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It's normally around this time of year, we would be returning from our adventures in the UAE, after shooting the Dubai 24HRs. However, due to time and budget constraints, the Speedhunters team had to give the event a skip this year. As much as we love the enduro in the desert, it just wasn't possible to fly to Dubai this January.

However all is not lost, as our friends at Crank & Piston have stepped in to cover off the event for us, and kindly agreed to shoot behind the scenes photography for an upcoming Edward Sandström Dubai 24HR blog.

But before we get Edward's Dubai story, we thought to release a set of Crank&Piston desktops of the Dubai 24HR pace car: the Nissan Juke-R. It's a little monster of a cross-over SUV, which merges the mechanicals of the venerable R35 GT-R with the chassis of a Juke. We like it!

Head over to the desktop section to pick up the photos.


The Juke-R at Crank & Piston

2012 Dubai 24H Coverage at Crank & Piston



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If it was a little bit smaller and has only 2 doors it would make a kick-ass rally machine.


looking like its trying to be aggressive! - what's the interior like??


i own a juke...

roughly the same dims as the mini countrymen but better...

handles well..

nissan needs to step it up and enter dakar


We want to see the mechanic!!!! I want to know what it look like under the bonnet fuck the interieur i would be striping it! lol we want to see how the engine sit in there, how it work?! Personnaly i think it's fucking ugly. so it made me want to see the mecanic more but i'm really a "Fonctionnal" guy I want it to work before look! and that look it's fucking ugly dam i didt understand how they will sell those shit. I never see one on the road yet, maybe it,S because the esthetic its there or cause people buy with there eye and it's fucking stupid. thank you I feel better now :)


hey toyota supra man, if it was smaller with 2 doors it would just be a R35 then. its a CROSS-OVER and its perfect how it is


If you think that looks good you need your eyes examined ughhh engineering WIN looks FAIL


Rod thinks he can keep the kids entertained because "they didn't go to Dubai". FYI, you don't have to go to Dubai to make a good blog.

By now 99.9% of car enthusiasts have seen what the Juke-R looks on the outside.

People (myself included) want to see the interior, the cage, the mechanical parts, the drivetrain and how it all works together.

this post is FAIL!


Why so much post? The sky isn't even real. I hate 'photoshoots' like this one.


To be honest the in standard version this car I don't like, but this is another thing very cool! It is a pity that Nissan does not want to let this car into production.


screw the epic ugliness, it's a GT-R with a shorter wheelbase. and lighter, I assume. Which is good, cause I'd spend more time behind the wheel than looking at it!


Subys have four doors this thing would kick ass as a rally car anyway


im digging the GTR wheels


Zou mean like Mini Countryan? :p


Way too much photoshop going on right there. Blehg. Car looks sick however.


Looks so much like an 80's French custom car - all ill-advised angles and difficult add-ons, no flow and little aesthetic cohesion - that it will never win any beauty parades. Uck! Fugly+++


I love this whole thing, great pics of it!


@ ToyotaSupraMan, not being a dick, but did you even read about the build? If not, you should. Also, do you see door handles on the two rear "doors?"


seriously? Did they need fake lens flares in EVERY shot?


i think i found my new dream car!!!!


All you guys talking smack about "the ugly", as if that's a bad thing, need to put down your iPad, and go buy some chest hair implants.

Women should be pretty. Cars, trucks, dogs, guns, and anything else "guy related", should be big & ugly.


nice upgrades to the car, but at the end it's still a juke, and I still don't find it aesthetically.


Looks good blacked out. How about they do a Versa hatchback with the juke motor and drive train.


If Nissan develops a legit Juke SE-R or a Juke Nismo eddition that is lowered and has a few more ponies I'd seriously consider one. The styling I'll admit has rubbed off on me and seeing this shows me the potential the car has.


Very cool car and beautiful pictures


I adore this car, and the 350sr Micra/March, if only Nissan would take note and put out a modern day GTiR. But these 'photos', are absolutely horrid. I wanted a desktop to replace the Lotus 88, and despite my love for the car and what it stands for, I will not be using these. Normally, I try to be nice about someone's work(see: art), but these(see: not art), dear god *shakes head*. Nothing this blatantly shooped, and lens-flared(are you kidding me? Added lens-flare!?) should have been published in print or digitally.


Its just creative engineering ignorant fools! All u people with no sense shouldn't be in to cars go and take the f***in bus.


You sound just as ignorant or even more ignorant as the statement you just wrote. I don't think any one with creative engineering talent as these builder have would be able to do what they did with the Juke. That took a lot of skill which you clearly don't have to do what these guys did. So you need to "GO RIDE THE BUS" cause you are the ignorant one and don't forget your helmet.