News>> Smoky Nagata Heads To Texas Mile

You’ve read the headline right. After conquering so many different countries, Smoky Nagata will be heading to the United States for the Texas Mile (March 25-27) with his infamous V12 supra and hopefully blast his way into the history books once again.

The car is currently being prepped for shipment out to the States in the next few days. Seeing how the car currently set up for top speed (about 260 MPH), Smoky and his team are in the process setting the car up for standing mile runs. It’s looking to get a set of smaller turbos and also the addition of a parachute.

Smoky will tune the car when he comes stateside.

Smoky will also be in attendance at Import Reactor (you can view last year’s coverage here) a week prior to Texas Mile. Import Reactor is an automotive festival, which is organized by John Leigh, and runs in conjunction with the Houston anime convention, Anime Matsuri.

There, Smoky will meet with fans and hold a special panel which convention and festival participants can attend.

The days leading up to the Texas Mile, Smoky will be tuning cars at Power Fab Automotive, as well as his V12 Supra and also a stateside built Top Secret GTR, which is currently being built by Power Fab. The GTR, which will be white, will also be running the Texas mile and have all the parts that the gold GTR has in Japan, with the exception of the Top Secret turbo kit.

Smoky will be tuning the GTR with his PROcess tuning. He’s calculated that a stock GTR with tuning can do 210 MPH in a mile.

We can’t wait to see how both the V12 Supra and the GTR will do at the Texas Mile with Smoky behind the wheel.

Speedhunters will be in attendance at both Import Reactor and the Texas Mile for coverage.


Import Reactor

Texas Mile

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this guy is a living legend


I'm excited to see you out in TX again, Linhberg. It will be an entertaining week with all the neat stuff John is bringing to the table with IR this year!


Does Smoky only appear in black and white?

There's like no picture of him in color...ever.

What's the deeeeeelio?


damn wish i was back in town when he comes to texas. Smokey tuned a friend of mine car and it ran great. more power throughout the band but you could really tell the difference in the mid range.


Wow, this Import Reactor event must be a weeabbo's wet dream. I mean, there's japanese cars and japanese cartoons, what's not to like?

P.S.: Twenty bucks says some stupid otaku will ask Smoky if he has a relative named Yuki.




Hey, can anyone tell me what happened to the Top Secret website?


This is what we are talking about :D


and all you hellaflush zombies thought smokey was going to some stupid car show



Do they make a Hall of Fame for Tuning? Cuz Smoky deserves it! Its so mind blowing how such a great mind as his can take an amazing car, and turn it into somthing beyond comprehension. Smoky and TOP SECRET Good Luck!


Can we expect a high speed run on a texan highway too :P ?

Pity im in Aus, each time I've been to top secret, i still havent seen the v12 supra.. its the ONE car i want to shoot so so bad.


260mph top speed??? did they top 400km/h sometime after the Nardo run? thought it maxed out at 220mph..


Sweet! Shame I live in Cali, else I would try to go to see Smokey in Person. I wonder if Smokey is going to change anything else besides the turbos and parachute addition...


this keeps getting better and better i cant wait last year was amazing but this year tops it off! cant wait to see the v12 run!!


Good luck at the Texas Mile Smoky!! Can't wait to see the coverage.


The photo of Smoky is the best. One of the hardest working man out there. His hands show it.


is this going to be during TX2k11??


i wish i was able to have my car tuned by smokey stateside.


The best of luck to the man!


Really it is about time this happened. It will be amazing to see him run


I cannot wait for this!!!


This is the biggest thing I've heard yet!!! Hope to see some of the Speed Hunters crew there!!!!




OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo there, thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Im so gonna fucking be there!!!!


did you type this in two minutes or something? lol


Wow this is awesome. I can't wait to see what the legendary v12 supra can do.


Wow! I'm hoping there will be some vids of this later on!

And hopefully he wont have a flat at 300kmh like Daijiro had!


is the white v35 behind the supra the v8 twin turbo all wheel drive smokey made a few years back before the gtr dropped


Nagata san missed his goal by a great length at Nardo few years ago (trying to reach 400 km/h).

I think the car is capable of reaching Smoky's goal. (power, final gear ratio and aerodynamic), however if I were Smoky, I would change the wheels with something lighter and remove the side Ganador mirror to help the Supra cut thru the wind easier.

Good luck to him and his team.


It's been a little more than a week since I was in Japan. My head is still trying to process I've


This guy's a wangan God ! Would love to travel to Texas, just to see him and that smokin V12 Supra !


Oh, this is awesome.


Still don't believe this car can do 260, even if dropped from the space shuttle I doubt it. But hey it is probably pretty fast anyway. Maybe it will do 260 in a computer game. Hopefully Nagata-san proves me wrong.


I have feeling this car is going to get owned by the big single supras, TT vipers, TT GTs, and TT lambos etc..


tell him to bring the V35 GTR too!!!!!


good luck at the mile and be safe.



Just awesome, can't wait to see all the Texas mile coverage!


I'm looking forward to this.


be cool to see this go up against the twins turbo viper


MashAllah!!!! Wish you best of luck Smokey!


Awesome portrait, thanks.


why not bonneville as well?


What a fag...There's only one Smokey. His last name is Yunick. Try again Japan!


Show 'em what japannese super cars can do Smoky!!!!!


Smoky ftw. Excited to see coverage of the Top Secret cars.


I have a lot of respect for the man, but that V12 Supra is not set up to be competitive in a standing mile like the Texas Mile. Maybe he's out there just to break 200 this time.