RWB’s 964 RS Long Hood For The Track

If you’re a Porsche purist, this might be blasphemy in its purest sense. Yes, this is a genuine 964 RS that’s been given an RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) backdate conversion. And on top of this transformation to make it look more like the original ’70s RS, it’s now sporting a modern aero package to help it perform at the track.

There are two ways to look at it: Either you find yourself consumed with anger by seeing one of the most sought after 964 models modified, or you just go with the flow and respect what the owner wanted to create. While you decide which camp you fit into, let’s do a quick walk-around and check out the car I came across at Attack Tsukuba a couple of weekends ago in more detail.


I’m a big fan of the RWB backdate conversion for the 964 as I feel it transforms the car into such a pure and functional-looking 911. That’s my opinion of course, but I like things simple. The way the broader fenders are blended in, and then extra sprinkle of aggression that Nakai-san really knows how to do, works so well here.

Backdates make up only a very small percentage of the RWBs that Nakai-san builds, but when you want to take a car to the track and shoot for serious lap times, balance and beauty linked to the past has to take a back seat to function.


That said, the addition and integration of the carbon fiber splitter to the RS-inspired front bumper has been done rather well.


It’s the same story at the back. The GT wing sits high above the ducktail, looking like it’s sprouted up from between the panel gaps.


Somehow it all comes together beautifully.


This particular build also features a stripped-out cabin and a modified 3.8L engine, making it such a special car that I think we need to take a closer look with a dedicated feature.


Aragosta dampers and huge Brembo brakes ensure the 964 can take full advantage of the mechanical and aero-induced grip it now produces.


And it’s obviously working too, as the owner was able to extract a 59.305-second lap out of the car in less than perfect conditions. That’s extremely quick for a car of this spec.


This is without a doubt one of the most interesting RWB builds we’ve ever seen from Nakai-san. Now I just can’t wait to see it slowly evolve and improve, and hopefully break through the 58-second barrier.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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THIS is my sort of build. What a car and full respect to the owner for creating his own vision.


The only thing bad about this is that they painted over a rubystone red 911... that's unacceptable.
The rest is fantastic lol!


Exactly my thoughts. This is def. a truly nice build. But sacrificing a rubystone red 964 RS, that's... I dunno.
I can't accept this deep inside as a lifetime Porsche Purist.


Now this is a fantastic Porsche build!


And this is why I love RWB!


If it was another typical show/show-off RWB build, I wouldn't like it at all. But being that it's being properly used, I'm not even mad :)


I don't know if "typical" is accurate. From what I've seen, it looks like the large number of Japanese owners aren't at all afraid to track them.


this is awesome would love to see a full feature.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Might have to!


This is a really great build and also the first time that I have learned of RWB doing such conversions. I would love a street version without the large front splitter and rear wing.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That's how the car used to be before


those spacers must be screwing up the suspension geometry.


Not really, it just increases the kingpin offset, which would lead to a slightly heavier steering, nothing much else in the geometry. Because of the caster angle and this bigger lateral arm it could improve the bite when you start steering into the corner.
P.s. This is only my opinion based on my knowledge on suspension and my experience designing a new geometry for our racing car. No hate :)


The internet engineers are back again


You're totally entitled to an opinion as we all are, but would you care to explain? The front ones look passable, the rears are no doubt massive though, agreed.

So the big spacers are on the rear end which has no steering to do, and with it being an old ass semi-trailing arm set up which probably has enough enough adjustment built in or added to take care of the necessary toe and camber angle through the most likely relatively narrow window of suspension travel on a track car. That's an assumption as well, on my part, so we're all guilty here.

I'm not a fan of big spacers from a strength/safety standpoint, extra load on wheel bearings etc, and the FIA cap spacer size at 25mm last time I checked, but geo wise and especially for the rear end, I'm not sure how you can make that assumption without seeing and knowing more than this picture/feature gives, as you can most likely circumvent any issue within your range of movement on track.


Just comes off as a cheap solution to achieve desired style with the widebody rather than a robust and purposeful system for improving the available grip on a race car. With the amount of money spent on this build you would think they would have gotten some wheels with the desired offset built into them or taken a fabrication approach to widen the hubs/suspension for improved function since it seems they're treating this as a race car.


That's very tasteful and functional, not what I'd usually consider an RWB car to be!

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

I think if this one was built to be a show queen with air suspension, then I think purists might rage with all their might that it was a Carrera RS. LOL!


This is a beautiful car !!! I am a purist in some regard but there are alot of Porsche out there. The special models you dont touch but anything else goes !! I may not like it but I don't have to drive it either and I drive my cars , rock chips , bug splatter and occasional change of bumper covers from steep driveways and steep gutters.



Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Saved for the proper feature later on.


Beautiful machine! Form can win over function, if there’s a commitment to take care of what you are building


I almost didn't bother clicking in here... until I saw that the fenders weren't riveted on. Beautifully done.


1000 times better than a blardy garage queen...


With the amount of effort and custom work that goes into these cars, it seems incongruous and downright cheap to see giant spacers just bolted onto the car to make the extra offset. I would expect to see at least proper offset wheels on a car of this caliber, or even better, fabricate proper race suspension to push the knuckles out and maintain a proper scrub radius and make the most use of the wider body.