Editorial: Celebrating The Project Car

Traditionally, the middle of October has been an extra exciting time for Speedhunters. In normal times, the annual SEMA Show is just a couple of weeks away, meaning an all-out Speedhunting assault on the Las Vegas Convention Center is almost upon us. For obvious reasons, that won’t be happening in 2020.

But perhaps more exciting than the SEMA Show itself are some of the SEMA builds that normally start showing themselves around this time of the year. Sure, many are cookie-cutter creations utilising the latest bolt-on parts for the newest enthusiast platforms and exist solely for the show, but SEMA always delivers some exceptions to the rule. In many cases, these builds are more than just few months (or weeks, or even days) in the making – they’re proper enthusiast-owned labours of automotive love. Project cars. 

Just because we won’t be seeing any of these cars in Vegas this year doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate them. So, celebrating project cars is exactly what we’re going to do from now until the middle of November.


If my math is good, there are currently 14 Speedhunters projects cars taking up residence in the SH Garage, and a few more that will soon be joining them. Over the course of the next four or so weeks we’ll be bringing you a bunch of updates on our own cars, but more importantly than that, we want to hear about your project cars. If you’ve been brewing up something special in your garage over the past months, years, or perhaps even decades, now is a good time to show us what you’ve got.

Drop an email to iamthespeedhunter@speedhunters.com with 3-5 high quality JPEG images at 1920px x 1280px size, and include a short paragraph about what you’re building. Early next month, we’ll select a few of our favourites for a special IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER ‘Your Project Cars’ post.

Brad Lord
Instagram: speedhunters_brad



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I just bought a Saab 93 as a project car so at least we can celebrate it at home.


What year? 4 cylinder or V6?


A 2003 2.0t, it's an L4 turbo, good for 210hp after remapping, 230+hp with bigger injectors. It's all GM parts so there's no problem in finding replacements.


I really enjoy the project cars build on Speedhunters
It's just very inspiring!


Before the internet build thread, the Project Cars/Garage section in car tuning magazines back in the 90s - showing what the staff got up to with their cars - was definitely my favourite section to read


Hopefully I can get a project car soon!


Looking forward to seeing the IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER project submissions!


Here's hoping that a Celica GT-S, will find its way into my life, sooner rather than later..


I think I may need to take some photos this weekend and submit them of my... different long term project. Working on 14 years of ownership of it now.