A Low & Wide Volvo With 2JZ Punch

A long time ago, someone told me that if you hear that distinctive 2JZ engine sound, it’s hardly ever going to be coming from a Toyota Supra, and practically never from an Aristo. While in Finland last year, yet again this proved to be true.

I heard the squeal of tires struggling for grip mixed with the sound of a 2J hitting the limiter, and then noticed a red, box-like shape in the distance. I knew exactly who and what it was; I’ve been following Eemeli Vuorela and his 1980 ‘Swedish Erotica’ for a number of years on social media.


This four-door Volvo has been evolving in the hands of Eemeli since 2012. Initially, the classic sedan was mildly modified with a set of wheels, low suspension and a roof rack being the main talking points, but just a year after starting the project, the Toyota 2JZ engine swap had become a reality.

Twelve months later the 244 received a custom interior, but after this Eemeli turned his attention to a VW van project, which consumed another two years. He eventually returned to the Volvo though, adding a roll cage, wide fenders, air suspension, and new custom wheels.


The wheels are a good place to start too, because they’re pretty cool.

Any idea what you’re looking at? The horse logos give half the game away; the white-finished centers came from a ’96 Ford Mustang’s 15×7-inch wheels, but these have since been mated to wide OZ Racing barrels. This truly one-of-a-kind set of wheels measure 17×9.5-inch up front and 17×12-inch in the rear. Check out the Brembo big brake conversion up front, too.

As mentioned a moment ago, the 244 runs air suspension. It’s a straightforward setup with Universal bags, a 24-liter tank, and twin compressors.


It’s the engine that makes this Volvo something truly special though. The 3.0L 2JZ-GTE runs a Master Power MPR6164 turbocharger and all the supporting modifications you’d expect, including a Turbosmart ProGate wastegate, large front-mount intercooler, and 1,000cc injectors. It hasn’t been on the dyno yet, but 600hp surely wouldn’t be too far off the mark with this setup.

All that power is transferred through a lightweight flywheel and Sachs race clutch to a BMW GS6-37DZ gearbox, and finally a BMW rear end.


Visually, the 244 is very aggressive looking with a low and clean body that a lot of stance projects will envy. The fiberglass flares add 80mm on each side of the car, and they need to be that wide to tuck the wheels the way they do.


I’ve left my personal favorite aspect of this build – the interior – to last. The retro brown checkered style works so well in an ’80s Volvo family car. The only thing out of place is the tablet on the dash, but hey, that’s practicality. Everything else fits perfectly: the old school rally-spec Kevlar seats from GA Racing, L-Tec steering wheel, the roll cage, shifter and switches.


It’s inspiring to see projects evolve over time, and right now Eemeli is conjuring up the Volvo’s next iteration. He’s thinking about a switch to static suspension, some bodywork modifications, as well as a few mechanical improvements.

Given how well it’s been done up to this point, I can’t wait to see the 244 at a show or meet and check out the future upgrades. In the meantime, I’ll leave with the video above showing the Volvo in action.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka



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I'd love to like it but there are too many inconsistencies in that build. Putting a rollcage in a car means performance, but the stupid tire mount contradict it. Then if this car is not build for performance and could be daily driven, why losing so much space in the trunk with the air suspension ?

Other than that I really like their bodywork and interior treatment. I wouldn't have put those wheels but they are really refreshing.


Dude, its a Volvo... 244... Nobody should be modifying these things but he did it and with a lot of attention to detail. That's whats cool about it.


What a coincidence, funny to see a neighborhood where I happen to live on Speed Hunters front page, congrats for the featured car, sick ride!


What kind of IRS is in this thing? Very curious!


Now all he needs are some tires that fit.


I guess you're blind, since the tires clearly fit under the fenders.


I may have missed some sarcasm but I think he meant that fit the rims. They have been stretched to fit.


At first I thought "Those wheels are rad. What are they?" and then I realized those are those awful Mustang wheels from late 90s. Then my head exploded from the awesomeness.


2JZ swap everything!


Always love Volvo. My wife's XC70 has been reliable so far (80,000 miles). Will keep it till it breaks and then replace it with another Volvo


I actually have a 1998 volvo s70 with 138000 miles but I love it so much. It's been very reliable.


Built-like-a-tank car, with a bullet-proof engine. What more can I ask?

Daviean williams

I like it too

Daviean williams

I like Volvo swap


Freaking amazing! That thing is nasty as hell! The stuff some people can do is absolutely amazing! I noticed the wheels too. I HATE Ford cause my neighbor worked at Ford plant when I was growing up and our ENTIRE neighborhood was Chevyville. But those wheels are cool. That is one badass Volvo 244!


Beautiful build, obviously. Always a fan of different. But...

I don't understand building a car you and not being able to enjoy it's full potential... That engine with that fitment is a waste of time. Just build your stance car and leave the hood closed. Wheels are rad though.


People in the comment section only see a "purpose" that car should have. It needs to do something or be something, but why cars can not be just fun anymore? Yeah, stretched tires will not give the engine full potential, but does it need to? In my honest opinion, people today are trying too hard to make their car be the best at something, sadly leaving the fun out of it. I bet the owner of this insanely nicely built Volvo is and will be having a lots of fun even thought the car might not be purposely been built to be something.