You Asked For It – The Dealt Width Ae86

There is something refreshing about the variety of cars we get to examine each day on Speedhunters. It’s all a part of being a true connoisseur of car culture – approach everything with an open mind and learn to appreciate the details. This ethos extends to the vast majority of readers that we are so very lucky to have. Combine this attitude with a massive knowledge base and a heap of enthusiasm, it all equates to one simple formula – you talk and we listen. This is a car that you asked for, and we’re proud to finally share it with you.

If you’ve ever had an interest in drifting, I’m almost certain that you have probably have seen this car before, just in a different guise. This is the same ’86 that Eric O’Sullivan piloted at the Red Bull World Championships back in 2008, a year after he dominated the Irish Prodrift Series in the same car. From the top of my head, I think he won five out of the six rounds that year (2007) proving that this was the hachiroku that could. When the car eventually changed hands, I’m sure the ageing Toyota chassis breathed a brief sigh of relief. Unfortunately for the car its respite was short lived as its new owner, Brian Egan, was determined to continue to extract the potential from the now Trueno front ’86.

Brian’s a pleasant and friendly sort of guy. He was a little embarrassed about the condition of the car, but in his defence, the car had literally just rolled off-track and straight to the back of the Mondello pit complex for this shoot. He finished third in his category in case you were wondering, and had qualified for the pro class and main event the following day.

Brian is the sort of guy who builds his cars to his own tastes, in fact we actually spotlighted his MX5 last year.

He’s the sort who likes to pay homage to those that have inspired him.

But first and foremost, he’s the sort of guy who concentrates on the mechanics above the aesthetics. His entire 2012 season has been run on the smallest of small budgets, so unless it absolutely had to be repaired it was left as is to ensure the car stayed as competitive as possible.

Working with the 1984 AE86 throughout the year, he has enjoyed plenty of success this season.

One of the few ‘extravagances’ on the car is the impressive wheel combination of SSR MKIs …

… and Work CR01s.

This lightweight combination – he also has a pair of CR01s for the rear too – not only reduce the overall weight of the car but reduce the unsprung weight too, providing a valuable performance increase.

Weight is always an issue with a naturally aspirated AE86, so putting the car on a diet is always top priority. This would have been the main motivation behind the decision to convert the car from a Levin to Trueno – fibreglass headlight covers instead of heavy glass headlights. A simple and elegant solution. The BN Sports front bumper has probably seen better days.

Most of the bodywork has been replaced with glass fibre equivalents – it may not be as strong or even as light as carbon, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper and goes a long way towards achieving the same goal.

Inside is a traditional drift interior.

A single Bride driver’s seat with a regulation compliant harness and a custom weld-in roll cage.

There is a certain amount of beauty in unpainted metal work.

The sparse rear of the car is occupied by a fire extinguisher, battery and 20 litre fuel cell just out of shot.

A fibreglass replacement dashboard has been wrapped with speaker carpet – another simple solution to reduce glare.

Although the C2 rev-counter doesn’t quite go to eleven, it does go to 9,100RPM.

If you weren’t previously aware of the power source, I’m sure you’re starting to figure it out.

Needless to say, this is a car used as intended.

Every little piece of weight saving helps, it all adds up (or reduces in this case.)

At the heart of the car is the trusted Honda F20c. In my opinion, it’ is the perfect engine to be swapped into an ’86. It’s just like a more powerful and reliable 4A-GE and allows the hachi to retain its character and soul.

The custom exhaust manifold was designed to avoid fouling the steering rack – a common issue when swapping the F20c into a RHD AE86.

The engine is mostly standard, save for a couple of bolt-on parts. This ITG air intake being just one of the additions in a package that makes just over 270BHP.

Suspension is controlled by Techno Toy Tuning coilovers front and rear along with a host of custom and MCNSPORT parts.

A 760KG, 270+BHP Corolla that is driven to its limit at every opportunity. What’s not to love?

When I last spoke to Brian, he had competed in eleven events so far this year and managed to arrive home with nine trophies. “I’ve concentrated my time, effort and money into doing as many events as possible, and to improve as much as possible. So far it’s been a pretty amazing year!” He continues, “I hope I can secure some sponsors for next season so that I can present the car professionally all the time as every penny I have is spent competing in events. This will be the last time the car looks like this as after BDC Knockhill, it’s going to be getting resprayed and rebuilt with a lot of changes in the pipe work.”

This is something that we will most definitely be keeping an eye on …

Paddy McGrath

Brain Egan’s Dealt Width AE86

1984 Toyota AE86 Trueno (Originally Levin)


Honda F20c; TG Intake; 20 Litre Alloy Fuel Cell; Bosch Fuel Pump; Custom Headers; Custom Exhaust; HKS F-Con V-Pro; Mapped by Trackday Performance /;


S2000 Gearbox; Liteace Rear End; 4.7 FD; Custom One Piece Propshaft; Exedy Hyper Single Clutch; Exedy Flywheel;


John Stone Racing Custom Weld-In Cage; Shell Lightened & Seam Welded; Techno Toy Tuning Coilovers; MCNSport Front Control Arms; Custom Tension Rods; Custom Rear Roll Centre Adjuster; Cusco Anti-Roll Bars; Manual Steering Rack; Battle Version Extra Steering Lock Kit; Power Steering Knuckles; Techno Toy Tuning Tie-Rods & Bump Steer Kit;


EBC Grooved Discs; EBC Brake Pads; Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines All Round; OBP Vertical Hydraulic Handbrake;


Front: Work Meister CR01 – 15×8.5 ET+1 / Maxsport RB5-F3 185/55 Soft Compound;
Rear: Work Meister CR01 – 15×9.5 et-25 or SSR MKI – 15×9.5 et-30 / Sagitar 195/50 or Maxsport 195/50; 25mm Bolt-On Spacers;


Bride Fixed Back Driver’s Seat; Custom Seat Rails; Sparco Harnesses; Sparco Steering Wheel; Fibreglass Dashboard Wrapped in Speaker Carpet;


Toyota 205 Black; BN Sports Front Bumper; MCNSport Side Skirts; Standard Rear Bumper with J-Blood Spats; TRD Rear Spoiler; MCNSport Rear Bolt-On Arches; MCNSport Fibreglass Bonnet; Fibreglass Trunk; MCNSport Headlight Covers; D-Max Style Rear Lights; Polycarbonate Windows;


273BHP @ 8,700RPM; 9,100RPM Rev Limit; 190lb/ft; 760KGs;


Dealt Width Crew, Freshfix, WKD Imports, Wez Keating for all the help with transport, storage and lots more this year. Dan Moorhead for most of the maintenance and repair work. Tom Lawler for paint and body preparation. My family who have been massively supportive and MCNSport for sourcing wheels and some aero parts.



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That car is so beat, I love it


Ok, cool car and I'm a fan, but ain't no way that car can be 1675lbs .... Pat Cyr's FD Spec AE86 coupe with full fibreglass body panels weighed in at 2050lbs (929kg) (we had to scale the car for tech inspection).  There's no way his turbo + manifolds and I/C could weigh about 400lbs.  It's cool, just saying, there's hardly anywhere you can cut weight on the AE86 chassis without it being "illegal" for competition purposes.


Is there not meant to be a big weight difference between US & Japanese '86s? I'm sure Brian will be along to answer your question, but his car struck me as particularly, um, sparse - Fibreglass bumper, bonnet, wings, side-skirts, hatch, spoiler, doors with lexan windows, no headlights, no passenger seat, boot floor cut out and replaced with a single piece of sheet metal. It's always going to be difficult to compare cars which fit different regulations too. 
Anyways, I'm just thinking out loud, I left my weighing scales in my other trousers that day :-)


Hey dude, this is my car. I know its a very low figure for an 86. But we weighed it with I think everything on it, maybe missing a bumper and that's what it was, 760kg. D-Macs old N2 spec 86 was in the same bracket (710kg) with the same sort of stuff done though The weight loss on this is pretty massive by the way, which might not come across in the pics. Everything is fibreglass/kevlar, the rear is cut out, and a lot of the front too, a simplistic cage and very little bracing etc. Pats car was also on Bassett racings etc which I had before and are a heavy wheel compared to the CR01s. I'm sure other stuff as well but I'm not 100% on Pats spec? Not arguing dude, just saying what it was on a scales, whether the scales were right or wrong lol, and I'm also not sure on the difference in regs etc?


@Brian Egan Any unlisted mods to the F20C's head or bottom end?  If not, 273 bhp, 190lb/ft are healthy NA numbers for bolt-ons and standalone ems.  Good stuff.  Makes me wish I'd kept my F20C to swap into my daily 86.


No engine is standard as far as I know Glubags (haven't taken it apart to make 100% sure yet) apart from bolt ons. That's at the flywheel on 98 octane with octane booster by the way. Mapper was quite surprised, as was I to be honest!!


@Brian Egan as it was listed as BHP, I assumed it was at the flywheel. ;)  The race gas more than likely explains it along with the breathing aids on such a high compression motor.  Hopefully it won't need to be torn down any time soon!  Love your modification philosophy... pure function.  Beautiful car in that respect, much like the Miata.  Keep it up!


It's cool, just wondering where all the weight went.  Even factoring in the Bassetts, the turbo and manifold and i/'s hard to see where it all went.  Pat had every panel in 2011 ripped out and replaced with thin fibreglass and lexan (the only way a 205 tire car can keep up with some FD monsters is to make 'em light as possible!) But who knows, maybe the scales are off?  LOL, that would be quite the contraversy. (heavier cars can use fatter tires) @Brian Egan


Seems unusually heavy to be honest for that amount of work, unless there's a weight difference between the 2dr and 3dr (after lexan windows in both), or the US 86 is heavier in some areas or something? What was that weighed with, full fuel etc.....he was hardly in it was he ha!! Lol if the scales were off!!!! :-D


Cheers mate, 98 octane is our pump fuel over here, and a bit of octane booster in case I get a bad batch. I'll be in with the top guys like James Deane, Brendan Stone next year, with really big power, so I'd like a bit more myself if possible as I'll be up against it a bit. So maybe a set of ITBs and cams if I can somehow get the money. Will make very little difference, but I miss ITBs from my last 86 and a bit more throttle response and low down torque would help a lot I think.


@Brian Egan I think the weight difference between the domestic and the import 86 is mostly in the bumpers and door bars which have been ripped out in Pat's car... It was weighted with fuel, fluids, bumpers etc... no driver.  If the scales are off, there's definitely an advantage to some of those FD cars! Anyway, hachiroku bros stick together... hope to see you on the circuit! I'm rockin NA F20C in my coupe as well, so I'll be paying close attention!


How much lock does this have? Also didnt ueno's 86 weigh about 760kg back around 2002/3?


@Brian Egan 98 at the pump?!  I need to get back to my Irish roots and move out that way, lol


Actually no wait sorry its 95 Octane now! We had 98 for a while supposedly when it was 5% bioethanol but thats gone now. Sorry!!


That thing is well-worn, as it should be :)

I took this back when Eric made his comeback to Prodrift a couple of years back. Seems to have the same front on it there.


@RyanMurphy Origin front bumper back then dude


@Brian Egan In Germany you can get over 100 at regulary fuel stations ;) 98 is standard on most with 95 being the "basic" gasoline.What's it in the US then (i simply guessed this; sry if i'm wrong)? Don't you have 98 or higher at the pump? What do you do with high-hp-engines? Over here there's a recommendation to use 98 only in cars like V8 Benzes or Porsches ..


@Brian Egan Sry, should have been saying:"only 98 octane in high powered cars but not exclusively to those. and this recommendation comes from the manufacturers themselves.


@Brian Egan Sry, should have been saying:"only 98 octane in high powered cars but not exclusively to those. and this recommendation comes from the manufacturers themselves.


@maxproof I'm in Ireland man. Used to have E5 and E85 I think they were called fuels, which were 5% and 85% bioethanol and much higher RON, but they've stopped selling them in the last year or so. We have no "special" option fuel over here really that you can just buy at the pump. Its all standard, with maybe some with cleaning additives etc. Need to get some German truckers to smuggle some fuel back it seems!! :-D


Shameless plug by the way, but please like our facebook page for pics, vids and reports from the year, and also to see the plans and progress for next year! The support means alot!


@Brian Egan ;) Sry, with being american i meant "Glubags" ... that you're from Ireland i could extract from the article ;) Here we've never had E85. It's always been E5 95 Octane as standard "Super" gasoline. Then there's "Super Plus" with atleast 98 octane and the special unstandardised 100 to 104 Shell-V Power (Racing), ARAL Ultimate etc. Don't know about the Ethanol-part in them though. Guess it's E5 as well. There's actually a huge discussion over here about the introduction of E10 95 octane gas. We've got that for about 3 years now aswell .... yeah. It's actually a bit to much i think....
DieselV-Power DieselSuper 95V-Power 95V-Power Racing 100
... common craziness  at german gas stations.


@maxproof lol sorry its late! Would be awesome if we could get that kind of fuel at the pumps over here, we can buy race fuel in drums obviously but its crazy money. Is the likes of 100 to 104 fuel alot more expensive than standard over there?


@Brian Egan it's about 20cent/l more. which i find quite expensive and especially for road use ...... the ADAC the common automotive club here once tested the 100 octane gases when they first arrived (must have been around ~2000) with different types of cars. Not even a 911 showed an increase in power. Therefore i tend to smile about some sportscar drivers ..... 98 Super Plus actually is just about 5 cent/l more ...


i've been waiting for this feature, i'd go as far as saying my favorite comp 86 currently in competition anywhere, love the style, the sound, and the all or nothing driving style, great stuff guys


This is beautiful, its got shed loads of character as its been left as it should driven as hard as it was designed too. Dare i say it best spolighted car ever on speedhunters?


this post gave me a boner it was awesome!


hi. one question. the work cr01 O disk fit in oem calipers?