Need for Speed Is Reborn…<br />& We’re Helping!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent way too many hours playing any number of Need for Speed games in your lifetime. Most of the team at Speedhunters are just old enough to remember being glued to our Pentium 1 computers when the original game came out in the mid ’90s, and the 20 Need for Speed titles that have been produced and enjoyed since have only continued to feed the addiction.

So you can image how extremely pumped we are to announce that Need for Speed has been quietly going through a serious reboot process over the last 18 months. While everything is brand new and created from scratch, there has also been deliberate cherry-picking of some of the best bits from the last two decades worth of titles; intense late-night street racing, in-depth customization and genuine car culture all set within a deep, immersive narrative. The first teaser for this new game, simply called Need for Speed, has just been released:

How good does that look? All that footage was captured in-game, by the way… Obviously, Speedhunters is not normally the sort of place you’d find a story about a new game release, but this is different. As loyal long-time readers might know, Need for Speed and Speedhunters are more than just acquaintances, more than just friends – we’re family, and we always have been.


Whilst it’s never been a secret, many of you are probably not aware that just over seven years ago, was launched by Electronic Arts (EA) as a way to support and enhance the Need for Speed franchise. Of course, Rod Chong and the other original team members at EA probably had no idea just how much of a monster this site would become in the ensuing years, but it soon became its own entity and the link between Need for Speed and Speedhunters became less and less obvious – especially after the completion of the excellent Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed, for which we regularly posted behind the scenes development stories.


With the kick-off of production on this completely fresh Need for Speed title early last year, both Speedhunters and the frankly mind-bogglingly clever people at Ghost Games in Sweden, who are producing the new game, decided to once again work closer together to create something pretty damn spectacular; a hugely satisfying experience full of real-world, well, everything…

Ghost Games 02

This means that a good portion of our team have been kept very busy helping Ghost Games create something that can be best described as next-level awesome. From Dino in Japan, to Bryn in the UK and Larry in California – we’ve all been pitching in, in a concerted effort to help produce something that we can be truly stoked with.


Currently, the game is still very much in-the-build, which means we can’t reveal too much just yet. But rest assured, we’ve been occupying a pretty damn interesting spot behind the curtain, and have some amazing behind-the-scenes stories to publish as the team at Ghost Games marches relentlessly towards the release date later this year. Stay tuned!

Peter Kelly
Instagram: speedhunters_pedey



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Anyone saw that white van in the beginning? Looks like this will be a legit return to form. On what places did you model this new game's world?

Also, will this mean that I can finally make my dream Porsche 911, a GT2 RS with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo engine? And MOAR WIDER-ness? I mean, can I change every single bit of my car, including engine, suspension, and gearbox, so I can get the most out of it in races?


This game is going to be awesome with you :)


So is this going to allign with the current influx of actual "simulators"? Or is it going to be like the rest of the NFS franchise that really could not be taken seriously?


Now we are talking about, finally, EA! Thanks for NOT bringing us another Raivals/Hot Puruit-ish NFS, FINALLY SOME 'UNDERGROUND' RACING, FINALLYYYY!!!



The fact that I can finally drive a Mustang RTR Spec 5 without having to pay so much dosh already makes me feel giddy inside.


In this game will rock music?


DarrylMoore Simulation... in an illegal street racing setting?




DrewAnastasiou Finally*


Hope so


Finally!!!!! After years of enjoying Shift 2 Unleashed, Speedhunters is involved in another serious NFS title! Hell YEAHHHH!!! We need more wheels and more lowness for every car! :)


Back to basics NFS. Great!


Look at those lights in the grill so looking forward to a game with proper customisation I think the last game with decent tuning was shift 2




From the first few looks : Speedhunters : The video game


Obviously an RTR Mustang and not a Mustang GTR...



I'm so high right now, I can't even type. Get your dictionary and go somewhere else, I don't care about grammar.


RWB 964? Rocketbunny kitted 180SX? Skyline Hakosura? Oh my god, YES.


IMO it's not an Underground, kind of like Most Wanted 2005.


So hope I can make one of these but mine would be in metallic dark red with these rims


EA should stay away from any voice over. Terrible story telling every time.

The average guy

Everyone here should check Project CARS!
Totally different genre but god its good.


No not comparable with need for speed 2015


make some whole new level like underground with pro street style you know like missile car or street race and some like this, and more factory widebody like bensopra, lb performance, veilside, RWB, Rocket Bunny, or maybe bosozoku style.


Why the hell is everyone calling it Underground 3 when it has cops? It's clearly akin to Need For Speed Carbon 2


Just keep the dlc  and microtransaction fenzy under control. and " stupid criterion most wanted style racing  "  just DONT DO IT, criterion almost killed the series with that one.


I'll be buying it, but based off the last three or four NFS titles, I'm going to cautious. If it's like the first two Undergrounds, then I'll be ok. Those are the last NFS games I really enjoyed.


I really hope they have replica cars and liveries from formula drift


They are 2 totally different games, the one is arcade-sh and the other one is a track racing game/simulator, nothing to compare.


I'm super excited, gonna buy a ps4 just to play it! please EA, dont make it suck, anyway, I most likely wasn't the only one who had feed the addiction playing in my head when reading through the article


Did some of you even watch the video? Theres Rocket Bunny kits, wide bodies, and slammed af cars. not to mention a sneak peak at a hakosuka


UWerqxTeam_MJ DarrylMoore Why not? :D   SLR:R had something similar to that.


EricSeanDelaney I think Most wanted was darn good aswell


Wow I had no idea that Speedhunters was an EA entity. It all feels so independent but that does explain the Speedhunters infusion in the Real Racing games on mobile devices.

I've always thought that the Need For Speed street racing (not including the original cannon) was always so hallow and corporate and made by people who didn't know anything about the culture; like a cheap Hollywood version of the real thing. 

Neon, crazy rims, cheezy rap music. That's what the kids like right?
I always thought Midnight Club captured the true essence of street culture and they were more authentic.

That was a rant. I apologize.


they should combine the best aspects of the nfs series like the intense street racing atmosphere of most wanted 05, autosculpt from carbon, the dyno from u2 and so on to create the ultimate NFS game


there better some JZX100's


I'm glad I turned it down...


Guys, just one question, is it true that the user will have to pay for gas?


I hope now they make the cars easier and better feel to drive, because in the run and rivals it looks like the car was driven by the same game instead of players, I love the need for speed underground and most wanted places because had a lot of city and some highway to run, but the others have only highways......The best type of handling style I like its the Criterion games Burnout paradise, that driving type its easy and it feels more natural


@Diego most likely a rumor or a joke, it would be pretty ridiculous if they'd do this


Please give us car customization. I missed that from games like Carbon


I want to drop my ride and put some cambers on it. PLEASE


I don't care who helps them or makes the game, just don't fuck this one up.


Please let it have pretty good physics don't make it very arcade like. :)


still wont beat this game!
Street rod 1 and 2


necrohotcake I think The Run was a very good game... The cars handled normal compared to some other games....


@Diego No, offcourse not, this is the first we heard from this game. They also said this about GTA V


Why do people just automatically comment 'I WANT CUSTIMIZATION' when it's clearly stated in the article.....are people stupid?


Most wanted has the worst handling possible, its weird sluggish, all the cars have the feel of a garbage truck.


jdmRob please don't, please invest in a game pc


ThijsdeGoede jdmRob People like what they like.


give me sim feel like shift 2 or project cars but for the street, and customization. it would be a great product but no arcade handling please.


AndreParraPollido necrohotcake Though it is a great game :)


ThijsdeGoede while I know about the perks of a gaming pc compared to a console, I'm going to buy a console since the investments you'd have to do in order to build such a pc are way too high and I'm not willing to pay that much money when I barely play video games at all


ThijsdeGoede necrohotcake it is a very good game, but at least with me the handling its very poor the car drives like robotic compared with nfs world, underground 2 or burnout paradise (I know this isnt nothing to be with the others but its a criterion games game)


jdmRob EricSeanDelaney Underground 1,2, Most Wanted and Carbon. After that... :( Hope for this game to be what we waited. But this teaser is tooo fuckin short.


AndreParraPollido necrohotcake I mean the handling of burnout paradise and nfs underground 2, but the type of game of the most wanted  (the original one or first) like the bounty you need to get to race against the black list rivals


KenKenProd What level of customisation are we getting tho? i have yet to see another game where you can kinda tune the engine map ala. NFSU2 etc. Also i loved dragrace in prostreet and NFSU but they removed it for some reason in the newer ones. i also must have, must have! the ability too freely tune the gear ratios and choose the gear im starting in (in drag race) I honestly think NFSU2 had better driving feel than the newer ones. Biggest bummer is how tame they allow you to tune the cars. 600hp supra in pro street on the road races? thats all? people have perfected stock engine setups and gotten that amount of power. Also. turbo lag/delay has never really been noticeable in games. If you want to have 1000hp+.. fine.. but you have to drive around the delay/lag. I do not mind. I love a challenge and setting up the car for that. Same with the mustangs and the american cars. put the same amount of money in a V8 and they will simply make more power than the euro and Japan cars.. Not so in most car games today.. Which is silly.


jdmRob And include dragrace!


VZnet Speedhunters Can't wait for this. I fell out of the NfS franchise after Underground / Underground 2. Glad to see them coming back!


MatsNorway KenKenProd No one really knows, but Speedhunters does love deep customizations. All we know if that body kits, vynils, rims and custom headlights are back judging from the trailer. But people are gonna set their expectations high for this and be dissapointed with anything they give them.


MatsNorway KenKenProd Although I kind of agree with you, one thing is Customization and another is Tuning or Modifying (the engine parts, at least). Modifying could be used to describe all of these things. You spoke about the later ones.


KenKenProd MatsNorway never cared much for body work in games. I refused to use wings etc. in GT4 on some cars. And i gladly took on the challenge of beating cars with all the ugly but faster "kits" Same in prostreet where we simply ditched the Widebody kits. Outside of drag that game was horrible to drive tho. Best drift mode was in NSFU1 and 2? I drove mustang in drifting.. Kids laughted with their handbrake front wheel bs.. Mustang was so fun to drive and the sound! ahh!


DrewAnastasiou Im high on this trailer man


luissk82247 The developer of this game is Ghost Games. Acording to Wikipedia, that’s basically the new name of Criterion Games, since 80% of the later moved to the other developer. This developer made Hot Pursuit (2010), Most Wanted (2012) and Rivals. Basically, most NFS games since 2010.

EA Black Box (later renamed Quicklime Games, which I assume it’s because they no longer had at least “as much” affiliation with EA) made Hot Pursuit 2, Underground 1 and 2, Most Wanted (2005), Carbon, ProStreet, Undercover, World and The Run. Basically most games from 2002 to 2011 (excluding the Shift series, developed by Slightly Mad Studios).

According to the general public, the best physics were made mostly by Black Box, and the worst made by Criterion Games (basically Ghost Games now).

In conclusion, based on the developer alone, maybe the physics won’t be that good… Unless they completely changed them, obviously. I’m guessing that extra time they had to develop it could indicate something of the sort… Who knows?


GardenPT MatsNorway KenKenProd People are very much fond of complex games. Some of the most complex games out there is also crazy popular. A old example is polyphonys GT games. All the big games in the Esport scene has very high skill sealing with tons of knowledge needed on top of the mechanics and teamwork. Car games have for some time now kinda stagnated. yea simulators can be fun but for me its not a big deal anymore. For me its easy to compete with people and a nice feel. One of the best games ive ever played was rallysport challenge 2 on xbox. It had just enough physics to be fun. You could use body roll to do things and there where down time between gears. Also turbolag/delay. Ahh the Audi S1 pikes peak car! such sun much fun!


Please advise them to make sure they get engine noise right.


@MuttonCh0ps VZnet Speedhunters Shittiest tires and close gear ratios. No traction controll or any other aid and just burn.. burn the fucking tires and the city down with it. wap waapapapapapap!


One more comment. A important one.
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ one straight five turbo or riot ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Actually ive never seen a game have engine swap in it.. haha LS swaps everywhere then i guess :P


MatsNorway lol that is exactly what me and a buddy were talking about yesterday. though it might be hard to balance cars after engine swaps. Gran Turismo always had a flawed but somewhat working system with Performance Points tho..

Pete the perfect pilot

Retro cars, engine swaps, and plenty of rotas! Including 4 rotors, 3 roots and mad mikes stable of badass Mazdas.


I really hope, this game will feature the elements from its roots - NFS 1 - 5!!!! These were the classics and not the later ones...! It was all about driving supercars with police pursuits in the more or less realistic world with traffic. Loved the video presentations of cars and full data sheets...
If they would just make a remake of these games, I would be happy already. But these days, what they could make with all the advanced technology...
Well nonetheless, the trailer looks great and promising. :-)


pgraves Keep an eye out for a story that we'll be producing soon on this exact subject.


Damn i really hope that they manage to make a good NFS.....something like Midnight Club, where you have many different classes and each class has their own specific races and stuff like that, so i can focus on only one category or go into many others.


I really wish NFS well this time around. They have a genuin opportunity to grab a corner (no pun intended) of the racing game market and run with it!
PCARS is great, but it's a hardcore sum racer, with few steet cars, limited customization (but in depth tuning), and is limited to closed circuit racing.
Forza is stuck on the Xbone, so meh.
Gran Turismo 6 is a great game, which offers a lot of options and content....but is so full of bonehead programming decisions, and is very outdated (PS3 graphics, with car models ported from PS2).
NFS has always been the best "car culture" game on the market (Forza would be if on all consoles)... But, it's always had shit physics and handling (I remember one game where you turned IN to the corner to drift lol). If NFS can combine their customization and street level car culture with PCARS like physics, you will have the best car game that ever existed.
They have a window now before GT7 drops...seize the moment!! You have a few years before a PS4 GT7 with full course creator and livery editor changes the genre again (a GPS course maker likr what PD has hinted at will be a game changer)


Speedhunters pgraves I like this sound I read from you.


TrevorHuijskens MatsNorway I must have dropped out before performance points system.. Or was that in GT4 playing online etc? i did that a little bit. That said NFSU etc. never really had balance as in cars where competitive against another. Only a few cars truly worked at the drag (240SX and RX-7 i believe) and only a few truly worked at the races. (Trueno 86 etc.) 
Balancing the cars/setting up a race online could be is a challenge. But one or all off these: tire dimentions, weight and HP limit goes a long way. Personally i like the challenge of driving a high hp car and try to keep up with the better cornering and smaller cars. I guess ratios of the before mentioned values is a more exciting way to set the limit on cars for entering. 1000kg and 300hp vs 1500 and 450hp Stuff like that. With properly matched tires for the weight it can be a interesting race.


be interesting to see how this game develops...! hopefully be as enjoyable as some of the older NFS titles!


As long as I can get an Evo and give it some sweet wild aero ill be happy!


If this is anything like underground 2 you can have my money. I haven't bought a nfs game since pro street 6 years ago. Looking forward to this!!!


NFS World was atrocious! Only thing I liked about it was the fact I found Speedhunter from one of the in-game billboards. I really only play S-Tuner now. Check it out.


Thank. God. NFS needed customization back. They had such a great thing going, with only Forza (imho, for xbox) above them. Underground through Most Wanted 1 had such simple/satisfying customization options. The later games let us feel comfortable letting the devs customize the rides for us, and that's fine. BUT it would be cooler if one second I could cruise in a bone stock Lambo, and then the next second driving a drift missile that looks more like a japanese spaceship. My $.02


BAJO MOJ sto ce to da ide jbt


Yeah, you know that meme that a guy has punched a computer monitor with cash in hand and the words, SHUTUP AND TAKE MY MONEY. yeah, you have no idea how much that applies right now


The main problem that the last 3 NFS had was the lack of passion they put into to the game, and probably some of the worst things is the addition of so many supercars instead of normal cars that people could buy (I remember that Peugeot 206 from U2, slow, but yet, cool). I think most people would agree that if this is going to be a street racing game is should have cars that the potential buyers of the game can actually buy in their real life, I really think this is the fact that made Underground 1 & 2 a very popular game, apart from customization.


All true. EvolveWRC


please guys put a EVO IX in the game this time x sucks...


ThijsdeGoede how about a option to turn on or off? would be cool ^^


I wish we could do engine swap like in Forza,  and please, put a Civie EG too *-*


Will this have FWD Hondas? I want to live out my virtual american Kanjo poseur fantasy.


Street racing sim anyone?
I propose hidden parts and cars throughout the map, realistic driving physics and customization, and engine fine tuning capability!
Pissed off cops are a given for a decent nfs title excluding underground


MatsNorway Need for Speed Shift 2 and Forza have swaps. You can put an LS in just about everything in Forza too.


This game will decide whether I should swap my ps4 for a Xbox one. I hope I don't have to.....


Fender options and tire decals, that's all I'll ask for.


I ask for full car costimization including engine swaps and full interior interior view and full exterior mods and real sounds from the engine


Sorry to be so harsh but after buying Shift solely because of your good words and being let down by what can only be called extreme bugs: I won't let youre persuasive techniques make me buy another game that's garbage.


I like they chose to call it Need for Speed. Simple. Powerful. And avoids the danger and risk of comparing it to its predecessors.


Speedhunters pgraves I hope soon is before 15.6.15


@truhidden My thoughts exactly.


GardenPT luissk82247 So basically ghost games is responsible for every NFS that sucked. I hope this one will change their record...


Mechanophile Well, except for the original which is a very, very hard act to follow.


finally pre '00 jdm cars are back!!! I hope bodykit for euro like DMC or vorsteiner also added


over fendered bodykit? why no voltex,c west,bensopra or veilside bodykit??


My favs in no particular order are GRID 1, NFS Porsche and Most Wanted 1. A mash up of those would be my dream game. But a drifting 911? Hmmm, interesting.

gaggle o geese

The turbo and wastegate sound fxs will be key


I really hope this need for speed will be worth it this time, recent titles have been pretty disappointing especially the last title which I actually forgot the name of, that's how boring and unmemorable it was.


@Mad Matt dude that trailer was less than 30 seconds, chill lol


I bet they will not include the cockpit view!! And its 2015! Even the first NFS had cockpit view and that was back in 1994! Come on guys think about VR and people that would like to play with the steering wheel!


gaggle o geese I know EA was in Japan recording sounds. Atleast for SR20 and JZ engines


SS6K there will be plenty of Speedhunters tags, dont you worry.


KennedyCao I think you mean... Hardparking: The Video Game


One question I have is can we expect to see customization options from more than just the modern era. Obviously there will be more modern tuning options like RWB-style Porsches and classic stuff like that Hakosuka, but what about stuff for cars like the Supras and RX7s? They spanned multiple eras in tuning culture. Can we expect to see (for example) classic Amemiya Adfacer stuff as well as newer FEED Afflux stuff for the RX7, or 90's Abflug stuff and Ridox stuff for Supras?


lets be serious here... with EA ultimately behind the helm, it will try to please everyone but end up alienating majority. more online "features" than you can poke a stick at and more product placement than all of the DiRT games combined.

im just imaging a slider for how much tyres stretch and microtransactions for brand-name cars parts or body kits.
As much as I want this game to be fun and good, i cant help but be skeptical due to EA's track record.


Customization is key I think, Gran Turismo was always lacking at how creative you could be with cars. Something like what Forza has would be cool:) make sure the Evo 9 and Nissan S15 are in there!


dont forget Toyota Supra


HLB Speaking of Hondas, they should have a DC2 Integra so I can harness my inner Ja Rule and drag race it against O'Connor and his Eclipse


Alright, I'm sure you at SpeedHunters already have this planned out. But PLEASE, if you want this to be a true racing game add racing wheel support with H-shifter and clutch.


I saw the trailer and it looks amazing, the only one thing is missing are the vinyls, all cars in the trailer are naked.
underground's souls were the vinyls.


1. Do away with the silly Cop chases (not really something Car Guys are into).
2. Different servers for differing styles of Automotive competition maybe? Drift, Time Attack, Drag, Endurance, Street
4. Make us DRIVE our cars to destinations (GTA Style) in order to get there.
5. Global car manufacturers with FREE DLC Cars but if there has to be "paid DLC" make it for "services"? I'd love to drive to a Tuner Shop ran by a real HUMAN and pay them to tune my car. Or a Suspension Shop, Engine Builder, Custom Body Shop, Parts Stores, shit like that.
6. Extensive TUNING! In all aspects. Dyno Pulls for HP tests and Torque curve tuning.

7. Brandname Parts are a bit of a useless feature in a game too. Now parts with granular specs relating to performance? YEP!


JitheshJagadeesan Why would you need to change Consoles is it only coming out for XB1


LouisYio HLB I remember being so bummed that Underground 2 didn't have the S2000 or DC2.


You guys should let us be able to make our own Characters so that we could be able to have car meets with other players and be able to walk out of our cars and go look at other players cars. Also you should also give us the players the option to be able to open our own cars Hoods, Trunks and Doors to show off to other players the interior of our cars also we should have the option to Blast our own Music from our car and other players be able to hear our Music (for Car Meets or for us to Hang out. lastly give us the Option to own Smart Phones so that we can use them to Record Street Races and also to Take Photos of our cars and other players cars at meets or at the Corner and please give us the option to kneel down to take low angle Photos or Videos and maybe also be able to let us Pose for Photos with our Friends.

(Am not asking for a GTA style game) so no clothing stores or anything like that am just asking for what i wrote above which i think you guys could be able to do.


Mods! Huge wheel selection. Body kits. Lip kits. Fenders. Aftermarket stuff is what we want.


Daaaamn I totally forgot it was an EA game :(. Not sure when the last time they shipped a complete game was. Anyone who's played BF knows what I'm talking about lol. I'm a definite maybe now >.<. Or, at least, wait a year until the bugs are sorted and the game is 1/2 price....
I've donated enough money to EA...saving for car parts


Properly OCD options like whether or not to have wastegates plumbed in when doing a turbo upgrade would be awesome (maybe I really want to hear the turbo whistling on one car, but I want to have a ridiculously loud screamer pipe on another.) Lumpy idles on cars with big lift/duration cams and pulsing on the bridgeported rotaries. Even anti-lag that turns evo's into machine guns on the over-run. Details that build curiosity for those that aren't as knowledgeable about how the mods affect performance, and those that do know can appreciate it as it doesn't only make the screen blur more when at top speed. 

I'd be so sold if it had this sort of detail and immersion.


Some cars that would be awesome
 S30 240z with both noses
 EG Civic
 Gen 1, 2 and 3 RX-7's




Twitch_6 I'm not as worried about bugs given that Rivals was relatively bug free at launch. (this was the only one that I noticed )


In my opinion, scrap the 'un-obtanium' cars from this game! Not interested in a Pagani, Bugatti, or Koenigsegg etc.

Purely because really, there is no tuning/race scene for them...


MrSOLOMON85 It will not be on last gen. The old platforms are have only been holding games back in the past years.


The visuals look great. It's probably running on Frostbite 3 again.


For jesus christ please ensure the car handling is as good as driveclub or forza horzion... The whole series is getting worse mostly because the handling~ Mario kart physic is fun so use it on another series but not need for speed again.
Btw cockpit is really a good addition if you have good arcade handling.....just look at driveclub, it is what nfs suppose to be.....


Speedhunters mi1ez It's a lot less obvious since the Need For Speed rebrand. The logos used to be very reminiscent


Now this might be abit greedy from my side but as you're part of this.. physics.. please no more slot car racing.
No more all look no feel. Or atleast trick us to make us feel like we're in control of a car with an actual engine and chassis instead of a digital plastic rocket running along guide lines.
Thank you,
m/ {ô.Ô} m/

Shinoki Kaizer

-semi realistic physics, similar to Horizon at least, Mario kart physics should never appear in racing game with real life cars
-livery editor with easy-to-use interface and huge varieties of shapes and freedom to play with, enough to compete with Forza's livery editor(at least)
-livery sharing system
-focus on contents instead of graphics, graphic doesn't make good game, it is only an enhancement to gameplay, don't rush, we can wait
-to compete with game like Horizon, we need a different approach on car tuning. Forza has a consistent and well-balance system of tuning, but it lacks inspiration and freedom.
Aesthetic parts, includes both functional or just appearance, with realistic effect.
Huge variety of engine swap and other mods that actually does things
If possible, interior mods is a great addition
A bug free car setting system, NFS shift made a nice approach on this area but it's too buggy to use effectively
-more down to earth cars, hyper cars are just too far away from us to hold any place in our heart
-a gameplay that satisfy car lovers from different car scene. Traditional racing game only focus on "who's he fastest", may be we can have something a little different

Shinoki Kaizer

About the physics...
There should never be separate physics for different game mode (normal / drift), it makes the gameplay inconsistent and unrealistic
One more thing...
Absolutely NO preset protagonist avatar or name, I want to imagine MYSELF to be the protagonist, if you can, let us edit our character, or, never show our face in the game and let us edit our name.

Fixthe Fernback

I ask only for two things.

1: A CAR CUSTOMIZATION MODE. See: NFSU 2. No money involved, no stress, just customizing whatever cars you wanted for no reason at all. I spent hours doing that.

2: Highly configurable ride height/wheel fitment settings. Should be self-explanatory.


Bring back NFS-Underground-style of customizing a car. Please and thank you!


Engine Swaps pls......


Please do:
1. Car customization like nfsu and nfsu2
2. Dark and mystery climate like nfsu2 - always night
3. Add a story like in nfsmw
4. I'm not sure about different car physics in different races, I kinda liked drift mode in nfsu
5. Please go back to classic cars, youngtimers, vags, jdms, bimmers, 964, 993, no zondas, no lambos, no new gt-rs and other nintendo pretending inventions.
6. It would be nice to customize the interiors of the cars, custom gauges, cables flying around the cockpit, empty cup of coke etc.
7. Free run exactly like in nfsu.
thank you (:


eejjkk I think the free DLC is one of the most important aspects!!


Please make it realistic and not 'easy arcade drifting with 2 fingers in my nose' through 1232510 obstacles that should wreck my car in real life!!
Add more cars like older GT-R's an onther older iconic ones, not only the newest ultra expensive hypercars that don't get modified in the real world that much. 

And add reallife bodykits and other parts and details like simple grill only change for example, or jap style exhaust or just a bit smoked taillights instead or or or... I can go on and on and on! Good story line, possibility to drive your favorite car from the beginning, nice long straight highway to test your topspeed, a cool mountain to drift up and down. And also realistic police. It's a little bit strange when you drive 330+ kph and a police cruiser just flies by with at least another 100kph more...

But... knowing EA it's going to suck. It's cool to dream about the perfect Underground 3 for a moment but it's not going to happen. All we can hope for is that the game is playable without those DLC's EA is loving so much....


Agree with most of these comments, the Underground series were the best games of the franchise. What made these games great was the fact you could buy cars you could actually own like the Corsa/106 etc and the top cars were Skylines not lambos or Ferrari. Then you could customise them to a huge extent and you had free roam. The game was simple that was part of the charm, it made it more feel more real. In real life you would have a phone with emails and texts you would set up meets or races with your friends through that. Just keep it simple guys don't add silly features just focus on the basics a good car selection, good map to drive and customisation.


Dang gonna have to buy a ps4 now


please don't be sucks! we need mods! huge
wheel selection, body kits, lip kits. fenders,
aftermarket stuff and also proper engine
sounds is what we want.
make new weather fog, cloud , rain.
add new cars and location highway + openworld :v


AndersHaugen look at the bottom of this page, or indeed any page of Speedhunters.

It belongs to EA. Who make Need For Speed. They're never going to slag off their own products.


Customization must return; wheels, performance bits, brake bias selection, paints, all the aftermarket goodies must come back along with the large world and the events of the first Most Wanted and Carbon, we can keep the car damage and the Speed Runs of Most Wanted (2012) I cannot remember being more focused on a video game more than I was on those speed runs and the canyon duels in Carbon except maybe 2006's Black.

Oh yeah, vehicle restrictions have to go....I remember using a Tier 1 Camaro from the beginning all the way to the end of Carbon and then thinking how mush more fun The Run would have been if I had been able to use an SLS or a Valentino Balboni for a few other events.

Make those changes, and I'll get a PS4 and be in line for this one.


please ps3 and xbox360 pleeeeeeaaaaassse


Carbon was need for speeds pinnacle imo. Those canyon drifts from start to finish, shit. I've been so disappointed with there recent games (shift series excluded)


1. please make the controls of the game as in nfsu2
2. free roam like in nfsu2
3. a lot of customisations
3. the police like in nfs most wanted 1!
4. amazing storyline


As long as there is Neon Lighting for specific areas of the cars, I am sold. Maybe an interior camera? To fully customize the interior of a tuner would be pleasant. That's asking too much, however. Neon lights; purchase. Widebody kits too! Mucho thanks.


prazzi This is why this franchise needed a reboot, completely. Criterion tried, failed. Ghost games carried on with there system... Now, I hope we can see what they can really do. I'm just hoping they really follow the most popular NFS; Underground!


driving physics as SHIFT2


Just don't let them make the car culture douche. Not some gang war with cars but just real racing with your friends and at meets. Also since its just at night make going back home or to your garage a day to night cycle maybe your guy has a job like the rest of us to do mods. Dont make me do the job just next day or week cycle give me some cash.

The average guy

free DLC and Electronic Arts in one sentence? Lol




TupperWare this article just leaked the existence of a new unannounced Logitech Driving Force wheel to the sim racing world (the big blue box under the table). It shows three pedals = clutch and shifter confirmed.


Not many new games are supporting lastgen anymore because the technology can't keep up, this game won't support last gen


Well NFS World is closing down after years of neglect from poor studios, closing studios and EA milking money so this game better be good and receive updates.


Shift's Cockpit view ,UG2 open world style & car customization, MW '05 police chase, Carbon Canyon race/drift, Good Storyline + Latest gen graphics! = 1000/100

( but but ima need a new hardcore pc or a ps4 to play this)


My thoughts about stuff in the game:
-I think it will be cool if the game has a Liberty Walk, Ben Sopra body kits, i went crazy when I saw Rocket Bunny kit on 180sx and GT86, so dope!
-Also will be cool to install outside oil cooler for classic skyline gtr2000 and may be other old school cars (Hachiroku AE86 may be?).
-Possibility to tune fitment (height suspension, camber, offset and deep dish rims).
-And many other aftermarket details as is: tow hooks, cool license plates frames, mirrors (ganador, f1 style) windows and body stickers, remove the bumpers (i saw the one in screenshot of 180sx, really cool!), rollcage,
 Wheel selection, body kits, lip kits, fenders, etc...
-Cars i would like to see: Silvia S15 or S14 (200sx), GTR35, AE86, Toyota Supra, maybe supercars (?) (lambos, ferraris in liberty walk body kits looks hot!).
-Drift mode in the game: illegal drift on the streets, not blocked with traffic, like in real life (Japan, USA). Points are awarded by crowd and public (AI), not by judges like in official drift events. Whereupon points will be given mostly for showmanship and for coolest car. And maybe some downhill drift (we got L.A. city:)) and gymkhana in docks.
-Dark and mystery climate like NFSU2. Fog, cloud, rain - always night.


You think Driveclub and Forza have good physics??? They're straight up arcade racers...100% Mario cart lol.
It's 2015!! Physics need to be on a Gran Turismo level at least...should be more like PCARS, rFactor, Asseto Corsa.


What's the car at 0:20 seconds?


Anyone knows if NFS will have cockpit cam? If so, i`ll be happy and it will be instabuy, if not...well, fuck it.


@Guest all cars that i saw in teaser was nissan 180 sx, nissan skyline c10, ford mustang 2015, porche 911,subaru brz.


That sounds like the greatest possible NFS game ever


copy Forza games but make it better...hmm..add drifting Monster Truck races with bigass jumps over houses in the suburbs too...kthanx


just make an underground 3 with canyons and day/night cycle. Cops included, but not in the middle of the race, oh, and please, no day one dlc's... Day one edition is supposed to bee complete


One more thing, tuning is fun, but not on exotics.. If its going to be about street races, then include cars that are present in street races, no zondas no lambos no ferrari's


You never get to see all the cars. nissan 180sx/240sx has many different types alone, coupe, s13 /14/15 coupe, hatchback. And that's just a portion. I think a good idea for dlc would be ultimate car choice. Nissan /infiniti dlc pack, honda /acura, toyota/lexus etc etc. That way if you prefer a certain manufacturer you have almost their entire line up at your disposal. also add motor swaps


Only bad side to allowing it on ps3 and 360 is you have to seriously limit the potential of the game whereas if they make it strictly next gen they can do alot more with the game . and this is coming from someone with just a ps3, but I've been wanting to upgrade everything anyway lol


Also, I think the tuning should be more in depth. Similar to racing rivals on the phone, they really broke down the different upgrades piece by piece for most major systems


@Fixthe Fernback NFSU2 was like.. Sims for guys or something.


I just had another ideia... Exoctis present, but you cant tune or race them.. only paint buy, sell and free-roam... Maybe include a race-track where you could drive-to, enter and race, but only with exotics or competition cars, mixing arcade and sim in one game... That would be cool..


muhammadilham no


I really hope you are helping them understand why so many newer NFS games have been terrible.
Maybe we can finally get a new street racing game that makes racing tuning and customizing fun again.


EvolveWRC Developers need to hear it ...


Lol the Xbox is $50 cheaper, but the PS4 is better, computing/graphic wise,(even though you can't really tell) the Xbox has better games .coming from one who owns both.


Please make it 60fps !


Wheel support with proper ffb or gtfo!


Gotta have some scion tc's in the game!!


Is it going to be coming to PS3?


A) Steal the tire physics and road physics of Project: Cars or Assetto Corso
B) Get Niels or Fredric Sorlie involved early on the car physics.

C) NO MORE ADDONS! Seriously, I know game makers love milking a cow, but please listen to the consumers, we hate paying again and again for a game we already bought! 
D) Easy online lobbys that make sense to navigate.
E) Don't fuck the drifting up yet again. Talk to Rod, he'll clue you in to exactly what I'm talking about.
F) Keep it fun!


Have no money for online mode and for god sakes stop the auto log it is beyond annoying!!! As for the online mode where were chilling with our friends let us have a separate garage were we can buy and customize however we want and drive it online!!! After all it isn't like it would help us in career mode if you give us two separate garages... Lastly give us better aspiration swaps!!! Forzas sucks because every one just goes twin turbo on every thing for a power war!!! making all the aspirations unique for a certain engine. Please do that for i need a twin supercharged supra!!!


i liked nfs rivals. Thought it was better than most wanted 2012 which i also thought was good except for the crashes. If you could take rivals and cross breed with carbon. Give it a complex city map system like maybe bring back all the nfs maps and connect them. Make ability to ghost race friends. Keep the instant races from rivals. No players as cops. Bring back highway battles. Bring in all cars from all nfs games and mods mods mods all the way to the color if windshield wipers. Oh and trucks and atv's for off road races or just when u want to get wild. And super cars are still fun to drive. And 1 more thing bring jacking cars you find like mw2012. No one really wants to by cars maybe pay for mods but not cars.


i would love to see better physics. and it looks like we are returning to the streets again. hopefully car customization/ autosculpt. i would love to see an open world like carbon and the original most wanted had. if you guys remember in carbon we had crew that we could use. it would be awesome if we had that option in mp except we race with our buddys.

imo hot pursuit 3, most wanted(2005) and carbon were the three games that i enjoyed the most and i believe to be the best in the series.


also? "especially after the completion of the excellent Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed"

seriously? i know you guys have to say that it was good but that game was a turd. not because of the content (the content was awesome and i loved the concept) but because of the stupid amount of input lag made the game near impossible to play without assists. not to mention as well that motion blur made me sick to my stomach and i quit playing it...


This is madness! I don't know what to say more and just wait 'till the release date!


1Wheel fitment
2 engine swap
3 proper wheel fitment (-camber)
4 interior customization
5 wide variety of car parts
6 please don't forget (HONDA) I love to customize those thank you ..


Its going to take a lot to regain what has been lost for the Need For Speed series. I like how its almost unmentioned how the last few havent even had an option for manual transmission...

Speedhunters, you better make sure this game will be the equivalent of an Underground 3 before you guys end up looking dumb by overhyping a disappointing product, like Shift 2.


All i want in this game is i want Hypercar like Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Ferrari Laferrari and a lot of Supercar. also a customize like a Wide Body kits, a Chrome paint job. that would be awesome. please make a more supercars and Hypercars. Thanks


Nah that's bubu ass shit


giovanniJDM Why not?


Many people are ready to get rid of them .... I'd like it if they have actually many mods not just a wing and a lip I mean serious mods agree ?


giovanniJDM agreed, i want the game like a nfsu2 too, has a lot of customization. but what about a exotics car fans. lol it just my opinion.


D1RGE EXE why not rfactor? project cars is just a bit better of Shift 2




qari1204 giovanniJDM Because that's what every other recent need for speed game has been. Just go play those if you want exotics. We don't need another of those games.

They might as well be made-up imaginary cars because 99.8% of people will never see or own or race them in real life. So it's disconnected from us consumers.
It's played a big part why need for speed is dead now, and why everyone wants underground/carbon back.


I really was about to say that @i23sonny


i23sonny giovanniJDM you're right. people also want exotics car too.


i23sonny qari1204 giovanniJDM You sir couldn't have said it better. NFS has been long dead for fans, due to them removing away the awesomeness from nfs underground/underground2. Why? I'm thinking they tried something different which always ends up screwing things up. Anyways I'm hyped for it, especially reading about it on such a site like SpeedHunters. We're all ready to hook our rides up 'hopefully' with spoilers/bodykits/rim paints/ lowering options :p It's all excitement, but let's let more trailers come out, because not until we the consumers play the game..can we dictate whether E.A and Ghost Studios Really did what WE the consumers Asked for :D


NaikJoy D1RGE EXE assetto corsa physics for sure not the same dumbed down shit thats been released on consoles the last few years


RafaelHernandez i23sonny giovanniJDM yeah, lowering options also great. hope it's all in this game. Free Roam is important too. :D


Really pumped for this Release! The fact that they mention "Rich Customization/ Authentic Car culture" can definitely mean what us Fans want! It's really sad they've gone to such extremes like Shift/Hot pursuit Reboot but hey that's on them. Good Thing is they've heard the Fans, And they have (HOPEFULLY) included what WE can ever Want in a Sick car customizing Game! After the old but gold titles (underground / underground 2) I am ready to pimp my ride out, and show it off to some people (WISHING MULTIPLAYER IS INCLUDED) but yeah this is gonna be (ONCE AGAIN HOPEFULLY) a game changer to the NFS franchise! :D I'm seriously hoping for the BEST out of this game. I'm a HUGE car fan, excluding the Exotics/Hyper cars (in video games). Why? Because they get OLD and we Never Get to customize them fully as we would to a Car we can ACTUALLY own in the real world.. So let's hope they do things RIGHT and we get the Best Car Customizing/Racing game in 2015. Also another thing i'd like to share is how I'm WISHING they include Multiplayer to show off our sick rides. That's a whole different story , but hey it'd be nice showing off our creations with other People (just like Midnight Club L.A which was FANTASTIC!) I'm on the Xbox One btw, so if it happens to have Multiplayer and you're on xbox too then we can show off our rides to each other.


qari1204 RafaelHernandez i23sonny giovanniJDM definitely ! If we want our ride's lowered/higher then hope we get the chance. Also Maybe even some Camber options would be nice. Free Roam i'm sure has already been given away by their statements "The new NFS game will feature deep customisation, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive narrative that pulls you through the game."


RafaelHernandez i23sonny giovanniJDM do you think that Supercars / Hypercars going to be in this games?? just ask maybe you know a little bit about this, lol cause i'd really want it :D


qari1204 RafaelHernandez i23sonny giovanniJDM i don't think so.. I think the closest you'll get to "super" cars will be something like what we saw in the trailer (RWB Porsche) I think that's what you call them.. But Cars like Ferrari's / Lambo's / koenigsegg .. I highly doubt it, but who knows.


RafaelHernandez i23sonny giovanniJDM Thanks for the info, :D i hope it's in the game. i have a PS4, but the Forza Horizon 2 is not available. The Drive Club also a good game, a good car. but it doesn't have a Free Roam. lol all my hope is on Need For Speed. really hope it. Need For Speed really do a great car game. :D


qari1204 RafaelHernandez i23sonny giovanniJDM yeah man! hope so Too! Anyways, we'll see! Check on Youtube as there's a Good amount of people who'v posted up Insights to NFS :D


Porsche 918 <3


Seriously, nuff said! Couldnt have put any thing better..... Completely agree!

car enthusiast

PLEASE PLEASE No damn Hypercars anymore. I'm sick of it. 

I want Mercedes 560 SEC, BMW 6 series E24, Hakosuka GTR, Audi A8, Mercedes CL 63 AMG etc etc.

Cars which are not in every game, especially the higher class cars like S-Class, 7series etc.


Offline Multiplayer please!!!!! NFS FOR LIFE


@car enthusiast Hypercar must have in Need For Speed.


What we really want in the new NFS:
-No DLCs
-Customize everything from interior to exterior
-Car shows
-Swap meets
-Blueprints Buy/Sale/Trade
-Loads of mods for the cars (over 2500 mods for a single car so not one car is the same)
-Include trucks and SUVs
-We could actually own homes (so are friends can come over and see our garage)
-Customizable players like in Juiced 2: HIN
-Race Difficulties for sure
-Hidden bonuses like FNF cars or some cars from the NFS: Movie
-Have old school mode and have older tracks from NFS HPIII NFSU and NFSU2
-(took this idea from GTA) Have radio stations because everyone has different taste in music.
-Customizable Vinyl and Decals
-Able to put Decals on windows.
-Custom License Plate (Also have license state plates including old school NFSU, NFSU2, Carbon, Most Wanted plates as well.)
-Hoonigan challenges 
-Rare Finds (barn finds) 
-If I missed anything please comment on this.


Tbh I feel if any supercars are gonna be in the game, it would be entry level ones, like an F-type, 458, 488 GTB, R35 GTR, you know the less expensive ones. I'd love to have maybe an Aventador as well


Man I'm so excited for this. Loved how on NFS underground you had to find the mod shops to get them on your map, each shop sold different parts, would be good to have car showrooms like in TRU 2 and arrange test drives with the sales rep. Short time so you can't just drive any car around all night. In free roaming, the need to stop for petrol? Would make you think twice about getting into a chase with low fuel, or just be a ball ache, I'm not sure??? Car mods outside and inside, like on midnight club LA which had a really good modding system to it. A really lifelike sounding and customisable sat nav would be a must, not a blue line on the screen or arrows telling you to turn left as that's so last gen. Tdu2 is the best sat nav I've seen in a game..... Each car needs to sound like it's real life counterpart and engine/exhaust mods need to change the sound. Lifelike dump valv noise pls. Ice changes how your in game music sounds, ie Amps and subs.


I doubt anything as expensive, or fast and overpowered as a Laferrari, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, etc... It wouldn't make sense




Dlc packages can be a good idea if they do it right. for example, if they made a dlc for different manufacturers like nissan / infiniti, honda / acura, toyota / lexus etc, and then offer any cars not in the original product. They usually have a few different cars from each manufacturer but typically the same ones. For the nissan group it's usually the s13 hatchback, s14 kouki, r34 gtr and sometimes a couple more. Personally I prefer the s13 coupe and s14 zenki. But if they offered a dlc that contains the rest of the nissan / infiniti lineup it could be pretty cool. And same with the other manufacturers


Definitely agree with the midnight club customization. One difference though is i don't want there performance upgrade system. They should do something more along the lines of racing rivals for performance, they were pretty in depth on the main systems of the cars


I'm sure they will offer plenty of lowering possibilities. I just hope it's not like midnight club in that aspect because you could never get the car low enough to look good without it automatically changing your wheel size


I Wish cars especially the new line up's those are present in the Asphalt 8 - Especially Lykan Hypersport , Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA , SSC Tuatara , Jaguar C-X75 etc

a bit fast & furious kinda Car Heist & ya Story Mode like old NFSMW & Underground 2 bit cinematics like old nfs games and character interactions which is missing in hot pursuit,Rivals didn't like em personal preference..


At 0:13-0:15 the Porsche sound was like being at the grand prix of LB once more.


LAGGxFitzy More paint jobs, like a Camo and absolutely Chrome paint.


qari1204 Then why the Underground series were the most successful?
After that was Most Wanted but it still didn't include much supercars.
Old NFS's only had supercars because the modifying trend hasn't been announced yet, now the modifying trend is pretty damn high, (excluding ricers, but hoping to see some ridiculous, ricey parts just for a joke ;p)


Hamisxa hypercar still must have in Nfs tho, i'd want a customize car too. like a Liberty walk, Rocket Bunny and more.


we need a wide variety of HONDAS and ACURAS..


allowing boost control and the amount of nitrous used would be awesome as well..


Of course you're helping, you are technically EA... C'mon guys!


highly doubt it as it said Xbox one, pc, & ps4 after the teaser. But it may happen months after release


I didn't know that about the manual trans lol. What an absolute joke. Can't even consider that a car game tbh lol. Mario Kart maybe.
The gaming industry is in a deplorable state right now...all they do is focus on selling BS products to under informed soccer moms who are buying junk for little Jimmy, who has an attention span of 10 seconds. Anyone over the age of 15 is pretty much like "screw the greedy ass, money hungry developers", and even more so, "screw EA" lol.
I really hope Speed Hunters knows what they are doing by aligning themselves with that industry.
Gamer's patients are wearing very thin with game developers when it comes to overhyping new games (which are usually just a piss poor copy of something that was done well years ago), missing deadlines, and failing to put grand ideas into practice.
Also, shiny graphics only go so far. Good gameplay, an intuitive UI, minimal bugs/glitches, and high replay value are what make a good, long lasting game.
By using SH to help build the hype, people will flat out expect SH level of car customization and car culture. I can 99% gaurentee that will not happen...and when it doesn't, people will jump all over SH for it.


Maybe addf some cars that havent been in most games over the past decades, like the 2002 WRX Bugeye, Eclipse GSX, 1998 Impreza 2dr, etc, if you would do so, this game would be more that astonishing, we havent ever had a 98 2dr impreza before at all, not even other titles outside of NFS


Onboard camera would be great...


tunerguy21 Also Veilside RX7


The_Stig maybe, but it's still good if they do put all different level of cars. Hypercars, Supercars, SUVs, classic perhaps and more. it got to be a good game. a big maps. and i hope there's a long highway tho. The multiplayer online would be awesome too if we could do like a Gumball 3000 with all friends.


The_Stig of course the Aventador should be in this game tho, i hope the sound of the car could be at least same as the real one.


ptain89 i hope it can be lowered like really low. like some car in Vossen i guess. lol


C h r 1 s agreed, maybe some different exhaust system like iPe system, Armytrix, Fi Exhaust or more haha


I hope each car should be sound like it's real life. like a pop crackle for Lamborghini Huracan, Jaguar F-Type, Mercedes AMG sound. would be great tho.


Free roam


Supra RZ, Starion GSR-VR and 1970 GT-R coupe is must have.
If it is possible more Japan classics.


AlexRox29 the 22B? Forza have 'em I think


Yes sir, I have yet to see an EF Civic anywhere.


AugustoMarques No if you want exotic go play another game. this game should only have Tuner cars


Goth Maybe because Midnight Club LA had it and thats an old game (different company) but still if RS could do it and they don't even do Race games then i think NFS could really do it.


I like it when the tuning makes a car do something it normally wouldn't. Would enjoy older cars that were admittedly slow factory but could be competitive with extensive mods. I'm talking things like Z31, R30, 70s Hondas, even things like a Pinto or an Omni or Metro. Ditch any rubber-banding catch-up AI. Keep the open world but visibly close off parts for a race like NFSU2 (I got constantly lost in Burnout Paradise and Midnight Club, shouldn't have to watch the map so hard you can't keep your eyes on the road)


The only thing I want from this game is a new, Reborn Need for Speed Underground 2 which by the looks of it seems to be the direction the game is going.

The endless possibilities with a new updated graphics engine would be perfect. 
Alot of modding options, buy cars which are better to progress and tune them and join more and more exciting races is all what Underground 2 was about.

Please dont fail us this time Need for Speed. You know have the chance to to it right!


add the customization like Tokyo Xtream of Dreamcast that is still the best Race game evermade

please add lot alot of stuff for customized the cars + add all Rx7


GabrielDeya my gosh. That Tokyo game looks like it was so ahead of its time, with it's great Graphics & Physics.


Yup, both Shutokou & Kaido Battle games were best, the only rivals to Gran Turismo of that era in my book.


All I want is that the gameplay change from the last games... I REALLY don't like entering a turn and using E Brake so i don't lose much speed... I don't like where "drifting" is faster than "griping"... Bring it back to the Underground physics where you really need to do a "clean line" to be fast, i'm not asying to be a SIMULATOR like Assetto or iRacing but not too arcade like the last games.
People are at 300kmh then do a 90º turn without losing much speed because they drifted on the corner :(

I relly hope they do a good job and i'll be MUCH happy if they go back to he old physics (Underground/OLD Most Wanted)


One more thing: we want adjustable launch control!! Just imagine, a 2jz locking the launch control at certain rpm in the limiter with pops and bangs (and flames) out of the exhaust.


NFS Porsche Unleashed was the best and the only one that I would play, right now.
A dark green Porsche 356 with low tire pressure in the back wheels combined with Alps roads in winter and heavy snowing. Inside camera. Awesome!


@ar oh and some 'used car' market with already (partially) modified cars in between. And please don't let the AI drive ricer cars!


qari1204 you will be very disappointed when this comes out...   waay to high hopes


Twitch_6 cant you guys read!?   speedhunter is a bi-product of NFS and owned by ea..


AsimAsrar yes, and sega dreamcast too :)


GerwinRakenrol even a mid-tier pc would beat the ps4 why even consider it...


The_Stig pc MasterRace ^^


The_Stig pc MasterRace ^^




Customization !Customization !Customization !Customization !Customization !body kits !!!engine swaps !!


And nobody cares about exotic cars we need be able to recreate are own cars


Oh yes normal street cars and a lot of customization ftw!


Tell them to make NFSU2 But with shit loads more cars and modding options, make it mass multi and online.


"everything is brand new and created from scratch"
The fact that in the first few seconds I see a white truck, the same one that was used in NFWMW 2012 means that they will probably do the same thing now as they did with rivals, re-use some of the files from previous games, especially if it uses the same game engine. 

However, the trailer looks awesome, definitely looks like there's going to be modding and customising in this game, finally what everyone has been waiting for. Can't wait to try it out, just don't fuck this one up EA like you always do.


It would be very nice to put COCKPIT camera in this case and to make the gameplay more realistic and not flying with 400 km/h on the streets. For those players who have steering wheel (like me, like a lot of them) this would be I think the BEST RACING VIDEO GAME EXPERIENCE EVER, AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ALL WANT THIS YEAR FROM NFS!!! Looking forward to see the first trailer on 15th of June. LET'S RACE ;)


Please make the gameplay the same as in NFS MW 1 .. but with new cars and real world ... of course with self tuning of each part of the car , body kits , turbocharger and much more ... that would be a really cool NFS : D

Kaloyan Filev

I just want you to fill this game with all the JDM's! That is my only wish!


That's great and all, but isn't anybody interested in the physics engine. It hope that it's more sim oriented and not like The Crew or the recent Hot Pursuit and Rivals games. And for the love if God, please optimize it for PC and do not put a 30FPS cap on it.


I also hope that many JDMs through the game ... But the old classic musclecars should also be present ; )


@qari1204 They'll probably let you slam it like stance nation style since they're going into today's car culture


It is so that should be the graphics and the engine top ^^ ... and its surroundings and details should be as real

M Owais Alkhatib

Please bring back drift and drag racing :)
It would be great if we can customize the sound system ( like in Underground 2) and actually feel a difference


VladimirPetrov1 Agree on the physics. We'll see what come's out on the final product, I actually think Forza Horizon 2 has great and by far amazing physics on an "open-world" game. But once again it's a Simulation-like game which makes the physics 1000x better and made by a diff game production company. Let's hope this next nfs has great physics.


I want it to be set in japan!! Have like wangan racing and touge racing and looooads of drifting!


Im so hyped with this one... The true street racing is back I hope. Not a lame racing like.before


Speaking of, I've been thinking that Underground 2 could have the perfect architecture to be the backbone of a Tokyo Xtreme Racer style Wangan racing game. Obviously, it would require the PC version and a MASSIVE overhaul of basically the entire game, but the basic framework for a good Wangan racer is there. Especially with the level of modifications both aestheticly and performance (just need to tweak values to make them more realistic). Of course, this is a massive undertaking and will never happen, but its good in theory.


When it says in-game footage, does that mean in game or is it just in engine? Looks too cinematic to be in-game.


With the assistance of Speedhunters, there's no doubt for me that the reboot of Need For Speed will become a masterpiece, once again.


I'm posting as a guest, as I do not have an account, but I have a huge passion for the Need for Speed franchise, as well as racing games in general. I had no idea SpeedHunters was a NFS thing before this article. Here are the best things I remember about Need for Speed. As I am sure that everyone has their input, here is mine. 

The first Need for Speed that I had ever played was NFS Hot Pursuit 3 for the PC. I must have put over 50 hours into that game as a kid, and for a 7 year old, that was quite a bit of time. Even though it was not a free roam game, it was amazing to see the cars rolling through a smooth map, beating the other cars. Through the first Need for Speed that I played I learned about how Lamborghini first designed tractors, and about the 599 Maranello. 

The second NFS that had a huge impact on me, as I am sure others on here would agree, is NFS Underground 2. The game ran very smooth on PC and was absolutely amazing to play. It was a true open world environment with always something to do and customize. The racing was very entertaining and the visuals are not bad even to today's standards. The thought of illegal street racing on an open world at the age of 12 was something of awe to me. 

The final Need for Speed I would consider to have a considerable impact on the franchise was the Need for Speed Shift series (and maybe even ProStreet). Several believe would disagree on this, but after coming from Undercover and a couple of other games, Shift and Shift 2 were the first games that did a stellar job on capturing real driving dynamics. I am a seasoned SCCA member who likes to participate in autocross and other events, and while playing Shift and Shift 2, I was very much reminded of the exhilaration of the driving in those games.

Notice none of these paragraphs necessarily elaborated on a police presence. As the police presence in NFS games has been integral from the start, sometimes it was a buzzkill. It was well executed in Most Wanted, yet in Undercover it was downright annoying, as one couldnt experience the true thrill of driving without concern, as a video game should be.  

A combination of these games along with other elements would yield a racing game for the history books.


According to a post an alleged fired employee made on /r/needforspeed it will be capped at 30, and he also said the same frostbite engine will be used as in rivals. I don't know how accurate this is, but look, its Need For Speed, the physics aren't going to be sim like.


Please put in a cockpit view in the game!!!


Those are the graphics of the game. It's not game play footage but it is what the game play graphics will look like. Basically, they aren't going to be having separate graphics for cut scenes and opening video.




What about Nintendo 64


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If it says in game it's going to be in game boi chilax @tunerguy21


i hope they put capture the flag ffa and team mode!


hordiyevych can you paste link to that comment.?


We need ALL KINDS of cars: JDM, American, Euro, Super Cars, Hyper Cars, Classics.


They definitely need to have custom fenders because the other games barely included things like that


lucspinto back in the mid-2000's where they belong.


Will you please get EA/NFS to bring back the 'replay' feature? it's always nice to replay and watch how you well you fared and drove during the race.


Twitch_6 If you want Gran Turismo physics then play Gran Turismo and all those other simulator games. NFS is an arcade type game so no way in hell would those physics work for this series. All they need to do is optimize the settings they had from NFS Most Wanted (05) and it'll be straight.


All JDM know cars since 70' (skyline R31 - R35, acura integra, honda prelude, honda s2000, evo x, nissan 300zx, etc..) to the present days (2015/2016) Like civic type r 2015, nsx 2015, lexus lfa (2012), rc-f, etc.. corean cars, (hyundai and Kia) and all categories (sports, coupe, etc..) <3


agree! It'd be sweet having vinyls to mess around with.. we'll see when it comes out.


really? that's freaking awesome man, I hope we get those graphics on our little consoles (Xbox One, Ps4)


Hey hordie, did you read it was going to be capped at 30FPS for consoles or everything? :/ can u please link me to it


I dare you , please put a Nissan Skyline GTR R34 in this game..please...


Jelek DK

I agree own a Logitech G25 on PC still an awesome wheel. Most Wanted and Carbon were fun with it, but a street racing version with Shift 2 mechanics with modern 4K graphics in car view and the drag racing mode from Underground would be awesome. It looks like it won't make it into the final game, but no one expected Rockstar to add first person to GTA V with the in car view so hoping for the best.



With how much games cost these days it's perfectly acceptable to have a demanding list and ask for more interesting unique game play for the value.Since mostly everyone is online now and games go out of date after a year or two, I think it's ok for gaming companies to now move games to the cloud for more storage space and new content like the Crew did. Maybe this game will head in that direction and give us what The Crew did not, a decent open world map, better handling, and many vehicles to customize.It's why I like the Crew the cars may have handled bad, but they tried something different. They tried to give players a cloud based online game with a huge story and a big map to have fun on.


That's why I really want the E46 M3 back in this one, have it in real life, and it was the original Most Wanted that introduced me to the car.


RafaelHernandez qari1204 i23sonny giovanniJDM

Would be awesome to see classic exotics like Lamborghini Diablo or Countach in this game.


Classic? Damn, I must be getting old.


@Riz009 AlexRox29 yup. 22b subaru is one of the best short track / handling oriented cars in the game.


Ok so one thing I'd really like to point out is how I'm Scared they'll consider Graphics Waaaaay more than they should and we'll end up with 30FPS to drive around with. And trust me the DIFFERENCE is Definitely THERE whenever playing @30FPS.. YOU CAN DEFINITELY FEEL 30FPS vs 60FPS. The smoothness of 60 FPS is in my gaming Opinion WAAAY better than "Better Graphics" I'm desperately Hoping the make it 60FPS so the cars are nice and smooth whenever driving around. Sounds mediocre but it's true true guys, sorry if I sound ridiculous but the game would be horribly enjoyed if we have customization and all the fun stuff BUT only 30FPS to enjoy those things on. 60 FPS and something along 900p would be absolutely acceptable to both those who care about graphics as well as FPS in game smoothness. I hope they get the message and or possibly already know(considering they're already developers) that for a Racing game 30FPS is NOT enough. Thanks for those who read this and if you have questions and or concerns about this comment down below.


GardenPT Thanks for the info. :)


since your talking to EA games, you could suggest they release the porsche contract so that other games like forza and grand turismo can have some non RUF 911s...since ea never does a simulator.............


speedhunters, you guys are awesome and can have great influences and ideas for the game but they are planning to make the game online DRM system and this is a HUGE MISTAKE. Offline games are more relaxing sometimes because you haven't to tryhard
and oftenly multiplayer games you have to tryhard if you want to win
every race. This is why we don't like online system. When you go full online somehow it feels like it isn't THE GAME anymore.


What should be in a new NFS also the legendary cars from other NFS games or real life ; ) ... What would sometimes horny an F1 car on streets to ride ^^


WTF required online for the narrative experince..get outta here. Why not just have a single player experience offline and online multiplayer separate? Why not follow a formula that worked in the past? Just go back to the core game of underground and Ill throw money at you. I still remember what happen to simcity EA, all intrest gone till this is corrected.


All i need is Hypercars / Supercars


Please remove the only online feature, the game should be played in single player only and online just to compare results with friends. It will be a total loss of the game.


Online only?! Well crap.... If only I could make my own NFSU and not depend on EA for dumb non-consumer related requirements.
We want the game to be mainly offline and online as an option, not the other way around. 
What about those whom don't have an internet connection? 
If this game is going to be offline only, you may as well drop the whole project. It's nothing but a waste of effort and money.


What's wrong with online only asking as it works well it will be good sort of like a better version of the crew hopefully. where you can do the career missions against real players or A.I. Also surely it will mean that it will be easer to show of your creation to the rest of the world


Online only for nfs, i guess it's back to waiting for midnight club 5


Even though the Online was going to be different or fun (maybe..), i still want a full offline single player experience just like Underground 2 did. Online is bullshit guys... especially for racing games now.


I'd really love to see some RE-Amemiya kits as well! Great work so far! Can't wait!


I hope you guys were able to get Liberty Walk in as well, that would be sick!


cant wait to get and play this cool game.


"But rest assured, we’ve been occupying a pretty damn interesting spot behind the curtain, and have some amazing behind-the-scenes stories to publish as the team at Ghost Games marches relentlessly towards the release date later this year." YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!


Online-Only well fuck new NFS


Then go play something else, this reboot is for the true pistonheads... And hopefully rotary too U0001f609

David Naboretti

Interior and cockpit customization!


no online only...I have played every need for speed since the road and track one so long ago...if this is online only...I won't buy it...i made that mistake with rivals....won't happen again


This Need For Speed Reboot Better damn well have an offline single player campaign like all the other Need For Speed game in the franchise! I despise online only games because  there is to much room for hacking, cheating, and other types of inconceivable cheating that can occur! There had better be a offline single player campaign otherwise I will not waste my money for a game that will be pointless to me like NFS World was. Please make sure to add a single player campaign for us players whom like to enjoy such a quality/feature in any NFS Game.


MikeMontano and possibly a 2 player...I like to play with my girlfriends daughter as well...


if through reboot, there's only online, so much for ruining the single player franchise


If SpeedHunters was REALLY helping, they would have told them that the online only is a bad idea. NFS drops that info then doesn't bother to address any of the concerns over issue. Is the game heavy on online dependent? If so how will that affect the game when they eventually turn the servers off? I still play NFS games that are over 10 years old, will I be able to play this in 10 years? Will I want to?


Will not buy unless you add a single player campiagn. Don't want to plat online to much hacking. And it would be better if you add a multiplayer offline so we could race one another when bored. Offline would just make the game worse.


DavidRhodes1 It means they have a leash on your game. So if they're servers are fucking up you can't play. If psplus or xboxgold is fucking up you can't play. If they decide to one day to shut down their servers like they're about to do with nfs world, you'll be left with a $60 coaster.

123Gone aka Baapu1

As much as I would like a similar game to underground2 NFS, I am not an online player! I like the campaign and co-op/split screen!!! The underground 2 was an amazing game pre FF franchise...I liked the fact there were drag races, sprint, circuit and drifts!!! Would like to have a similar game with a mix of HP in it!!! But not too much over load of HP, maybe similar to undercover!


I don't care, nor do I WANT online play, really. Online only is a jipp and without split-screen or local play, the game is worthless to me... And practically everyone agrees!!!


It's like he's trying to speak to me, I know it!!


Need for speed 3 Hot Pursuit is the best :D


Totally fine with it being online only. Only issue is server downtime/when they go down for good. Racing games are much more fun online. Rivals was a lot of fun but the lack of customization kinda killed the buzz. Hopefully this game makes up for it.


I would hate this game if it only has online racing!!!
I hate it when your game play performance is dependent on your connection speed and latency .
Also would like the option to replay the races you play during the regular offline gameplay.

The trailer looks awesome just dont screw it up !!


I had no idea speedhunters was so closely associated with NFS until I read this.

To be honest I stopped playing after carbon(with the exception of shift and shift 2) because there was no more manual. I don't care about flashy scenes or the number of new popular cars available. The driving experience is what keeps me interested and one button for gas and a left and right button don't seem to cut it for me.

After carbon everything else seemed to be a let down. No manual transmissions, closed circuit racing, being inundated with police and constant crashes and the lack of an interesting story line(especially the closed circuit games).

If I this new game has the customization of underground 2, the driver feel like carbon, a cockpit view like shift 2 and a story line to match this would be the best nfs ever. They would certainly regain this customer.


DavidRhodes1 I have never played the crew but I guess if this new need for speed is going to be underground like and they don't screw up them I claim: need for speed is going to be far ahead from the crew.


i just wanna race


XMax_MeyerX DwayneKiss signed. There's no reason they shouldn't listen..I mean hey, we're the consumers. And if we want that, then they should give us the liberty to choose.. OFFLINE or Online..

Joshua Anders

Look guys pay attention, the original 2005 NFS most wanted was arguably the best NFS you guys ever made then you then you tried to remake it with no upgrades no customization or anything of the sort just find a car and drive it, were is the fun in that the Black List That was were it was at you infiltrated a gang, smoke them in a race and get a chance at taking there car  but instead you took the Famous name of MOST WANTED and just completely humiliated that game.
You guys are the greatest racing game franchise in the United States, This part is for the game designers, Hey wake up i challenge you to go home play The original NFS Most Wanted and have some fun with it customize and Take notes thats how your next Most wanted should be, so before you go and trash one of the greatest racing games ever again go and play the original and take note because those guys nailed it


Most Wanted the best?
Stop with meth kid, Underground 1 and 2 are the kings.

Joshua Anders

@Rodolfo Buch Aww thats cute you still playing the Original xbox  and if you knew how to read i said arguably NOT it was the best


I just hope that they bring drag racing and drifting back with a bit of non realistic custimazion I'm looking at you rock star what I mean the whole airscopes and side exhaust. Now that would be nice and I happy there going NFS underground 1 and 2 style my first NFS was underground


Just keep it original like the 2005 most wanted and bring back the multipayer slipt screen like nfs 2 and both night and day with drag races and drift also thank you for rebooting the game


Couldn't of said it better myself NFS mW was good at that


Joshua Anders I player a lot of most wanted, underground 1 and 2 and IMO underground 1 and 2 are a better sucess formula. Not saying that nfs mw was bad, actually was a pretty fun game and was the best gameplay in terms of driving that I've played in nfs but underground 1 and 2 was more intense, the world have so many things going on, the feeling of reputation was intense, every race you se a new awesome car, you race focusing in get money to put the level 2 turbo in your golf gti and even knowing that its a lot more of improvement in the car you still happy because your car is going to be pretty awesome, with the turbo sound and all the stuff...
Don't know, for me NFS MW was really good about the engine, driving, etc... but Underground wins when it is about fun


Just want a Hypercar and Supercar in this game. And more customization.