Guest Blog:egil Haskjold>>the Gatebil Experience

It is time for the first event of the year in the fantastic world of Gatebil! The event is held at Vålerbanen, a nice full throttle track with many high speed corners. This means many interesting moments!

This event is where all the effort during the winter months doing mods and new car builds have the chance to really stretch their throttle bodies wide open!

Shown here with SS performance and their new BMW E46 M3 GTR V10-powered.

Gatebil is for me is two events. One on the track and one in the pits.

On the track it is just raw and fantastic in a strange way. For us that photograph this event, it's just epic being passed by screaming insane cars just three feet away.

At Gatebil there is non stop car action…

For the track action there are 3 classes, "normal" ( if you can call them that) streetcars with license plates…

Extreme/time attack cars…

…and the pure drift cars.

Even the pit quads have got the Gatebil treatment! Hella Flush!

The pits are just a fantastic place to walk around!

There is a magical atmosphere there, you can walk around and talk to drivers and look and ask. People are very friendly and open.

We have may drivers that have become synonymous with Gatebil here represented by the famous Alm Brothers. What they do with an Audi is just incredible, watch out for a Alm special here on SH. In the photo (Kenneth Alm) White A4 smoking.

Flemming is doing some last checks before track time..

Representing the time attack we have here Mr (KRB) Kai Roger Bakken with his amazingly built Audi S1 replica. I call it the Audi KRB. Nothing like it in the world.

GS Bildeler are also a regular name at Gatebil with their gorgeous looking and insane sounding BMW E92 M3 ESS with driver Stian Sørlie at the wheel.

We have started to get many famous drift cars here in Norway. This car does not need any more introduction.

And team Dirftmonkey here represented by Tor Anders Ringnes showing some nice angle.

If Fredric Aasbø reads this, i think this photo will give him some emotions.. Enough said. That is his and his GF´s pit bike.

It is not easy to get an event like this into a small guest blog, but i hope that i have got out some of the atmosphere here at Gatebil.

The next event is in Sweden at Mantorp Park in June.

Thank you for reading!

-Egil Håskjold



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That audi quattro is insane! How much wing do you need?


Well done Egil :)


Awsome pictures and write up


wow! love the Capri in the last shot.. the Audi replica does look insane with spoiler overkill.


Spoiler overkill? KRB has something like 900+ hp in a thing that barely tips the scales at 2000lbs... It's a matter of how much downforce you need to stay on track. :)


More info on the Audi KRB thing please!


That KRB car is mind blowing.


Excellent post. Can't wait for more from Sweden.


3rd last blog image of the KRB Audi backshot. EPIC WALL PAPER!!! Please bless us with it!!!!


Nice writeup!

I will be attending both Mantorp and Rudskogen in July!

Can't wait! :)


Can't wait to attend in July!!!!!!!!!!!


Great article and pics, will have to drop in and check out Gatebil if Im ever in that part of the world. Sounds like a great day out for everyone.

Can we please have a spotlight on the Audi KRB please? That is one insane Audi.


Well done Egil :)


can we have a spotlight on the quattro


There needs to be a feature on the KRB Audi!


desktops for the yellow and red 2JZ PLEASE? supras doin work. also the do-luck kit seems really popular over there


Awesome pics and write-up, Egil! Wasn't exactly expecting anything less than what's been delivered by you before - well caught moments! Maybe we'll speak at Mantorp or Rudskogen ;)


This actually one of my favorite post. And I dont know why. I think its like when you have a little sister that is always around, and when she is not you worry and wish she was near you. This was a much needed post


Am I right in thinking there was/is a Gatebil on ice? I was in Lillehamer a few years back and went an saw a car show where they had an ice track!


Kai Roger Bakken (S1 replica ) run with no front spoiler on mantop last year, at the end of the long straight the car litterlarly took off in front and he had no front end grip, hope that put things in perspective :) search for it on youtube and you will find a lot of footage. here are some build photos:


This Obviously calls for a spotlight on the A4, KRB and the Capri~!!


The KRB-Audi is 1000hp+ and around 1000kg so the big wing is needed. Kevin: Your right about the Gatebil On Ice, it's like the same but all on ice :)


Fantastic photos, very nice write up Egil!!


Who's car is the green S15? If you're thinking Kazama, I think you're wrong. It went from gold (Miki, Top Secret), to green (Kazama, Kei Office), to blue (Kazama, m.o.v.e), to red (Imamura, Boss) and finally to black (Imamura, M7).

I think it still is in Imamura's capable hands, but I could be wrong and that it has been sold to Norway and repainted.


Those Audis are raw. We need some more on them all.


If the Kazama S15 really got to Norway then the owners really pissed on Kei Office's work and messed up the front and especially the rear wheel setup! Just my opinion, if I'd have a car like that I wouldn't ruin it that way...


That KRB Audi is awesome. A quick google suggests over 1050bhp!

The white wide-body S2 is awesome too, looks like on of the VS Motor demo cars.


A feature on the S1 is needed.


Jarod, the norwegian ppl cant wait to hear you seeeend it in the pits :)

KRB is running 800 whp and the wings are needed.

Egil, do you ahve any pics of the TS Racing S3 ?


Quote mike: "Who's car is the green S15? If you're thinking Kazama, I think you're wrong. It went from gold (Miki, Top Secret), to green (Kazama, Kei Office), to blue (Kazama, m.o.v.e), to red (Imamura, Boss) and finally to black (Imamura, M7).

I think it still is in Imamura's capable hands, but I could be wrong and that it has been sold to Norway and repainted."

This was Kazama's secondary or third car, although driven on suzuka 2006, got stickers to prove it won 2 events in d1 :)


Awesome photography, Egil!! I'm loving the super crisp pan shots. And thanks fro sharing the pic of the bike... She painted and modded it herself and I was not too sure how it came out, haha! :D


yo dawg! we heard you like putting wings on your audi. so we put a wing on top of a wing, on top of a wing.