A Mazda 929 Kaido Racer From Finland

Shakotan, kyusha, kaido racer - bosozoku car lifestyle (to put it loosely) is rich with different niches that originated in post-war Japan. After a couple of generations, the original ‘motorcycle gang’ aggression switched to an expression of personal style and a love for bike and car culture in general.

Love and admiration is one thing, but building a bosozoku project outside of Japan is not easy. But Janne Kortekuru from Turku, Finland might just have created a kaido racer true to its origins.


Janne’s car of choice for the build was a 1986 Mazda 929. The Mazda was purchased in 2015 as a typical rear-wheel drive beater, perfect to slide around on Finland’s many frozen lakes in winter.


Janne actually sold the car in 2017 to a couple of friends, who used it for a cheap car challenge-type trip from Finland to Norway. He regretted it of course, so when it reappeared for sale in 2018, Janne bought it back.


That same year, Janne had a clear plan in front of him for the car, and the kaido racer conversion work began.

It started with a set of SSR XR4 Longchamps – an iconic Japanese wheel and bosozoku favorite. After re-barrelling them with wider outside lips, the wheels measured up at 14×9.5-inch and 14×10.5-inch front and rear respectively.

Next, Janne’s attention turned to the ride height. The Mazda obviously needed to ride super-low with a static setup, and there was a straight-forward solution in FC3S RX-7 coilovers which bolt right into the HB-chassis 929.


A kaido racer’s most defining feature is its stylised bodywork. There aren’t any off-the-shelf kits for this sort of thing, so everything was custom made. A Fukuoka-style long-nose conversion was a must for Janne, and to achieve this look the hood and fenders were stretched by 400mm (15.75 inches).

Out back, things are just as wild. The bumper was deleted and the whole rear end welded up to fit a pair of round Mazda Porter (a JDM kei truck) taillights and AW11 Toyota MR2 side air vents.


While they’re not JDM, the Vitaloni Californian mirrors suit the look and provide Janne with some perspective on what’s happening behind the car. I’m sure it’s mostly just confused faces of other road users…


A previous generation 929 front bumper, a random trunk wing mounted under the car, a straight exhaust pipe, universal fiberglass front flares and side skirts all bring the exterior look together. The final, but very important detail, was the bright red, white and yellow old school racing livery.


The interior has seen some radical modifications too. Janne fashioned a 230mm steering wheel out of a Luisi item and added a rally bucket seat from local Finnish company Ergo. The purple velvet dash drape and other small details are all in keeping with the theme.

The Kenwood FM tuner, cassette player and graphic equaliser all fit the Showa-era Mazda like factory, as do the Pioneer TS-X9 box speakers.


Kaido Racers aren’t just about long noses and loud exhausts, they’re about your own style and building the project yourself or with friends.

So I think Janne has done a tremendous job of keeping his Mazda build as close to a Japanese kaido racer’s DIY roots as someone 7,500km away from the motherland could. Best of all, I’m sure he had a lot of fun in the process.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka



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Thank you for the fantastic article, Vladimir. Definitely a head turner project.
If the car had the "moon-shooting" exhaust setup, it would be perfect!


The owner is definitely working on upgrades during the winter, so we'll see!


This is definitely up there with the most repulsive features on this site
I wish writers were interested in fast cars, not whatever the hell this is


SH hasn't been purely about fast cars since forever, nerd


I hope you know "Speedhunters" isn't just about hunting fast cars, it's a celebration about all of car culture. So if you don't wanna see it, just log off. Ezpz.


This is a comment section. I can say what I please, telling people what to do with no authority never gets results.
It should be noted it's in the name. Speed. Hunters. Maybe buy a pair of glasses while shopping for a new attitude.


Jokes on you, I already got glasses. Maybe stop screaming into an endless void just so you can feel unalone in that vast empty mind of yours, not that anyone's paying you any attention IRL anyway.


If you look further it says "car culture AT LARGE" as well... and you can follow your own advices as well if you don't wanna look silly :p


Now this is a pretty sick build
It definitely has that radical 80s look to it almost giving it a jet feel


You see a lot of work in this project. The transformation is wild. If you know how a original 929 looks, this is even more stunning.
Are there any pics from the process?


Yeah, just check the owner's Instagram (link in the article)