CLK 63 AMG Black Series: The Ultimate Sports Coupe

Front-engine and rear-wheel drive in a two-door body shell is the tried and tested recipe for a sports coupe. Despite the motoring landscape having changed considerably in recent times, quite a few automakers still offer these cars; the Ford Mustang, Lexus RC F, Nissan 400Z and BMW M4 all fulfil the criteria in their own way.

Then there’s the Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series, which when released took the sports coupe to a new level.

20221211 Pistonheads CLK63 021
20221211 Pistonheads CLK63 007

While not the first of the Black Series – that accolade goes to the SLK 55 AMG – the CLK 63 AMG Black Series was the first to feature the 6.2-litre naturally aspirated V8, which was bespoke to the AMG lineup and introduced in the regular CLK 63 AMG. The ’63’ badge is a bit of a misnomer given the 6,208cc engine capacity, but German car tax is based on capacity in 100cc stages, meaning the model sits in the 6,300cc bracket.

20221211 Pistonheads CLK63 012

Bernd Ramler, the AMG engineer that oversaw Mercedes’ race engine program in the 1990s returned after a tenure at Porsche (during which he designed the V10 in the Carrera GT) to design the thunderous V8 engine which has since been used in numerous other AMG products.

20221211 Pistonheads CLK63 025

Known internally as the M156 variant, the engine was not as frenetic as others in Bernd’s resume, but it still made 507 horsepower and 567lb-ft of torque with a 7,200rpm redline.

While aimed squarely at the Porsche 911 GT3 of the time as a track-biased high performance variant, Mercedes went about the CLK 63 AMG Black Series in their own way. The interior was typical of the range, and despite concessions to weight having been made, the Black Edition actually weighs more than the regular CLK 63. Fixed bucket seats replace the heavy electric front seats, while the rear seat has been removed entirely.

20221211 Pistonheads CLK63 008

Externally, the car wears forged 19-inch wheels at all corners, with the pumped-up arches measuring a fairly substantial 75mm wider at the front and 66mm at the rear. Ample stopping power is provided by AMG-branded 6-pot callipers front and 4-pots at the rear.

20221211 Pistonheads CLK63 013

The other exterior changes are slightly more subtle, with carbon fibre vents and a deeper lip on the front bumper. Fender vents help remove pressurised air from the front arches, and deep side skirts follow the coupe’s widened lines. Out back, a subtle carbon fibre lip sits atop the boot lid, and a carbon fibre diffuser frames the four exhaust tips. What you can’t see is the differential cooler, hidden behind the slotted rear grill.

20221211 Pistonheads CLK63 019

AMG also ensured suspension settings were infinitely configurable; the control arms, ride height, and damper compression and rebound are all adjustable.

20221211 Pistonheads CLK63 004

Built in a time before countless electronic settings ruled every aspect high performance cars, it’s just the gearbox that has multiple modes (Comfort, Sport or Manual) to dictate either the speed or the control over shifts. Otherwise it’s simply on or off for the ESP. There’s no side-slip control, active exhaust or variable aero which seem commonplace nowadays.

20221211 Pistonheads CLK63 005

While the CLK 63 AMG Black Series may not have lived up to the standards of the 911 GT3, it was still met with positive reviews.

This being one of the 25 cars allocated to the UK – of just 700 produced in total – makes it far more rare than the GT3, too. While I’d imagine most of the remaining UK-delivered cars are sat in heated garages as part of larger car collections, to me the only thing better than owning a rare car is using it as much as possible. So to see this one out at Pistonheads’ December Sunday Service at Thruxton Circuit covered in road grime definitely put a smile on my face.

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The ’63’ badge is a bit of a misnomer given the 6,208cc engine capacity, but German car tax is based on capacity in 100cc stages, meaning the model sits in the 6,300cc bracket.

I read another reason Mercedes went with the "63" badge was to pay homage to the 300 SEL 6.3, the basis for AMG's famed "Rote Sau" racer.



This is a nice car but 500 from a 6.3 liter engine doesn't seem impressive. Should have more hp for that big of an engine. That's why I'm not impressed with the new Vette. Neighbor's got one. 495hp. American muscle cars need bigass engines to produce high hp. Porsche uses 3.5/4liters and gets the same hp. German car fanatic till death...I rest my case your honor.


The Porsche engines are turbocharged, genius, the C8 Corvette Stingray is not.



Being a smartass and condescending on the internet doesn't make you witty! Is the GT3 turbocharged "genius?"


The C8 Corvette and the GT3 aren't comparable, genius. They're at completely different price points and market segments, genius. You had to go to the $150-225k Porsche (depending on if you mean the GT3 or GT3 RS) to try and make your point, genius. If you want to compare the similarly priced Corvette, it would be the Z06, genius. But then your point falls apart completely because N/A the Z06 makes almost 700 horsepower to the GT3's 502, genius.


What other NA V8 engines were making 507hp 14 years ago?


Ultimate Sports Coupe to me requires a proper gearbox with three pedals on the floor…


Valid point - this was always going to be a point of contention. A manual gearbox is a huge proponent, but only one part of the formula. To me the CLK63 Black Series ticked many of the boxes, manual withstanding.


..So you took some snaps of a car parked and claim it to be "ultimate". Is this what passes for being a journo? BTW nothing with a slushbox or that weights 2 tons is ultimate.


* Laughs in Nissan GT-R and Bugatti Veyron *


Because it's a CLK 63 Black Series which is a relatively rare car and one of the most ultimate Mercedes cars ever made?


It’s speedhunters!!!! Sometimes it’s a dope planned photoshoot and other times it’s random snaps of cool cars on the streets, winter driving events etc.


Rad car and definitely set the stage for the big v8 amg sound and torque we love. If we are comparing apples to apples the black edition of all mb cars is more exclusive than the usual amg. A better comparison in terms of production numbers would be the rs variants of the gt3 s…timing would put us in the 997.1 variant of which a little over 1000 were made and 410ish allocated to North America. Still not quite as rare as 700 although that was over a 2 year production period. If only they made it with 3 pedals.


Glad at least the owner of this knows what to do with this wannabe Benz boat: use as one would a donkey on a farm. For that, thumbs up.

Even a mild 996 GT3 from before this model leaves it in the ditch, and the slushbox here isn't the rapid shifting activity today's cars. Also came to wonder how the hell this boat, no matter how loud a Benz does the Mustang impression, without 3 pedals, without a full gutting and updated engine, is the ultimate anything other than an ultimate leak on one's finances all the while not being noticed as a positive.

And then a basic Tesla with a newb dusts it anyways.


Now this is peak Mercedes right here one of Clarkson's favorite cars


Drove one back in 2008. Just an incredible car to drive. First drivers Mercedes imo. It may not stand up to a 997 GT3 but it will certainly destroy a 996 GT3. I’ve driven both and the 996 did not feel that special. My new Civic Si (10th gen) had MUCH better brakes and gear shift.