While we wait with abated breath for Linhbergh’s Pikes Peak stories, we give you this piece of YouTube speedhunting.





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Sort of a Climb Dance wannabe.


WOW...Amazing Video...The Turbo Sound is Incredible...


more like a quick tribute to climb dance. great vid.... more teams need to post their full video on youtube.


Why does every god damn person on every blog call this a Climb Dance ripoff/wannabe. Its a god damn video of pikes peak, what the HELL do you want them to do? I didn't know the old ass Climb Dance video had a patent on Pikes Peak video's.................


its not a ripoff or a wannabe... like i said its a tribute. and if you watch them both youll notice they start the same way and end the same way. music, duct in the air, scenic views....then the car runs over the cam. if you dont see it, watch em again.


Also in this, there is a corresponding shot for almost every shot in Climb Dance. I think Climb Dance was better done though... better camera angles, better audio better speed reality


The sound of the wastegate is extremely hot. damn it's hot. For what it is trying to show it was good. No need to compare it to a video from so many years back.


I have not watched them both enough to do comparo but I did notice in climb dance in some parts you can see the cameras that slide around on steel cables above the course to get the nice aerial shots; these cameras may have been used for both these videos; lending themselves to use shots many other have used before and only because they are great angles!


haha typical internet keyboard warriors

ofcourse its done in the same style as climb dance...its pike's peak for god sake! get over it!

surprising how much compressor surge you hear hahaha

Dose it bro!