Car Spotlight>> Carbon-clad R35 Gt-r

Reader Luke Terbeeke sent us these photos he snapped of this rather impressive R35 GT-R. Heavily modified, this R35 has evolved into a carbon-clad circuit weapon, which Luke discovered circling Mallala Motor Sport Park in South Australia.

Luke advised that the owner of this stunning GT-R is Sebastian Lip, who entrusted R35 specialists Willall Racing to build the vehicle.

This particular R35 features a host of aftermarket components to improve the performance, handling and braking. Under the hood, the VR38 has upgraded Willall WR35TT turbochargers which feature larger compressor wheels. Engine management is via the popular Cobb system, with an HKS boost controller and knock sensor. The fuel system comprises of Willall twin pumps, a surge tank and DeatschWerks 950cc fuel injectors.

As the vehicle is used for circuit racing, Sebastian's R35 features a Willall Racing transmission cooler, front and rear diff coolers and AAM Competition oil cooler. These are further cooled down via their misting system, which sprays water onto the cores.

The R35's transmission has been beefed up with a 1st gear replacement from PPGearbox, with Willall fitting 14-plate composite clutch packs. The composite materials are said to increase torque transfer by 30%.

Several of the R35's panels have been swapped in favour of carbon alternatives. These include the hood, trunk lid and front fenders.

The GT-R's cornering abilities have been improved with Penske coilovers and Willall camber arms, while the brake calipers now clamp onto rather expensive carbon ceramic rotors. Interestingly, the R35 features further water cooling – this time for the brakes. Electronically-controlled jets automatically inject a spray of water into the centre of the rotor under hard use, apparently reducing temperatures by up to 200deg F.

- Charles Kha

Photos by Luke Terbeeke

Willall Racing



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I cant see any photos??


Electronically-controlled water jets? Sounds dangerous... Cool build non the less


It's July 7th, where's the rotary content?


thats a sick build!


cool water on red hot ceramic brakes sounds expensive, but not the first time i've heard of it so I guess it works. Wonder what it does to rotor life-span though...

anyone know if this is coming to WTAC? would certainly fit in...


When you take something like an R35 GTR and step it up this much ... you end up with something pretty awesome.


That's surely some serious cash thrown on that R35...


I think I just jizzed in my pants.. This is sick, beyond UGR Lambos/Bugattis and anything else..


WOW! The guy who took those photos is freaking awesome! and the cars not too bad either...i reckon you guys need another staff member....


Is that wing one of those that adjust while driving?


I thought carbon ceramic brakes worked best under high heat...why would he try to cool the rotors with water??


Go you South Aussie! Incredible stuff there.

Do we have a lap time for Mallala?


i cnt see any photos either


Subaru used watercooled calipers in their rally cars.... the owner of this car is going a wonderful route. He's focusing on what I would if I had a R35 and wanted to track it.. that's for sure. Cooling and protection of components is paramount on any car and with an R35 I would be even more concerned. Excellent build!


what a beast!


luke terbeeke for speedhunters !


Seb's GTR is currently clocking low 1.12's around Mallala although his sights are set on going a lot quicker than that. I was lucky enough to spend three days co-driving in this car on closed roads and did about 70km behind the wheel, and I can certainly testify that it is the complete animal its spec list suggests!