Random Snap>> Mazda Cosmo Sighting On The Highway

Since it's Mazda month, I just wanted to share this totally random photo (that's why we call it random snap) with you guys. I was riding down to Suzuka Circuit a little over a year ago with Koyama and Kumakubo when I spotted this strange looking car on the highway. It was the first time I had ever seen something like this; I didn't know what it was at first. As we closed in on the car (Koyama san drives pretty fast… kinda scary sometimes), I finally recognized it, even though I had only seen this car previously in magazines.

"Coooool! A Mazda Cosmo! That's what the triple rotor 20Bs come in!" I suddenly blurted out, almost causing Koyama san to drop his cigarette on his lap. He just laughed at me and said "haha Antoniochan, you're so excited!" in between puffs of cigarette smoke.

Anyway, I thought it was cool to finally see a Cosmo in person, in the wild. (For some reason, I sometimes consider car sightings to be like seeing wild animals or something. I don't know why.) Oh, and I'm a lot more calm when I see cool cars on the street nowadays. Well, sorta.

-Antonio Alvendia



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I lol'ed at the part where Koyama almost burns his ballhairs off.


Mazda should realy make a new cosmo again, to compete with lexus an high end nissan's.


I'd be reaacting the same way lol


Sweet. Jay Leno has one. He shows it off at the JCCS event.


I know exactly what you mean by "seeing them in the wild"


It's just a cosmo.. Big deal?


Jay Leno has a Cosmo? Geez, that dude has _everything_!!!!


but its jdm yo!


such clean lines.


Antonio, Im the same way.. Ive begged my frends to "pull over" or "turn around" many a time so I could gawk at what ever awsome car I hapend to be inspired by.


i've recently spotted a cosmo too. between cars in traffic didn't really notice it till i heard the roar of the exhausts i wish i could have had a better look.


It looks like a Caddy...only even nicer!