What YouTube Video Have You Been Watching On Repeat During Lockdown?

Inspired by our recent YouTube post and Mark’s E30 M3 and 190 E EVO II story, I thought we could have a chat about what you’ve been watching.

As my finger’s hit these keys, I’m currently on an NA bender. I’ve built about 100 cars in my head and spec’d up an engine at Pug1Off at least once a week – whilst considered maxing out an interest-free credit card – all in the quest for 9,000rpm and 220hp in my 106 Rallye.

I’m a simple man, and a perfect evening for me involves cracking open a cold Guinness or a Modelo, and probably hiding from Brad’s DMs on Slack asking why I haven’t finished my 190 project car story (sorry mate, been really busy).

The real reason for such terrible procrastination is, of course, YouTube. More specifically, this wonderful 10-minute-long piece of DTM legend, Johnny Cecotto, tussling with some M1 Procars. When I die, I hope I go to Group A heaven and every day is DTM race day at the Nürburgring.

So, what video do you watch on repeat? Let me know in the comments section below. Rules: one link only and must be car related. Anyone sharing supercar YouTubers, especially those who cannot even pronounce ‘Cecotto’ correctly, will be banned and told to get in the sea.

Ben Chandler
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I just watched your video Ben but to answer the question you posted " What YouTube Video Have You Been Watching On Repeat During Lockdown?" I have been watching MOTOGP. That's right. Rossi vs Stoner Laguna Seca 2008, Marque, Lorenzo, Giberneau, Biaggi etc. The commentator Nick Harrus said "... any other forms of motorsport is boring" and he is damn right. Here is a clip motogp ( I think it was Andrea Dovisiozo's bike) vs F1 0-300 km/h. David Coulthard even admitted up to 200 km/h it was faster than F1. https://www.quora.com/Which-one-is-faster-the-Kawasaki-H2R-or-MotoGP-bike-s


MotoGP and old WSB / BSB races have filled way too much of my time of recent. I'm with you.


I have been watching motogp during lockdown. To me it is the best form of motosport. The old races Rossi vs stoner. Lorenzo, Marquez, Giberneau, Biaggi etc.


I remember watching some of those races on TV way back, utterly amazing! good recommendation!


I appreciate Motogp more as it requires more skill. 350 km/h on two wheels with contact patch of each tyre the size of a cigarette lighter? No refueling strategy ,no KERS, no turbo, no paddle shift. no pit stop strategy to change tyres. It is on another level of difficulty. Lewis Hamilton visited Rossi a few months ago at Yamaha paddock and told reporter that Rossi is legend, Marquez is phenomenal. Rossi was a god in his prime and Dovi's Ducati is called the Bologna bullet due to its acceleration. Yes I enjoy production car race, touring car but not F1. Motogp is just on another planet. Nick Harris even said a few years ago during wet race in Silverstone: "F1 fans eat your heart out"


Hi guys. Nothing beats Group A racing, in my mind.
Do podcasts make the cut? If yes then the carmudgeon show, with Jason Cammisa, and Derek Tam-Scott, lots of funny stories, interesting point of views, and those two have experienced some awesome machinery.

If podcasts are not eligible, then Kidston short films. The only equivalent to the Petrolicious videos.


I recommend, watching the replays of the Goodwood Members Meeting. The full replays of both the 74th and 75th Members meetings, are both on Goodwood's YouTube channel. in addition to that event,, they also have the complete footage, from both the 2015 and 2016 Goodwood Revival races. Between the Members Meetings and the Revival races, one should have enough to watch for at least a few days...


the old wagenwerks videos, no idea why.


interestingly, in my eyes, they were the forerunners to a lot of show reels for shows now, particularly enjoy the music in "newfilm" the VW scene is so timeless a lot of it could have been shot yesterday


suppose I should really trace matt crane down and find out what he's working on these days


Couldn't agree more. Those films were so ahead of their time. Paging Matt Crane!


Anything with the 1911 Fiat S76 "Beast of Turin" in it.
It's a flame-spitting cross between a racecar, steam locomotive and low-flying biplane. :D

Paddy McGrath

VHS Rallies (fantastic YT channel) and Red Bull Rampage mostly. The latter of which has nothing to do with cars, but blows my mind.


You might like Darkfest as well then.


Icon car versus motorcycle drift battle 2
Petrolicious Raw video of 250 GTO


The sound I'm building.
4 rotors, 6 gears, 2 seats, and a truck bed.
One of my inspiration- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKmR0EVYoSo


The first half of the Cleetus McFarland video introducing the Freedom Factory.



I'm watching my Best Motoring/Hot Version DVDs =)


Also lost many an hour to those vids.




while it isnt "speed" related but they are awesome channels with a ton of automotive knowledge and awesome content from these two one being a jeep channel and the other is a man living out of his vw van check these guys out


The history of Alfa's DTM experiences. Though this guys gtv6 review is also a partial favorite.


I like motorsports but lately I have been watching a lot of MCM and Chris fix. And detailing videos. And Car Throttle


hours of Gumball 3000 clips!


It's not the same as driving/racing vids, but Bad Obsession Motorsport have a lovely Youtube channel. Have been watching a lot of Project Binky episodes lately. Awesome idea (Toyota Celica turbo engine in an old Mini), superjealous of their fabrication skills and lovely British humor.


good choice of video! hell of a lot better than Afroman's "Minna No Peace" and this one 20 second clip of an SRT-4-swapped Chrysler Lebaron, which is what I've been watching


Project Binky! In colour!


I was going to suggest that. Probably lost count of times I've watched it over from the start!

Douglas Ingram

BMW E36 V8 hill climb car warming up on the dyno.


Good grief!

Michael Rinaldi

Does Porn Hub count?

Mason Shoebridge

Not one video, but one series.
Project binky!


For me it’s Donut Media’s ‘up to speed’ clips. Hours worth of clips summarising the history of everything automotive


Someone said it sounds like it is broken... No, It sounds like victory.


haha. brilliant!

Tryon Lippincott

I have been watching a lot of the Mini 7 Racing in England.


There goes 25-mins of my life. I wanted a KAD powered Mini back when I was 17-years old so badly. Thanks for sharing.