T-Spec: Is This Nissan’s Final R35 GT-R?

What fate does Nissan have in store for the GT-R? No one really knows. Speculation is rampant, and for years now we’ve been hearing all sorts of rumors and seeing enthusiastic renderings pop up here and there. Will the next GT-R be hybrid? Will it go full electric? Will it be axed altogether? Right now, your guess is as good as anyone else’s. 

What we do know, however, is that the 2022 Nissan GT-R has just been released, and with it a limited edition run of 100 ‘T-spec’ variants for the Japanese domestic market, all of which will be sold by ballot.


To get a real feel for the two T-spec models on offer, I took some time this past weekend to go and check them out in person. The reason for this is simple: I’m sure the T-spec is the final last iteration of the R35 GT-R, just like the the V-spec II Nür and M-spec Nür models were for the R34 Skyline GT-R 19 years ago.

If you’re wondering what ‘T-spec’ stands for, Nissan has this to offer: “The name T-spec represents the GT-R’s philosophy of leading and shaping the times and is inspired by the words trend and traction. As a trend maker, the GT-R is created to always be ahead of the times, and the car’s ability to drive with robust grip — a key characteristic engineers have always worked hard on — make it a traction master.”


After the official presentation of the new FY22 GT-Rs (which you can watch here) the first ‘Premium Edition’ T-spec was moved to the Nissan Boutique in the lower level of the automaker’s Yokohama headquarters, and it was here that I was able to take a closer look.

T-spec models come with the option of Millennium Jade or Midnight Purple paint, as a tip of the hat to the Skylines that set the foundations of the GT-R’s cult following. This one’s obviously in Millennium Jade, which in person looked a tad lighter than the same color used for the R34. Or at least I think it is; it’s hard to say with any certainty without having both cars side by side.


The T-spec models’ most significant upgrade over the regular MY22 R35 GT-R is a carbon-ceramic Brembo brake package from the Nismo GT-R (pictured above in Stealth Gray), which itself was unveiled earlier in the year. These are the biggest rotors ever fitted to a Japanese performance car from factory, measuring a whopping 410mm at the front and 390mm at the rear.


The 20-inch wheels too are borrowed from Nismo version, just in a different color and minus the Nismo logos and red pin-striping. You can see the new Nissan logo used on their center caps, though. The wheels are of course forged items manufactured by RAYS and they have a real Volk Racing ZE40 feel about them. The color even looks like Volk Racing’s signature bronze, but with a glossy finish.


Under the hood it’s all regular MY22 R35 GT-R fare, save for the plastic engine cover which has a gold center section. So the T-spec isn’t any more powerful.


Seeing as there’s a weight saving from the carbon brakes and lighter wheels, the stock R35 GT-R dampers have been re-calibrated to take this unsprung weight reduction into account.


Inside, the 100 T-specs also receive muted green leather for the seats, door cards and lower section of the dashboard. The top part of the dash is trimmed in Alcantara.


That gold detail on the engine cover is also found on the door scuff panels with their T-spec motif-etched metal inserts.


Around the back of the car you’ll find a carbon fiber spoiler with a nice semi-gloss finish that you just can’t help but run your fingers across, and a gold T-spec badge to match the one in the front grille. The rear also features Nissan’s new logo.

Seeing all this gold makes me wonder if there’ll be an optional Gold Pack offered, similar to that available for the R34, where you could have the Nissan and GT-R logos in gold. Seeing there’s an obvious gold thing happening here, it might actually be a nice match.


As for the cost, ¥16,000,000 (approximately US$146,000) is the buy-in for this Premium Edition T-spec. But if you’re going to spend that much, why not go the whole hog…


For this, I had to head all the way back to the center of Tokyo to see the other iteration of this limited edition model. The ‘GT-R Track Edition engineered by Nismo’ T-spec is currently on display at the Nissan Crossing gallery in Ginza.


Again, I had to see this take on Midnight Purple for myself, as the third version of this iconic Nissan color – the Midnight Purple III used on a very limited number of BNR34s – was my favorite after Bayside Blue.


I always thought the Midnight Purple used on the BCNR33 and Midnight Purple II available on the BNR34 were way too dark, and this fourth iteration of the color stays true to those first two versions. Unless you have strong spotlights (or the sun) it’s very difficult to get it to shift away from a deep, almost black purple. In fact, this color, which was said to be inspired by the aurora borealis, only really shows hints of green as it shifts. It was very hard to shoot.

This angle shows what it looks like most of the time. The titanium exhaust tips look very cool against the dark color, though.


Again, like the Premium Edition T-spec, the Engineered by Nismo T-spec receives a carbon rear spoiler, but adds a carbon fiber roof and trunk lid.


Those are the only two differentiators between the models, and for that you will have to add close to ¥2,000,000 (approximately US$18,250) on top of the the Premium Edition cost, bringing the total price just shy of ¥18,000,000 (approximately US$164,500). Again, ownership is not guaranteed, but you’ve got to be in to win.


This may well be the last embodiment of the R35 as we know it, and as I said, I think it will be. But what comes next nobody really knows. For a model that’s been around since 2007, the R35 GT-R has achieved so much and managed to stay relevant for far longer than anyone could have ever imagined. That’s both good and bad for Nissan. Simply put, they will have to come up with something equally as impressive to be a worthy successor. Whatever the next chapter for the GT-R will be, everyone knows it needs to disrupt.

What would you like to see the GT-R become? Let’s chat in the comments section below.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: dino_dalle_carbonare



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Just speaking my mind loudly........I wouldnt mind they keep making R35, and so long the car is "affordable" to more people (like me). I am sure there are still many people will line up to buy one, even a regular GTR will do fine.

The GTR (any generation) prices are crazy high and becoming unobtainable.


Nice review - thanks. Good job it isn't in MP3 or I may have had to sell my house :)


I just can't deal with how the back looks like they only made a straight cut and put the gt-r lights in it..it's so unimaginative, so boring. Truly the ugliest of the GT-R's.


I would say the tail pan's the best part of the car, but there are SO MANY THINGS wrong with the R35's design.

The exterior lacks any strong, defined sense of character and seems to be the result of an attitude of, "Eh, whatever works" on the part of the designers. Especially the nose. The whole car has a huge amount of visual mass and just looks heavy and dense.

The worst part, in my opinion, is how the highest point of the door glass is right at the top of the A-pillar, which then angles downward sharply as it heads aft. That kinda works on the 370Z, but not here. I think the top of the door glass should always be a generally-horizontal line. This single design feature is the main thing that turned me off to the R35 when it debuted, and it's never grown on me.

People always try to "sell" the R35 by saying that it's fast. As if they HAVE to say that because they know you really can't tell by looking. It's like hearing people say that DSG's and manumatics and all the other computerized slushboxes are better than manuals because they shift faster.

So? If that's their only virtue, you can keep them.

Likewise, if the R35's only selling point is that it's fast - as in, way faster than it looks, because it would have to be - again, no thanks.

The R35 has no character or elegance. It's just a fast, ugly tank.

ea lamatan- #PrayForKyoAni

I have to disagree with your opinion as a whole


Were they deliberately going for the "hippo in high heels" look by using those rims?


I think the R35 get's judged too harshly to be honest. The chassis might be 15yrs old. But by no means is the performance or looks outdated in my opinion. They're still blisteringly quick. And I at least always snap my neck whenever I see one on the road. They have a great road presence.

As for this T-Spec being the last model. I honestly don't think it will be. I think one more next year being labelled a 'final edition' will be the last hurrah. Keep the GT-R lineage. They've brought back the Z to what it used to be it seems. All they need to do now is bring in the Silvia to compete with the 86/BRZ market.


The Z is supposed to be a slightly upmarket 86/BRZ. And I don't see the Silvia coming back. The Silvia has no mainstream following here, and sedans/coupes are a dead market anyway. I agree that this isn't the last edition of GTR.


Honestly I'm really hoping that this is not the last GTR because they just don't make cars like this
Yes the GTR is a highly advanced car but it's still has the connection to the driver and probably is more connecting than many cars that are not even as technologically as advanced as the GTR
Is it old? Yes. Is it overdue? Yes. But if it's really the last of its kind, then I don't mind it staying I feel that Nissan should make it as long as possible because there just isn't anything like it


I know that this car will have a lot of opinions over the years but let me tell as a long time fan of this car I feel that it still has the charm
I remember first seeing one on the road right from the window on my car seat in 2007 and it's one of the first few cars that's got me into cars
And yes it's old and outdated but at the same time it's performance still holds up to this day as well as the tuning potential
And I would love to have either any gen of the Skyline GTR or the R35 GTR because it's just something truly special nothing like it


love the 350z re-re-release


I really hope the next generation of the GT-R isn't another lifeless EV.


Right?! If Nissan wants to turbo-charge their grave digging efforts ... make the next GTR a hybrid or ev.



"Rumoured for reveal in late 2022, rumours out of Japan widely suggest the R36 GT-R will ride on an evolution of the R35 model's platform, and use an iteration of its 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 engine, but fitted with an all-new body and interior..."



Nieghbors got one. Friend got one. We know all we need to know about Nissan and Godzilla. When you get to Germany, I hope you have AS MANY stories about BMW, Porsche, VW and Audi as you do about JDM cars! Sheesh! Is your passport current? Covid shots up-to-date? Well, let's head to Germany. Goodnight Japan...


Admittedly, I'm not the intended customer for this car, but I find it sort of lame that they add nearly nothing to the performance of the car except paint and wheels and consider it a special edition. It just looks like they're desperate for sales to me.


I woulnt mind the gtr going electric to be honnest. The gtr badge for me means top level preformance and tecnology. And by this day that means electric. Would be fun to see nissan take the fight back to the germans like they did in '07 by making a cheaper faster taycan competitor (2 doors though)


I’m letting Nissan come up with a new, fresh GT-R on this one. I honestly have no idea what I should expect from them, but it would be cool if they somehow reignited the motorsport heritage of the brand by making it as a homologation.


Like another poster said, as long as they keep making them, Im gucci. if they stop the prices would explode.

Keep making it and dont make it hybrid or electric, Simple. Its aching for a new design tho. Truly.


I don't care if this is the final R35.
I just want one of these.Such a beauty it is!
(But I can't affordable one and I can't drive it in China here.)


First drove a r35 in 2012 on track and at the time didn’t really see what all the hype was all about but then lived with one with just under 600hp for a month as a daily and fell in love , such a good car well done Nissan even if it is a re-body really can’t wait to see what comes next