Well, it’s a reality now. In the space of twenty two weeks, Nissan UK will build a one-off Nissan Juke-R combining their crossover with an R35 GT-R. Looking at the video above, they certainly aren’t doing things by halves and are in the capable hands of RML in the UK. I’m quite looking forward to the final result. This is the same company who brought us a mid-engined 350Z powered Micra (The Micra 350SR) so they have a bit of wild streak for building fun and outside the box project cars.

Paddy McGrath

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daym! thought it was some sort of joke at the first place...not into one-off concept but definitely lookin forwards to this one!!! XD


I promise to never doubt you ever again Paddy! :)


That was Great Build... RoooaaRR!!


Juke really lacked lots of power, proper AWD system and reliability, this is really nice!! haha :)


Now that's a build!


Just cant wait for the next update :) Would be a real fun car to drive i think if not hysterical...


This one off should be interesting indeed. Too bad so many people will think that Nissan will start mass producing super jukes now.

(sighs and shakes head...)


outstanding... thats the out of the box thinking that nissan is known for. funny how it went from a concept on paper and in 3 weeks to an actually shop build.. Cough.. toyota FT-86....


Looks like they were serious after all, will def be looking forward to this one.


This would make an awesome rally car!


This is beyond awesome on many levels.


They need to put this ish into production.


why the hell, it's not lighter, or sexier, it's just kinda ironic. I guess big tuning companies are like stoned 14 year old boys, except they can piss money and time into some thing that is out side the box for a many good reason. Plus it's not really the jute platform if you cut off half the unibody and use the left over sheet metal to cover the full roll cage. More like a slow awd NASCAR.

Hey lets get a spot light on all the v8 rwd ford Taurus' they are building so sick.......FML. :(