The Quail: Where Every Car Is The Best Car
The Quail

I mentioned it a couple of years ago in previous coverage of this event, but the sentiment remains for 2021: The Quail, A Motorsport Gathering is the go-to event (in terms of car shows) during Monterey Car Week.

The reasons behind this can vary greatly depending on who you ask. Perhaps people-watching is your thing? Well, you’ve certainly chosen the right place for interesting personalities and of course matching attire. Or maybe you’re a foodie and like a drink? Fear not, because the restaurants on site – which range from gourmet steaks to authentic Greek food, and all of which most certainly have bars – can be found within a moment’s walk no matter where you are in the Quail Lodge & Golf Club venue.


With entertainment and indulgence of this caliber, you wouldn’t be wrong in expecting the primary focus of the event to deliver unlike any other. And it does just that time and time again, with one key ingredient that sets The Quail apart from everything else Car Week has to offer: automotive diversity.


After coming here over the last few years, I’ve always left the show feeling quite satisfied. Sure, the cocktail party aspect has some influence on that, but really, the hunt for speed during this event is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. The Goodwood Festival of Speed would likely give it a run for its money, but I’ve not personally attended that event, so take my judgments with a grain of salt and a lack of experience.

Anyway, this year, The Quail was no different than prior.


The main highlight in the garden setting included a strong showing of Lamborghinis to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Countach, with the first reveal of the new car taking place at The Quail. I’ll reserve my critique of the car for now, though I think we can all agree that it could have been done better. I don’t hate it either, though. But there were four Countach posters on my bedroom wall growing up, so I may be a little biased with that perspective.


Other Lamborghinis including several Diablos in vibrant colors made an appearance too. Not mad, because right next to those Countach posters on my wall were Diablo SV posters. I guess you could say seeing my heroes in person was an experience in itself.


Speaking of heroes though, pictured above is one of two Ferrari F40s on The Quail roster… Need I say more?


One car in particular that made a strong impression was the Gemballa Project Sandbox. It reminded me of the new 959 from Rennsport Reunion that we covered a few years ago, which also made its appearance here but with a bit of a Baja twist.

Given that the Sandbox is based on the 992, I think the overall mash-up makes for an interesting design language that simply works. It’s got this retro-esque vibe to it that screams neon era thanks to that classic 911 shape, but the fit, finish and materials used fast forward it into the future. And the added ground clearance with properly proportioned tires all bring that cohesiveness together.


While highlighting cool cars is always fun, I’ll let the gallery below do most of that for me. What I did want to touch upon though is something that I heard while speaking with some friends at the show. One of them noted, ‘Every car here would be the ‘best of show’ at any other show,’ and that resonated hard with me.

Think about that statement for a bit… When you go to any other car show or event, you always wonder who might win the ‘best of show’ award and, more often than not, that decision may be somewhat questionable. The craziest part about The Quail, however, is that you simply can’t argue anything about it.


Every car is the best car. It’s a show filled with the cream of the crop. So you become jaded, and the awards honestly don’t become a factor anymore. It simply doesn’t matter who wins as the atmosphere and vibe of the whole event is about enjoying the finer things in life. And that’s something I can always get behind. Great cars, great company, and a great show.

Naveed Yousufzai
Instagram: eatwithnaveed



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Lol, notice something? No masks for the rich!


Is it just about the rich tho? I live in one of the poorest zones of Rome and here nobody wears a mask.


Pandemic does not effect the elites.

That means pandemic does not effect them in the way that a normal working-middle-class person would. For example, travel restrictions would affect the normal person when visiting foreign countries. They'd have to quarantine upon arrival and at their expense. This costs time and money. Some people aspire to have money in life, others aspire to have time on their side. The one-percenter's have both.

And this doesn't even touch on the cliche of "rich gets richer" when financial markets dip...


"Affect", not "effect".



Obviously, alot of rich people who can afford exotic cars. Hope they appreciate cars as much as "non-rich" people do. I lived in Montgomery County, Maryland for 16 years. Used to see Ferraris, Lambos, McLarens, Porsches, all the time. If I bought an exotic car, I would because...I LOVE cars. Not to show off or to show how much money I have. I'd take the 959 all day. That Sandlot Porsche's tires are too big. Sugar Ray Leonard, 5- time world champion boxer used to live 2 miles from me. He had some cars including a Testarossa.


Pretty lame to think someone's passion for cars is influenced by their wealth or that always a rich person buys a supercars is just to show off. More than lame, I would say it just is an extremely outdated mindset.



So if a rich person "wasn't" rich and COULDN'T afford a supercar, would they still lust after it? Probably not! I am a Porsche guy FOR LIFE and one day I will own the GT3, which is my favorite car. I have a "tuned/restored" VW MKIII Jetta that I've owned since new.(June 1995) I wouldn't take ANY amount of money for it because a) my mom gave me the deposit for it(she died 2 years ago) and b) it saved my life after a drunk motorcycle slammed into me at 65MPH 14 years ago. He died. And I've spent $17000.00 restoring it. And I was out- of- work for 6 years after 9-11.(Worked in IT in D.C.) I still want that GT3 but I love my dusty mauve MKIII! And yes, rich people DO like to show off their wealth! I worked in DC area for 16 years. Fortunately, I worked at Langley for a year and learned that money won't stop/fix everything. Like bullets, fire or cancer.


Masks? Nope, look around the country. Wealthy or poor, it's sadly just a matter of when. I looked through all the pics and am reminded of Caddyshack. I'd like to own a 64 Aston Martin db4 or 5

Samvel Rostomian

Please, help. Who has the oldest or very first desktop photos? Can you share them? Thanks.


These events are so vile to me. All these douche bags who have no idea how to drive are sitting around looking at things instead of driving them. haha so douchey.


I love trash talking and judging other people who may not think, or look, or act just like me (or those I approve of).

(definition of a "bigot", read it and hopefully improve your self awareness)


Hahaha what a beta reply.


"Every car is the best car?" That's BS straight up. DIversity? That's an even bigger load of BS.

You ask my wife what the "best car" is and there's ZERO diversity: Ford's Flex in 4WD and EcoBoost. No arguments. You ask me what the best car is, and I'm gonna agree with her.



Although I don't own any exotic cars, I'm not inclined to be jealous of those who do, nor throw insults. If I were at this show, I wouldn't be bothered about who is there; I'd be looking at some of their cars! Probably from Nostalgia, Porsches are my favourite, and I'd want to hunt those, plus Pagani's out, but no doubt there would be an endless array of stunning cars to look at, and even a few interesting people, amongst the pompous to befriend.
Truth is, the greatest wealth is in the relationships that we create in our lives, whilst health is what makes it all possible. Money, as wealth and the things it can afford, comes a distant third.


Lambos are the coolest poster car of all time(the brand new contach is just fabulous).


I just had to put my 2 cent in here, when quail first start it was an awesome event, they were normal people coming to view cars, with the occasional group of gold diggers that would come on for these events looking for rich husbands, I use to work there and you would be surprised how much coke and prostitutes
there was behind closed doors lol, anywho it started off as an event for all types but after a few years the owner of Quail lodge (which calls himself Lord) said he didn't want "normal car enthusiasts" attending these events and he wanted the "upper echelon" and only the "elite" to attend his property and the show as he didn't want to be associated with anything or anyone not in the 1% and that's when there was a shift of attendees to what it is now,, As for the mask, people rarely wore mask at any of the montetey events or even in monterey for that matter and they have had officers enforcing and writing tickets to non makers before the event but one of the higher ups on the force stated he was not going to have his men enforce it because this tourisim is our bread and butter here in monterey.


The amount of bad takes in these comments. Good lord.

Great show.
Great cars.
Great shots.



The factory-bodykitted Aventador with a trickledown piece from the Sian, the real Lamborghini trailblazer, aside, what an event!!! No mystery the first Quail after 2020 would explode like a balding premature silver spooner without his relaxants when the neighbor's underaged daughter walks by, but your comment on "every car is best car" needs to go further! If you belong at an event with "nice things", then some car show award for your amazing car doesn't register - the charity the activities typically write off for, let alone the good times with friends on a fine weekend, is the real feels. No, this Quail might be the first that begins to actually showcase the "State of the Art" rather than a "look at my buddies' circle jerk of stuff" yawnfest. The "flying car" vendor actually is a solid move forward, more of that please, the tech demonstrators like the bare chassis and Bolide also more necessary (does this mean we get the return of genuine "concept cars"? Yes!), and the non-midengine items were spot on reflecting creativity and truly unique items (artificial scarcity aside)... Very cool, more rods and home builts, please! Great photos for an event that hopefully keeps up the positive, focused evolution! 2006 was my last quail because of the "people" I had to share space and air with, but seems like next year I'll return, thanks naveed, liking your contrast strategy/settings: really highlights the car forms over the busy/boring backgrounds!


I think this qualifies as an art exhebition as much as a car show


It reminded me of the new 959 from Rennsport Reunion that we covered a few years ago,

Really? Where was the new 959 at RR?


The greatest Quail story ever was when the Car Bros got their "Enzo" accepted into the show.