Businessman In A Tracksuit: A Custom Wide-Body 7 Series

In Latvian modified car circles, this wide-body BMW G11 7 Series has really had people talking. Of course, seeing the car framed in a small square on your phone is one thing, but can you really get a true sense of something like that? I don’t think so, hence why I jumped at the opportunity to see it for myself.

My first in-person impression? It’s a big, luxurious 7 Series wearing a tracksuit – that’s the easiest explanation I can give.


Many people mistake this car for a 5 Series, and I don’t blame them; German carmakers do tend to carry their design language right throughout their ranges. I think in this case though, it’s the custom parts that make the G11 (G11 – short version, G12 – long version) look a little more athletic.


In reality though, it’s massive – two meters wide thanks to its custom wide-body conversion that we’ll talk about in a second. First, I want to draw your attention to the custom deep-dish Z-Performance forged ZP.12 wheels that measure 22×11-inch in the front and 22×13-inch out back.


The reason I mentioned the wheels first is because the carbon fiber wide fenders were designed around them, not vice versa as you might expect. It’s all the vision of automotive designer Kasim Tlibekov, whose 3D renders were brought to life by ProTuning Latvia, a tuning parts manufacturer. ProTuning Latvia’s CEO Andrejs Tkacenko is the car’s owner.


Nothing so bespoke comes together overnight, and in the case of this project it took a couple of years to go from concept to finished product. All parts are autoclave pre-preg carbon fiber composite, and there’s a lot of them. On top of the front fenders, which are 60mm wider than stock per side, and the rear fenders which have added 80mm per side, Kasim designed the side skirts, a splitter, diffuser, winglets, air scoops, side vents, and a beautifully sculpted ducktail.


Pieces like the forged carbon front grille add extra style to the build. I find it funny that while forged carbon is made out of leftovers, it’s considered to be more valuable than the traditional weave. What a weird world…


Tweaks to the OEM air suspension have resulted in a sporty stance. The modified system has two modes: a 40mm drop from stock for the perfect drive height, and dropped completely for a flush stance at shows. It’s not all looks either; the 7 Series’ diesel engine has been remapped to supply 400whp.


Behind all the modifications is a modern, luxurious, high-tech sedan with laser lights, gesture recognition, all the infotainment you can think of, adaptive cruise control, and a revolutionary ‘carbon core’ chassis structure.


I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this build. For me, the idea of custom-modifying a high-end modern vehicle like this is a totally different endeavor to doing it with an older car. It requires a different mindset, different skills, and a bigger budget. For those reasons alone, I think this 7 Series deserves respect.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka



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Sorry, but a modern eurotrash diesel that's destined for landfill in a decade doesn't deserve respect.


I just stopped caring a long time ago.

once the original tuner scene died. i stopped caring.


Haha, tuning has been dead for the last 10 years. It's all who can make a better build to get more instagram followers or clicks now. Great comment. Not surprised for the dislikes! This hobby went mainstream and the sports car scene is garbage now. lol

Matthew Adu-Larbi

I don't really get these kinds of comments. They have a build, and they share it with people on social media. Where's the big issue in that? 15 years ago people did the same thing of forums and nobody complained like how you are now. How has tuning died in the last decade exactly?


soo true, went to take my Z to fill up and like 2 zoomers in a hyundai genesis and a CVT wrx caked in anime stickers were like "Whats your insta bro?" and I told them I dont do social media and then they called me old....


i still build like the old days. i wish more people did. the creativity is gone because the $$$ dried up, anyone who downvotes this comment was born 2000 or later.




Saying no one builds like the old days, and that it has gone mainstream sounds really get off my lawn.

There's a lot of romanticizing of the past that we all do, but it's not that far off from current.

If you do some real digging into previous cover cars, or show cars etc, look into the legacy of fair ground cruisers... many were built specifically to draw attention and little more. These types of vehicles have always drawn eyes and discussion,

Meanwhile functional vehicles have always held their place too. However use the comments as your guide sometimes. How much comments/conversation to functional pieces draw versus a flared Ferrari on bags?

Food for thought rant I guess.


its also not romanticising the past if you only choose to live in the past and reject the future, kids these days have it easy, me ill fabricate anything and build my own fiberglast kits like real people do because bolt on is for losers.


i would never put a ferarri on bags and i only build for functional, car tuning and street racing was never for attention, it was about racing and who was the fastest. it was all about what was under the hood. thats real wangan racing. I dont do stuff for attention, i do stuff thats functional. its not get off my lawn. Function over form. KISS.


Cars have just become watches now and with the induction of car culture into the mainstream. The word tuning has been replaced with customizing and people don't know the difference anymore ;)

Jacques Mouton

I like it. It's what it's owner wanted, and I don't think he did it for anyone's approval but his own.

Travis Stewart

I think the styling is great. I was surprised to hear it had a Diesel though. LS SWAP!!! LOL
Killer car regardless.


Ducktail on the 7 series fits in nicely. Curious why the car is even offered in diesel these days though.


because diesel makes good torque and its good for towing and gets good gas mileage.


Are those racing stripes painted in metallic silver? Looks like it from the grille pic.


Something different something interesting I kinda like it
It's pretty cool


hmm I wonder how much power that engine could make... also how much torque? Also how much does that car weight with those carbon parts?

turbo beams ae86

How the f**** "thathellastockusdm3rdgenyaris@instagram" got Green Check? This guy committed trolling over 60 times. Every post are some mischief making


I love 7 series bmw’s, but something here is not right. I cant say i like it at any angle or the colour/contrast. Wheels don’t suite it either. I have and love E38’s and have owed a F02 750il. Probably better off stanced/coil overs with a carbon lip and lip spoiler at most. 750i, and spend the money from the wide body on tunning the twin turbo 8.

Ian MacDonald

I'm not against widebodied 7s. But if I did it myself I would go for just some flared wheel arches that were smooth to the rest of the car. These carbon extensions seem to conflict with the cars original purpose.

Still, I think it's a cool build, even if it's just because you never see custom G11s.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Having driven this generation of the 7-Series, I can say that it is a very nice car to drive. The one I drove was the 740Le (the early hybrid model with 2.0-litre engine), whose performance I was rather skeptical with with the small engine, but the hybrid system masks the engine's lack of grunt. Handling is surprisingly capable for a luxo-barge when compared to its rivals.

So now seeing a modified G11 is something I'm happy to see, although I would paint the bare cf panels for a cleaner look.


Businessman In A Tracksuit. I think the man needs a tie and suit, for business appropriateness.

I am wondering if the "intake slit" at the rear quarter has any function to it......


Nice car, but would rather get an S8 plus with the Talladega R package from MTM


I think the background does not suite the story, you're talking about a very wide car in a junkyard where every think is huge with no refference to compare the size; parking a Kei car or a tank in this yard will seem the same in photos.


Meh. This blends in with traffic so easily, not impressed. Also lul @ Diesel. CoalHunters?


I’m sorry but no, I do love a big long wheels base car but I am a man of simple taste and for me a 7 series just needs to be dropped and that’s it. This to me is jus OTT at its finest, more money then sense. But on the flip side if it makes the owner happy good for u!!!! Live n let let people

And btw put a Barra in it, ditch the diesel!!!


On the one hand, I like the way the unfinished add-on panels scream "MODIFIED," but unpainted carbon fiber is such a hoary, beaten-to-death cliche.

And the car looks good in a general way but, as is typical of nearly all cars made this century, it's overstyled - especially the lower halves of the front and rear fascias.

It has a good ride height and enough body rake to look good.

Diesel, huh? This thing should've have a proper gas V8, but the governments of the world - outside America - seem to think cars are properly toys for the rich, and tax them accordingly. I remember when the best antitheft device in the world was a little badge on the back that said "DIESEL."


This is as eastern European as it gets


I can't wrap my head around how large this car must be at its base. Fronts widened 60mm per side and the rears 80mm per side and yet it its barely noticeable in any of the shots taken here. Crazy.

Ian MacDonald

"Buisness man in a track suit"

It's an interesting build and definelty a rare one considering G11s are still new enough to not be meddled with that much.
But I would've gone for the "Athlete in a buisness suit" myself. Something about modest statements of power always gets me.


what the hell happened to the speed in speedhunters


The same thing that happened to hot rodding. Dead and gone brother. lmao. This is not the place anymore for any kind of tuning advice much like the rest of the industry.


A russian "businessman" in a Adidas track suit, yes. Squatting in front of a Tesco. Sorry but this is just cheap insta fame tuning. Poor bimmer.