Ah, yes I saw that. But this proves nothing dude, asbolutely nothing, that could just easily be a sponsership hardware deal as part of the racing franchise that ghost games stands for, until we see it in action, this best be taken as nothing other than unrelated.


ashtonjb05 dramen I mean because it's the same stuff, the ford mustanfg in no limits isn't going to have more options in nfs15, it will have the same sorta stuff, because, why double over on production? That would cost too much for EA. 

Where are you guys seeing this Vinyl editor? There is no vinyl editor, only pre applied stickers which we've seen, what, maybe a dozen of so far? This is my point regarding other and even older games, they had this stuff and showed it off, yet EA, just don't put enough focus on it.


tyleredwards888 That's the video I'm talking about, and like I said, they called it in-engine. EA (and other companies) has previously shown what they claim to be in game footage that was actually rendered using the game engine, but not on hardware representative of anything consumers will be using, with additional lighting, anti-aliasing, and such. Imagine for example Bethesda showing "in-game" footage of Skyrim, running ENB.
It looks like EA isn't as ready as they want people to be, and felt pressure to have something to show at E3. Either that other they are really bad at promoting a game. They should take a lesson from Bethesda's E3 presentation.

Fixthe Fernback

dramen - It's a NFS game. Why are you complaining about sound design?

- How in the hell can you tell there is no manual option? I have never in my life seen a racing game with no manual option. Did you ever think the transmission was set to automatic?

- The drift cam thing can supposedly be turned off, and again, it's a NFS game.

- I agree they should've showed more of the customization feature, however.

- How do you know there is no performance tuning? Just because they didn't show it off doesn't mean it's not there. 

- You are a weirdo if you play a NFS game with a wheel.

- Again, you have to be daft to think there will be no vinyl editor. 

Also, why are you comparing this to Forza? Forza is a sim, this is just a bit of arcade-y fun, and this is coming from someone who has never been a fan of NFS. A word of advice: it's best to reserve final judgment on a videogame until you have actually played it yourself. It keeps you from looking foolish. I mean, you're honestly no better than those people who declared the new Star Wars to be crap because they didn't like the lightsaber in the first teaser.


@firelizard tyleredwards888 They showed some pretty amazing graphics for Battlefront, recorded on a PS4 (as stated in the video). I'm pretty skeptical about the graphics myself, but if they could pull that off on a PS4, the graphics they showed in NFS gameplay isn't that far fetched for pc... We will see what this frostbite 3 engine is capable off I guess.


NeedforSpeed Dannyh777D Speedhunters Oke! Thanks for answering my question, I am so excited!!!! :o :o


dramen ashtonjb05 Agreed, I would LOVE steering wheel support for this game. I in fact, stopped buying NFS games because they don't support my Logitech wheel on PS3, Hopefully they will on PS4 or PC


Hmm... looks a lot like Magnus Walker on the cover! This game looks okay but the make or break point of this game for me to buy it would be manual gearing


Rocket bunny, RTR an RW all over again.... Boring.


Just thought of this...I'm guessing neither Magnus Walker nor Nakai-San really know much about the gaming industry.
If they did, they would be perfect candidate to smack the shit out of a few money grubbing EA executives for completely bastardizing their exclusive Porsche license for nearly 20 years.
Porsche deserves to be properly represented in the virtual realm, and EA 100% clock-blocks that from happening. These cars deserve to be represented in games that car enthusiast actually care about, not EAs latest NFS arcade rehash.
But then again, with nearly every single other global manufacturer represented, along with RUF and Gambella, who needs plain-jane Porsche.


Twitch_6 You know Forza is getting Porsches, right?


day_old_tofu Dude i feel you. Driveclub and Project Cars, both are good games but what we really need is a good Gran Turismo.
Project Cars is almost uncontrollable with a controller..


Budd19 I'm thinking Tarzan Yamada, Smokey, and/or Mark Arcenal.


Twitch_6 dude NFS V Porsche is one of the best racing games on PC ever.


Only because they payed an arm and a leg for the license from EA


That's very subjective. In my experience, anyone who plays racing games for the authentic racing experience has never ever taken NFS seriously.


It looks terrible, I thought Speedhunters being a part of this would mean the game would leave the shitty unplayable arcadey feel.

Actually that's an insult to driving games at arcades, I don't even know what box to put this mess in.
I guess the one already filled with shitty NFS titles.


Twitch_6 dude its just a video game. im just glad another racing game is out to influence the next generation of kids.

Pete the perfect pilot

Where are the legend Mazdas, old school rxs?


Anyone can trivialize another person's interests of they want. "Dude, it's just a car." "Dude, it's just a baseball game"
And influence kids to do what? Follow trends and street race?
That's part of why I don't get why SH would associate with NFS. SH tries to promote "take it to the track" attitude, and then aligns itself with NFS when there are plenty of other franchises which actually focus on authentic racing instead of this garbage.
Each to their own I guess


dramen ThijsdeGoede im agree, but "the poor engine audio design compared to forza where they actually go
out and record the REAL LIFE cars, the fact they showed 1 kit" 
NFS MW 2012 record the REAL LIFE cars (video youtube) I think in this game, too a real record engine. Why not, if MW 2012, right?


Has any of the commenters read what is written in the official Need for Speed page? Go read what is sayd about visual and performance tuning and setting up the car. What is promised sounds alot like Need for Speed Underground 2 meets Most Wanted 2005 with some new added touches which is exactly what most of us want. Hopefully they also make the car physics a bit more realistic (or atleast let us choose between simpler arcade style handling and harder more realistic handling) and concentrate more on the attainable old and new sportscars which we can relate to and less on the hypercars.

We shall see how good the final game will be but it seems they are on the correct path at the moment and hopefully they have enough energy to polish and finalise all the parts of the game by the deadline (which seemed not to be the case on some previous titles).


Oh, and since they have added the E30 M3 in the game I hope they also add the Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 (whitch could be upgraded to EVO1 or EVO2 if anyone wants but I like the regular 2.3-16 as I own one) and some other DTM homologation specials like Sierra Cosworth, Alfa Romeo 75 and 155, Audi V8 and Opel Omega, Or Basically anything used in 70-s, 80-s and 90-s touring car series around the world (for example Jaguar XJS, BMW 635i, Volvo 242, Nissan Skyline R series machines aso, aso)

All these cars have racing pedigree which makes them very cool and desirable but can still be optained with reasonable amounths of money so are somewhat more appealing than the hypercars which seem out of this world.


dramen One fact already forgotten: It's still in pre-alpha stage.


Speedhunters was started by EA.


Pete the perfect pilot


Please, put a lot of Japan cars Icons and New 2014 Civic SI and 2015 Type R. Veilside Fortune for the RX7 and Liberty Walk pieces, Mine's, HKS, Nismo and Blitz customizations. And one DLC Fast and Furious (since 1 to 3 -Tokyo Drift and have to be all iciconic cars from these 3 movies and have to be very similar). Yeah, and Korean cars like Kia Cadenza, Kia Optima, Hyundai Azera 2011, Hyundai Genesis coupe. NO Arcade Handling


Mazda too please!!!!


Block and Magnus are on the cover


mateusmendesj YES! NO Arcade Handling!!!


PetyaKorablyov mateusmendesj


hell yeah, but im not preordering yet


dramen wowowow, did I just read no manual transmission?! This would be a pity


pgraves Twitch_6 Fuck... i thought you said Asseto Corsa.. A really good car game. That i  happen to have.


day_old_tofu Buy Asseto Corsa on PC. I quited car games after GT6 But Asseto and my old PS2 Logitec  Steering wheel is having a blast in it.


@Werewolf Seconding the wishes for the 242, also gonna request some other 80's and 90's cars with cocaine-fueled bodykits (Mattig Opel Manta, Strosek Porsche 928, Gemballa Mirage Porsche 930, Koenig Ferrari Testarossa in particular)


tunerguy21 LOLWUT?


i see that hakosuka and i like it. put more 90's JDM and please let us do engine swaps


Have you never been to the bottom of the page before? Look at the very bottom and you'll see an Electronic Arts copyright down there. In fact, when they first announced Speedhunters affiliation for this new NFS, they even said it in one of the articles.


I'm hoping there is an interior view.


I hope at least a whiff of Shift 2 can be found in this highly polished new release... Now THAT's how you make a great video game: still addicted 4 years on...


I wanna see a Magnus Walker car


FD3S RX-7 please


I'm gonna put myself in the line of fire and say that I'm at least interested, but I fear that it may be the famous EA money grab - rebooting NFS and throwing some Hoonigan and SH branding to get the kiddies to pre-order. Look what Codemasters did to DiRT, the console releases are still stuck in the Ken Block world of Gymkhana, and the PC DiRT community, while finally having a legit DiRT rally game, is all but dead now. 

I like the concept, but I'll wait until it comes out before buying it.

Forza 6 on the other hand.....


DigoryM ew lol


Rocket bunny.... RWB... RTR... Is this game about driving? Or about being a scenester and fender flares?


speedhunters_dino Chris 'Haffy' Hafner Im kind of dissapointed that this game hopped on the fender flare bandwagon. Nothing says "customization" like the same fender flares and stickers that everyone else has. SEMA 2014, anyone?


Of what I've seen so far in gameplay and trailers it looks OK. I'm liking the customization and the open world, but I'm not a huge fan of, what looks like, xp/reputation/whatever you wanna call it points. Can't we just go back the Underground 2 days of just winning races to get more money to buy and upgrade more cars to win races and get more money and buy and upgrade more cars and so on and so forth? And I agree with homerunman, let's hope this isn't just an effortless "money grab" It seems they've built the game we've been waiting for, but money stays put until some reviews and in depth gameplay videos come out.


Another good idea ruined by such a crappy physics...


AlexanderBoroday nah... thats drifting event. nfs confirmed that 1. the car was tuned the drift and 2. the mode was drift attack so it slides around and 3. the camera angled can be changed.


@Werewolf thats drifting event. nfs confirmed that 1. the car was tuned the drift and 2. the mode was drift attack so it slides around and 3. the camera angled can be changed.


@Dispray Name thats drifting event. nfs confirmed that 1. the car was tuned the drift and 2. the mode was drift attack so it slides around and 3. the camera angled can be changed.


5 Icons would mean that Nakai-San, Vaughn and Magnus Walker are involved? Just picking that up from the cars included and the blacked out characters.


I started reading the comments but quickly got bored with people moaning about the camera angle (which you no doubt chose to add a bit of interest) and the fact that you haven't shown 100% of your functionality in the first 80second trailer. If people want a racing sim, and not a street racer/culture game they should go buy Asseto Corsa/Project Cars etc. Trying to compare this with that, or worse still, complaining about lack of race tracks is comparing apples with oranges. A better comparison would be with Forza Horizon, personally I really enjoyed playing those games, even though I prefer a track racer (Forza). For me, if you can have a good depth of customisation, and get the physics some way up to a level similar to that of the low end sims (Forza, Gran Turismo), whilst still having fun with it you're on to a winner.

I also really respect the fact that EA help fund you guys, and then tap in to that to get real knowledge of the scene, rather than it being a game made by a bunch of office nerds (no offensive - I'm 90% office nerd too haha), with no knowledge of how or why they're doing what they're doing. 

I'm curious who the characters are. Obviously you've got Nakai, and Magnus, but is that Ken Block or Vaughn in the cap?


The drift option is terrible, please change it as it was at Underground 2 or make a Option, to change it (Old drift Option = Underground 2 and New Option like NFS Rivals


LavarBowers Or Turn10 Studios!


LavarBowers Or Turn 10 studious! (Forza makers)


Twitch_6 This is exactly why I refused to have my car in the NFS game.
I want this generation of young car enthusiast to understand what it takes to build and drive a high performance car. It takes more than drilling out door handles, painted bumpers and driving like a jack off on public streets....


ObristPlayep Yeah well.. I hope I am wrong, but it looks like it's pretty much "Press x to drift" and then you are on rails for the duration of the "drift".

So many recent NFS games have had shitty gameplay, this doesn't look like an exception.

Also the post processing, jesus fuck it's a chore to look at. 
So gritty.. I can just imagine some EA exec saying "It doesn't look hardcore enough, I can still see some bright colors over there"


@John that camera is an option, dont worry


Robo_No1 They are, Kei Miura, Ken Block, Akira Nakai, Magnus Walker and Vaughn. I gess.


Jack5149 homerunman The old Underground was about reputation bro.


Yep, that's what it seems to be.


Unfortunately, control is too arcade (as rivals), sadness ... I'm disappointed ...
In other racing games control is much nicer/


I would love to play this, but I prefer adjusting my cars set up in terms of LSD/Suspension/Gearing/Tyres etc. Of course this in real life requires expensive tools and lots of hours, but one thing I like about Gran Turismo is that it can be done pretty quickly. I do too love modifying. However this is too much of an arcade game for my liking.


@Frozenstar day_old_tofu CARS was never meant to play on a controller, its a sim at heart. Like rFactor2, iRacing, Assetto Corsa. Fantastic with a wheel. Beyond frustrating with controller


Endlich wider ein Need for Speed wie ich es mir seit Jahren gewünscht habe
Jetzt muss nur noch das fahrverhalten der fahrzeuge Stimmen


ObristPlayep AlexanderBoroday the issue is that the cars drive like mw 2012 and all the newer nfs games afterwards. the driving sucked in those games. i want something like need for speed carbon/underground2/ prostreet (idk why but i had so much fun drifting in prostreet :P)


To be honest I think its good that NFS is finally returning to its routes, I got sick of not being able to do anything of note to your cars after the new most wanted. I couldn't put it better than Robo_No1 who also "got bored with people moaning about the camera angle (which you no doubt chose to add a bit of interest) and the fact that you haven't shown 100% of your functionality in the first 80 second trailer. If people want a racing sim, and not a street racer/culture game they should go buy Asseto Corsa/Project Cars etc. Trying to compare this with that, or worse still, complaining about lack of race tracks is comparing apples with oranges."  the fact is that this is need for speed, its known for its arcade style racing and that's what makes it great. It's not overly complicated like Asseto Corsa/Project Cars or even Gran Turismo(which for some unknown reason requires you to do a load of monotonous challenges just to own a remotely respectable car). It's a game that you can just go "fuck it lets have a blast" which is how I believe racing games should be. NFS is practically "Speed Hunters: the game" and lets be honest Speedhunters has been endorsed by and has endorsed the true NFS games for a long time.


PetyaKorablyov It's need for speed, it's known for being an arcade racer. Were you looking for a racing simulator or something?


"If people want a racing sim, and not a street racer/culture game they should go buy Asseto Corsa/Project Cars etc." NO,
there are many of arcade racing games in which driving is better than
the last part of the NSF. For example Grid, Forza Horizon, Driver: San
Francisco, TDU, previous NFS etc. In the simulator is easier to drive than here, because the car fall off.


Hopefully Ghost Games ever read my comment . The physics of the car full of crap , in the spirit of MW2012 or HP2010, I was hoping they fix it and realize all your mistakes , but unfortunately they manage money, or something else . I am a true fan is hoped to "regeneration " of the series , but unfortunately it was impossible , I'm sorry . I am ashamed of EA.


grove1337 Yes, I support very much!


..So the dudes are Magnus Walker, Nakai-san, Ken Block and Mark Arcenal - can anyone ID the 5th guy?


George barris, ken block, akira nakai, magnus walker and Idk.


PetyaKorablyov grove1337 One gameplay trailer with an optional action cam in a drift attack challenge you guys act as if you know how the cars drive like the backs of your hands...the games not out yet and it's an arcade game. Relax.


byrongram94 Two gameplay trailers arleady, I saw the second gameplay on the new Ford Mustang , there was an open world , no races , the car behaved in control just awful , there was no mode , besides the car bounces off obstacles ball .


JoeWhaler why ken block? is, ken block face dirt3, rather than NFS , NFS is the person out Gittin Jr.


Link to this gameplay? I can't find that...




grove1337 byrongram94 Yes!  Ford Mustang! :D
I like to drift, well 50/50... and new camera nice, but do not like the grip...
Too abrupt and unnatural driving in turn. I also do not like handling
on straight - the car have is very strong understeer. I like sensitive handling and I will be glad if can be adjusted, but I'm not sure..


One bounce off a bridge piller in pre alpha gameplay and it's all crap? It's still in developement and It's still an arcade game guys, it's fantasy..nfs has never had sim like physics.
It's the same thing with every nfs game idk why I'm surprised lol


byrongram94 pre alpha bla bla bla,All we have heard it before, in the end , too, is the game coming out in the pre-alpha with new content, I'm confident that the quality of the chart below


Lol okay, see you online when your loving it


grove1337 More arcade physics even than in underground 2


PetyaKorablyov absolutely


kueryaru There's not.


PetyaKorablyov grove1337 byrongram94 you can adjust grip and car handling, watch more gameplay before you go full negative on this stuff, in the gameplay you just watched there was a retard who liked his car to behave like this crap.


ChrisRacer1 its about need for speed, a combination of both


grove1337 JoeWhaler It is Vaughn Gittin Jr, his mustang is in there.


Every 1 who leaves hate comments is actully sad im 13 and i play nfs coz it fun and a laugh. And i think its sad that grown ass men have nothing better 2 do than hate on a kids arcade racer


JoeWhaler That'd be Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad and the NFS movie

Gabriel Grubel

Quantos carros terá o jogo? E todos os Itens dos carros poderão ser mudados?


Gabriel Grubel ABOUT 50, ALL


Vaughn Gittin


Please Speedhunters tell EA to include Honda Civic EG6! Please! Please! Please! Please! PLEEAAAAAASSSEEEEE!


@Ion Kaimo Im sorry, im so sorrry... :D


Gabriel Grubel Perhaps more, about 70, Ferrari


PLEASE INCLUDE SOME SUBARUS, PLEASE!!! And it would be the greatest if there was a gc8, no need for speeds have gc8s


And I mean AWD WRX STIs, I know there's a BRZ but I want some real Subarus


@Ion Kaimo nope bcuz if there are cops that means no honda(if you don't understand cops=no honda LOOOOOOL)




this game need engine swaps


I know we're all speaking theoretically here, as not one of us REALLY knows what features are to be offered, but EA, if you can read this, do these two things and you will have myself and about 99% of the car-loving community on your side:
1) Steering Wheel Support (T500/G27/etc.)
2) Offline playability, and...
That's it. We enthusiasts aren't insatiable, WE JUST WANT CONTROL AND CHOICE.


I know we're all speaking theoretically here, as not one of us REALLY knows what features are to be offered, but EA, if you can read this, do these two things and you will have myself and about 99% of the car-loving community on your side:
1) Steering Wheel Support (T500/G27/etc.)
2) Offline playability, and...
That's it. We enthusiasts aren't insatiable, WE JUST WANT CONTROL AND CHOICE.


NSX 2015, Civic Type R 2015, Civic SI 2014(canada), Skyline R32 R33 R34 and R35, Lexus LFA, Toyota MR2 Supercharger, Datsun 240z, Nissan 370z, Mitsubishi Evolution X, Eclipse GSX 1997, Subaru STI 2015, Veilside Fortune RX7 Han, Nissan 300zx, 350z Rachel Underground 2, Hyundai Genesis!!!! NeedforSpeed and SpeedHunters


NSX 2015, Civic Type R 2015, Civic SI 2014(canada), Skyline R32 R33 R34 and R35, Lexus LFA, Toyota MR2 Supercharger, Datsun 240z, Nissan 370z, Mitsubishi Evolution X, Eclipse GSX 1997, Subaru STI 2015, Veilside Fortune RX7 Han, Nissan 300zx, 350z Rachel Underground 2, Hyundai Genesis!!!! NeedforSpeed and SpeedHunters


If u didnt make the 92 honda civic si hatch please make one


Pipes in car and sits neon that most in the game and neon in car and turbo timers you can chose


the car was very good 
really really like to see the car that shiny new car fits like made ​​for walking trailsthe car was very good" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> and very fast" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> mix of colors" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> from which to" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> make want pobud see hatnya" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> kecepatanya" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> was very nice ," rel="dofollow" target="_blank">  suitable for a "" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> sharp bend or not sharp I guess motorists like this is" very skilled in the speed I hope I can membilinya someday will whether there are new cars are better I" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> 'll wait for it , with a stylish car classic" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> style I" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> also like" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> to see would be whether there is a" rel="dofollow" target="_blank"> car that is as fast and forius like in the " movie , the car very good car designed a way apparently hopefully there will be new cars more good and the price is quite pantastis then chances are I can membilinya the same as you have at this time