Chances are you’ve seen our video of Ken Gushi cheekily drifting the Scion FR-S at Sodegaura Forest Raceway (if you live under a rock you can catch up here). As Ken was the first to drift the FR-S, we thought you’d be interested in hearing his feedback on its characteristics. A big thanks to filmmaker Luke Huxham for putting together this video!

– Charles Kha

Video by Luke Huxham

Maiham Media

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Yeah, but it's Ken the wet . I would like to see this car pull the same moves in the dry with 200hp. The car looks great but I am disappointed with its output. Unless the price is fair, this won't be much competition for the likes of the Genesis Coupe.


Well done "Innocent bystander" you completely missed the point of this car.


id really like to hear a review from an unbiased source vs the 'factory scion racing drift driver"


I am really glad the car is as is, at least, could be much worse.

The power is just right for the weight.

Hyundai is 400kg heavier btw.

5 that weighs 600 more lbs than the fr-s....and it's a Hyundai....not a threat or competition to the scion....useless argument.....


i like everything about the car and its concept but the rear lights are a complete disaster compared to the concept rear lights. those were things of beauty. these new rear lights look like they belong on a scion for sure. sheesh



did you know average ae86 drift corollas hover aroud 90-110whp?

toyota's/subaru's focus is out of the "competitions" league. which is why it's blowing everyone's mind, and keeping the hp on the lower end of the scale is a big factor behind it. the brz will offer a turbo model later on as well.


fuck my bad credit!!


Drifting with 200 hp in the dry isn't that bad at all. You just gotta drive the crap out of it, just like you would to keep an AE86 sideways (maybe do a bit of manji on the straights), not to mention carry a lot more speed into the corners for extra momentum. I'm a bit disappointed with drifting now because it's all about relying on high horsepower to create smoke and crazy angles, and not so much about the techniques and the speed of the drift. I mean, it's almost like a glorified and enlarged donut if you think about it (relying on power), vs relying on other vehicle dynamics such as weight transfer and momentum to keep the car sliding. I personally think low angle, high speed drifts, sometimes with zero counter steer (4 wheel drift I guess) are the most impressive drifts. With a low powered car, you could always drift as long as you don't slap on super grippy wide tires and still expect it to drift with all the flashy smoke and angles.


I will be impressed upon it's release when I can actually test drive it and give it my personal opinion, other than that looking forward to seeing KG getting it sideways @ Formula D.


"Hi fellas I am Ken Gushi and I am a professional drifter. Part of my job is to convince you, to buy the FR-S even though you haven't driven it yet, but just trust me, it's a blast to drive, and all I want you to do is go to your local Scion dealer and put down a deposit on the car, you will thank me later."

Great marketing !


@sofried, there have been a few "First Impressions" written about it:


ken gushi probably got paid to say all of that....


@Sameul Jih

Well said man, well said.


This car has been reviewed and praised by nearly every American auto publication and people STILL hate. Gotta love the Internet and armchair cynicism...