Yesterday’s Silverstone GT1 race served witness to one of the strangest racing accidents in the history of GT Racing. It seems like Aston Martin driver Stefan Mücke, saw a deep form of the colour red after being spun out by JRM driver Richard Westbrook and decided to take justice into his own hands.

Watch the video and you’ll see him pull (what appears to be) a flying run at the GT-R, taking off a wheel off the Nissan, but then losing control and severely wrecking his own Aston Martin. The impact was so extreme that the engine was dislodged from the chassis! Someone has a bit of a temper issue perhaps?

I’m hearing that Mücke is under threat of having his race license revoked over the incident. Do you agree with this?

BTW you’ve heard us raving about just how good the FIA GT3 European Championship is, and this clip proves it… Press play to check out some of the heated GT3 battles that raged at Silverstone this past weekend…. all in good spirit mind you!


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Hell yes that dude's license should be revoked, regardless of him intending to actually hit the GT-R or not.


he definitely meant to do that, he should be slapped with a huge huuuge fine or have his license suspended for the season. That is just not cool, someone could have gotten seriously hurt. I can understand being angry but then just beat him in pole position not bash up his car and wreck your own car in a revenge move.


I wonder what he was gesturing at the Nissan driver. The gt3 racing is similar to the BTCC, but the BTCC is better in my opion


He needs to have his pro license revoked for good not just the season !!! He was the one who messed up. The GTR had the line in the corner to start with and he dove in on it.


I'm afraid GT1 champ is going to die soon,that race was like a big stupid joke. Time to make big changes and attract famous pilots. T


That guy just went raging all of a sudden and didnt think about not only anyone's safety, but most importantly he didn't give a fock about the team car he intended to break while been out of control with a racecar from other team. Not mentioning he could wreck other cars on track..

So who will allow him to drive his race car now? Circuit racing is all about cool and concentration and he just showed he is not suited for it. And why? Only cause he didnt lock the gate in the corner and got what he deserved for it.

Hope he is banned.

The second video is really great, so intense, I couldn't agree more it's a really plesent thing to watch!)



He should be fired as well. How much did that just cost the team? Damage to the car and their reputation.


First contact is a racing incident, GTR on the inside takes a little too much curb comes in a little hot but the DB9 turns into him. The second though is outrageous! I'm a little bias, good day out racing though!


I dont believe it needs to be revoked, but a suspension is in order, i have seen much worse in more premier series with out action being taken though!


I cannot get if he actually meant to contact the GT-R but it sure like he did... I don't think he expected to be thrown of the track as a consequence though...

Anyway, looking at the contact the caused all this and being it so minor and really, to my eyes, a normal race battle contact, there is nothing in the world that could justify this behaviour. As a team manager I would be pissed!

That sort of behaviour doesn't belong to the race track so he should be banned from racing.


Unbelievable, looked like he was deliberately aiming to take the front end off the GT-R on the flyby. Good way to end your motor racing career.


I can understand his anger, that hit before wasn't really accidental by the look of it, but doubt that his purpuse was to spin the Aston.

Then when the aston driver just ran into the nissan for no reason (than his anger) and wrecking both cars...

That, in my opinion deserves a harsh punishment, perhaps not getting his licence revoked, but expelling him from the series maybe?


I agree, that was an attempt to take out the driver and car but backfired. There is no room for that childish stuff on the track, take his license.


World racing championships have no room for such temper issues. When you drive for a race team, you're a driver they hired to represent the team and place the car in the best position you can. Kamikadze attacks, childish fits and else such unprofessional behaviour needs penalized, of course! For an obvious attack like that, yes, it's obviously justified that he loses his license. Even if that was a privateer driving his own car, he should still be banned. Safety equipment on tracks is geared to protect drivers in likely crash scenarios - in corners. Doing something so obnoxiously stupid on a straight where noone would _expect_ a crash meant putting both himself and Westbrook in actual risk of severe injury. Malicious behaviour has no place on the circuit. Looking forward to a harsh verdict on this. Let's see him go to NASCAR where proper drivers go to wither and die, maybe there his temper will finally pay off for him.

P.S. FIA should ban their golden boy Hamilton from the tracks while they're at it. Keep motorsports clean!


He not only put's himself and Richard Westbrook at enormous risk of injury, but could also have involved Marshall's and Spectators. The ensuing on track debris could have impacted on other race entries results, he's cost his team (and that of the JRM) a substantial sum of money, probably embarassed the sponsors, let alone his team.

Mucke's co-driver in a post incident interview complained that they had been tagged by the Nissan several times, I believe, both at Silverstone and at previous rounds

This sort of hooliganism has no place outside Hollywood, and Mucke should lose his licence and pay a substatial fine.


ooh.. i think when we weigh up what happened against what could have happened, he needs to be dealt with quite severely.. i think:- very heavy fine for Team & Driver, points deduction and a 3 season ban should send a message out that this type of action can not stand.


I don't think that second incident looks intentional; at the very least, we'd need more video of the second hit before deciding. Mucke was all set up to pass the GTR, just positioned a little too close and tapped with the left rear. Why would even an angry driver opt to hit someone rather than take such an easy pass?


It's crazy to see that in real. You'd see a replay of a race FM3 sabotaged by a player who takes revenge after a bad track or a lack of attention to the position of other racers.

For the battle in GT3 European Championship was phenomenal !!


Blimey aggressive driving due to the red mist is one thing, purposefully attacking another car on track is plain stupid!

If his license isn't pulled he defiantly needs to be put into a very strict no contact series.


@Everyone blaming the Aston driver: Look at the footage again. The first incident is the Gtr's fault, The driver blatantly braked late and hit the Aston which was driving a proper racing line. The second incident wasn't caused on purpose - Take another look at the in-car footage and take note of the Aston driver taking his hand off the wheel to make a fist or pull the finger, and NOT turning into the Gtr. That being said, it was his fault, and he should be punished accordingly (Idk what the rule is, but something along the lines of dangerous driving), but not at having purposefully caused a crash.


One of THE BEST More Recent GT Races I've seen thus far. Great Coverage!!! GO Team NFS


The Young Driver GT1 Racing Team is my favourite racing team, but honestly that was the most un-professional thing I have ever seen someone do in racing history. I don't think he should have his racing licence revoked but I do think he should be suspended for a while.


Stefan Mücke is too dangerous and crazy go kick him !

Richard Westbrook is fairplay and he wait the Aston Martin...


GT1 is a joke, I do not understand why you continue to support this when you dont show enough ILMC, Le Mans or ALMS.... call your self relevant? Driving standards are very low, not just this instance.

Looking forward to your Le Mans coverage, excellent last year. Come on, get the Scruitneering posts up :) :) :)


Revoke it. That kind of retaliation is completely uncalled for.


Ban him for sure and for good! You can protest to stewards in racing and that's what their there for! Regardless of intention he drove way too close and too quick to a broken car, which is just stupid! Looks like he went into Becketts a little too quick missing the apex which put him wide for Chapel, he should've seen it I know I would!!


i do the same thing in shift 2 lol. but in actual real life, yea this type of actions are unacceptable and should be punished severely. he could of extremely injured the other driver or even killed him.


That entire GT1 race I felt like I was just waiting for the next incident. I've seriously seen demolition derbys with less deliberate contact than that lamesauce.


i love how the merc drifts out of the loop every lap


Hopefully he'll get banned, but he'll probably only get suspended. But if you were a team owner in anything other than demolition derby, would you employ him after that? He's going to find it real tough to find a drive after that.


He needs punishing for negligence definitely, but it was obviously unintentional and both drivers involved have come out and said so after the race. A ban is too harsh as his actions will cause him enough trouble on their own.


Rod you should be embarassed to post something so inflammatory without doing some research first.


Westbrook was at fault to start with - he was never going to make that pass work and should have backed off instead of causing an avoidable accident. Mucke's reaction to it was stupid though, nobody should ever be paying more attention to giving someone the wanker sign than staying in control of their car, and he's paid the price now by destroying his car and becoming the centre of attention for the wrong reasons.


It looks like the "gesture" was on purpose, but I don't think he really meant to run the bastard into the wall. My guess is that he wanted to get closer but misjudged the distance and WHAM-BAM-THANK-YOU-MA'AM, two cars go off the road into a wall.


Don't think he hit him on purpose, just give him a scare and either shake his fist or pull the finger at him through the window and then fucked up. Still, definitely worthy of license revoke for the season. I enjoyed the GTR driver shaking a finger at him after the second incident :D


I'm not condoning what Mucke did, it's stupid and highly dangerous, he should be reprimanded. BUT, Mucke does have an unfortunate history of copping the thin end of the wedge in this series. There's been a lot of times him (and other decent drivers in this series) have been spun out or had their race ruined by barely qualified drivers trying ridiculous overtaking moves that are never going to work. Many of these GT1 drivers seem to have just paid their way into a position, and should be left driving bumper cars or something. Again, not condoning what Mucke did, but the Westbrook move was never, ever going to work - it wasn't an overtaking corner.

So yes, Mucke should be reprimanded heavily. But the driving standards in GT1 also need to be looked in to, because they're fucking ridiculous.

*waits for the hordes of Nissan fanboys to blindly defend the GTR*


`Wow, what an idiot! He should def be fired form the team! And have his racing license revoked!!


Westbrook turned into the Aston when it was coming past after the first collision. He rammed the Aston a second time. Nissan Skyline drivers are a-holes. The only bigger a-holes are Camaro drivers.


Deliberately hitting someone at that speed ... at the least he should be suspended for several races. Not that I think it will matter, if I owned the team I'd be booting him so hard he wouldn't need an airfare home. To cause that much damage just for being spun out, throwing away a race ... it is at best grossly immature.

P.S. Go Sumo Power!


Driving like that he shouldn't have ANY license!!! What an idiot.


I couldnt beleive it when I saw it! I don't beleive he meant to do that much damage.

Big fine and 3 month suspension will be enough. Then back to racing and thats if his team wants him


The GTR clearly dove into that corner and his experience just ran out... The Aston sure didn't give him any room though, but then again how can you when your on the edge like that lap after lap... I can completely understand the Aston's drivers frustration though, and I am always a big fan of retaliation but he did go a little too far... My opinion is that if you choose to dish out some well deserved retaliation it had better be EQUAL... Spin him, but don't total his and your car in the process....


The driver Mücke from Aston is stupid. I heard, he must start by the next races 10 places back in the grid. its a joke...... you cab see Mücke now in Le Mans, attention....


What I think happened is that he just meant to buzz by the other car really close and gesture something. But, when he took one hand off the wheel, he hit a bump or dip and the car veered in one direction, leaving him with only one arm to try and correct it (which he evidently couldn't manage). But regardless of whether or not it was an accident, he shouldn't have been flying by a foot away from a car in the first place. Bannination is in order for sure.


Two words : Cole Trickle.


More GTR drivers should have the opportunity to walk and think about why they aren't driving. Then they might not display such poor judgment in when they can and can not successfully pass.


Give him some time off to think about how he could have killed someone because he felt he was unfairly treated in a race.


Can i download all these races somewhere? Didn't get to watch them live. :(


racing is NOT a game

Mucke needs to have his license revoked immediately.

He is lucky that they were not around other cars and that the track had run-off area there. If this incident happened at another circuit, the results could have been deadly.

If the FIA doesn't do something, the other drivers should protest and refuse to run.

This is no different then when Enge went nuts in the ALMS a few years back.


That's some wonderful racing right there! Those weren't battles, that was war!


Looks like someone missed their Bratwurst in the morning ..... lol. Jokes aside, wee bit dangerous to be doing that kid of shit.


Talk about bad sportsmanship. That was uncalled for.


It’s been a couple of days since the chequered flag dropped on what was a truly incredible weekend


he deserves to get punished somehow but i think revoking his license would be too extreme. Maybe a suspension


to think, all would have been well if mucke wasnt such a tard not being able to accept that his car was lagging and the GTR was on the inside in the 1st incident ..would have loved to see their ensuing battle