2 Ways To Mk1 Golf

I’m an absolute fiend for a tidy Mk1 Volkswagen Golf. I can spot one from a mile away, can tell you the probable year from the rear slam panel, and still strive to own a clean example one day.

Part of the Mk1’s appeal is its attractive little shape; the simple Guigaro-penned lines lend themselves well to all sorts of styles. Throw in a chuck-able FWD chassis and you have an excellent base for a project. The ‘white hall’ at Ultimate Dubs UK 2022 showcased just how versatile the Mk1 Golf can be and how varied the ownership is, some 48 years after its introduction.

SH UD SUNDAY 2022-111

This pastel blue example is absolutely immaculate with one of the most beautiful engine bays I’ve ever seen in a Mk1.

SH UD SUNDAY 2022-105
SH UD SUNDAY 2022-115

The 2.0L ABF conversion from a Mk3 Golf GTI has been polished and chromed to within an inch of its life; even the gorgeous exhaust manifold was shining in its state of bronze heat-stain.

SH UD SUNDAY 2022-112

Custom carbon fibre, glistening Ronal Racing split rims and tight aired-out fitment mark this as the epitome of 2022 classic VW modification.

SH UD SUNDAY 2022-119

Now may I draw your attention to the wide-arched, mud-spattered and aggressively green Mk1 just two cars away.

SH UD SUNDAY 2022-123

This thoroughbred looks as though it’s in parc fermé, hot off an RAC historic rally stage. Nothing is clean, and nothing appears perfect. In fact, there’s probably as much weight in dirt and debris on this Golf as there is in carbon fibre on the other!

SH UD SUNDAY 2022-120

The fog lamp caps aren’t aligned, and all the exposed wiring behind the rudimentary display panel would give most wire-tucking Dubbers an aneurism.

These two Mk1s couldn’t be more different if they tried, and that’s the beauty of the platform. It’s easy to dismiss most VAG builds as a new car on ‘air and wheels’, but such short-sightedness really does stop you from seeing the bigger picture.

Go to a car show and see for yourself – diversity in the VW scene is alive and well.

Mario Christou
Instagram: mcwpn



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Green is the way to go. Cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed. Enough is enough with these ridiculously low sitting show cars coming out from the Max Power a few years ago.


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I am with you on the ridiculousness of that Max Power look, with claimed horsepower numbers that were clearly exaggerated and enough camber to make a suspension engineer lose his breakfast. But in this case, I like the baby blue one more. Clean and pure and simple. Very OEM+.
Wow, two different people with two different opinions, and it's all still good.


Actually, I think enough is enough with negative comments. Both of these Golfs are rad in their own ways, appreciate each one for what they are, one is a practical race car and the other is mechanical artwork, but they both are cool.


So I have to like everything posted here? A lot of people have put a lot of effort and money into something that turned out to be absolutely sh*t. Sure kudos for trying but just because someone tried hard doesn't mean that I have to like it so as not to be "negative". There is enough "mechanical artwork" from stuff that actually work.


I dont mean to insult you, but I think you just hit the nail on the head when it comes to the short sightness that is mentioned in the article. Sure, you dont have to like it. If everyone had similar taste, the world would be very boring.

But I think you underestimate how much cars like these can be used. And I like to emphasize the word "can" here.
Obviously I cant talk for the owner of this golf, but I know allot of people with cars like these. And they are driven quite allot.
Like you said, cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed. And people that build these cars enjoy the process, the building, the events that bring these cars and their owners together. And they also absolutely love driving them.

So sure, like what you like. But dont say cars aren't driven and enjoyed just because you wouldn't enjoy them


Almost anything with wheels and a motor can be driven. However, altering the characteristics of a car that make it driveable just to make it look good is actually in the opossite way of cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed. If you enjoy driving a car you try to make driving better. If you enjoy looking at a car you make it look better.


I would have a hard time believing that the blue one drives worst than an original one. Modern air ride technology trumps the 1970s suspension that it had from the factory.
Obviously, it will be a bit harsher and remain lower than oem when aired up, but still, so would be a road legal track car.

There is no "way a car is meant to be driven". Cars were made to bring people from A to B. Racing on a track is just as far from their original purpose as driving a car for fun and modifying them.
If someone enjoys their car and they enjoy the modifications that they made, who are you and me to say its right or wrong.


why not both? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Both can be driven and enjoyed


I would suggest not driving a car that low or immaculate at all if you don't want to lose all your monetary investment into the project over one rainy weekend


1. It's on air. 2. I doubt very much it was built with investment in mind ;) . 3. Nobody would take a car like that out in the rain on purpose. Most Ferrari owners wouldn't.


I am inclined to agree with you, but those carbon fiber bumbers seem like an incredibly bad idea.

Senator Chinchilla

Didn't even notice those at first!






This reminds me of my college car. At that time it was called the rabbit. Different name , same excellent product from Volkswagen. Lightweight. Nowadays base VW golf is a 2900 - 3000 lb car. Back then less than 2000 lbs, much less. Also much simpler without much electronics at all.