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I never really got the whole Volkswagen / Euro scene for quite some many years. Raised in a family where I was taught the principle of form follows function, these low and slow cars never made a whole lot of sense to me. It was actually during my first visit to a VW orientated show last year (Edition38) that I had my eyes opened for the very first time. It seems pretty obvious now but at the time, I just couldn't grasp the concept of airbags, oversized wheels and hugely expensive interior rebuilds and trims. Walking around the show area at Edition, it finally clicked with me : these cars look damn good. Okay, lowered car and BBS wheels on a VW is hardly the most original modification but you can't disagree that it doesn't look good when done right. 

These are just the starting out and basic modfications because once you get bit by the bug, there is no turning back …

… and I have been bit. 

The inaugural Dubshed show took place last year in The King's Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland. For 2011, the organisers hoped to expand the show and attract more exhibitors.

Stopping for a break around three quarters of the way into the journey, I accidentally stumbled upon a gathering of VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) enthusiasts who were getting ready to convoy to Dubshed.

Although still an hour away, the last section of the drive was at least entertaining as the convoy joined up with others to form a parade of cars to descend upon Belfast.

When it wasn't foggy, there was some pretty impressive scenery to enjoy. This MKIV GTI lead the way for a bit before the convoy swapped around.

Arriving at the service station outside the show, I met this Bora on Mercedes Alphard wheels. 

The same car parked up at the show. 

MKV Golf on painted BBS RS wheels looked great in the sunshine.

This Jetta on 997 Turbo style wheels with a static drop looked sweet.

Although primarily a VW show by name, the show was open to other cars which fell under the VAG banner. I wonder what Rod thinks of this sticker print badge and surround ?

MKIII GTI on painted green rims (with yellow painted rims on the other side)

More Alphard action on this MKV GTI.

Another popular car at the show was the Seat Leon, this particular one sitting low on BBS LM wheels.

The Golf in the opening shot with BBS Impuls.

Polo 6N looking mean on BBS RS and a GTI style grill.

The atmosphere inside the sheds was pretty cool, never been to or seen a show quite like it before.

Skoda Fabia RS on BBS RS wheels looked good.

Lexus OEM SC430 wheels on a MKV Golf.

Parked alongside it was this bagged MKV on Mercedes Benz wheels …

… and it was mega low. To be honest, I can see the point in airbags now where I couldn't before. They make perfect sense if you want ultra low and still retain the ability to actually move your car.

This Jetta on superlight wheels achieved its drop with a traditional static drop.

More in the next post …


Paddy McGrath



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you gotta love the variety of themes and styles that the Dub fraternity bring to the modified car scene.. across the world the attention to detail and sometimes even very small [but noticable] styling cues are always well thought out! the boys in Belfast held there own - well done - thanks for the pics.. nice to see a fellow stablemate in the fine form of a Skoda Fabia RS 'rocking' some classic BBS RS. - sweet


Agh, meant Leon not Ibiza, will change it tomorrow!


The Ibiza seems more a Seat Leon...


Great write up paddy. BTW, the 'reversed LM's' are actually BBS Impul, a set of wheels that were made with Japan.


Some nice dubs- mine was a 71 beetle with turbo subaru Flew like the wind when i could keep it cool


nice gotta love that mk3 on green rims looks sick


Hi, awesome Vag's, the SEAT in the pic isn't an Ibiza, ti's a Leon.


That seat is not an ibiza but a seat LEON.

nice one even though


just a note, the RED Golf on the opening shot is actually riding on a set of pretty rare BBS IMPUL, not reversed LM.


That's a Seat Leon, not an Ibiza!


I spotted a corrado. more pics with corrados, please... even in europe they are a rare sight


Nice looking Caddy in the first shots...


somehow the red jetta on 997 wheels works for me,,,,


Wanna see more pics of your van Paddy! Looks sweet!


VAG does not equal VW Audi Group. It means Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, usually abbreviated to Volkswagen AG, or VAG. Fact check!


Great write-up. Loved the silver mk5 on polished benz rims.

BTW thats a Polo 6N2, which is a facelifted version of the 6N. Not important but I thought i'd let you know.

Thanks for the coverage!


VAG = volkswagen auto group..not audi


deffo get pics of the car limbo up! and jon pedens ultra low porshe!


The painted BBS mesh wheel style is killer...too cool!


A diesel Caddy with a NBR sticker on it? Really? Wow.


nice picture


Cheers Nikhil thats my wee Mk3 Beast :)


The best sticker on the Caddy has to be Ped..., uh, I mean, Happy Running Bear. Yeah, panel van, with its only window tinted. Happy Running Bear.


Awesome pictures!!!! Such depth and colours to the pictures. Hope you all had a great day guys :)


Awesome pictures!!!! Such depth and colours to the pictures. Hope you all had a great day guys :)


I want more photos of the Grey Seat Leon on Porsche Wheels, photo #17. Please, if you can.