Car Spotlight>>a Fresh Focus

Whenever I travel somewhere and need to get a rental car, I always cross my fingers that I won't end up with a Ford Focus.

As you can probably see though, this Focus is far from the rental-sled that people here in the US associate with the name.

I'm assuming this car started off as the hot SVT model, but my knowledge on the Focus isn't the greatest. I do love the bodywork on this car though.

And of course the car wouldn't look right in the Fatlace One of One Car Show if it wasn't dropped low and sporting the right set of wheels…

…in this case, all-black Work Ryvers sitting perfectly with the fenders.

All in all, it was refreshing to see an American-badged compact doing this look as well as any car from Japan or Germany.

Now if Hertz could just give me the keys to car like this and not to an automatic, four-door Focus…

-Mike Garrett



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That's definitely not an SVT front bumper, clean focus though.


Judging by the mirrors and headlights it started as an SVT, the front bumper is a Euro piece and the rear bumper looks like it's from RS Collection, also from the other side of the Atlantic.


Focus a compact? Seriously? Small family car over here in the UK. And the front bumper does look to be a Euro one it's the same as one on a focus out in the street (minus the number plate ofc). And I must say there isn't anything that makes this car stand out for me the black rims are nice but it just looks like any other yobs focus you'd see in the Asda car park with the addition of the US plate and the roof rack that wouldn't look out of place on any family car in a beach front Scarborough car park.


my dad has a focus, it's a break and it has the exact same bumper (stock)


what the hell was speedhunters thinking on this one ...


This looks like the same Focus on HF awhile ago, except that those Works were not painted black.


You can't polish a turd...


"All in all, it was refreshing to see an American-badged compact doing this look as well as any car from Japan or Germany."

...really? Mike, you need to get your eyes checked.


Sorry, but this rims dosnt match to the Cardesign!


finally i can come out of closet on liking for focus hatch backs! sooooo dope!!!!


The roof rack hass to go.


hmmm, not speedhunetrs material but i still like you showed it, it sets some variety over , weird looking car though


A focus? For real? ......


I dig the exhaust tip(s).


Focus = Fail. Nothing can be done to redeem them. Now the European version, I'd rock the piss out of one of those. These...forget it. Hideous pieces of shite.


Of all the cars on the parking lot, you wanted to put this POS in the spot light?!?! Cmon now...


its a euro spec i now becuz i have one in the same color


I agree, I don't see the worth of this car.


i love fatlace and hellaflush but seriuosly... a tin can focus? really..? id expect this on hellaflush cuz this is a kind of unique stanced ride they'd want to feature (if only for variety), but on speedhunters it seems out of place. it looks completely stock except for the custom exhaust tips, the stance, wheels, OEM-looking side/rear lip kit, and SVT lights. definitely unique with the stance on Work rims but apart form that i personally dont see much appeal.. sorry..

anything performance-wise we don't know?


It is indeed an SVT Focus. The exhaust isn't just tips though... it's completely custom built by the owner of the car. Both bumpers and the skirts were imported from Europe (that's why you UK members think it looks normal), which required fabrication to the crash beams to get them to fit. Performance-wise it's stock, but a factory freak that ran 15 flat in the quarter... not that it matters much considering the owner also has a turbo Focus that's drag-prepped.


wow, lots of hate, i know the focus is fords entry level car, but none the less its a great car. I myself have a focus built for road course time attacks, and i wouldnt have been able to win the 2009 year end championship if the focus was the biggest POS like most of you are saying. step back and open your mind a bit before you talk crap because the car isnt something japanese or german


Don't really dig it. The wheels look like spacesaver wheels.

The mk1 Focus is a brilliant handling car though, excellent for blasting down empty b roads.


Thats Dominic Biros ride, he is one of the creative minds behind the Gardella Racing Solstice, and a BMX Extroidinaire! Yes, it is also the car that was featured on HellaFlush about a yr ago! The roofrack is because he doesnt go anywhere without a bike!


I'll finally stop clicking on articles that appear questionable. Used to be all the cars featured redeemed themselves in some way. Used to be...


What exactly isn't to like about a cheap, decently powered, LSD-having, good looking 6 speed car that can swallow a 52 inch tv? Nothing??

I feel like focii are a budget fun-drivers know you can get the SVT focus suspension to swap into a base focus for under 400??

I'm cool with everyone hating though, I'll take my cheap fun daily driverable hatchbacks on the cheap.

Seems the commenters might prefer Hardparking Hunters??


I'd rock a clean focus for a daily for sure, they aren't bad cars


Make a spotlight of the black Evo aside the Focus.


When SH posted Priuses and Yarises, how many of you guys complained? Those were from "boring" Toyota, not the Toyota of the 80s and 90s. At least there was an SVT version of the Focus, while Toyota hasn't had a sporty subcompact in a long while sadly. Sure the rack and Illest frame on the car are trendy, but you can't knock its execution.


Seems to be working his way down from the 2 skylines.... anything good parked at this show??


Haters gonna hate.

I dig the focus, atleast the owner didn't put a huge body kit on it, or a spoiler from a Superbird.

I'd rock that Focus.


thanks aero for the links...

it might look subtle, but from that other photostream, there is a lot of custom fabrication in lowering the focus...


Worst car ever........


Wow, this is full of ignorant people. So the car has minimal exterior mods and isn't overdone... weird, I thought that was what Speedhunters was all about. I love the fact that all makes/models get included here, but from the sounds of it people just want beat up Japanese cars on Speedhunters and that's it.

Also for everyone hating on the "American" Focus, do you even realize the SVT was just the ST170 with different trim? The whole first generation of the Focus was a lightly Americanized European Ford.


i love how all the tools hate on the focus, i wanna see what kind of car offers the options and handling the focus does out of the box for the same price. I've seen bone stock focus's walk all over modded civics, vw's, nissans on more than a few road courses. but its ok to hate on them, jealousy just makes the car more fun for the drivers


If only you guys could see what's under that hood, Dominic is a master welder and fabricator second to none.


I dont understand this


yuck, looks like it's on spare tires.


Most of the comments in here are simply ignorant. If you don't have any knowledge of a car then don't hate on it, you just come off as a fool.


very poor entry for speedhunters. Theres 100's of better focus's out there. this post just sums up how blind you guys are to other marques. pull your fingers out and bring some proper focus st/rs's to Speedhunters.


damn, i really love focus of this model. yeah this car looks plain simple, it could be other fancy focus but i guess what mike wants to present is the simpleness of the car. just my 2 cents..


haters gonna hate. amen to that. dope ride.


Fail Focus is fail. Why would I feel like there are 1000+ other cars I'd rather see a feature on.


clean focus. dope ride. love it!


SICK Focus! Perfect drop. Those that say "rims don't flow" give it a rest. The owner could put purple and gold BBS RS (yes they exist in the GTI crowd) on there if that's what he liked.


there is absolutely no saving a focus


I love all kinds of cars. American, Japanese, European, whatever. The Focus is not one of them, You can't polish a turd and expect it magically turn into a diamond. Those things are ugly as sin and nothing can be done to make them look any better. I don't care how good it is on a road course or if its powered by Leprechauns. It's still a POS. And for what it's worth, I don't hate the owner of the car. I just hate the car...those things in general, that is. The team who designed it had major vision problems.








Wow these comments make me laugh. Half of you ignorant tools probably wish you had a car that still had bumpers that are actually painted to match the car.


come to the UK, you can see cars like this every single day in the local shopping centre/McDonald's car park.

the only Focus worthy of being on this site is the new RS500 thing.


The wheels are worth more than the car...


"The wheels are worth more than the car..."

I take it you've never been to a VW show?

As for the car in question being a Focus...who gives a damn really? I don't understand why it's so hard for self-proclaimed auto-enthusiasts to find something cool about this car. (Unless they're European and see these every day...then again, the same can be said about RHD Integra GSRs in the US by those in Japan) Anyway, what separates "Auto-Enthusiasts" from "Fanbois" are the comments posted here.

A true auto-enthusiast will find fantastic qualities about any car. Fanbois hate on anything they don't own. (Or anything they are pretending they might one day have the money to own) Now, why don't all you kiddos take a step back for a bit and let the auto-enthusiasts enjoy a change of pace...


WOW! I never seen so many haters before, that is one of the sickest looking focus out there. If you don't know shit about the car, then don't talk shit.


Where da Gold at? Must've been a crackhead who got ahold of the wrong stuff and someone told him to get up in the tree and play a Leprechaun


tons of hate for this car wow. Love my SVT. Anyone who is hating on the focus for being a pile of crap hasn't driven one. I'm glad its not YET ANOTHER supra or evo or sti or skyline. A cheap reliable clean great handling car. Picked up mine for 12k in 2005 and at the track it keeps up with cars costing 10k+ more expensive.


the focuses in that album do not compare to this focus. this focus is legit. it could use a little more poke but looks good as is.


It's not Leary but subtle


Beutifull i wanna buy it!




marcmarcmarc  Sure can, as it is going to be traded in next year.