One M3 CSL, 1,020 Miles & 30 Minutes At GP Ice Race

I’ve never been to GP Ice Race, so I can’t tell you much about it. But I do know that 1.) I like to make my life as difficult as possible, and 2.) I really love a long drive by myself.

So when I saw GP Ice Race as a ‘maybe’ in my Google Calendar last week, and a couple of ‘definitely maybe’ meetings in Germany, I immediately thought, ‘why don’t I fit winter tyres to that M3 CSL I own – which incidentally hasn’t worked properly for nearly a whole year – and drive it to Austria, via Munich’.

That makes perfect sense, right?


Before I’d even looked into how far the drive was, I was typing an email that went something like ‘Dear Redish Motorsport, please can you store a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s? Oh, and I might need one of your famous underside restorations on the CSL in March, too. I’ll call you to explain this afternoon’.

Now, as you might have noticed, Paddy McGrath likes to plan his road trips meticulously. Lists about lists are meticulously compiled. These are amalgamated and digitised. Then printed. Spare valve caps are packed, and fuel economy is calculated to an accuracy that even NASA would be proud of. Myself on the other hand? It’s a five-minute flurry of activity that usually happens not too far away from the time of departure.


To be honest, my main interest is the Chocomel in service stations (that’ll be Cécémel in Belgium), and Germany’s Autobahn. Fill the car with fuel, check tyre pressures, oil level and fire up Waze. What a perfect time to enjoy the freshly run-in 1,200 mile S54 motor, then.


Ah yes, about that. ‘The CSL will be fine’, I told myself. I should explain that thankfully, Redish has been looking after the car of recent. Boss man James R. has ironed out the many niggles it had after a brand new engine was fitted by a BMW dealer back in December 2018.

Right now it’s 11:40pm as I type these words, and the CSL saga is most definitely a story for another day. Plus, I might bore you to death before you even get to the photos. But suffice to say, Redish’s expert specialist knowledge gives me the confidence to jump in the car and cover more than 2,000 miles through France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and back again.


1,020 miles later and I’m in a place called Zell am See in Austria. It is absolutely beautiful here. At the Winter Olympics back in 1928, skiers were pulled across the racetrack at max speed by riderless horses. If only those crazy skiers had a YouTube channel back then, just think of the ad revenue!

Ten years later and motorised race tandems competed on the ice sheet of Lake Zell. After a 45-year respite, 2019 saw motorsport back on the lake thanks to Greger Porsche Classic Cars GmbH. We missed this event, but it looked too good to pass up in 2020.

Here’s a gallery of the setup which was shot just 30 minutes before the sun went down behind the mountains on Friday night.


Getting out of the UK this week for a proper long drive in the CSL and to witness some cars dancing on frozen water is the stuff of dreams. I couldn’t be more excited about seeing GP Ice Race with my own eyes this year. I’m going to get this post live before all the clouds arrive. Since you’re going to be able to see most of this unfold on social media, we’ll be bringing you the rest of the ‘Dancing on Ice’ in Zell am See via the Speedhunters Instagram stories.


Plus, since I left media accreditation very late, I dumped the E46 in a supermarket carpark and casually strolled into the paddock the night before the event. I am guessing the race might be a little trickier to shoot on a little Sony RX100, without a pass, but who knows. Either way, check out GP Ice Race’s page and the usual @thespeedhunters IG.

See you in another 1,000 miles for a road trip report. Let’s hope I am allowed back in the UK after Brexit. If not, you can find me somewhere in Germany, flat out in 6th gear, drinking chocolate milk.

Ben Chandler
Instagram: ben_scenemedia



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That's the build thread of that little VW-based alu compe, all hand made from scratch!


I love build threads and in that link there is the Samba one too which is even move in depth. I'm never going to get any work done now :D


There goes my evening!


Well it doesn't want to let me send it, but I have the link to the build thread of that little VW-based alu coupe, all hand made from scratch with impressive skills!


We don’t usually allow links to be added to comments, hence why it didn’t get posted right away, but I think this deserves an exception! Thank you for sharing \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/


This looks amazing. Very curious about what this event will bring. While quickly checking their site it sure does look promising.
But just a question for you Ben. Why did you drove through the Netherlands? When arriving in France and going to Austria it's a long way round. Any Dutch up-coming Speedhunters content you've shot in our little country?


Oh, and yes. We have a plan to go to do some shop visits in NL!


Hi Jochem, it’s a fun event that is very well organised. Actually, I got a ‘check engine light’ in France, just after the Eurotunnel. The car was still working fine, but I wanted to get it checked out. So, I updated the address to the Nürburgring and text my friend Michael Grassl at Manthey Racing to book the car in. That took me via The Netherlands on the A76 past Heerlen, then into Germany.


That is BMW V12 LMR under the covers right? Drool


You’re bang on. Stunning car, with small front grilles, too :)


I would love to come to the GP Ice Race in my dream GR Yaris


Go on then! ;)


That first pic is the Porsche Type 64 which is the very first car Porsche made
In a way, it's like the sports car version of the VW Bettle

Daniel P Huneault

little confused - are all those cars in the pics ice racing or are some there just for show? Great pics btw!


Most are racing, but a few are just there on show. Great event with a very eclectic mix of cars.



Our MD was there with the black oval


Very cool car


Hey, any more picture of the Porsche 924 wearing the Type 7 graphics ? I need more of that !


I didn’t get anymore, but you can check out @type7 on Instagram. Ted and the team have some more shots of the car on their page


I would have happily made you up some spreadsheets and a route plan, but there's also the chance it may have directed you towards a conflict zone. Just a chance.




Love the article. Interesting to see you had a new engine fitted in your CSL as well, I had the same in mine just before I bought it a few years ago. What headunit do you have in yours? Looks great.


It seems to be fairly common to have a new engine fitted at some point. Fortunately that has been taken care of now and the car is running great. The unit is by JVC and features Apple CarPlay / Android Auto. It’s brilliant. The model number is KW-M745DBT and it’s actually relatively inexpensive at around £350. I’ll bring a full story on this product in the next few weeks.


when i saw the first image. I was not interested at all but as I've learned on speedhunters that never pass up on an opportunity to see cars. I've checked it out and i still dont like ice rally or rally but your car looks so interesting. Cool feature.