Random Snap>> Re Amemiya Shop

I was just browsing my hard drive for Mazda photo's when I found this picture taken outside RE Amemiya workshop. After looking at the car in the front I realized it was a very rare Mazda Cosmo Sport that Antonio just recently turned into a random snap. The FD in the back should look familiar to all of you Mazda lovers out there.

I always love these kind of shop photo's where you can see high performance cars on just a few square feet. Can anybody identify the hidden gem in front of the silver van on the right side?

-Jeroen Willemsen

Re Amemiya



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nice! the oldschool RE/Wako's FC! Awesome post Jeroen! Thanks for showing us Ama-san's shop!


I wonder if they're going to turn that Cosmo into a crazy circuit racing car;D


More pics please!

Car in the back can be seen here in more detail http://www.rx8club.com/showthread.php?p=2758696


The RE Temple!!

Wish i can go there some day to check it out personally and get Ama-san's autograph! xD


Seems like most of the top tuners in Japan work out of small garages. But I'm sure they are very efficient garages with no space wasted. I wonder where their GT300 operations are located?


Man!.. what I would give to hang around the shop for a few hours.


We have that same townace sitting in front of our shop.


Like many Japanese car tuning shops, tiny! Visited quite a few big names that are roughly the same size as this.

Bu they have moved on, see here http://www.re-amemiya.co.jp/map/ Looks more like the average tuning shop and not a tiny garage


yeah looks like the wakos as antonio psoted. also the cosmo on that pic looks thrashed. possibly a junker found and may undergo a restomod from RE amemiya. notice the door being eaten away by rust.


fuck u all I love eclipse not masda


I have this picture too haha. Love the Cosmo in the frontl


That's the awd fc pikes peak car drivin by Millen..............Right?


where do they keep all the cars? its amazing how small these garages work from (i know, its all like this in japan)


I hope that "Jose" clown that posted is just a joke. It's sad to see people with low intelligence posting comments.

I like how it's underneath some apartments. Can you imagine living on top of that shop?


sigh I would love to know more about the full of the transformation and transaction of the Rod millen car and everything else....


I know what you mean Yukio

but to add to living there it must be nice then again no because how loud it must be

especially with any bridgeport motor reving up.LOL but does any one know were the GT300 car is worked on? would love to know. Also I thought his shop was bigger than that.


I don't think anybody knows what car is sitting in front of the townace:P

Isn't that the Stillen RX-7 FC3S


hi .................


notice how there are apartments above the shop... must be annoying for the residents to live above a rotary shop!!! haha


hi .................


The car looks as its Rod Millen's Turbo 4WD RX7 Pikes Peak car.

It is the only tube frame RX7 Rod Millen Motorsport produced and it ran a methanol powered 20B.

The car currently resides in New Zealand.

It is the only RX7 hill climb car Rod Milen doesn't own.