Rest In Peace, Sabine Schmitz

The Nürburgring is a very special place, and for many people it was first brought to mainstream attention by Top Gear and the absolutely magical Sabine Schmitz. It is with great sadness that the world lost a legend on Tuesday when Sabine passed away at the age of just 51.

Germany’s Eifel region is home to a wonderful community of people with a great sense of humour, and Sabine was born and raised at the Nürburgring with an infectious spirit. Her mother, Ursula Schmitz, founded the famous Hotel Am Tiergarten in 1969 and Sabine, her youngest daughter, was the first and only woman in racing history to win the 24-hours race.

Many of you will remember Sabine piloting a Ford Transit around the Nordschleife with fantastic energy, making many people smile during passenger laps in the ‘Ring Taxi, and also this incredible lap in the Frikadelli Racing Team 911 GT3 R.

Sabine had been quietly battling cancer for some time, and with a heavy heart, we all now know that was one she didn’t win.


Cancer cannot take away the absolute brilliance of Sabine Schmitz and the smiles this wonder woman gave the automotive world. Speedhunters sends our best wishes, love and thoughts to Klaus, Ursula Schmitz and family, the Frikadelli Racing Team, and Sabine’s friends who loved her dearly.


Race in peace, Queen of the Nürburgring.

Ben Chandler
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So sad. RIP Sabine!




Such a unique character with a contagious charisma, RIP Sabine.


Everyone loves Sabine!

Like everyone else, i was saddened to learn of her passing, though i knew last year when she had that, i knew it wasnt gg to end well, somehow.

Deepest condolences to her family and everyone who loved, and still continue to love Sabine.

She will be immortalized with the videos of her, and also the articles that have been written about her, and in the articles that people will write about her.

God bless you Sabine Schmitz. The motoring world, of all levels, mourns this lost icon. Gone too soon.

Rest in peace.


An automotive enthusiast icon! Great respect and RIP.


Damn that sucks, I always loved segments featuring her on Top Gear. She will be missed and remembered a true master of the Nordschleife.


I used to watch her on Top Gear as a kid and she was truly an amazing woman
Very funny and very inspiring I wished I got to know more about her or even meet her
May she rest in peace long live the Queen

ea lamatan- #PrayForKyoAni

Gone, but never forgotten.....Race In Paradise Queen of the Nurburgring


RIP Sabine.

XB owners united

Not just a great female driver but a great driver. Period.


Very sad news. She was a favorite of my wife and I. We loved her sassy attitude. RIP


What a loss for motorsport and the Nürburgring community. Ruhe in Frieden Sabine


RIP Sabine


I was lucky enough to see her on Top Gear, seeing her race around the track in the van, how much fun she was having. She's one of those people who remind you how much fun life can be, to not sit and wait, laugh and live it fully. I will not forget her. Thank you Sabine.


I remember the van episode lol. I can't remember if she mopped the floor with Clarkson's time or if she scared the pants off Captain Slow. Either way, she was great.


Goodbye Sabine.


J'ai eu l'honneur de me faire dépasser par son Taxi M5 sur le Ring. Un talent incroyable.

Sa bienveillance hantera encore longtemps les dangereuses enfilades de l'enfer vert.



RIP Sabine


It is very sad. Sabine, Queen of the Nurburgring, see you in the land of curves and high speeds.


RIP to Sabine and Murray Walker


Lucky enough to meet her twice. First was when I was in the audience for the said Top Gear episode. She signed my copy of the Magazine. The second was when we went to the Ring in 2008 and had dinner at the Pistenklause. She posed with our group in a photo. RIP


Very sad. That lap was amazing!


Full of energy and smiles. Loved her banter with Tiff. I would share a taxi ride with her anytime, RIP mein Sabine!