Seeing Double At The Off Time Meeeeting

Given the sheer number of Skyline GT-Ts and GT-Rs of various generations present at the recent Off Time Meeeeting, standing out among the crowd would be a tall order for anyone.

To be completely honest, I wanted to try and find something different to spotlight first, as we see a lot of Skylines on Speedhunters. Not that there is anything wrong with that – we love them as much as you do – but a little diversity never hurts, right?


Then these two Bayside Blue BNR34 GT-Rs pulled in, fashionably late, to the event and instantly stole the show. Sorry folks, diversity will have to wait until the next spotlight…


It wasn’t the fact that they were almost identical in approach and execution – with essentially the entire Nismo catalog of parts thrown at them – that initially drew me in for a closer look.

No, it was the custom interiors that had me drooling like a broken faucet.


If you have seen the inside of a stock GT-T (like Project Rough) or GT-R, the hard and highly unattractive plastic that fills the cabin leaves a lot to be desired.

The owners of these cars thought the same and decided to replace every piece with either carbon fiber or high quality leather. It’s something that you have to see and feel to believe, but sitting inside both GT-Rs had me thinking about Project Rough’s interior. I guess that’s more things to add to the never-ending list…


Underneath the Nismo hoods revealed yet even more similarities, with the exception of a few things such as the HKS V-Cam system, carbon fiber fuse box cover, ARC oil catch tank, and strut bar (although with the latter both are Nismo variations).


For wheels, both owners are running limited edition Nismo LMGT4s, which of course are made by RAYS. I’m a huge fan of black and bronze wheels, but here I think the white LMGT4s do a better job of complementing the R35 GT-R brake conversion.


Again out back, subtle differences can be spotted with the spoiler, rear diffuser, and exhaust.


Ignoring the fact that one of these car is a Vspec II Nür, if I had the option to take one home I know which car it would be, but how about yourself? Which one resonates more with you? Let us know in the comments below…

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

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I'm starting to think that Nissan actually built half a million R34s and only reported the first 12,000 off the assembly line.

At least that's what the internet's led me to believe.


And I'm starting to believe you.
You think the owners have to pay a cut of the skyrocketing resell value to Nissan?


No other cars wear bayside blue better than the Godzilla.
I am so glad the monsters were not airbag-sitter.


As a personal taste (which is the question asked in the end): the red leather is always a drawback for me, I've never liked and never will it specially in person. The exterior cosmetics/body work of the 1 with white rims and R35 brakes wins for me. So it's just an interior swap for me and I have my ultimate winner.
Anyway, hand me the key of any of them any day and i won't hesitate a fraction to take it.


I used to agree on the interior color, but then I bought an old Accord with a burgundy interior and it's really growing on me. It just needs a two tone to break it up. So I'd take the red-interiored, R35-braked, white-wheeled car, if only just by a bit. Both are incredible.


V-Spec II Nür please, with the black rims (and the R35 brakes). I think black suits the car better because of all the carbon details. There is no relation to white as there is to black, for me. Tan interior please and don't forget to do the seats!!!
Great cars!!


The badge on the back says VspecII Nur but the build plate says series 1 haha


Wow did not realize the 19" LMGT4 had a lip to it. (assuming those are 19").


Tough choice! Black wheels orange interior but with R35 brake swap. The LED backup and the GTR logo lights are subtle compared to the rest of the showstopper ride. I have to ask are they putting out 600HP or what?




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The Skyline GTR R34 looks best in Bayside Blue


I remember 15 years ago you could pick up a R34 GTR for about $60,000 now you can't find any under 100 it's madness


Some high quality parts. Genuine R-Tune bonnets, R35 brakes, Vcam, LMGT4's. Not a fan of the interiors though, or putting a VspecII Nur badge on the back haha.


The fenders, the trunk lid, the "evil eyes" as we call it in Germany... It looks kind of tacky imo. Also, the brown leather is a big no from me and red is also not great. Black would have looked a lot more stylish, but I guess it is the point to stand out.
White wheels and R35 breaks conversion is a big win!


GT-R's don't have sunroof's and V-Spec II Nur's don't have black engine bays or Blue VIN/Chassis plates.
Might want to double check there...


Both gorgeous cars....UNTIL I saw the interiors! Can’t say I’m a fan of either. Much prefer the less is more approach. Really not a fan of either of those bright colour interiors, both make the cars look a lot cheaper than they really are.