Would You Liberty Walk Wide-Body A Ferrari 512 TR?

I think we’ve pretty much come to accept the fact that overfenders are far from a passing fad. We might as well call it an established design direction these days, and Liberty Walk leads the way when it comes to the more high-end side of things.

As I’m in Japan – the home of and Pandem, RWB and Liberty Walk – this is a subject I find myself right in the middle of. I’m not here to judge or give my personal take on it all, but rather share and try to interpret the thinking behind some of the things I see.


You might assume that that guys like Kato-san at LBW do what they do purely to disrupt. On a daily basis we are bombarded with images and videos of wildly modified cars, and then every once in a while BOOM! – a new overfender kit enters the realm and the cycle starts again. This usually happens before a major tuning show or gathering.

But social media is not how I came to discover that Liberty Walk had taken an angle grinder to a Ferrari 512 TR and slapped some raw black overfenders on it. This one was purely by chance.


During a recent weekend in Kyoto, I dropped by Liberty Walk’s main shop to feature one of their wide-body Supras. When one of the shutters to LBW’s many workshops went up, I was confronted with the sight of a seriously slammed and extra wide Testarossa. The A90 could wait.


What came out of my mouth was nothing but a whole lot of questions: What the hell is this? When did you guys build this? Is this Kato’s car? And most importantly of all – can I shoot it? As it turned out, I had dropped by the shop on the right day at the right time, because the Ferrari was about to be shipped off to Japan’s northernmost island.

Looks To Kill

I quickly discovered that this wasn’t one of those show cars that Kato likes to build for the Tokyo Auto Salon or SEMA, but rather a one-off request from a Ferrari owner based in Hokkaido.


LBW weren’t building it on the sly either; they just didn’t post much about it because it’s unlikely that many Testarossa/512 TR owners will be keen on the conversion.


But whether or not this is something anyone should do with their prized semi-vintage Ferrari is besides the point. What I can tell you however, is that this car looked like a proper thug out on the streets. No matter what angle I shot it from, it looked amazingly cool.


So what exactly was the approach?


Well, it was pretty straightforward – this was an exercise in optimal yet adjustable stance. Optimal for when the car sits static, looking its best laid out on the tarmac; adjustable so that it doesn’t fall to pieces when you drive over a manhole cover. Air suspension is hard to look past when usability is a concern, and while I do respect anyone that lives life on the edge with an extreme static drop, we’re talking about a valuable Italian exotic here. If you crack a bumper it will hurt your wallet more than your pride.

The newfound girth calls for wider wheels, which in this case are Liberty Walk’s own LD97 Forged rims – 18×9.5-inch at the front and 18×11.5-inch at the rear. Yokohama’s Advan Sport is the tire of choice, and stretched 215 fronts and 275 rears help the ‘tuck’ when the suspension is aired out.


This unique LBW conversion consists of a color-matched front chin spoiler with a single and asymmetric integrated air intake that helps emphasize the slammed look even further.


Then there are the yet-to-be-painted, one-piece, bolt-on fender flares that cover stock (but now cut) wheel arches beneath.


At the rear we have a reversed lip spoiler that kind of looks like it was taken from an old Toyota Cresta.


Seriously though, it tidies up and completes the section beneath the exhaust outlets nicely, while tying in the raked duckbill spoiler on the deck lid.


We’re essentially looking at a bosozoku Testarossa. That is both a beautiful thing as much as it is something that will likely make many Ferraris purists see red. Rosso Corsa red, of course.


That is one enhanced rear end.


Perhaps that was the end goal of this project; a way for the owner to enhance the look of his 512 TR, but at the same time challenge popular opinion on what one should or shouldn’t do with a car like this.

Enhanced Sound

Sitting rear-mid and providing about 420hp to the back wheels is the original 4.9L flat-12 engine that made this generation of Ferrari model (Testarossa/512 R/F512 M) so special.


To enhance the sound of the 48-valve 12-cylinder a Granchio M exhaust system is fitted, and boy does it let the engine sing.


As with all Liberty Work demo and client cars that require custom work, the Ferrari was pieced together in their subsidiary shop, AK-Produce, located close to LBW’s HQ just outside Nagoya.


AK-Produce’s talented staff cut the front and rear fenders, sealed everything up to protect the exposed steel, and then drilled and fitted the custom kit.

From every angle the car is so photogenic. And I think that perfectly sums up these overfender conversions: they are simple but oh-so effective.


I swung open the immensely heavy door for a quick look in the cabin and was greeted with an unmistakable scent of the old days. No changes or modifications have been done in here; it’s all stock and untouched.


As I sat on the hot asphalt, searching for the best angles, I started to think some more. If you own a car like this, it’s obviously something you’re passionate about. So why cut it up?


Could it be that you’ve owned it for so long that you’re now looking for new ways of enjoying it? That’s certainly a possibility.


I’m not the one that should be giving that answer though, because whether it’s a Liberty Walk kit, a Pandem kit, or taking your 911 to Nakai-san, the reason will likely be different for every person.


As I chased the 512 TR back to the Liberty Walk HQ it looked like nothing else on the road. People old and young were pointing at it as it drove by, and I stopped counting the number of thumbs-up given.

Maybe that’s it right there; doing something like this enhances emotion and brings a wave of excitement, the very thing most new cars have lost. As always though, I’m keen to hear what you think, so let’s chat in the comments section below.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: dino_dalle_carbonare



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I'm a fan. An already cool car made a little bit cooler.


I actually like the chin spoiler and the rear. They look very era appropriate.
I can't get behind the flares though, they just look too much like an afterthought for me.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes and no, I mean I know what you mean but strangely they look fitting most of the time. Wonder if they would look more the part if they were the same color as the rest of the car?

Marcello Spineda

That,and maybe molded with the rest of the body

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Ah yes, that rear "diffuser" really ties the boso look together!

I just wonder how wide it is now, considering the stock Testa itself is already a wide car to begin with. Kudos to the owner for being unique!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Tow and a half meters? haha


Wouldn't do it myself, but can't fault the excellent quality and execution. Only seen one Testarossa in the flesh, and that had more than enough impact stock!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Oh, it has presence, fenders or not


Thought "meh, LB doing what Koenig 25+ years ago"...yet somehow couldn't stop looking at it. Maybe the back reminded me of Sega Outrun from days gone by

Testarossas are cool in any form. Nice to see their prices have plateaued and somewhat obtainable

Dino Dalle Carbonare

You do have a point. Would be nice to see something done to the engine too perhaps.


Not my cup of tea, but I must admit that the front chin spoiler looks really fine.


it's ok, the best parts are the front and rear. the overfenders look like an afterthought, maybe because they aren't painted.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

They would definitely look more part of the car if they were red

Kevin Reynolds

Looks AMAZING!! Well done keeping the body flow. Nut I have to say seeing the photos of it at ride height... yeah that just killed it for me.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's always a bummer shooting aggressive cars on air, when you try to do rollers the look is spoiled. Better than destroying body work I guess lol


ctrl+c ctrl+v...*yawn*

Dino Dalle Carbonare

haha you made me laugh :)


Actually don't feel anything for this. It's just the same old cycle.


Love it, it brings out the essence of childhood wonder.
I guarantee kids who are not yet brainwashed into particular styles or puritanism will love this car. And for me thats the essence of it all.
Of course, tho, the car IS tastefully done. Its not over the top in the true sense, considering the make and model one might assume its a sacrilege but in all honesty its a well stanced widened car.

I love how it sits and how menacing it looks.
I can imagine how it feels to sit that low in the traffic and just drag all the attention as you pass.
Rev matching and playing with the gated shifter...
Lovely pictures as well.

I actually thought it was a render at first, didnt believe anyone would do something like it hahaha, glad he did tho.


I thought it was a Khyzyl render!


I was about to write the same thing! i honestly had to look over the images a couple of times, and read through to make sure I was looking at real photos!


I thought it was a prospective render from LBWK as well! I think because the car is so surgically clean there's not a single imperfection on it - it's been very well done.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I guess that means the execution looks perfect


Looks cool except the front wheel flares. Yuck! Looks like generic flares from Pep Boys lol. They could have at least color matched them to the car.


Hmm, IMHO those overfenders don't fit the original lines of the car. For me, the take down the flowing lines over the rear 'hips' and the rounded front fenders. Front and rear desing are OK though. I too immediately thought of a digital render by Khyzyl.


Looks ridiculous, especially in non-body color.


I love it! It's like giving your beautiful wife of 30 years a boob job. She's already beautiful but now just a little more curvy. :)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

haha I suppose :)


Or this one.


The car will look much better once the flares are painted.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Not sure they will get painted


Alright finally ! A SLAMMED expensive Ferrari, getting there ! :U


I think they deserve to be paint matched to the rest of the car.


I just don't "get" slammed cars.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well they look good in pictures?


It certainly has an impressively EVEN amount of ground clearance.


Ciao ragazzi quest'auto e stupenda!!!!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Ciao Gjonny!


Ciao ragazzi quest'auto e stupenda!!!!!!!

Travis Stewart

I would be very interested to see it when the overfenders are painted.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I don't think they will get painted anytime soon. That said, so would I


the front suffers a bit from the hard cut from black to red , otherwise ist looks surprsingly cool with the black wheels

maybe the kit can be adopted to the 512M , those definetly need some cosmetic help

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah like a front chop lol


Don't like the black fenders! Yuck! Some guy near me has a LWB Aventadore. White with red accents. It is nasty! And I mean that in a good way. These 2 cars are at a shop called The Eternal Shop. Weird name but have some SERIOUS cars at this place. Like these two.


Guess I can only submit one pic per post.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Much girth!


Absolutely love how it looks. Was hoping the owner would keep the flares black as is but even painted this car will look amazing. Happy to see the interior left stock.

Freddy Kritter

It's too slab-sided for this treatment. If anything, a set of carefully executed box flares would've been better.
The base car, the photos and presentation are good, but the end result falls flat.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Properly done box fenders would look sick!


A 512 to look at. There is an age to liking this correlation for sure. The younger will love its poster looks, the older will understand the thing will now drive like a dog.

Dino Dalle Carbonare



If you are going to ask the question of if you would over fender a certain car, it would be best to start the article with a picture of what the car looked like originally. Can anyone photoshop that?

If we saw a slammed stock bodied version of this car with those rims on it, next to what they have done we could all assess the impact better.

To me this is like creating a song using samples of already number #1 hits, you can't really go wrong!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Google is your friend lol


I would do it if I have one but I will make it subtle and just some aggressive wheels and stance no air suspension though. But overall I like the look and props to the owner for not worrying about resale figures with his car.


1. If the kit gives real performance improvement. YES.
2. If the kit make the car more alluring, compliments to the design. SURE.
3. If the kit makes the car uniquely "one of the kind". DEPENDS.

Anyway, point no. 2 & 3 are subjective. As such, please refer to point no. 4

4. if you are happy to use your own money to mod your own car. BY ALL MEANS, DO IT.


all that and a stock engine ?? how boring Japan tuners


Twin Turbo 2000whp V12 4.9L liberty walk wide body Ferrari 512 TR, now that sounds insane

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It would, but that is not what LBW does. It's looks only, performance is left to the individual overs. That's why Kato's own cars always have engines built by well known engine shops

Oskar Pettersson

Killer looks! I actually like the flares the way they are, matches up nicely with the "rear light cover slots", also I'm a sucker for the good ol' red/black combo. Rear spoiler really complements the body imo


Absolutely stunning and wish I could see it in person myself


As many have already stated, paint the over fenders red at it will be perfect.
1 point that bothers me and i will pass it straight forward: our beloved Dino, i know you are a photo-journalist and not a blogger hence your photos (and words) speak for you; but you will never be able to describe a flat 12 enhanced sound without a video even if you have dedicated a whole chapter for it. Most of us can play in the back of our heads the sound of an RB, JZ, EJ,... or any other popular engine; but a modifed Ferrai flat 12 is hard.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Point taken. Sounds like I should restart my YouTube channel lol


You guys can stop apologizing for overfenders already! Every article with cars that interpret and eexcute full who cares style we get these apologies and like sorry purists bla bla

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Sorry. LOL ;)


So who’s going to be the first to do this to a F40 ??

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I have scissors ready.


Koenigs 80s madness is back. So great looking.


On a side note, and it may just be me... but is anyone else in a funny place looking at images like these because of how many digital renders are about.

I'm starting to be unsure of what's real and what's not - I mean I know these are real but the question ran through my brain and it made me feel funny in a way I can't put my finger on. I think it's the fact I have to actually question it.

And yeh I'm totally on board with the over fender thing and have been since my first car (A-Series mini with group 2 arches)! this Ferrari is awesome like most things that come out of liberty walk!




Short answer. Yes, yes I would.

Although, I'd choose an inch narrower wheel.


I think this is one of the wackiest Prancing Horses I've ever seen. The untouched fender flares are a bit out there, but the rest of it just makes so much sense.


I'm not in the keep it stock clan (or i would not come here i guess) but in my opinion it's gives a strong first impression then i found it just OK. I guess it's because i've seen many testas and they are already so low and wide, the photos gives it justice but going "even wider, even lower" i think this car look like a pancacke IRL. Or like it went under an hydraulic press. Also if i had to mod a Testa for the fun and look i would not have messed up with a 512 TR which is known to be a great car all around while car from before had too much problems everywhere.


Siiick, especially nice with the black interior to match the flares.
215s on 9.5” where is kinda joke tho LOL (-8
Me want

Daniel Huneault

I would of liked to have seen the rear duckbill go the full length of the rear fenders and on the front fenders close to where it attaches to the front bumper I would of liked to have seen that small gap between bumper and fender closed up, other than that I think it looks pretty good.