PetrolWerks: Building Big Power In NYC

After watching a recent Vice special on NYC car life, I was motivated to take a closer look at the scene out here. Because New York breeds some really cool builds.

A lot of this can be put down to having an ‘off season’ in winter. Prior to the holidays, many people take their modified cars off the road for the next set of upgrades in preparation for the warmer and drier spring and summer weather. To show you what that can look like, late last year I stopped by PetrolWerks in the heart of Long Island.


As you can see, PetrolWerks has a rather large following when it comes to the Mk4 Toyota Supra and their 2JZ engines. This likely stems from PetrolWerks’ owner, Moe Khan, who has two JZA80s, one of which is the silver car above. Moe also owns a new A90 Supra, an R34 Skyline, two FC3S Mazda RX-7s, a fifth-gen Dodge Viper, and a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.


I’m always drawn in by a set of RAYS Volk Racing TE37s, and this set just so happens to be attached to an immaculate original 6-speed, Anthracite, hardtop Supra.


PetrolWerks have made a name for themselves with their 2JZ swaps, and threedirty5 might be one of their most well known recipients.

Pick your poison, 2J or RB?


Or maybe like me, you’re more interested in the 1JZ? This is my personal 1JZ VVTi-swapped, 5-speed Lexus IS300 that I built with a little help from the PetrolWerks crew (shoutout to Ron for fixing my engine harness!). I’ve added a couple more photos of it at the end of this post.


Speaking of Ron, here’s his 2JZ-swapped Toyota Mark II. I’m sure you can tell it means business by the meaty semi-slicks wrapped around wide Desmond Regamaster Evo wheels.


Up on one of the lifts was a BMW E36 missing an engine, but usually a 1,000hp+ M52 resides in the bay. Previously RedBull suffered from traction issues (surprise, surprise), so an AWD conversion is on the cards.


There were a number of other interesting cars around the shop; more Supras, more BMWs, a Fox-body Saleen Mustang, and this unexpected Ford F100 build.


Yes, it’s serious.


Or perhaps this Tokyo Drift-inspired ’67 Ford Mustang with a 2JZ and Work Meister S1s is more to your liking?


I hope you enjoyed this quick shop tour of PetrolWerks. If you like what you see, maybe I can explore some more NYC car culture in the future too…

Henry Pitzer
Instagram: henry_jzx


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Cool shots you got. Keep it up.


Hallo, cool story, i would like to see more of nyc cars


I can definitely make that happen!


DME Tuning, please!


Love the photos and my fav is the white supra on the lift in the left supra, it looks similar to another car that had a feature on speedhunters. IS THAT A SUPA?


Also kool IS300 (i spell cool as Kool)


I found the White supra article and here it is The Driftmotion Supra: Kinda 1JZ by Keith Charvonia on 16TH MARCH 2015. IS THAT A SUPA?


More IS300's!


That’s what I love to hear! My project is finally nearing completion and hopefully will be able to bring a full feature on it sometime in the future!

Edward Steven Garcia

wow nice shop


The truck looks more like a Chevy Thriftmaster 1948-54 range, looks like a lot of fun either way!


The first thing I see is a bunch of Supras
Must have been a nice view for people who come to this shop!


Really amazing cars here especially the Foxbody, M3, and IS300


Drove Moe's Superleggera from Salt Lake City, UT to Baltimore, MD after the 2019 Dustball Rally in under 48 hours. Was a blast to drive.


Had a chance to drive Moe's Superleggera from Salt Lake CIty, UT to Baltimore, MD in less than 48 hours last year. Was a blast to drive. That car got over 5,000 miles in about 7 days and never broke a sweat between doing Dustball Rally's main event and coming back from the west coast.


Sweeeet man!


That's a lot of MK IVs.

It's unfortunate that the RB26 isn't more popular in America. Yeah I know, it never officially existed here.

Moises FUELEDmag

Great shots and a good article on a place I will never stop calling home. I've seen this place grow since day one and I am so proud of all their success. They took care of my 350z when needed and took it from stock to my dream car. Will always be thankful for all the recommendations, support and attention to detail Moe Khan gave. Thank you Henry and everyone at Speedhunters.


"Moe also owns a new A90 Supra, an R34 Skyline, two FC3S Mazda RX-7s, a fifth-gen Dodge Viper, and a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera." - LUCKY BASTARD. Nice article, some serious machines in there, would love to see some future features on them.


Going to be taking a closer look at that r34 sometime soon!


Looks like the red Supra has a Martin Truex tag on it (when he raced with FRR). Pretty cool considering he drives a Toyota.


It'd be interesting to see how many shops have "werks" in the name. Cool shop, despite that.


Beautiful IS300! <3


Nyc and long island are two different places guys

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

The first-gen IS' instrument cluster design is still one of the best today.


Only a few JZ shops on that island Petrolwerks is def one.


I've been dealing with these guys for lil over 3 years now... Every year im transporting their cars to Houston for tx2k .. i have to say they are very knowledgeable, skilled, and expirienced mechanics!!! working with them is a pure enjoyment!!!


Nice article and I love the IS! Keep up the good work and I hope you spotlight more shops in the tristate area. Like Crown whenever they have their block party.

Hated that vice show btw. It was just so lazy and sensationalistic. Like filming 6 year olds playing basketball at their local playground bragging about becoming nba stars. Which is ironic because Vice is one of the reasons that the fast and furious even exists.


Thanks man! And exactly why I’m set out to show what East coast car culture is really like!

Steffen Hansen

That white Toyota Mk.II <3 They should slap a “Diesel” emblem on the trunk just to confuse people ;)


Really cool article! Very nice IS300, looks mint. My favourite of this post is that Mark II tho, what a absolute beauty! Got a Mark II myself aswell, except mine is a JZX110. So basically I picked the 1JZ life :P