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The California-based owner of this Z32 saw the 2+2 Z we posted last week and wanted to answer back with some shots of his own car – a striking red twin turbo two seater.

He didn't leave any name outside of his "Twitch0184" e-mail handle, but he did leave a big list of the mods done to the car. The list includes S15 T28R turbos, Godspeed intercoolers with HKS pipes, an electronic boost controller, and a Borla exhaust.

The Z's been dropped on a set of Megan coilovers over a set of Desmond WiseSports wheels – 18×9.5 +19 in the front and 18×10.5 +29 in the rear for you wheel geeks out there.

Exterior work includes JDM taillights, corner lights, fenders, and a Stillen GTZ lip spoiler in the front. Overall though, the car keeps it's sexy lines as Nissan intended.

Thanks "Twitch" for being another person keeping the Z32 spirit alive. If only every 300ZX could be kept up like this one…

-Mike Garrett



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how about some pics of those mr2's in the back ground?


so a 300zx tt AND 2-3sgte powered mr2's!!!?!??


Nice 300zx but I want to see more of the two MR2s in the garage. :)


Beautiful car; I always have loved the Z32s and when its a twin turbo, its all the better. And I would like to have that little collection in pic 3; a twin turbo Z32 and two MR2s? All that's missing is a JZA80 twin turbo, a JDM NSX-R, and an R34


Great looking Z.


Looks nice, and it was built mostly on budget parts it seems


OMG! Wallpaper please speedhunters!

Please have more Z32 articles!

Keep up the good work, this blog is my homepage!


Very nice indeed, any engine shots? and more info on his Mr2s would be nice!


awesome, good to see z32 love. i can't wait to fix mine


It's rare to see one of those done right here in States. Understated and classy.


nice z32, its looking clean , love the SW20s


Those Desmonds are SICK!!


thats a bad ass bitch


its hard to pull these cars off.. but man thats so clean


I want to see more of those mr2's! You'd think today would be an mr2 day or something being 2/22


gorgeous clean car


I understand the need to build, but holy crap, grab some Griffins or some goddamn Full-Race intercoolers. GODSPEED? Get that fake ish out of here.


from z owner to z owner, sweet! can't help it... think i'm in love!


Mmm, while I'll agree with GODSPEED WTF about the GSPD products, the rest of the products are legit, and the end product is clean as hell. Nice Z32, gives me more resolve to buy one.


GodSpeed? Megan? WOW......what a shItty laundy list.

Keep supporting Chinese knock off sh!t.


Perfect. Nothing more nothing less would fit.


What no bike rack? Gotta be able to get around those car meets all sick.


omgz you guys must be idiots if you wanna see an mr2 omgz

yeah thats the first thing I saw when I looked at that pic too.


Damn this really makes me want a Z32 now!


stunning car


the stance is amazing. Z32s are clean looking cars.


yeah stance is good but those wheels look like hell


STOP with all the Z32s lately... these cars are tanks


fast tanks haha. and id hardly call 2 alot


Always wanted a Z32, but they're such a nightmare to work on. And the running costs can get pretty expensive when anything needs to be fixed (properly)


what makes this Z32 beautiful is that not everyone has enough balls to take on such a project car..


thanks for the comments, godspeeds got brand new way below retail and for z32's are a great side mount setup to go with if you do your research, btw im not goin to argue chinese parts i cant even tell you how much stuff is out sourced anyway


Z32's are the forgotten Super Car of JDM imports.

I have seen smoe badass Z32's; That ain't one of them. cute photos

There are a fiew stock cars that can make a Porshit crap its pants.

The Z32TT can do that stock.

I live near Z1 Motorsports and they know Z's.

The VG30dett is a bit ticklish. but that is a 3.0L V6 Turbo and they are out there for 5-6G's

You can't get no Mid 90's SupraTT for 6G's; andyou could pissaway 5g's just to get your SR20 to 400hp.

Z1 Motorsports Z32 VG30DETT 1000HP Fo! Recognize!!


Why diss Godspeed?

They are helping to keep prices down.

Would you realy pay $1500 for a strutt tower bar?

or how about $6.000 for a 6cyl stroker kit? I could get a whole N1 RB26 for that.

There are a lot of parts that are way overpriced.

I can't afford a $900 intake manafold or a $1,500 exhaust manifold.

And I ain't buying no $170 pair of Jordans either.

Keep it grass roots and spread the love.



You know what's the MAIN problem in this scene? The hypsters that think they're the sh!t. The high school kids that just started modding their cars and follow the stupid trends (bike rack on the roof, flashy-colored wheels, a wad load of stickers plastered on the windshield, insanely-negative camber......)....that think that by cutting corners and buy Chinese crap they will be recognized by their "hard work" hoping that their car is gonna get featured somewhere. That's the problem !

There is a reason why a stroker kit costs $6000, and why many other genuine JDM products cost a lot; it's called R&D. Something Chinese companies do not do.

If you don't have the money to buy genuine parts, keep it stock !!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.


Great car, great collor, great wheels.... :)


If this car was in Japan with "what's in" parts you mofo's would be droolin' all over... STFU already!


@Alex lol i havent been in high school for a very long time the only thing people seem to have issues with are the intercoolers hateing on the whole car bc their not name brand high cost intercoolers lmao you dont even know what else is done to the car their is alot of Z1,spl,hks,spz etc.. products on the car but you know what.. people dont know they will hate soo keep hateing thiers been quite abit of money dumped on this thing


damn, I like it


not many people modify these bad boys.. wheels really suit it, i wonder if it handles like it looks, 'cos it looks awesome - never seen that front bumper before with that air intake to the side of the light... sweet


If you want desktop size photographs you can get them from my flickr. If you would like bigger sizes just let me know I can also email them.

Mike I love the way my car and my roommates car looks in the background haha. Re-shoot soon?


Good looking Z32.


This car owns the roof racked Z32. I love the stance.


Love this one!


Love this one!


Love this one!


Love this one!