Treasure Garage: Balinese Custom Bike Culture Lives Here

Motorcycles make up a massive part of Indonesia’s automotive scene, so it’s no surprise that custom bike culture is enjoyed by many in this part of the world.

One of the reason why motorcycles and scooters are so popular in Indonesia is because navigating the busy streets with anything other than something on two or three wheels is challenging to say the least. Bikes are more affordable as daily commuters too, as the road taxes for cars are much higher.


Here in Bali though, bikes are more a way of life. Our small roads and lack of parking make it hard to use a car. Some of the most beautiful scenery is hidden down narrow, unpaved roads too, so you could say that bikes and Bali go hand in hand.


Unsurprisingly, the number of custom bikes in Bali is only growing, so I thought it was about time – especially after being in lockdown for so long – to explore this movement by heading over to one of the most well-known bike shops on the island – Treasure Garage.


Imanuel Prakoso moved to Bali without really knowing what would be in store for him; he had always been a car person, but living on the island saw him look in another direction. Imanuel began tinkering with bikes for fun, but he was met with so much positivity from local enthusiasts that he decided to pursue this venture with the support of his family and friends. Treasure Garage was founded in 2015 and quickly became one of the biggest custom motorcycles shops in Bali, gaining high praise for their design and builds.


Right from the get-go, Imanuel wanted Treasure Garage to be more than just another bike builder; it needed to be a place where like-minded people could chill and hangout. The amazing showroom features apparel and other items for purchase – custom motorcycles included – plus there’s an on-site barista so you can grab a coffee while your bike is being serviced. On top of this, every few months Imanuel hosts a ‘Treasure Hunting’ event, where participants ride together and explore some of Bali’s best kept secret locations. These rides are open to everyone and you don’t even have to own a motorcycle to join; Treasure Garage will happily rent you one of their custom creations for the day.


One of the coolest things on display in the showroom is the collaboration project Treasure Garage did with Unionwell to celebrate the shop’s opening. This Yamaha RX-King café racer really is something else.


Behind the shop is the ‘kitchen’, as Imanuel calls it. This is where all the custom bike-building magic happens. As you can see, there’s definitely no shortage of work.


One of the hottest new motorcycles in Bali is the Yamaha XSR 155. The retro design combined with a modern fuel injected engine makes it the perfect blank canvas, and Treasure Garage has already built a few for their clients. Their wildest to date is a futuristic Supermoto concept bike named Nitro 155, which came about after Treasure Garage was invited to take part in a creative project called Yamaha Yard Built Indonesia.


During my visit, the bike was on the assembly line in the final throes of completion, so I was lucky to see some of the process.


Another stunning build is this café racer-based Yamaha Fazer 600cc.


Then there’s this Honda Scoopy scooter that’s been transformed into a Ruckus. Bonkers!


After spending some time hanging out at the workshop, I came away with a greater appreciation for custom motorcycles. There are no limits to what Treasure Garage can do, and Imanuel and his team come up with designs you won’t believe.

I left renting one of their custom bikes to do my own expedition, but that’s only tempted me to request a build for myself!

Rick Muda
Instagram: ardskellig



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Man those bikes look really cool
Some of them are works of art


Finally!! As I wrote before it is about time Speedhunters features article about bike. MOTOGP race this weekend.


I'd love to cover MOTOGP someday! but I'm not in that part of the world to do so. Indonesia plans on bringing MOTOGP back and if they do I'll try to cover that in the future!


There was a video in youtube which is now unavailable (removed?)showing 0-300 km/h acceleration time of Andrea Dovisiozo's Ducati vs F1 and.... his bike was quicker by a few hundredth of a second. Motogp riders face bigger risk than F1 but yet are paid much less. Unfair! BTW Johan Zarco's Pramac Ducati clocked 362.4 km/h in Losail circuit and that wasn't even top speed of the bike. Motogp is awesome. Sorry but to me F1 sucks. Tyre change strategy refueling strategy KERS many electronic gimmicks etc. None of those in motogp


There was a video in youtube which is now unavailable (removed?)showing 0-300 km/h acceleration time of Andrea Dovisiozo's Ducati vs F1 and.... his bike was quicker by a few hundredth of a second. Motogp riders face bigger risk than F1 but yet are paid much less. Unfair!


Speedhunters please visit Thailand or Philippines.
need to check and cover some custom motorcycle, underbone & scooter subculture scene.


Superb custom bikes in the making by Artistes! Will sure come and visit the shop in my next Bali-mali holiday.


True artistry. Will visit when Bali reopens and commission a project. Keren!


No matter where you are on Earth, the government doesn't want you to own a car.