Meeting The (Almost) Production Nissan GT-R50

After a few years in the making, the GT-R50 is getting pretty close to production.

While the order book for the 50 cars being built is being filled, Italdesign and Nissan have been busy finalizing the spec of the production car. The version you see here is – as the writing on the hood and sides reveal – the test car; a close-to-final-homologation model that has been put through a rigorous set of tests in Italy.


The car is in Japan for the next few months, and proudly being display at the Nissan Crossing gallery in Ginza, a two-minute walk away from the old Nissan HQ, before all the offices moved to Yokohama a decade or so ago.


Having spent some time with the original GT-R50 concept three years ago at one of the most epic Cars & Coffee events ever held at Daikanyama T-Site, I was very curious to see how this crazy project has survived the transition over to an actual production model. So I made my way to Ginza armed with my mask and personal alcohol disinfectant, and spent a little time taking in the details.

Just before closing time the gallery was pretty deserted, which was never really the case before COVID-19. Have I just found one positive aspect in all this mess?

I was quite happy to see that – for the most part – the GT-R50 production version has retained its wild exterior. That said, there have been some mild toning down from the concept car, mainly the front and rear lights, which although similar to those on the concept have been brought up to road legal spec.

The Details

On the GT-R50 concept car, gold highlights – to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the GT-R and Italdesign – were all around the car, including the recessed inner section of the massive gaping grill. But the production model does away with this detail. Overall, the front treatment remains unchanged; it’s just less in-your-face than it originally was as the carbon fiber exterior has been mostly left clear-coated or wrapped stain white.


The car was penned by Nissan’s London and San Diego design studios, while Italdesign oversaw the actual engineering, creation and development of this very exclusive model.


This daring design has truly transformed a car that we’ve known for many years – 14 years this year – into something that can really be considered a hypercar.

To get your hands on one of these future collectables you will have to fork out ¥145,305,60, which at today’s exchange rate equates to just over US$1.4 million. But before we even touch on value-for-money, let’s continue with the details and changes over a standard R35.


The back end has been given a slight nip and tuck, and boy does it look different without all that gold. Still, exposed carbon is probably even better.

Compare it to the concept and you will notice that the taillights are not visually attached, but rather seem to float and extend into the bodywork. The twin air outlets on each side of the deck lid remain, but sport a slight variation.


I was pretty happy to see that the roof-mounted ‘samurai blade’ third brake light has been retained.

If you’re wondering where the indicators are, both the front and rear LED lights are of the switchback type, changing between red and orange when you make use of the stalk. This is something I wish more manufacturers would do to enhance their headlight and taillight designs.


With such an intricate rear end conversion, what’s become of the trunk?

Lifting the rear deck lid gives you access to the Alcantara-clad trunk space, which is shifted forwards compared to the base car. Also, you can see how dramatic the roof chop has been, really reducing rearward visibility.


The active spoiler has slightly been redesigned to fit into the altered rear end, too.


Looking at the struts that support and move the wing, I noted that their design has also been refined. They remain an absolute work of art, using a mix of carbon fiber and brushed billet aluminum. Stunning.


There’s still one splash of gold on the production GT-R50 – the ‘R’ on the rear badge.

Random Fact: When ordering a GT-R in Japan, you can spec – and could always, even on the 32/33/34 Skylines (not to mention most cars on the market), the ‘gold pack’ which gives you gold Nissan and GT-R badges.


The Italdesign skirts are the most beautifully-contoured side-steps I’ve ever seen. Aftermarket kit-makers often get these wrong, but these are just stunning, don’t you think?


The 21-inch wheels are carried over from the concept, and feature color-customizable carbon inserts on the spokes. Seeing the GT-R50 is based on the 2020 Nismo GT-R, larger Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes come standard front and rear.


The interior is where the shift from concept to production car has seen the biggest changes.

In the GT-R50 concept, the way the unique carbon fiber dashboard sculpted around a MoTeC dash display with no other distractions was one of coolest aspects. It was clean, focused and special. But for the production car, Italdesign and Nissan are sticking with the stock GT-R interior, albeit with a few nice touches and possibly even more (remember, this is still a test vehicle).

First up, there’s a long carbon rib running along the entire length of the dash. It’s not just a trim piece, but a proper redesign that extends outwards and is capped off with a thin aluminum highlight that continues over to the door trims. The main dash hood is also used as a design feature, with a carbon center and trimmed in the same light gray Alcantara used on the headliner of the custom roof and trunk.

I thought it was cool that the language setting for the MFD has remained in Italian. I actually think they should lock that and maybe do all the other writing for the analogue dash gauges in Italian, too.


Most GT-R50 buyers will end up custom-speccing their exterior and interior colors, so it will be cool to see what they come up with.

Lifting The Hood

Right, onto the engine…


I expected hinges on the back of the carbon hood, but it’s still technically just a cover that has to be removed by two people.


Visually, the engine in the GT-R50 Test Car looks like a stock 2020 GT-R Nismo unit, but it’s actually been built separately built by one of the ‘Takumi’ at Nissan’s engine plant in Yokohama. Thanks to components borrowed from the GT3 version of the R35 engine, Italdesign have been able to bump up power and torque to 720hp and 780Nm respectively. The transmission has also been ‘reinforced’, but what this means isn’t really known.

Out of it all, I just hope they have spent some time refining the suspension settings and the management system for the ATTESA E-TS. I also hope we see some changes in the engine bay; carbon piping and air boxes, a composite engine cover, as well as some design elements. It really needs to look special when you lift the lid.


There is then a custom exhaust rear section that connects up to the Nismo’s titanium system, and a very hypercar-like oval-cut pair of pipes that exit downward and are beautifully integrated into the bespoke rear diffuser.


The GT-R50 Test Car will be on display at Nissan Crossing in Ginza until the end of March, and then there may be a possibility for media to get behind the wheel of this car. It would be nice to see how it feels, as the 2020 GT-R Nismo is already a beast to drive and this has an additional 120hp to play with.

However, when talking about this car the cost will always come into play. It sits at a price point where it makes little-to-no sense for a lot of people, but then again, Nissan and Italdesign never expected to sell many. It will go down in history as the most expensive official GT-R ever created, and surely will be a sought after collectable in the future. We currently live in an age where a pristine R34 GT-Rs can fetch US$500,000, so maybe $1.4 million isn’t that crazy after all? You tell me. I look forward to your comments and opinions below…

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: dino_dalle_carbonare



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I actually prefer this (almost) production model a lot better than the prototype for some reason. Maybe it was the golden color scheme that threw it off for me previously. I had seen the prototype in person at Laguna Seca and thought that it looked better in pictures.

But THIS looks amazing so far!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I know what you mean, it looks more production car and less concept


No doubt there are plenty of wow and exclusivity in the GT-R50. Its specs and performance are supercar-like.

However, with such extreme exclusivity (and the hefty price tag) of the GT-R500, majority of them might be garaged, not driven and to perform as it was designed for. It would be a pity if the cars were in the hands of pure collectors, or worst speculators.

My impression of Nissan GTRs are always about the drive. I have a feeling that the GT-R500 might be the case of "a superhero, but has no crime to fight".

Whichever the case, I really hope to see GT-R500 blasting-way on the road, as many other GTRs did.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'm sure most will end up sitting in a collection


Looks like a Kia car


Then Kia's doing a good job.


Looks like my comment broke speed hunters "100%" without emoji


The more I look at it, the headlights looks like the Prius which I'm a fan of but it's kinda of weird looking at a photo of a Prius & the GT-R right now & the overall front terrain pattern looks like the Prius but of course with the bad A-s GT-R genes, it also has an inverse incredibles car theme, the rear taillights even looks like it inspired this along with the super tiny & super sloped boot it's almost cartoony coupled with the long bonet & tiny cockpit with the jet black & similar light grey blue suit. A lot of people may hate me for this but it's okay, just what I'm seeing here, also no cap if you guys think I'm being sarcastic, just being positive on what I said, thank you for reading


It's nice and all but for that price you could get any other R35 variant and modify it to your heart's content, and I'd settle for that.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

3-4 too


I was shocked by the concept, I am shocked that they are working on it to be a reality, I'll need therapy if I see any driven as a "regular" car not hidden in climate controlled basement (sure excluding the cars used for demo runs and circuit record breaking).

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah it's taken a while but it seems to be sort of on track


I know nissan fans and car fans in general are anxiously awaiting new and exciting car releases but is just a no for me. Too busy and not harmonious at all.


I just ordered a new Almera.
I was happy with my old one.
GTR 50 looks great.
Hope to see many of her style and performence in next Almer generations to come.


Amazing model,


I like this


What exactly about this design is daring? It's a reskin... there are body kits that make R-35's look less like R-35's than this...

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Really? Give me 1 example


They ruined the gtr with this. It's no longer affordable with is one of the main thing that made it big in the first place and they tried to hard with the aero and body styling it barley looks like a gtr anymore among other things. But everyone has their own opinion thats just mine

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I think the whole affordability aspect went out of the window once the R35 came out honestly.


I like the juxtaposition of the fancy carbon bits hidden behind the familiar r35 side profiles. At 14 years old though those profiles aren't hiding their age well.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well not really bits, the car's exterior is entirely made in carbon fiber. But yeah agree, when you have Ferrari and McLaren churning out new cars like there was no tomorrow the R35 positively feels from another century.


I think it's pretty cool that Nissan and Italdesign collaborated for the GT-R50 anniversary edition concept
It kinda previews the future of the GTR and the next gen model

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's not a preview at all, it's just a one off redesign that Nissan wanted to try out.


This isn't the Skyline we always hope for, the monstrous performance for the rich.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

2007 was the year the Skyline died.


Come on, don't be like that. It might not have had an RB in it anymore, but if anything it went even further back to the luxury tourer roots of the very first Skylines, while still packing a healthy amount of handling nous. It wasn't a GT-R or a JDM tuning icon anymore as the R32-4 were, but if anything, that's more freedom to shape it to your own desires, rather than whacking a Nismo kit and some LMGT4s on, painting it Bayside Blue or Millennium Jade, and calling it a day.

Disclaimer: I own a V36.

Also, I really like what Nissan and Italdesign have done here, it's just a shame that most of these won't get driven as much as they deserve to, as you mentioned further up in the thread.


That's not to say I don't appreciate what you've done with your own R34, which is bloody excellent. I just feel the whole song-and-dance surrounding these iconic models can be really creatively limiting at times and I applaud Nissan's efforts to really break the mould there with the R35 and this design-study-turned-production-car.


How many ztune I buy instead

Dino Dalle Carbonare



This thing is a two-ton brick and looks it, but carries its visual mass so much better than the production R35. The same way an aircraft carrier looks so much more attractive than an oil tanker.

You wanna explain to me how Italdesign ate Nissan's lunch on this one?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well since the exterior is mostly carbon I'd say it weighs a tad less


They need to do a professional photo shoot in a better colour scheme. The colour placement on this particular car does not look great and also makes it hard to see the detail in these photos. Combined with lots of white surfaces in the background of the photo and the poor lighting makes for an average impression.

Exclusive is not a trait the GTR had been built on. But the current market has now made it that way. Nissan is taking advantage of that. Good on them, as long as they keep the regular GTR a possibility of owning rather than a museum exhibit.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Once the customer cars start being delivered we'll start seeing nice colors. I personally want to see it in exposed carbon


Stunning. Proper hyper car looks IMO.

Wish it had a few more of the satin gold/bronze touches like the proto though. Possibly just the chosen scheme of the test car...


The front and rear angles look amazing! Side profile feels more muscle car, but not bad. Getting things into that truck... over the spoiler? Maybe time to go mid engine.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Decent access from the side, but definitely a compromise over a "normal" car. I expect people that buy cars like these aren't exactly looking for "normal" mind you


ehh....I mean, its not bad and i know we are evolving to the electric era but...with jdm's like these....i dont think its the time.


But like everyone else says, its way better looking than the proto. lol


Honestly, such a stunning car; a design worth being clad by the next gen and future that is Nissan; this HAS to be the next iteration. They must know this would be a winner.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

This has got nothing to do with whatever will be coming next in the GT-R saga. If there ever will be something else?


I know there is always a watering-down when a car goes from concept to production but when you're only making 50 cars, do you really need to water it down? Overall it has retained its presence, but I think the biggest letdown is that interior. It doesn't really look special anymore. It just looks like a GTR took a trip to the Alcantara depot and said I'll take it all. It's a super exclusive, limited run car; you should be going crazy with it. Take any Pagani for example. While I don't always agree with their styling and sometimes even think it's too much, they know still know how to make you feel like you've bought into something special. This is a Japanese car wearing an Italian suit, but they didn't splurge for the Armani, just one that says "made in Italy." Overall still cool, but could have/should have been cooler.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Agree with what you are saying, the special factor is definitely missing in the interior and engine room. However let's not forget this is not an Italdesign design, the car was styled by Nissan's designers in the Nissan London and San Diego studios. Italdesign was brought in to engineer and build it.


Fortunately it is not hybrid !!!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Rumors the next R will be


I spy a case full of model cars. Any details on those?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Just a lot of cool models. I'll post a pic up on my Instagram if you'd like


For $1.4 million I could build over 100 competitive Champcar racecars.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

You could start your very own series!


Please don't go back on this one....

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Come on I wanna drive the damn thing!


You know it is so funny it seems like Japan has lost its way. Toyota no longer builds the Supra and Nissan obviously uses Italian designers. I guess in the future we're going to see Subaru using Swedish and Mazda will be using Australians


Honestly I love it...I absolutely love it...but the sad part is...the people who buy these prolly won't use them for what they're made...and that makes me very sad...and. The only thing I don't like on this car is the interior. It's a good interior yes but is it good enough tho? The exterior looks oh so futuristic but the interior..meehhh not so futuristic...they could have done a much better job on the interior. I'm not saying it's bad but it's just not good enough. There are many many present day cars with wayyy more futuristic interiors than this one. So yea that's the only thing I don't like...wish they change it...they won't but I can dream innit?


Honestly I love it...I absolutely love it...but the sad part is...the people who buy these prolly won't use them for what they're made...and that makes me very sad...and. The only thing I don't like on this car is the interior. It's a good interior yes but is it good enough tho? The exterior looks oh so futuristic but the interior..meehhh not so futuristic...they could have done a much better job on the interior. I'm not saying it's bad but it's just not good enough. There are many many present day cars with wayyy more futuristic interiors than this one. So yea that's the only thing I don't like...wish they change it...they won't but I can dream innit?


They did kinda fine with the new Z Proto, but this new GTR??. I can call it a GTR but not the 'R50'. The R30/32/33/34 legacy are all about the 'Godzilla', the perfomance it did and simple but great design. Also, some minus point on this particular design is what is with the trunk??!!.


They did kinda fine with the new Z Proto, but this new GTR??. I can call it a GTR but not the 'R50'. The R30/32/33/34 legacy are all about the 'Godzilla', the perfomance it did and simple but great design. Also, some minus point on this particular design is what is with the trunk??!!.


1.4 million dollars