News>> Fredric Aasbo Wins Gatebil Breisladd Drift Competition

Yesterday saw the Gatebil crowds treated to the ‘Breisladd’¨drift competition. A relatively laid-back affair; the competition is based on solo runs, similar to how MSC does things in Japan. Judging is entirely based on audience response -please the crowds and you’ll get yourself a result.

And that is just what Fredric Aasbo did! There were some challengers aiming to take his crown as the King of Gatebil, but for now he still remains the man to beat!

More to follow.




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Wallpapers from Gatebill please? Especially of Fredric and the TNFS Euro Supra. ;)


I really think Aasbo is going to be a champion soon enough in multiple drift associations. I think he'll have just as much success as Tanner Faust.


He won, but he didnt do the best runs. Corrupted!! And we all saw it. Was embarrased on behalf of the jury.


to win in FD, he will need to boost his Scion. not enough hp to compete against v8 of 700 hp, get the supra back!


wow I think I see some empty space on his windshield he needs to put a sticker their asap


His Scion IS boosted. But if you start a project tuning an engine that has never been tuned before by anyone, you don't get much R&D out of grenading the engine at 10 000 rpm and running 60 psi, because all the collateral damage makes it impossible to trace the problem. Hence, they start out low... it will be better.


Seeing Fredric again at the Gatebil festival, I honestly think that he looks way more satisified and confident in the Supra than the tC. I believe the Scion still needs a bit tweaking to get out Mr. Aasbø's full potential!


nfs oyunu çok güzel.oynamayi çok seviyorum herkes oynasin. saflar oynamaasiin


the amount of sponser stickers on the window is just dangerous !!! lmao


that's cooool pic!!!