Car Spotlight >> Yoshioka’s 4-rotor D1 Rx-7

On top of Kumakubo's 1000 HP Laurel, this 4-rotor FD is the most anticipated car in D1 this year. But will it ever be ready? That is probably what Toshiki Yoshioka is also wondering by now! He has had to skip half of the D1 rounds for this 2010 season as the guys at Total Car Produce (TCP) Magic desperately try to complete the car. But things were looking promising at round 4 last month in Okayama, as we all got to finally see what looked like the completed version of this insane FD.

The car hasn't really changed much since TCP Magic displayed it, engineless, at the Tokyo Auto Salon back in January, wearing the company's G-Force full wide body kit.

The 500 HP R26B was finally where it belonged, in the engine bay! It looks very similar to the one that is fitted to Mad Mike's FD…

…breathing through these four billet funnels. What a work of art!

The FD was on display in the pits throughout the weekend, not yet ready to go out and battle it out against the best cars in D1.

Things are pretty simple in the interior, Yoshioka's new office!

The last thing that needs to be done is to finalize the ECU mapping and get the most out of this custom built 4-rotor.

As you can see the headers still have that unused look to them. If all goes well next time I see this car they will look properly heat cycled!

I really hope this RX-7 will be ready for the twin-round D1 weekend coming up next month in Ebisu, at least so Yoshioka can finally get some practice in the car and give the team some feedback to improve it, ready for them to tackle the 2011 season competitively. Plus, hearing the aural delight of a buzzing NA 4-rotor, echo through the mountains surrounding Ebisu, will be priceless!

Gambare guys!!

Total Car Produce Magic

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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oOOOH, its coming together alright, love the looks, if YoshiokaSan adapts fast enough they could even be competitive this year. this FD looks reallt capable of, like you said Dino: " a work of art"


primo! another quad rotor!


totally sex on wheels! i bet it sounds like an F1 car too.. hope this comes to Ebisu next month!



mmm 4 rotor goodness... i want one for my onevia :)


The 500 HP R26B was finally where it belonged, in another story as this caption is incorrect!


dino;nice shoot.................gambare,oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wait nevermind, I read "RB26". I am incorrect, carry on.


Magically produce..cant wait to see this in action!!!


Mean rx7 but sorry theres only 1 4rotor drift batty MAD MIKES batty all the way


Go the 4 rotor!


I cant wait to hear that!


And where does one buy a R26B? Mad Mike and BMI's also have 4-rotors but I never seen those engines for sale anywhere? Also what is the cost of such a motor?


time for some video of this beast, this is a motor i HAVE to hear


such a sick motor. but wouldn't the exhaust heat soak the funnels?


What happened to the red SC430?


him and mad mike in his rx7 should go at it lov to seeing the quad roters outt


OMG this is a beat! i can't wait to see it in action!


interesting that they've still got the OMP system still set up (for those not into rotors, it's a secondary pump that spits oil into the combustion chamber), i'd have thought high power cars like this would be premixing.


so it has no turbo???


@Tekniq - Man, must not feel good sounding like an ass, huh? Yeah, you deserve it for trying to make Dino look like an ass.


I hope you have some video of that 4-rotor wonder. Wanna hear that, brapbrapbraaaaaaaaaaap!! sound.


@KIKI no need for turbos with P-Ports


I dont believe Yoshi Will be driving the 4rota thus year. I think Magic is looking for a new driver.


You might get lucky and come across a 787B in a junkyard.


not a big fan of the wheels, but that just personal opinion. from an engineering point of view its awsome


It wasn't running at tsukuba 7's day either.


periph port win!


OMG this is a beat! i can't wait to see it in action!


Ha Ha, Tekniq is a dyslexic bumba-clot.

Bet you wish you could erase your comments!


to EJ257 this were mad mike got his for rotar from


masterpiece. if i win the lottery...


NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all are all wrong. Mad Mike has a 3rotor!!!!!! BMI has the first and only 4rotor


@EJ257 They are out of the mazda 787b Le Mans prototype. I saw racing beat selling one once for like $65k (USD). With the right eccentric and mid irons you could build one, But it still cost the same as buying a few new cars.



Well obviously not

But this motor looks nothing like mad mikes car.

Mikes car runs a electric water pump and a electric power steering puimp (i think) and a tottaly diferet belt system.

I'm really curious about the belt system on this one though.


Thought this thing was ment to be a twin turbo quad rotor?? Not loving the monster truck ride hight either..Mike isnt the only quad in NZ either.. there are a pair of drag cars and a couple of circuit cars to.. common as


wow this car is going to be INSANE!


Mad Mike doesn't run a 4-rotor anymore. He ran a turbo 3-rotor just couple of weeks ago at Formula D in Seattle. There was a 4-rotor there, having problems, and on inquiry their crew chief quipped "Why do you think Mad Mike isn't running a 4-rotor anymore?"


mtr well if you knew any thing mad mike has 3 cars! a 4 rotor pp rx7 fd, a 3 rotor single turbo rx8, and a 2 rotor turbo fd rx7. so thats one rx7 in nz, one rx7 in japan, and one rx8 in the u,s,a! and his 4 rotor is bloody reliable! this is where his 4 rotor fd and his rx8 was built theirs a a lot of 4 rotors in nz and even a rx2 with a 20b pp triplr turbo! so please get your facts correct before making foolish comments! he runs all his cars still silly