Random Snap>> Top Secret V12

Ben Schaffer from The Real JDM had some interesting posts regarding rear mounted radiators. I have featured a few cars with the same setup. Ben posted a few pictures of the Top Secret build V12 Supra. This car also has a rear mounted radiator but instead of removing all the interior parts, this car still has all the luxuries. ‘Smokey' Nagata made a real effort to build a car that is still drivable on a daily basis and looks good doing so. This car really pushes the boundaries on many levels.

Just take a look at how ‘Smokey' achieved this on Ben Schaffer's blog here.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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wow, thanks for link....post something useful...


The V12 supra is the ultimate in JDM Street Tuninng. I consider it the best JDM car on the road in the world.


Wow Section09, that's a bold statement.

Like I wrote on Ben's blog. I don't consider this car the ultimate-best JDM car, for a simple reason. The car has not been stripped from the OEM paint, nor stiched welded. Now some of you might argue: "Well, it's a street car after all, and you don't need that."

I say yes and no. It pushes some 900+ hp, so I wouldn't call it a street car anymore. Plus Smoky took it to Nardo and try to beat the 400 Km/ h barrier. So I consider it a race car in that sense. I certainly never seen a Honda Element at Nardo.....lol. And the fact that few German tuners brought their 9FF and the Mission 400 cars is another proof that cars that show up at Nardo are not grocery-getet.....haha.

Anyway, like I wrote on Ben's blog.....which shows clear undercarriage pics, the OEM paint (blue) has not been removed. That fact alone leads me to think Smoky did not stich weld the chassis.

Again, some of you might think I am too anal, but I wouldn't expect less than perfection from Top Secret, especially after seeing how much they charge for their exotic parts.

The car looks really good though.


kowalski......its the worlds only v12 supra.......google it....


Alex, name a JDM street car that is better than this.


the re amemiya greddy 9??Mcr r34?i could name loads!!!its a cool car but it strays away from that no frills striped out japanese style we all love???


MCR's R34 is streetlegal yes, but you wouldn't ride very comfortably


Havn't seen to many RWD cars with rear mounted radiator? Is there any gain, or is it just to get closer to 50/50 weight?


What V12 did he use? Is it the one from the Toyota Century?


Yes from toyota century.

Kevin, altho I do love the Amemiya car, that car and the MCR car are just tuned cars. Still no where near on par to the work and engineering that has gone into the V12 Supra.


yeah im gonna have to agree with section09 on that. for a supposed street car, the amount of engineering on the supra is above most other japanese tuned vehicles.


and what about the mine's gtr,its still a good streetable car and still can do some low 57second run around tsukuba


Love that car too but still its just a tuned car. Still not on par with the ridiculousness of the V12 Supra.


no doubt mines gtr is one of the best, if not the best, tuned street car out there; but as far as the creativity to stick a v12 into a supra and execute it so well along with creating cutome parts for functionality, is just on another level.


Never been a Mine's fan myself (mostly because they are overrated)...but the white R34 with BBS wheels that competed at the Button Willow is pretty killer machine to me. And it does retain full interior A/C, radio and what not. The aero package on that car is far from extreme though.

Section9, you know what? I never liked the R33-34 much either....haha....do for me to say I "like" a R34 is hard to digest.....haha

I do like the R32 though.....

So if I have to choose a proper built R32 for street. I would go with the Saurus gray-metallic and carbon body kit with SSR Professor rims (or BBS). I've seen that car with both rims. I'm sure you know which car I'm talking about :)


Damn thats a good one. Now we're talkin! I like that R32 better with the BBS's. Wow actually thats a tough choice for me now lol. I guess the supra wins on some points over the R32, but that R32 is seriously one of the best JDM street cars around in recent years. I also like the full carbon FD from Amemiya that was at this years TAS. Good going Alex!


I just saw this...thanks for the love guys.


Section09, how about the white pearl Amuse GT1 S2000?