A Winter Sunday Of Scrambling At Bicester Heritage

Three times a year, Bicester Heritage opens its doors to automotive enthusiasts for Sunday Scramble events. Now in its eighth year, the format has largely remain unchanged over that time: Bring an interesting car, park up and go for a wander.

Many events have to follow trends to stay current, but the Sunday Scramble has gone from strength to strength by staying consistent in its approach. A few hundred people attended the first Scramble back in 2014. In contrast, visitor numbers now peak at around 6,500.

20220108 Sunday Scramble 002

Once upon a time, cars only filled a small section of the Bicester Heritage site’s main stretch during a Sunday Scramble. These days, you’ll find them in every corner.

20220108 Sunday Scramble 093
20220108 Sunday Scramble 094

Bicester Heritage itself is what I would describe as brutally idyllic. Red brick and steel buildings – relics from its formal designation as RAF Bicester – are positioned throughout the site, varying in size from barely large enough to stand in to towering hangers. Layers of old paint can be seen flaking off the infrastructure not yet attended to, with the Heritage slowly conducting sympathetic renovations. New buildings in the same style as the originals have also found place within the grounds, with more and more automotive-centric businesses gradually calling the site home.

The most recent Sunday Scramble event was held a couple of weekend’s back, in the midst of the UK’s winter when the weather is cold and wildly unpredictable. Despite this, the turnout far exceeded what I expected.

20220108 Sunday Scramble 012

With the automotive community still mourning the loss of Ken Block, it was fitting that Tuthill brought out the Porsche 911 that he and Alex Gelsomino contested the 2021 East African Safari Classic Rally in.

20220108 Sunday Scramble 049

Vintage Bentley prices have only risen over the years (now into the hundreds of thousands of pounds), something the BNR34 Nissan Skyline GT-R shares in common. I wonder what the R34 GT-R will be valued at 80-odd years after manufacture, as the Bentley sits today…

20220108 Sunday Scramble 062

Tolman Engineering have taken the restomod approach and applied it to the Peugeot 205 GTI, and the result is impressive. A complete nut and bolt refresh with upgraded components including a MoTeC dash display and electronics bring the GTI up to a more modern standard, but it still retains the classic look and feel that make these cars so revered.

20220108 Sunday Scramble 085

At any Sunday Scramble, the airfield parking area should never be overlooked – there’s always interesting vehicles to be found here.

20220108 Sunday Scramble 086
20220108 Sunday Scramble 084

Seeing an EK9 Honda Civic Type R and an Alfa Romeo Guilia Super did not help my desires for either.

20220108 Sunday Scramble 021
20220108 Sunday Scramble 070
20220108 Sunday Scramble 023

Sports Purpose have resided in Bicester’s Special Repair Shop for a number of years now, and always have a small collection of Porsches on display for the event.

20220108 Sunday Scramble 037

The new Lotus Emira drew a crowd all day, and for good reason – it’s one of the last, new, solely petrol-powered driver’s cars which will be sold here in the UK. As is happening all around the world, there’s now a heavy shift to electric ahead of the government-imposed cutoff dates.

20220108 Sunday Scramble 077
20220108 Sunday Scramble 089

You might wonder how the Sunday Scramble and other Bicester Heritage events have grown so big. I think it’s because you know what to expect. You’re guaranteed to see an incredible array of machinery, in all price ranges and of all ages, irrespective of the weather.

20220108 Sunday Scramble 055
20220108 Sunday Scramble 058
20220108 Sunday Scramble 076

As you meander throughout the property, there’s always an air of excitement, never knowing what will be parked up around the next corner. The parking is curated to a degree too, so there’s always enough clear space to appreciate a vehicle in isolation.

20220108 Sunday Scramble 096
20220108 Sunday Scramble 091

In the restaurant industry, the sign of a successful establishment is that it’s always busy. That loosely translates to the Sunday Scramble, because irrespective of the time of year, tickets for the events sell out days after being announced, months ahead of time. If that isn’t the ultimate indicator that they’ve nailed the recipe, I don’t know what is.

Chaydon Ford
Instagram: chaycore

20220108 Sunday Scramble 031
20220108 Sunday Scramble 020
20220108 Sunday Scramble 040
20220108 Sunday Scramble 036
20220108 Sunday Scramble 035
20220108 Sunday Scramble 017
20220108 Sunday Scramble 027


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D4mn them Alfas, well all proper Italians really, get me everytime. You think you've seen them from enough angles, lighting conditions, and schemes and then something new always pops up from the aether. Also the 996 love here is refreshing, since there's only so many ways to dice up an air cooler classic. Given so many 996 were made, I wouldn't mind seeing some remixed into something "the Major" or a blade runner might drive on the weekends...


I sadly didn't manage to make this Scramble, but rarely miss one and love that when I go I know, despite being a petrolhead, I'm going to leave having seen a bunch of cars I'd never heard of before, see a number of cars that make me say "Oh my god I never thought I'd see one of these in real life" all while surrounded by decent people and not a single pop or bang map can be heard.
Oh and all the dogs just makes it even better! I feel very blessed that this is a 30 minute drive from me, but if it were further I'd still be making the journey


Such a great event, and even incredible in cold wet January mode. Never fails to impress.


Must go to this at some point.


That BMW 2002 looks like the one I sold many years ago. Two guys from the UK bought it. They drove it around Perth Western Australia for a couple of months before shipping it over to the UK for their uncle to restore. That is one of the cars I seriously regret selling.

The 205 GTI is incredible.


A perfect place to have such an event, the buildings and trees, the sounds of those engines rumbling.


I was planning to be there but couldn't make it. Nice to see the 996s as StraightR commented - I think i was a Porsche Club promoted event. The burgundy 996 - three rows up - looks like one that an Evo journalist owns/ wrote about? Early model, GT3 wing, OZ wheels?? 991 engine...


really love the new morgan 3 wheelers visually, but the powertrain is absolute PlSS. Kinda disappointing but I know people will be hayabusa swapping the first salvage title that crashes


Love all of the cars here but Ken Block's 911 Safari just hits different


Some beautiful photography here! That shot of the Overland it just stupendous.


The question about the R34 GT-R's value in 80 years relative to older, simpler cars is an interesting one. With how heavily that car's factory performance relies on complex electronics, it's still young enough today to easily get parts for and maintain, but how will that play out in coming decades? And some great enthusiast cars since then have only become more electronically complex...