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Ok hold on to your horses, this isn't your regular SUV, so please bare with me, we haven't lost the plot here on Speedhunters! This BMW X5 is a rather special machine that I had seen many years ago in a youtube video…

…special because it packs a de-restricted version of the Le Mans V12 out of the LMR race car! That means 700 HP and some pretty insane performance for a 2-ton truck, allowing it to lap the Nordschleife in under 8 minutes. Rod and I got to see it the other day at the BMW Group Classic and I really couldn't believe my eyes as I vividly remember Hans Stuck putting it through its paces a few years ago.

A carbon-Kevlar bucket seat in an SUV, can't help but laugh!

Centrally mounted exhausts hint that this is no regular X5. Also notice the diffuser to help keep it stable at speed.

Take a look at this video to see this unique creation in action. The noise is something truly special!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Just wow...I remember reading about this! Amazing!


3 pedals! i love it


Id drive it


I wouldn't want to be the one to fill that thing up. I'd love to drive it though.


Lets start the production


HOLY ShXt! 7.49min around the Nordschleife and 309km/h top speed. thats properly impressive for a tank


amazing.... that thing is just crazy fast and its decent around corners


Swap this beast in an M6, M5 and M3 !!!


Crazy Crazy Crazy car! The video shows its set up very well check out the lack of body roll and totally amazing handling!


wouldn't see that filling up with shopping a sainsburys. Awesome car.


Awesome car, really impressive. The handling, the performance, the sound. Preety weird, but I'd love to drive that a few times or crush lower riding cars on the road.:))

But that awesome, great sound is soooo wrong related to a SUV, related to a x5:))) I mean, it looks more like the video has been dummy edited to sound like that; not the sound u'd expect out of an SUV and really not the sound u'd expect out of a X5.:)))

It would be nice to see a series of such swaps of M5, M6, M3, current ones as well as the 90's ones.

Wow indeed.


Amazing BMW! I don't think the BMW SUV's get the spot light they need sometimes.


oh man i would love to drive that thing. oh and bmw has this in the works for a fast suv


So sick. The only bimmer I'd drive.


nice! good to see this beemer again, i read an article about it years ago in a car mag, what a beast!


I recall being at the Goodwood FoS in 2002 and hearing what I thought was

just 'another' F1 car until I turned round to see this beast of an X5 drive by on it's timed run.


i bet the price range for this would be higher than any other BMW car in existence